March 2018

Date Title
3/20/18 The Facebook data story
3/20/18 Pro-Iran state department?
3/19/18 Today's Newsletter March 19 Edition
3/17/18 Today's Newsletter St. Patrick's Day Edition
3/17/18 An internal affair: Andrew McCabe fired from FBI
3/16/18 "Clock Boy" is back in the news again
3/16/18 Police and FBI not up to the task again in Florida
3/16/18 Bipartisan school violence bill passes the House
3/16/18 Progressives target "To Kill A Mockingbird"
3/16/18 It's time to GET MAD about deep-state corruption
3/16/18 Today's Newsletter March 16 Edition
3/15/18 Today's Newsletter Ides of March Edition
3/15/18 Andrew McCabe, beware the Ides of March!
3/14/18 Today's Newsletter March 14 Edition
3/14/18 The backstory of Fusion GPS and Clinton World
3/14/18 Is the "Blue Wave" coming?
3/13/18 Tillerson out
3/13/18 Today's Special Election
3/13/18 Republicans close House Intel Committee investigation
3/13/18 The Legend of Elizabeth Warren
3/13/18 Today's Newsletter March 13 Edition
3/13/18 The Dream Ticket?
3/12/18 "A Wrinkle in Time" the movie
3/12/18 Liberals scream for more gun control
3/12/18 Republicans finally saying yes to a special counsel
3/12/18 Today's Newsletter March 12 Edition
3/11/18 Presidential pardon issued
3/11/18 Today's Newsletter March 11 Edition
3/10/18 Today's Newsletter March 10 Edition
3/10/18 Joy Behar apologizes
3/9/18 This Parkland shooting revelation doesn't restore my faith in the FBI
3/9/18 Anti-gun politicians and bias
3/9/18 Today's Newsletter March 9 Edition
3/8/18 THE NEW YORKER puts its slant on the Steele dossier
3/7/18 Unhinged Sam Nunberg is "Howard Beale For A Day"
3/7/18 Today's Newsletter March 7 Edition
3/6/18 A new “value-based health care system.”
3/6/18 Today's Newsletter March 6 Edition
3/6/18 A movie worth seeing
3/6/18 FBI kept another Clinton tie secret
3/5/18 RIP David Ogden Stiers
3/5/18 Northwestern university researcher shatters narrative
3/5/18 The Oscars
3/5/18 California Democrats boo Feinstein, like 'em loony
3/5/18 Today's Newsletter March 5 Edition
3/5/18 Conservative speech under attack
3/5/18 New gun laws
3/5/18 A case of mistaken identity
3/4/18 President Trump makes economic waves
3/4/18 Pelosi attacks ICE
3/3/18 Poll: Backlash against anti-gun Hollywood growing
3/3/18 Today's Newsletter March 3 Edition
3/3/18 CNN ignores history again
3/2/18 NRA responds to President Trump
3/2/18 NAACP in on Broward County's no-arrest policy
3/2/18 Political Left exploiting the survivors
3/2/18 Hate wins
3/2/18 Culture changed, not access to guns
3/2/18 YouTube admits to mistakes
3/2/18 Time for serious action on FBI and FISA
3/2/18 Hillary staffer goes to CPAC
3/2/18 Media hides guys like this from view
3/1/18 Today's Newsletter March 2 Edition
3/1/18 Today's Newsletter March 1 Edition
3/1/18 Reacting to tragedy
3/1/18 Teen employment plummets after higher minimum wage
3/1/18 Supreme Court to rule on political Fashion Police

February 2018

Date Title
2/28/18 Today's Newsletter February 28 Edition
2/28/18 If you read the President's full quote you would get a different story...
2/28/18 Chicago's example
2/28/18 Broward County, Florida: another swamp that needs draining
2/27/18 Today's Newsletter February 27 Edition
2/27/18 Monica Lewinsky, 20 years later
2/26/18 Today's Newsletter February 26 Edition
2/26/18 Transgender student wins second straight sports title
2/26/18 Dana Loesch takes aim and fires with words
2/26/18 America's Pastor Passes - My Show Monologue
2/25/18 Today's Newsletter February 25 Edition
2/24/18 These sheriff's deputies are covered in shame
2/24/18 Today's Newsletter February 24 Edition
2/23/18 One reason why the bonuses weren't "pathetic crumbs" Nancy...
2/23/18 ICE needs to keep it up, not pull back
2/23/18 Mueller ups pressure on Manafort and Gates to cut a deal
2/23/18 Today's Newsletter February 23 Edition
2/23/18 The scandal runs as deep as in 1972 (UPDATED)
2/23/18 Canada revives "death panels"
2/23/18 Florida bombshell: Armed deputy cowered outside school during shooting
2/22/18 Today's Newsletter February 22 Edition
2/22/18 Couldn't Mueller find ONE Republican?
2/22/18 Memo to Jeff Sessions
2/21/18 Mike Huckabee Statement on Death of Billy Graham
2/21/18 Today's Newsletter February 21 Edition
2/21/18 For "Russia," it's the right judge at at the right time
2/20/18 Mueller strays into LinkedIn territory
2/20/18 Stop passing useless laws
2/20/18 Media narrative on "Russia" indictment is wrong
2/20/18 Does the FBI have adequate resources?
2/20/18 Today's Newsletter February 20 Edition
2/17/18 Today's Newsletter February 18 Edition
2/17/18 Cooked gun statistics