March 2024

Date Title
3/20/24 Impeachment inquiry holds PUBLIC hearings today with Biden associates; will Hunter show?
3/18/24 Two words for Democrat perjurers and obstructors: “Criminal referrals”
3/18/24 Pence says no to Trump endorsement
3/18/24 Judge Aileen Cannon: Was it “selective prosecution” in Trump’s so-called classified documents case?
3/18/24 Monday “Transgender” Nonsense Round-Up!
3/15/24 Giuliani and others: collateral damage in the fight against Trump
3/15/24 TikTok ban passes in the House
3/15/24 Why did CIA deploy bomb techs and dog teams on January 6?
3/15/24 “Biden Inc.” proposed helping CEFC try to corner global nuclear technology market
3/14/24 Can’t believe it: CNN’s Jake Tapper actually challenges Adam Schiff
3/14/24 Duty Honor Country
3/11/24 Thanks for all the comments on Biden’s SOTU speech
3/9/24 Biden's State of the Union
3/7/24 President Biden gives his State of the Union speech tonight
3/7/24 COMMENTARY: Mike Benz is back, with fascinating inside info on the CIA and Deep State
3/7/24 Time to dial it down
3/7/24 Politics
3/7/24 Encouraging News
3/4/24 Team Biden gets that sinking feeling
3/4/24 So much winning

February 2024

Date Title
2/29/24 Trump Wins Michigan
2/29/24 Yes! SCOTUS to hear Trump’s appeal on presidential immunity for official acts
2/29/24 Bad News for Biden and the Democrats:
2/29/24 Fed Up with the Fascist Left
2/28/24 Hunter to finally be questioned behind closed doors on Wednesday (well, we’ll see)
2/28/24 Three Crises – No Waiting
2/28/24 COMMENTARY: Real journalist Steve Baker must surrender to FBI on Friday
2/27/24 Pouring kerosene on a burning fire
2/27/24 Interesting post-mortem on the South Carolina GOP primary
2/27/24 Real journalism update: Steve Baker to be indicted; files returned to Catherine Herridge
2/27/24 Trump Lawfare Updates:
2/27/24 FRC warns of growing “disdain” for Christianity in America
2/27/24 FBI informant Smirnov re-arrested, jailed without bail until trial
2/27/24 Trump wins South Carolina GOP Primary
2/23/24 Trump has always put America first, so let him finish the job
2/22/24 Huckabee Post: Memo to Senate Republicans
2/21/24 Huckabee Post: Fake news alert! Trump sneaker-buyer is NOT a “Russian oligarch”
2/19/24 Fulton County soap opera continues
2/19/24 Witness Bobulinski was reportedly abused by Democrats during hearing
2/19/24 Trump barred from doing business in NY for three years and fined for $370 million
2/19/24 The Government is Committing Another Heinous CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! | Full Episode | Huckabee
2/19/24 “Binder” documents said to prove Russians favored HILLARY for U.S. President
2/15/24 Report: CIA enlisted “Five Eyes” foreign spy agencies for “Russia” frame-up of Trump
2/15/24 Recruitment is down
2/15/24 Republican House impeaches DHS Secretary-in-Name-Only Alejandro Mayorkas
2/15/24 The GOP Majority in the House is razor-thin
2/15/24 Liberal Joe Biden knows so much that isn’t so
2/10/24 Tucker interviews Putin
2/10/24 Signs of intelligent life: SCOTUS hears Trump’s appeal of Colorado ballot case
2/9/24 Non Compos Mentis
2/8/24 James Biden got paid for doing nothing, according to congressional testimony
2/8/24 Mike Huckabee: Trump is the best hope we have
2/8/24 Censor Tucker?!?
2/8/24 Follow the Money
2/8/24 The Nevada Republican caucuses
2/8/24 Will they or won’t they leave Joe Biden and the Democrats behind?
2/8/24 Supreme Court hearing appeal of Trump’s Colorado case TODAY
2/7/24 A big bundle of COVID aid landed in a place you might not know about
2/7/24 60 Minutes: The fastest-growing group of illegal entrants to the US is...
2/7/24 Biden gets a pass from the DOJ
2/7/24 Greta Thunberg is back in the news
2/7/24 Rep. Massie grills J6 committee chair on pipe bomb story/deleted FBI records
2/7/24 Emails reveal Amazon colluded with Biden administration to censor books
2/7/24 Toby Keith Dies at 62
2/7/24 UPDATE on DC court’s rejection of Trump’s immunity appeal
2/7/24 Not the bombshell the media says it is
2/6/24 Huckabee Post: Trump challenges Biden to an immediate debate
2/5/24 Connect the Dots
2/5/24 The Biden Administration Responds
2/5/24 Huckabee Post: Great Moments in Gaslighting
2/3/24 The Music Dies; Grammy Awards Next Day
2/2/24 Keeping Chris Kyle’s legacy alive
2/2/24 Huckabee Post: What a way to start your day, Joe Biden
2/1/24 Huckabee Post: Here’s how bad the Democrats’ internal polls for Joe Biden must be:
2/1/24 Here’s how bad the Democrats’ internal polls for Joe Biden must be:
2/1/24 Self-Deterring & Underwhelming
2/1/24 O’Keefe gets on-camera admission of Biden’s mental decline, Kamala’s unpopularity
2/1/24 UPDATE on January 6 “pipe bomber” story

January 2024

Date Title
1/31/24 A MUST-SEE: Russell Brand on how the governing elite crush dissent
1/31/24 Former agent: FBI blocked interview of likely J6 pipe bomber
1/29/24 Who’d have guessed the DC jury pool is biased against J6 defendants?
1/29/24 Planned Parenthood is out to confuse and mislead children
1/29/24 Article offers insight into how Hunter learned to trade on his name
1/25/24 The Contender
1/25/24 Bongino: Fake J6 pipe bomb is “biggest political scandal in politics”
1/25/24 Dean Phillips challenges Joe Biden
1/25/24 Hunter investigation still perking along as part of impeachment inquiry
1/25/24 Hard-Wired for Disaster
1/25/24 Huckabee Post: Escalation
1/24/24 UPDATE:  Georgia trial on hacking of electronic voting machines
1/24/24 It’s not just the right shredding the “official” J6 narrative
1/23/24 Rep. Jim Jordan Reveals SICK New Ways You’re Being Monitored by the TREASURY DEPARTMENT | Huckabee
1/23/24 J6 Committee broke rules, deleted/encrypted records; more on the pipe bomb mystery
1/23/24 Era of globalist Republicans is ‘gone,’ says Huckabee
1/22/24 Voters get “red-pilled” as more official narratives crumble
1/21/24 About that crazy J6 pipe bomber video that makes no sense...
1/21/24 Appeals Court upholds block on new Texas law
1/21/24 The Biden White House spews false border narratives
1/21/24 Nonsensical new information on the implausible J6 pipe bomber story
1/20/24 Huckabee Post: The Biden White House spews false border narratives