November 2022

Date Title
11/16/22 Morning Edition: News floodgates open
11/16/22 NO! This Was NOT HUNTER BIDEN | ICYMI
11/16/22 Mike Huckabee: We don't know how this field is going to look a year from now
11/16/22 Evening Edition: More Afghanistan fallout
11/15/22 AINSWORTH: Michelle Obama acting like presidential candidate
11/15/22 Morning Edition: Good and Bad Election News
11/15/22 Evening Edition: Sounding the alarm
11/14/22 Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes history in Arkansas | Mike Huckabee | National Report
11/14/22 Morning Edition: It's the government's own fault if Americans doubt elections
11/14/22 At least one race I got right
11/14/22 It's the government's own fault if Americans doubt elections
11/14/22 Biden to extend COVID "health emergency"
11/14/22 Evening Edition: Silver Linings
11/14/22 Mike Huckabee: It's 'disappointing' that there wasn't a red tsunami
11/13/22 Sunday Standard - November 13
11/12/22 An erratic Trump needs to clear his head and assess his role
11/12/22 Saturday Edition: Election Updates
11/11/22 Postmortems
11/11/22 Evening Edition: A tragic loss
11/11/22 October inflation numbers
11/11/22 Morning Edition: Veterans Day
11/11/22 What Biden said after the elections...
11/11/22 Some good news, and more "What Happened" stories
11/10/22 Morning Edition: Day 3 of counting
11/10/22 Fetterman the projected winner in PA Senate race tainted by lawyering and electioneering
11/10/22 DeSantis' Election Day stand-off with the DOJ: how that went
11/10/22 Dershowitz accuser drops allegations against him
11/10/22 QUESTION: Is Maricopa County accepting banned "Zuckerbucks"?
11/10/22 Evening Edition: Postmortems
11/10/22 Two Americas
11/10/22 Who blunted the red wave?
11/9/22 Morning Edition: History Made
11/9/22 Never forget
11/9/22 Losers
11/8/22 My predictions for tonight:
11/8/22 Evening Edition: Whistleblower: VP Biden directly participated in Hunter's foreign business
11/8/22 This Election Day, we're prepared; Dems already making excuses
11/8/22 Election Day Special Edition
11/8/22 My Election Day Message
11/7/22 Morning Edition: Democrats spent $19 million to boost MAGA candidates
11/7/22 Evening Edition: Is the media rediscovering journalism?!?
11/7/22 How I decide to vote
11/7/22 BREAKING: Fifth Circuit reverses judge; Engelbrecht and Phillips released
11/6/22 Sunday Standard - November 6
11/5/22 Morning Edition: How bad is media bias? This bad...
11/5/22 Trump for President: Would you vote for him?
11/5/22 White House Tweet BACKFIRES, So They DELETED IT!
11/4/22 Elon Musk/Twitter updates
11/4/22 Evening Edition: Winfrey endorses Fetterman
11/4/22 “Vote Republican as if your life depended on it”
11/4/22 Morning Edition: Democrats are suddenly realizing they misread the room
11/4/22 FBI allegedly sabotages own 'search' for J6 pipe bomber
11/4/22 Days before the red wave, Democrats are suddenly realizing they misread the room
11/4/22 So God Made a Farmer
11/3/22 Evening News: John Kerry flies commercial
11/3/22 This Pollster GETS IT! | John McLaughlin
11/3/22 Joe Biden's CRY FOR HELP?
11/3/22 Morning Edition: Well, it’s official
11/3/22 TAKING POWER AWAY from Biden | Rep. Pat Fallon
11/3/22 Well, it’s official
11/3/22 Watch the Latest Episode of "Huckabee"
11/3/22 The experts on SCOTUS and affirmative action quotas
11/3/22 Riley Gaines Was FORCED to Share Locker Room w/ MALE - Now She's REDEFINING Feminism
11/2/22 Supreme Court News
11/2/22 New records along the border
11/2/22 No time for complacency
11/2/22 Eight major stories of recent years that the media got totally wrong
11/2/22 PROOF: 'Deep State' propagandists enlist Big Tech to do their bidding
11/2/22 Morning Edition: Biden's "Hail Mary" pass
11/2/22 TRUE THE VOTE: How we can respond to courtroom travesty
11/2/22 Evening Edition: Color me shocked
11/2/22 Fetterman clings to a small lead in some polls
11/2/22 Biden grows government and stifles the economy
11/2/22 Biden's big gamble
11/1/22 San Francisco DA decides Pelosi attack "politically motivated"
11/1/22 True The Vote leaders jailed for not revealing source
11/1/22 Morning Edition: Biden grows government and stifles the economy
11/1/22 Evening Edition: New records along the border

October 2022

Date Title
10/31/22 Democrats and the media reset as Abrams and Warnock struggle
10/31/22 THIS IS BAD! Biden Has Some CRAZY LAWS Top of Mind
10/31/22 Widespread Panic: Democrats turn their attention to the economy and crime
10/31/22 Report: Suicide rate among veterans is undercounted
10/31/22 “Let the Women Speak”
10/31/22 Sad news for Dolly Parton fans
10/31/22 Hillary blames Republican conspiracy theorists for Pelosi attack
10/31/22 Why does FBI want Seth Rich records sealed for 66 years?
10/31/22 Why Democrats Think You’ll Actually Vote for THEM | Monologue
10/31/22 Morning Edition: Democrats and the media reset as Abrams and Warnock struggle
10/31/22 Evening Edition: Hillary blames Republican conspiracy theorists for Pelosi attack
10/31/22 They're All SO CORRUPT It's Almost Funny | FULL EPISODE
10/30/22 Sunday Standard - October 30
10/29/22 Quote of the Day!
10/29/22 A Cat 5 electoral hurricane is coming
10/29/22 When the phony narratives and hollow giants came tumbling down
10/29/22 Bank records: Biden joint venture with CEFC netted $11 million
10/29/22 With nothing to sell voters, Biden is flat-out lying
10/29/22 Late-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome
10/29/22 Morning Edition: Twitter reactions and overreactions
10/28/22 Skin-deep politics