October 2017

Date Title
10/24/17 Russia probe targeting Democrat group too
10/24/17 Leftist thugs attempt to suppress free speech
10/24/17 Today's Newsletter October 24 Edition
10/24/17 Your tax dollars at work...
10/24/17 Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz: NFL protest not a free speech issue
10/23/17 Picking and choosing health winners and losers
10/23/17 Today's Newsletter October 23 Edition
10/23/17 A report from "Flyover country"
10/23/17 JFK papers to be released
10/23/17 My Show Monologue from October 21
10/23/17 Raqqa falls - ISIS city liberated
10/23/17 President Carter's candid comments
10/23/17 Rachel Maddow isn't a journalist
10/23/17 Fan support for NFL eroding
10/23/17 Black leadership group runs the numbers on Trump economy
10/22/17 Today's Newsletter October 22 Edition
10/21/17 The Federal Deficit for 2017
10/21/17 All Hat and No Cattle politics
10/20/17 This Marine Huck's Hero is running 31 marathons in 31 days
10/20/17 President Trump's private generosity
10/20/17 Gold star families vouch for Trump
10/20/17 John Kelly's emotional speech
10/20/17 Today's Newsletter October 20 Edition
10/20/17 NFL Commissioner tries to stop ratings dive
10/19/17 Today's Newsletter October 19 Edition
10/18/17 Moronic media stories about nothing
10/18/17 More media bias from the NYT
10/18/17 Loneliness and emptiness
10/18/17 Hollywood has a long history of not looking in the mirror
10/18/17 Obama-era Russian bribery scandal under investigation
10/18/17 Hillary strategist admits the truth
10/18/17 Today's Newsletter October 18 Edition
10/18/17 Travel restrictions: three strikes, not out
10/17/17 Today's Newsletter October 17 Edition
10/17/17 California Governor signs "Third Gender" law
10/17/17 The Packers new QB turns one head, because it isn't him...
10/17/17 A History of being strong
10/16/17 Today's Newsletter October 16 Edition
10/16/17 Kimmel isn't too upset conservatives, if you do this...
10/16/17 Mississippi school district bans "To Kill A Mockingbird"
10/16/17 Newsweek gives "values voters" new name
10/14/17 A Huck's hero salute to Peter Lang
10/14/17 Trump: I don't want to make insurance companies rich
10/13/17 Trump ends Obamacare subsidies
10/13/17 Russia meddled story gets absurd
10/13/17 Today's Newsletter October 13 Edition
10/13/17 Three words causing a stir...
10/12/17 Doctors warn parents about gender dysphoria treatment
10/12/17 Hostages freed after five years of ineffectual leadership
10/12/17 Dems' predictable response to healthcare reform
10/12/17 Chief of Staff Kelly: wow, he's good.
10/12/17 Elite college students not proud of America
10/11/17 Laura Ingraham's fascinating new book
10/11/17 Today's Newsletter October 11 Edition
10/11/17 List of Weinstein accusations grows
10/11/17 NYT Editor brags about shaping the news against Trump
10/10/17 Today's Newsletter October 10 Edition...
10/9/17 Kudos to Vice President Pence
10/9/17 Today's Newsletter October 9 Edition
10/9/17 Cutting a deal on DACA
10/9/17 Way to go Lena Dunham
10/9/17 Paving the way for Trump's tax reform
10/8/17 Trump administration reverses Obamacare rule
10/8/17 Red letter day
10/8/17 Trump proclaims Columbus Day without Obama guilt
10/8/17 Late night hosts ignore Harvey Weinstein scandal
10/8/17 The calm before the storm
10/7/17 Gov. Mike Huckabee's Full Interview with President Trump | TBN
10/6/17 Today's Newsletter October 6 Edition
10/6/17 Russian hackers strike again
10/6/17 NRA shatters bias
10/5/17 Transgender surgery regret is real
10/5/17 Secretary of State Tillerson responds to NBC report
10/5/17 Jimmy Kimmel is misinformed
10/5/17 Police chasing down leads in Las Vegas massacre
10/5/17 He protected her on their anniversary
10/5/17 Today's Newsletter October 5 Edition
10/4/17 What we know about Stephen Paddock
10/4/17 Today's Newsletter October 4 Edition
10/4/17 House passes the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
10/4/17 Researcher changes mind on gun control laws
10/3/17 CBS Vice President fired for sick response to shooting
10/3/17 Gun control in the wake of the Vegas shooting
10/3/17 Today's Newsletter October 3 Edition
10/3/17 Tom Petty RIP
10/2/17 "Known Wolf" Attacks
10/2/17 Today's Newsletter October 2 Edition
10/2/17 Monty Hall RIP
10/2/17 Pray for the Las Vegas shooting victims (Updated)
10/2/17 Seattle Seahawk vs Las Vegas Police Department
10/2/17 President Trump to Puerto Rico
10/1/17 WNBA games are about basketball
10/1/17 NFL player tells fans bye if they don't like it
10/1/17 My thoughts on Chip and Joanna Gaines' announcement
10/1/17 Tom Price gone

September 2017

Date Title
9/29/17 The "Ziz" and the "Zat"
9/29/17 Steve Scalise returns to the floor of Congress
9/29/17 Hugh Hefner
9/29/17 Librarian rejects books donated by Melania Trump
9/29/17 Price's private air travel