October 2022

Date Title
10/14/22 How Democrats Plan to CHARGE Trump and Look GOOD Doing It
10/14/22 Evening Edition: Our clueless White House
10/13/22 Evening Edition: President Biden’s mental fitness is questioned by a clear majority
10/13/22 AINSWORTH: NO, "Christian nationalism" is not an existential threat
10/13/22 Clinton campaign mgr. working with "Election Integrity Project"
10/13/22 Morning Edition: SCOTUS vacates a lower court ruling
10/13/22 Biden's FBI is targeting Christians
10/13/22 Danchenko trial: Steele couldn't corroborate dossier for $1 million
10/12/22 Evening Edition: Biden’s FBI is targeting Christians
10/12/22 Morning Edition: Clinton campaign mgr. working with "Election Integrity Project"
10/12/22 This is TOO NUTS, Even for CONGRESS! (WARNING: JOKES AHEAD))
10/11/22 Fake news on the Left
10/11/22 Biden’s PATRIOTIC Response to FALLING Poll Numbers (Watch Out for SATIRE) | Ron Hart
10/11/22 Evening Edition: The Elephant in the room
10/11/22 Democrat "Justice" policies lead to more crime
10/11/22 That leak about charging Hunter DOES look like a Trump set-up
10/11/22 Anti-Semitism is on the rise
10/11/22 Morning Edition: Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat Party
10/11/22 Is the FBI STUCK with Peter STRZOK?
10/11/22 Special counsel needed to stop "controlled demo" of Hunter's case
10/10/22 The FBI shows force and burns its credibility down
10/10/22 Evening Edition: A clueless Governor
10/10/22 Morning Edition: Happy Columbus Day
10/10/22 Pelosi's INSANE Reaction to Bussing Immigrants