June 14, 2016

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If you’re wondering how such an obvious ticking time bomb as Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was somehow overlooked by our massive federal security apparatus, it turns out that was deliberate.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge reports that in a closed door meeting Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed to reporters that there was a full, 10-month investigation of Mateen in 2013. It started after his co-workers reported that he had told them he had family connections to Al Qaeda, he was a member of a Shi’a terrorist group, and that he hoped police would raid his home and assault his wife so he could retaliate and die a martyr.

So why in the world did they drop the investigation and walk away after 10 months? They bought his claim that he was teasing his co-workers because he thought they were trying to marginalize him for his Muslim faith. In other words, they were more willing to believe that all his American co-workers were bigots than that he might be a danger to society. He’d learned to speak the language of political correctness well and used it to manipulate guilty liberals.

At the same time that the Obama Administration was arguing for the right to gather electronic data on every US citizen, including reporters, it was abandoning real leads, killing a serious terrorist investigative unit and deleting its files, and removing experts and training materials on how to identify threats, all because those things might be seen as culturally insensitive to Muslims. This is how political correctness kills, and it just set a new US record.

To sum up the Obama Administration’s counter-terrorism strategy in 13 words:

Feds: “If you see something, say something!”

Citizen: “I see something.”

Feds: “Bigot!”

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  • Helen Smith

    06/16/2016 12:52 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, it is dangerous to make statements for which you have no facts. As a Christian minister, it is your obligation to lead your flock, relieve their anxieties, and give comfort not perpetuate fears and provide false witness. As a Centrist, I can see the good and the evil in both parties with a large majority of those serving in Washington not living the Ten Commandments. You need to choose to be either a minister or a politician; you cannot do both and live up to God's word. Jesus delivered a message of love and peace from His Father so as the title "Christian" indicates those of true Christian faith are to follow the direction Jesus gave us. As you may recall, Jesus always gravitated to the less desirable individuals because He knew they needed His love the most. I was taught these two important lessons growing up in a Southern Baptist church, "love one another" and "judge not lest ye be judged". Jesus instructed us to love everyone, no matter their frailities and He made it abundantly clear that God is the only Judge that matters. I think you need to examine your heart to determine when and where you put aside following God's words through Jesus and put aside your bigotry and hatred.

  • jim

    06/15/2016 10:53 PM

    Mr H., I doubt you will see this but I admire you and wish to share my thoughts with you. Few, even at my age, know god's Truth and definitely America, the united states of America, REPUBLIC, Under God, know or care. America, Natural Citizens are the only people, "in His image" have the power, Unde God, to chane the destruction of America by the Zionist, Illuminati International Elite. "in His Name!!

    If I had my choice, you would be the next, Prez., CEO of the US CORPORATION, Fraud, Democracy, in Wash., DC, 10 sq miles, Fraud of Corruption, Destruction, Chaos, of PC Lawlessness of the CODE, "color of law", fraud, = Crime, Lies, "in the image" of the Edomite, Ishmaelite, of Ishmael, father of the Arabs, 'dogs", Matt 15;26, not Semitic-"sons of the devil", John 8:44, 1776 Illuminati Zionist, 740 AD Khazar Zionist, Pharisee, is owners, masters of the US CORP., Fraud, = crime, and the Constitution, with no Moral, Christian, Law, of the "union of several states,' "Christian America, 1776", once 13 states, now 50. Maybe!! The united states of America, Republic, UNDER GOD, "of", subject to, The GOVERNMENT, WE the PEOPLE, the only White, Hebrew, Chosen Israelites, Anglo Saxon, and His, only, Chosen Born again Christians. "sovereigns", "god", "king", 'judge", KJV, "in the image" of the Almighty Sovereign, Lord God, King of kings, "Judge of judges, over all the Fraud Judges, "Officers of the Court" given lic to lie by 12 Officers of the Court, frauds of , INK on PAPER, fraud, of the US CORP., Democracy, Fraud, Every "employee", IRS slave, 14th Amendment "citizen", Still a Slave, "property" of the state, the Fraud, of the Democracy, Fraud, Supreme Court, frauds of State , City, County, CORPORATIONS, All Democracies of Corruption . All Officers of the Court, "ambulance chasers', the DA, Judge, frauds, parasites who contribute, provide nothing of material or Moral value to the People. And lives off of the Big Block of Cheese. The Court House1 This includes the 12 frauds of the US CORP., Fraud, Supreme Court, Court, Fraud.

    As you can see, the usA, Republic, Under God, [what is under God is a Born again Christian Nation] and Chosen Israelite, BA Christian Men of God, with a Sovereign Government and Natural Law, the 1787 Original, Moral Law of the Land, Constitution for the usA, republic, UNDER God, designed by God's Lawof Israel, and government for Free men, with all of God's Power on the tip of their tounge;

    John 14:14 "If Ye ask Anything "in My name" I will do it." Who said that Pastor?

    BA Christians refuse to Trust and Obey. Pastor, False Prophet, in his ignorance of The Word of God, or one of "o ye of little faith", refuse to Stand Up, die for Jesus as He Stood Up, died for us. Pastor. The Shepherd of Jesus', once Lost Sheep, He only came for, Matt 15;24, now Found Sheep. B A Christians.,,,,,,,,,,,, Where did he go? IRS 501-3-c tax exempt , fraud, got'm on da run?

    Where am I going with this? As an Old School Sour=thern Baptist Preacher, Pastor, at 76, I don't understand the NEW Age, PC, ignorance, cowardice in the BA Christian Church, Body of Christ. I remember when the Sheriff lost his job if caught to be foolish, sinful. Pastor saw that Deputy Dog was next elected Sheriff. Politicians didn't mess with Pastors in SE Louisiana. Yep. A bit redneck. Ark. too much Zionist Corruption. Today, Pastor, Church is PC tainted. Will America, the Christian South ever "rise again" , "in Jesus' name" as did geo. Washington who said; "I don't understand why the states have not rounded up these pest, Illuminati Zionist of Judah-ism and threw them out of New America. Ben Franklin [both commented at 1787 Original, Moral Constitutional Convention] said: If we don't make it Law for our New Nation of liberty to keep out the Zionist, [no such people, word, 'jew", fraud", "Liars, thieves and murderers", invented in 1750 by an English Play write, put in first Bible, the Rheim NT in 1780, 170 years after the First Printing of the Perfect, Inspired 1611 KJV, Bible. ] The Great American Tragedy, Genocide of over 600,000 white Men, hated by the Zionist, feared when they/we live by His Word, and the destruction of the Moral Law of Right and Wrong , law of the usA, republic. They couldn't " lie, steal, kill,", John 8;44, enough from America without their Fed. Res. Bank and Millions of CODE, "color of law", crime, against the still Living usA, republic, with USA FLAG w/o Gold Fringe of Martial Law, by Lincoln for 1860-65, "civil war, fraud, which e was murdered before he could remove the Martial Law. Many good Men have died by the Illuminati Zionist for interfering with the "one world government", KJV or NWO, and "armies of the world", KJV or UN. Kennedy was one of the murdered by the Russian Mafia of Zionism. As you can see, unless "Christian America, 1776"-2016, come together as the Body of Christ, 'in Jesus' name", with:

    II [2?] Chron. 7:14 "If My People, called by my name, will humble themselves, seek my face, change the evil ways, I shall, must, hear from heaven and Heal their Land!!! Saith the Almighty Truth Sayer, Law Giver, Promise Keeper, and Supreme Power. Elohim [3] The Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Yah!!

    Pastor, Gov, of God's Word, Law, I suspect He has one more gold star for a Loyal Child of God. Hope you see this. Old Men of god, Truth sayers are not very popular in this PC Society, Queers, confused men and women, pedophiles, Zionist, Masons, "sons of the devil", blacks who believe Israelites and Jesus was Black. Excuse me Sir! I am a BA Christian, Political incorrect and shall not stop being an obedient Son who lives to Trust and Obey the Master. "All Darkness is Evil." Matt, KJV. Jesus is Lord!! "in His likeness,'" so are you Pastor Huckabee . jim [email protected]

  • Mary Jo Fortuner

    06/14/2016 08:10 PM

    You nailed it, Mike!