December 2022

Date Title
12/1/22 Evening Edition: More on the FBI's controversial use of "geofence" warrants
12/1/22 Morning Edition: CNN is shrinking
12/1/22 How China is STEALING American Ingenuity | Jenny Beth Martin

November 2022

Date Title
11/30/22 Word of the year
11/30/22 Pelosi attack: How does a reporter become a nonperson?
11/30/22 Morning Edition: Apple: Rotten to the Core
11/30/22 More on Special Counsel Jack Smith and the targeting of conservatives
11/30/22 Evening Edition: Surprise: DC jury finds Stewart Rhodes guilty of seditious conspiracy
11/29/22 OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - A Guitar For Christmas featuring John Schneider and Mike Huckabee
11/29/22 Evening Edition: More on Special Counsel Jack Smith and the targeting of conservatives
11/29/22 Morning Edition: Something is happening in China
11/28/22 Morning Edition: Not enough votes
11/28/22 Don't look now, but Maricopa County set on certifying election
11/28/22 Evening Edition: President Trump opens himself up to attacks
11/27/22 Sunday Standard - November 27
11/26/22 Morning Edition: The Real Reason Why Liberals Hate Twitter Now
11/24/22 Join Me on The Mediterranean Experience Cruise
11/24/22 Thanksgiving: A Time for Family
11/24/22 Happy Thanksgiving
11/23/22 Bill Barr attacks Trump again
11/23/22 Morning Edition: Bill Barr attacks Trump again
11/22/22 Evening Edition: A tough winter
11/22/22 Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- One MORE reason to distrust special counsel
11/22/22 Revealing "laptop" book by repair shop owner hits today
11/22/22 Morning Edition: "Set-backs" are coming