December 2017

Date Title
12/9/17 CNN spreads fake news again
12/9/17 Today's Newsletter December 9 Edition
12/8/17 Parody letter seems all too real
12/8/17 Today's Newsletter December 8 Edition
12/7/17 California is China Dreaming
12/7/17 Hamas responds to President Trump
12/7/17 Pearl Harbor
12/7/17 Today's Newsletter December 7 Edition
12/7/17 Stop hating Rudolph
12/6/17 A "gift to the rich"
12/6/17 NBC gets unexpected news
12/6/17 King David's capital
12/6/17 Another anti-Trump member of Mueller's team unmasked
12/6/17 Premature fits of glee
12/6/17 Today's Newsletter December 6 Edition
12/6/17 News report: Dismissed FBI agent changed Comey's original report
12/5/17 Growing distrust of FBI and special counsel
12/5/17 Eric Holder bloviates
12/5/17 Big Man On Campus fights free speech
12/5/17 Today's Newsletter December 5 Edition
12/4/17 Passing tax reform
12/4/17 ABC reporter suspended - My take
12/4/17 Today's Newsletter December 4 Edition
12/4/17 The Flynn plea deal
12/4/17 Covering up sin with taxpayer money - My weekend monologue
12/4/17 Deep State bias on Mueller's team?
12/1/17 The New York Times: now a lobbyist group
12/1/17 The Kate Steinle Verdict
12/1/17 Today's Newsletter December 1 Edition

November 2017

Date Title
11/30/17 NFL encourages players to stand (sort of)
11/30/17 With the Clintons, the '90s live on!
11/30/17 "Let's rethink sex" by Christine Emba
11/30/17 Today's Newsletter November 30 Edition
11/30/17 About those tweeted anti-Muslim videos
11/30/17 Defending Garrison Keillor (sort of)
11/30/17 Meghan Markle's special problem...
11/30/17 SCOTUS follows its job description
11/29/17 I'm Dreaming Of A Polite Christmas
11/29/17 Today's Newsletter November 29 Edition
11/28/17 The UK equivalent of the Girl Scouts just upset everyone
11/28/17 Today's Newsletter November 28 Edition
11/28/17 Franken: I can't say I haven't
11/28/17 CFPB food fight
11/27/17 Latest examples of media bias
11/27/17 John Conyers update
11/27/17 Today's Newsletter November 27 Edition
11/27/17 All of North Korea is a prison
11/27/17 South Korea trolls North Korea over defector
11/27/17 Supreme Court takes up California free speech case
11/27/17 2020 Democrat candidates not impressive
11/25/17 Pray for the victims of the Sinai terror attack
11/25/17 Today's Newsletter November 25 Edition
11/24/17 More (mostly) unsurprising news
11/24/17 David Cassidy RIP
11/24/17 Ivanka slammed for "White Thanksgiving"
11/24/17 Berkeley campus: anti-US, pro-ISIS
11/24/17 Preparing for the storm
11/24/17 The high ground
11/23/17 Happy Thanksgiving
11/22/17 Today's Newsletter November 22 Edition
11/22/17 Cancel the Oscars
11/22/17 Something to be thankful for, on Mother's Day
11/21/17 Today's Newsletter November 21 Edition
11/21/17 Taking Bible out of Nativity story: good?
11/21/17 Our incredibly shrinking language
11/21/17 The life and death of Border Patrol agents
11/21/17 We need freedom from Freedom From Religion
11/20/17 Today's Newsletter November 20 Edition
11/20/17 Mel Tillis RIP
11/20/17 Huck's Hero - Special Dog Division
11/20/17 Charles Manson dies
11/20/17 President Trump fires back
11/20/17 Government overreach in Phoenix
11/20/17 Ugly rant from ESPN anchor
11/20/17 FBI stats detailing hate crimes destroy this myth
11/20/17 Why we have a judiciary: My weekend show monologue
11/20/17 Obamacare: the most regressive tax
11/19/17 Gutting Obamacare
11/18/17 A reason to impeach?
11/18/17 Huck's Hero Special Dad Division
11/18/17 Supreme Court picks revealed
11/18/17 Today's Newsletter November 18 Edition
11/18/17 Informant revealed in Uranium One case
11/18/17 Banning abortions because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome
11/17/17 Al Franken Scandal Day 2
11/17/17 Senator Bob Menendez isn't headed for prison
11/17/17 Huck's Hero Salute - Samuel Williams
11/17/17 Today's Newsletter November 17 Edition
11/17/17 NY Times calls on Facebook to censor pro-life groups
11/17/17 Articles of impeachment filed
11/17/17 No more "special" treatment for Hillary
11/16/17 Clinton crimes "20 times bigger than Watergate"
11/16/17 Today's Newsletter November 16 Edition
11/16/17 Senator Johnson says he is a "NO"
11/16/17 Sexual harassment claims reach Congress
11/16/17 Judicial activism in Hawaii hits brick wall
11/16/17 Federal judge dismisses an atheist group’s lawsuit
11/15/17 Today's Newsletter November 15 Edition
11/15/17 Who is mentally unstable?
11/15/17 Christian baker receives surprising support