January 2023

Date Title
1/27/23 Morning Edition: Trump Ban Will End
1/27/23 Evening Edition: Disney censors the classics
1/26/23 Morning Edition: Leftists are on the wrong side of history
1/26/23 Evening Edition: Someone Needs To Look Into This…Like Now
1/25/23 Morning Edition: A Classified Documents Plot Twist
1/25/23 How Fighting McCarthy Brought Republicans Together | Rep. David Kustoff
1/25/23 Evening Edition: “The Mind Reels” Dept
1/25/23 Biden Gave Us UNDENIABLE PROOF of The ELITE Class
1/24/23 Morning Edition: CRAZY story
1/24/23 Evening Edition: Biden’s New Brain
1/24/23 The Extreme Left is thrilled by violence and violent rhetoric Parts I & II
1/24/23 AINSWORTH: Why I might eat (a few) peanut M&Ms again
1/24/23 Presidential race is heating up
1/24/23 More insanity at the FBI: "There is no way this is possible"
1/24/23 More Chinese intrigue surrounding Biden documents
1/24/23 Ruh Roh: Biden resubmits his blocked judicial nominees
1/24/23 Harris rallies for abortion in Florida
1/23/23 Biden’s classified document scandal is ‘humiliating’: Huckabee
1/23/23 Evening Edition: Scary hack exposes FBI’s incompetence
1/23/23 You Won't BELIEVE What the FBI DID! | Rep. Kustoff, Deno Posey, & MORE
1/23/23 Mike Huckabee Reacts to Al Gore's CRAZY Statements at World Economic Forum
1/23/23 Morning Edition: Harris rallies for abortion in Florida
1/22/23 Sunday Standard - January 22
1/21/23 Evening Edition: Joe Biden can't handle a fastball