October 2022

Date Title
10/5/22 The Twitter deal with Elon Musk is back on
10/4/22 Supreme Court News
10/4/22 Loretta Lynn dies at 90
10/4/22 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is second-guessed by a biased media
10/4/22 Democrats and Adam Kinzinger, but I repeat myself, attack Pro-Life Republicans
10/4/22 Morning Edition: Biased Media attacks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in the middle of relief efforts
10/4/22 Evening Edition: The Left’s War Against Free Speech
10/4/22 Democrats are working hard to lose the support of women
10/3/22 STOPPING Vanderbilt University Medical Center | Matt Walsh & Sen. Marsha Blackburn
10/3/22 Morning Edition: Durham investigation: infuriatingly inadequate
10/3/22 Biden Brings Karine to Her BREAKING Point
10/3/22 Active-duty members of the US Army allege punishment and pressure for seeking vaccine exemptions
10/3/22 Durham investigation: infuriatingly inadequate
10/3/22 Evening Edition: Good news: Russia is losing
10/3/22 Republicans Will Be in TROUBLE if They Don't DO Something | Monologue
10/3/22 BREAKING?! Kamala Harris Declares an ALLIANCE with NORTH KOREA | Live with Mike
10/2/22 Sunday Standard - October 2
10/1/22 Morning Edition - October 1

September 2022

Date Title
9/30/22 Around Hunter Biden, whole lotta spyin' goin' on
9/30/22 Morning Edition - September 30
9/30/22 From the “Who You Gonna Believe, Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes?” Dept
9/30/22 30 former FBI officials praise integrity of Steve Friend
9/29/22 Morning Edition - September 29
9/29/22 YouTube works to suppress new Italian PM
9/29/22 Evening Edition - September 29