February 2023

Date Title
2/3/23 Morning Edition: Project Veritas drops the other shoe
2/2/23 Morning Edition: Sarah Huckabee Sanders chosen to deliver the State of the Union Response
2/1/23 Morning Edition: A positive sign that “cancel culture” is losing its grip on terrified Hollywood liberals
2/1/23 Hunter's Dirty Deals Greasing Wheels For Joe's Exit?
2/1/23 GOP 'bench strength' trump's Democrats in 2024 race: Huckabee

January 2023

Date Title
1/31/23 Morning Edition: A "public health emergency"
1/31/23 People in rural areas enjoy life: Mike Huckabee
1/31/23 NEW Details Concerning Trump Investigation REVEALED
1/30/23 Evening Edition: Great News
1/30/23 YOU Are Getting TOO SMART For THEM! Chad Robichaux, Rich Little, & MORE! | FULL EPISODE
1/30/23 Morning Edition: Hunter Financially Tied To Chinese Espionage, Sent More "Classified" Email
1/30/23 Great news
1/30/23 Hunter financially tied to Chinese espionage, sent more "classified" email
1/29/23 Morning Edition: A Closer Look At The 2022 Elections
1/29/23 Sunday Standard - January 29 (corrected)
1/29/23 Meta's Woes
1/29/23 A Closer Look at the 2022 Elections
1/29/23 Tyre Nichols
1/28/23 Morning Edition: Twitter Knowingly Used Fake "Russia" Stories; More On Biden Documents
1/27/23 Evening Edition: Disney censors the classics
1/27/23 Morning Edition: Trump Ban Will End
1/26/23 Evening Edition: Someone Needs To Look Into This…Like Now
1/26/23 Morning Edition: Leftists are on the wrong side of history
1/25/23 Evening Edition: “The Mind Reels” Dept
1/25/23 Morning Edition: A Classified Documents Plot Twist
1/25/23 How Fighting McCarthy Brought Republicans Together | Rep. David Kustoff
1/25/23 Biden Gave Us UNDENIABLE PROOF of The ELITE Class
1/24/23 Evening Edition: Biden’s New Brain
1/24/23 Presidential race is heating up
1/24/23 More Chinese intrigue surrounding Biden documents
1/24/23 AINSWORTH: Why I might eat (a few) peanut M&Ms again
1/24/23 Harris rallies for abortion in Florida
1/24/23 Morning Edition: CRAZY story
1/24/23 More insanity at the FBI: "There is no way this is possible"
1/24/23 Ruh Roh: Biden resubmits his blocked judicial nominees
1/24/23 The Extreme Left is thrilled by violence and violent rhetoric Parts I & II
1/23/23 Evening Edition: Scary hack exposes FBI’s incompetence
1/23/23 Biden’s classified document scandal is ‘humiliating’: Huckabee
1/23/23 You Won't BELIEVE What the FBI DID! | Rep. Kustoff, Deno Posey, & MORE
1/23/23 Morning Edition: Harris rallies for abortion in Florida
1/23/23 Mike Huckabee Reacts to Al Gore's CRAZY Statements at World Economic Forum
1/22/23 Sunday Standard - January 22
1/21/23 Evening Edition: Joe Biden can't handle a fastball
1/21/23 Morning Edition: Here’s the least surprising news of the day
1/20/23 Morning Edition: March for Life
1/20/23 Hockey player says no to wearing a rainbow “pride” jersey
1/20/23 The SCOTUS Leak
1/20/23 Biden classified doc scandal sparks deeper look at Ukraine
1/20/23 March for Life
1/20/23 Evening Edition: If you need any more reasons why FBI Director Christopher Wray needs to go,
1/20/23 Rough week for CNN
1/20/23 Mike Rowe: Why do we take these billionaire elites seriously?
1/19/23 Why It’s Tough To Play Jesus | The Chosen’s Jonathan Roumie and Dallas Jenkins
1/19/23 Must-See TV: Konstantin Kisin: We live in a society in which adults are afraid of children
1/19/23 Why WERE lawyers going through those classified docs?
1/19/23 Leading: Gov. Youngkin announces new actions to rein in the 'relentless pursuit of equity'
1/19/23 Morning Edition: Bad news for Second Amendment defenders
1/19/23 WARNING! Watch Before We’re REMOVED! | KARI LAKE, KEVIN SORBO, & MORE! | FULL EPISODE | Huckabee
1/19/23 Leading: DeSantis tells Tucker this is a really serious threat to our country
1/19/23 Evening Edition: Wait, we have a Border Czar?!?
1/18/23 Jim Jordan: There's a 'different standard' for Democrats and Republicans
1/18/23 The DNC "hack": getting to the heart of the first Russia hoax
1/18/23 Peter Doocy: These questions still need answering
1/18/23 The Biden document and money trail: a wild coincidence
1/18/23 Morning Edition: The Biden document and money trail: a wild coincidence
1/18/23 Evening Edition: The DNC "hack": getting to the heart of the first Russia hoax
1/17/23 Morning Edition: No regrets from this "intelligence expert"
1/17/23 Biden Gave Us UNDENIABLE PROOF of The ELITE Class
1/17/23 Evening Edition: NYC Mayor: The Border is a "national crisis"
1/17/23 This Biden scandal shows we have a double standard of justice: Huckabee
1/17/23 NYC Mayor: The Border is a "national crisis"
1/17/23 California crazy
1/17/23 Biden document "discovery" sparks huge security questions
1/16/23 Update on the Gas War
1/16/23 Commemorating Martin Luther King
1/16/23 LAPD police chief bans “Thin Blue Line” flag
1/16/23 Evening Edition: Adam Schiff’s “slippery slope”
1/16/23 Biden's classified docs; the DOJ has "made a mess of things"
1/16/23 Morning Edition: Biden's classified docs; the DOJ has "made a mess of things"
1/16/23 Trump-Sanders 2024? Arkansas gov. clarifies White House speculation
1/16/23 China was 'shelling out millions' to Biden Penn Center where docs were found: Huckabee
1/15/23 Sunday Standard - January 15
1/14/23 Taibbi on Twitter: "one of the most shameful episodes in media history"
1/14/23 Evening Edition: The Fair Tax Act
1/14/23 Morning Edition: A GOP resolution to expunge two impeachments from President Trump's record
1/13/23 Memo to House GOP Investigators
1/13/23 Evening Edition: Memo to GOP House Investigators
1/13/23 Morning Edition: Special counsel appointed; are Dems poised to get rid of Biden?
1/13/23 Special counsel appointed; are Dems poised to get rid of Biden?
1/13/23 Brownies are racist
1/12/23 Evening Edition: Republicans pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
1/12/23 Biden had MORE classified docs; why are we learning this now?
1/12/23 Stacey Abrams is thinking of running again
1/12/23 Morning Edition: Biden extends the pandemic state of emergency for 90 more days
1/11/23 Biden praised for doing nothing
1/11/23 Morning Edition: Sarah gets to work
1/11/23 The Giant Switch of Government has flipped