April 2023

Date Title
4/12/23 Bragg sues to stop congressional subpoenas (!); White House lies again
4/12/23 Huckabee Post: Tim Scott for President
4/12/23 A Simple Government
4/11/23 Huckabee Post: “MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN” --- stop the tyranny of the FBI
4/11/23 “MAKE AMERICA FREE AGAIN” --- stop the tyranny of the FBI
4/10/23 Riley Gaines fights back
4/10/23 "Trans" community news round-up: including the assault on Riley Gaines
4/10/23 Governor Abbott moves quickly to pardon US Army veteran convicted of murder
4/10/23 The Democrats’ long, proud history of skirting FEC laws
4/10/23 The Biden Administration is considering more restrictions for new gas-powered cars
4/10/23 CBS balks at Afghanistan report
4/10/23 AOC verbally attacks Justice Thomas
4/10/23 Huckabee Post: The Law According to Democrats
4/10/23 Hollywood is noticing
4/10/23 Lies upon lies: The Biden Administration Afghanistan Report
4/9/23 Marjorie Taylor Greene SILENCES 60 Minutes & Kamala Explains Things?!
4/9/23 I Will NEVER Apologize for This | FULL EPISODE
4/9/23 The ONLY THING You Need to Hear This Weekend | Monologue
4/9/23 Happy Easter
4/7/23 You can expect outrage from the Left over these announcements
4/7/23 Dr. Lockridge's Unforgettable Message
4/7/23 Huckabee Post: Dr. Lockridge's Unforgettable Message
4/7/23 Trump ARRESTED, Here's Why Joe Biden SHOULD BE NEXT | Rep. Rich McCormick
4/7/23 The House Oversight Committee digs deeper into Biden's handling of classified documents
4/7/23 No more Mr. Nice Guy: standing up to the radical left