December 2022

Date Title
12/21/22 Morning Edition: THIS, is a big win for the GOP?!?
12/21/22 Evening Edition: Hollywood in a nutshell
12/21/22 Supreme Court temporarily pauses lifting Title 42 border restrictions
12/21/22 "Twitter File" #8 --- Twitter deceptively working with MILITARY
12/20/22 Good news for Republicans
12/20/22 The CDC and guns!!
12/20/22 Evening Edition: Supreme Court temporarily pauses lifting Title 42 border restrictions
12/20/22 Democrat Takes MASSIVE HIT with Documentary FAIL
12/20/22 "Twitter Files" are revealing WHAT THE 'DEEP STATE' IS
12/20/22 "Extreme Bidenisms"
12/20/22 "Twitter File" #7 tells inside story of suppression of Hunter's laptop
12/20/22 January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee sputters towards expected end
12/20/22 Is The Biden Admin COMMUNIST? & When is Hunter Going to JAIL?
12/20/22 Why are some Republicans trying to tie the hands of the incoming GOP House Majority?!?
12/20/22 Morning Edition: Why are some Republicans doing this?!?
12/19/22 Evening Edition: Important Programming Note!
12/19/22 Morning Edition: Trump to endorse McCarthy
12/19/22 FBI and Election 'Integrity' Project: the face of Big Brother
12/19/22 Poll: Should Musk step down as Twitter CEO?
12/19/22 “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy”
12/19/22 Trump endorses McCarthy for Speaker
12/19/22 The Kangaroo Kommittee meets one more time
12/19/22 EXCLUSIVE: Vice President Mike Pence Tells HIS Story | So Help Me God
12/18/22 Sunday Standard: December 18
12/17/22 Morning Edition: Trump lives inside their heads rent-free