December 2022

Date Title
12/31/22 Democrats smash Trump's legal right to privacy
12/29/22 Each life does have value and worth that transcends anybody’s political viewpoint
12/28/22 Judge rules against Kari Lake
12/28/22 Twitter file dumps continue
12/28/22 Outrageous spending
12/26/22 The Leaders we need
12/26/22 Self-government requires self-discipline
12/26/22 Lack of Morality Makes Government Grow
12/24/22 A time for prayers and miracles
12/24/22 Treasured Memories Of Christmas
12/24/22 The best gift this Christmas is giving to others
12/24/22 'The Hungry Times'
12/23/22 A card or a phone call could mean the world to someone
12/23/22 Morning Edition: A Simple Christmas
12/23/22 Christmas memories that last forever
12/23/22 FROM THE MAIL: Reader wants to know what happened to John Durham
12/23/22 Coming home this Christmas
12/23/22 A Simple Christmas
12/22/22 Christmas is about what we give, not what we get
12/22/22 Morning Edition: Angels are watching over us
12/22/22 Angels are watching over us
12/22/22 This Christmas Story Will Touch Your Digestive System
12/21/22 Supreme Court temporarily pauses lifting Title 42 border restrictions
12/21/22 "Twitter File" #8 --- Twitter deceptively working with MILITARY
12/21/22 Favorite Story of the Day
12/21/22 Evening Edition: Hollywood in a nutshell
12/21/22 Morning Edition: THIS, is a big win for the GOP?!?
12/20/22 January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee sputters towards expected end
12/20/22 Is The Biden Admin COMMUNIST? & When is Hunter Going to JAIL?
12/20/22 Democrat Takes MASSIVE HIT with Documentary FAIL
12/20/22 Morning Edition: Why are some Republicans doing this?!?
12/20/22 Why are some Republicans trying to tie the hands of the incoming GOP House Majority?!?
12/20/22 Good news for Republicans
12/20/22 "Twitter File" #7 tells inside story of suppression of Hunter's laptop
12/20/22 The CDC and guns!!
12/20/22 "Extreme Bidenisms"
12/20/22 "Twitter Files" are revealing WHAT THE 'DEEP STATE' IS
12/20/22 Evening Edition: Supreme Court temporarily pauses lifting Title 42 border restrictions
12/19/22 Morning Edition: Trump to endorse McCarthy
12/19/22 “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy”
12/19/22 Trump endorses McCarthy for Speaker
12/19/22 Evening Edition: Important Programming Note!
12/19/22 Poll: Should Musk step down as Twitter CEO?
12/19/22 FBI and Election 'Integrity' Project: the face of Big Brother
12/19/22 The Kangaroo Kommittee meets one more time
12/19/22 EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Mike Pence Tells HIS Story | So Help Me God
12/18/22 Sunday Standard: December 18
12/17/22 Morning Edition: Trump lives inside their heads rent-free
12/16/22 Elon Musk suspends the accounts of reporters he says doxxed him
12/16/22 Sit down; I guarantee this Supreme Court story is real
12/16/22 Morning Edition: Congress throws "Hail Mary" passes
12/15/22 Dorsey takes blame for Twitter while Musk takes charge
12/15/22 Box Office Poison
12/15/22 The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution
12/15/22 Evening Edition: Box Office Poison
12/15/22 A thing of beauty to behold
12/15/22 From our “About Darn Time” Desk
12/14/22 Morning Edition: Joe Manchin gets our attention again
12/14/22 Lies and spies: a fuller picture of FBI/Big Tech collusion
12/14/22 Basses and Guitars: The Huckabee Collection
12/13/22 Morning Edition: Joe Biden Did This
12/13/22 Evening Edition: Hard times at Twitter
12/12/22 Rep. Matt Gaetz: I CAN’T WAIT TO GRILL THE FBI FOR HOURS!
12/12/22 Evening Edition: There's still more to implicate both Twitter and FBI
12/12/22 How the Griner - Merchant of Death Swap Could Be GOOD
12/12/22 Why is Matt Gaetz HOLDING UP Kevin McCarthy?
12/12/22 There's still more to implicate both Twitter and FBI
12/12/22 DON’T MISS Michael Knowles’ Outmaneuvering Democrat Activist
12/12/22 Morning Edition: Prosecute/Fauci
12/11/22 Sunday Standard - December 11
12/10/22 Sinema leaves the Democrat Party
12/10/22 Morning Edition: Twitter executives pondered censoring a JOKE I made
12/10/22 No kidding
12/10/22 More on the prisoner exchange for WNBA star Brittney Griner
12/10/22 Elon Musk is learning this truth about Democrats
12/10/22 Twitter executives pondered censoring a JOKE I made
12/10/22 Third drop of "Twitter Files" focuses on effort against Trump
12/9/22 Morning Edition: Twitter lied, engaged in secret censorship and propaganda
12/9/22 BREAKING: Twitter lied, engaged in secret censorship and propaganda
12/8/22 Arizona Election Update
12/8/22 A terrible day for Republicans, Trump and America
12/8/22 Why was Baker still at Twitter? And what's the FBI's real focus?
12/8/22 Measure 114
12/8/22 WNBA Star Brittney Griner released from Russian penal colony
12/8/22 Evening Edition: AOC is under investigation
12/8/22 Well done, Senator Cotton
12/8/22 Morning Edition: A “digital picket line” of the NYT
12/7/22 Pearl Harbor Day
12/7/22 Morning Edition: Pearl Harbor Day
12/7/22 James Baker is "exited" by Musk --- just can't stop suppressing info
12/6/22 Morning Edition: Election Day in Georgia
12/6/22 Evening Edition: Don't do it Republicans
12/6/22 Another landmark case is before the Supreme Court
12/6/22 Twitter's James Baker: the "Kevin Bacon" of election interference
12/6/22 Report slams school district
12/6/22 Election Day in Georgia
12/5/22 Evening Edition: Elon Musk/Twitter follow-up: He proved it; now we STOP IT!
12/5/22 Kid gloves for Sam Bankman-Fried
12/5/22 His own worst enemy
12/5/22 They might be worse...