April 2018

Date Title
4/25/18 Bernie guarantees government jobs for all
4/24/18 Meniere's and Me
4/24/18 DNC lawsuit invites critique of their cybersecurity
4/24/18 Today's Newsletter April 24 Edition
4/24/18 Ape satisfies criteria for standing to file a lawsuit
4/23/18 Trump tweets high gas prices will not be accepted
4/23/18 New revelation shows Dem cybersecurity was a joke
4/23/18 The media should listen to all of the victims
4/23/18 Today's Newsletter April 23 Edition
4/23/18 Anti-Christian bigotry fails in NYC
4/22/18 Government-run health care fails again
4/22/18 A "sanctuary county" for gun owners
4/22/18 Free Andrew Brunson
4/21/18 Today's Newsletter April 21 Edition
4/20/18 California moves closer to banning the First Amendment
4/20/18 Harlan Twible RIP
4/20/18 The dam breaks: flood of news on FBI and special counsel
4/20/18 Today's Newsletter April 20 Edition
4/19/18 Today's Newsletter April 19 Edition
4/19/18 Trump's negotiating strategy with North Korea
4/19/18 Huckabee: President Trump's planned meeting with North Korea is historic
4/19/18 Transgender inmates in NYC
4/19/18 What Americans Should Demand From Social Media Networks - my weekend monologue
4/19/18 Trump tries again to reform our immigration laws
4/18/18 View of Republican policies changing
4/18/18 Today's Newsletter April 18 Edition
4/18/18 Barbara Bush RIP
4/18/18 More people share Trump's frustration with "justice" (UPDATED)
4/18/18 Heroic pilot is calm, cool, collected...and Christian
4/18/18 About that secret North Korea meeting...
4/18/18 Boston College prof offers extra credit for students to go on dates
4/18/18 Most economists amuse me - my weekend monologue
4/17/18 Today's Newsletter April 17 Edition
4/17/18 Michael Cohen's third client
4/16/18 RIP R. Lee Ermey
4/16/18 Today's Newsletter April 16 Edition
4/16/18 Comey's moralizing and the Clinton double standard
4/16/18 Time for the FAIR Tax
4/16/18 Our First Mailbag
4/15/18 Today's Newsletter April 15 Edition
4/15/18 RIP Art Bell
4/15/18 Mueller goes fishing
4/14/18 The Commander-in-Chief
4/14/18 "Lyin Comey"
4/14/18 Hollywood fantasy this November
4/13/18 Today's Newsletter April 13 Edition
4/13/18 So, James Comey is a "private" citizen?
4/13/18 Roasting Mark Zuckerberg
4/13/18 London council moves to ban prayer near abortion clinics
4/12/18 Lots of breaking news on Mueller overreach
4/12/18 Holocaust Remembrance Day
4/12/18 Today's "must-read" op-ed
4/12/18 Facebook is a utility!
4/12/18 Today's Newsletter April 12 Edition
4/11/18 News roundup for April 11 - Evening Edition
4/11/18 Zuckerberg struggles
4/11/18 Paul Ryan steps down
4/11/18 Today's Newsletter April 11 Edition
4/10/18 London Mayor sets new standard for stupidity
4/10/18 Are the rich paying their fair share?
4/10/18 President Trump tweets barrage against FBI
4/10/18 Serious business: Robert Mueller goes too far
4/10/18 Have decency and civility become obsolete?
4/10/18 Bill Maher defends Laura Ingraham
4/10/18 News roundup for April 10
4/10/18 George Washington University's Christian Privilege Training Program
4/10/18 Unemployment dropping
4/10/18 Today's Newsletter April 10 Edition
4/10/18 The new censorship at Facebook
4/9/18 One man speaks out for the majority on the Second Amendment
4/9/18 Michelle Obama takes a swipe at President Trump
4/9/18 McCabe GoFundMe (No, go fund yourself!)
4/9/18 President Trump ditches boring script
4/9/18 Today's Newsletter April 9 Edition
4/9/18 "Fake news" is getting even faker
4/7/18 Today's Newsletter April 7 Edition
4/7/18 The truth about mass shooting deaths
4/6/18 Illinois town disarming citizens
4/6/18 Today's Newsletter April 6 Edition
4/5/18 Today's Newsletter April 5 Edition
4/5/18 Wasserman Schultz and Pakistani IT family back in news
4/5/18 Dan Rather attacks bad journalism...
4/5/18 California hikes tuition for citizens not illegals
4/5/18 President Trump sends National Guard to the border
4/4/18 The YouTube Shooter
4/4/18 Today's Newsletter April 4 Edition
4/3/18 Victims denied justice in Florida
4/3/18 Mueller team in lockdown, forbidding FOIA requests
4/3/18 The "Roseanne" reboot
4/3/18 Today's Newsletter April 3 Edition
4/2/18 Infuriating spending
4/2/18 Alan Dershowitz on equal justice and special counsels
4/2/18 Only in Hollywood would this come as a shock
4/2/18 The Left cannot leave children alone
4/2/18 Go away Hillary
4/2/18 Today's Newsletter April 2 Edition

March 2018

Date Title
3/30/18 VA Secretary fired
3/30/18 Collusion at the RNC?
3/30/18 "The fruits of his reconstruction"
3/30/18 Not a Children's Crusade