May 4, 2016

“It’s all over but the shouting.” ( It’s an old expression that means that the decision has been reached and all that is left is for the public shouting to affirm what has been done.)

The official shouting will be done in Cleveland when the delegates shout out their state’s votes, but last night in Indiana, it was all over. The combination of Donald Trump’s blowout of the Indiana vote and Ted Cruz’s decision to end his campaign put the lid on the nomination. Donald Trump will be the 2016 nominee, and I predict he will defeat Hillary Clinton and be the 45th President of the United States.

Every prediction about this year’s race was wrong. Those of us who brought years of experience and effective governing to the race found that voters were not interested. They blamed everyone from Washington for the mess and even blamed those of us who had never worked in DC.

Donald Trump broke the code, owned the media, and inspired the masses. I will be all in to help him defeat Hillary Clinton and I call upon all fellow Republicans to unite in defeating Hillary and abandoning and repudiating the hapless “Never Trump” nonsense. The dirty little secret is that the Never Trump movement was more about providing high dollar work for the political consultants than stopping the disaster of an Obama third term which is the result of electing Hillary Clinton.

Is Donald Trump as pro-life as me? No. Is he as solid on the marriage issue as me? No. Does his position on Israel come from a deep conviction both politically and Biblically? No. But neither did Ted Cruz’s. And much to my chagrin, the voters didn’t accept my message, but his. I withheld an endorsement during the heat of the primary because it was the job of the voters to select the person they wanted more than me.

All of the giddy speculation from the media about a “contested convention” is for naught. We will go to Cleveland with a presumptive nominee, and we will realize that whatever squabbles we have among people in the GOP, it’s nothing compared to the chasm between us and the socialist, big government approach of the Democrats.

Ted Cruz ended his campaign and it’s time to end the strife in the party. That can start today with our unifying around the people’s choice, Donald Trump. I went into the race knowing Hillary better than the other 16 candidates. I left still knowing her better, but also knowing the other GOP candidates. I’m convinced that Donald Trump is our best hope of turning the tide of the insider political nonsense that has left people seething and being able to defeat Hillary.

Ted Cruz was half right in his campaign speeches when he said that “conservatives are coalescing.” In the end, they coalesced, all right, but around Donald Trump.


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  • Dale Young

    10/20/2016 09:37 AM

    Hey Mike, I also am an admirer of yours sir. You are a great conservative and I hope you stay very close to Mr Trump, because we need men like you in some kind of position or capacity in Washington, so please hang in there and get yourself appointed to some position...We need You.

  • B. A. Frasier

    06/18/2016 11:26 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: I so admire you, your opinion, and always appreciate the direction you present. I am voting for Mr Trump because I am counting on him beating Hillary. What is it going to take to get the Repubican Party to get behind him and stop the internal division that will ultimately shoot us in the foot?

  • Lora

    05/12/2016 03:03 PM

    You spoke my mind, Mr Huckabee. I'm for TRUMP! He is a Winner and will lead America...

  • Henri Picker

    05/11/2016 10:32 PM

    Good luck in November.


    I will write in Cruz.

  • Trudee Still

    05/10/2016 05:53 PM

    Can I vote for you anyway as nominee for the Republican party because on moral grounds I will not vote for Trump?

  • Tom M Bush

    05/10/2016 04:08 AM

    Govenor, we have always been supporters of yours at least in heart, being from Texas. Taking a strong Christian stance is so refreshing in this day and time. We thank you for your no nonsense conservative views. May GOD bless you and your family.

  • Jim Bach

    05/09/2016 09:10 PM


    It truly saddens me that you of all people would place defeating Hillary above Christian values of good and bad people. I live by my foundation of "living out my faith in everyday life". This foundation will never allow me to vote for an individual like Mr. Trump and abandon my faith in favor of defeating Hilary Clinton. Don't take me wrong that same faith also prevents me from voting for an individual who abandoned the lives of our diplomats. The "Never Trump" movement is not about defeating Hillary. It is about not voting for a person without a moral compass. Furthermore, nothing disturbs and frankly frightens me more than Mr. Trump being in command of our military. I am not a politician and realize that you will find all kinds of errors in my logic. However in the end I will look myself in the mirror and know that I held to my faith and that is more important than any political election.

  • Sherry stambaugh

    05/09/2016 08:41 PM

    I am so happy you are supporting Trump!! I value your opinion on this more than the 15 other people who ran (with Ben Carson a close second)

  • Betty Stamps

    05/09/2016 03:30 PM

    I have heard you many times
    For years on radio and liked you very much by being firm with your belief and to know
    That you are a borned-again Christian. I have always thought that you would have been a Great President running our country by God's
    Rules. I like your belief. I like your firmness and caring about
    The People of our country.and wanting it to be run right.
    I believe you are a person of your Word. So glad to see you will support Mr. Trump by endorsing him with your lifting-up and encouragement he well deserves and is needed. Mr. Trump has my sympathy of
    The torment of abuse and mistreatment from the media and from both parties being done wrongfully. I am glad that he was strong and still is; though I thought anytime under all the pressure he was going through wrongfully. That
    I would hear of him having a stroke. Though we as Christian Prayer Warriors were standing by him in some powerful prayers to God. And we are still Praying ! And will not let him down nor cease Praying
    For the Election.
    God Bless You! Mr. Huckabee
    For being Mr, Trump's Stand-By Friend. IT made my day to see this happen. I know It pleases Our Heavenly Father
    And you will be blessed along with Mr. Trump. God bless you!
    GOD' BLESS AMERICA! God loves you So do We Americans. Thanks to God! Praise His Holy Name!

  • Jeff Brown in Hope, AR

    05/09/2016 08:55 AM

    Mike, thank you for reinforcing my faith in you to represent the people by using common sense and intelligence from a position of faith. Speaking about unity and common ground as the basis for turning this election and country back on the proper course. The people have spoken and the GOP needs to pay attention because this isn't just about the party. We are sliding down a slippery slope right now and it will be difficult to prevent our nation from crashing in on itself if there is a continuation of the present administration and it's policies of stupidity. Continue with your message of unity, we will need it to persevere. I could not find a point of contention with your commentary, whatsoever. I'm so glad you have your own show with which to share your views and insight. Keep up the good work sir. It is noticed and appreciated!

  • Patricia Kane

    05/09/2016 02:26 AM

    I feel that Huckabee would make a very good running mate for Trump. Their energy and speaking levels are similar. If Huckabee would be content to follow Trumps vision and support him in the manner he did above, they would make a strong energy pair. He speaks well of Trump and seems to understand why the people voted in Trump's favor. I think the relative match in energy would go a long way toward a successful run at the office of President. It also appears that he has compatibility to Trumps thinking and could work well with him. I sincerely hope that a woman will not be chosen with the idea that it will offset Hillary or the Burn. Women are not stupid and it is imperative in the first term especially to have someone with a strong presentation as we will begin the changes in our path to bring us to a new level of operation. There is a lot to accomplish to turn things in the direction we would like to see them go. No one should be picked for a position unless they are the very best choice for that job. No other reason will do. Huckabee should also be well schooled in how to get the work through the system and could be a big help in that respect. Our new beginning will ultimately effect the whole world. We must do it right to set the pace and tone for the years that follow.

  • Roberta Jones

    05/08/2016 10:40 PM

    I wish the never #Trump folks would just stop and think for a minute.
    Listen. We KNOW what we are getting with HILLARY. #TRUMP IS AN UNKNOWN IN THE POLITICAL ARENA so we dont really know what he can or will do other than what he said. Personally I would rather take a chance the he will do what he says than go for the known criminal, liar and thief. We KNOW HE loves his beautiful family and I can't imagine him not doing or at least try to do what he says he will do. He wants his children and their families to have the same opportunities as he has had. He would NEVER jeopardize their futures.
    With Hillary we will NO DOUBT lose.
    With Trump there is at least the chance of saving this country and that is a win. We either lose it all or we win it all. So with #Trump you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain because he sure as heck won't do any worse than what Hillary will definitely do to our country. Try thinking of the rest of your fellow countrymen. Nobody ever died from swallowing a little pride I promise.

  • Michael Snively

    05/07/2016 06:52 PM

    Gov. Huckabee: You indicated that we should all get behind Donald Trump now that he is the presumptive candidate for the GOP. As a Christian and believer in Biblithtruth, I can not in good conscience vote for either Dems or Reps. Rather than choosing the lesser of two evils, there is also the option of trusting GOD to provide another candidate bucking a write-up ballot with a candidate who is committed and has demonstrated a dependence God and His Word. I would rather vote my conscience and be able to sleep at night knowing I voted for a Godly candidate that God brought to my attention. Abraham Lincoln was just such a candidate, we should not be limited to just a two party system and only two choices if both are not Godly. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I would have thought you would agree. The other possibility is that God is giving our country what they desire, which may not be His will for our nation, just as He did with the nation of Israel when they demanded a king like other nations, God gave the Saul and the rest is history. When we as a nation refuse to follow after God and His plan for us as a people, He turns people over to their own desires and our country then suffers from seeking after selfish desires for riches and fame rather than eternal things and seeking after God. I would have considered writing in your name on a ballot, but obviously you are more concerned with seeing the GOP prosper and win than you are with picking a Godly man/woman for president. Would love to hear your response, I am disappointed in your decision to support Trump, but then again there are many who have chosen not to take a stand for the Lord, it is to costly apparently. So much for that song, " take this world, but give me Jesus". In Christ, Mike Snively

  • Beverly Smith

    05/06/2016 11:22 PM

    I agree with you that the Republican party needs to put their big boy pants on, stop squabbling, put aside petty differences and support the person the people want... Donald Trump. Trump would have authorized help for the Ambassador and the others killed in Bengazi. Everyone needs to vote to save America. lf not, Hillary will finish destroying this country l love... the country my Daddy and many other soldiers fought for and some paid the ultimate sacrifice for. Donald Trump may not be as polished as some think he should be or have the political savy they think he should have but he can appoint those people to advise him where needed. lf you want to ensure that Hillary wins the election in November just stick your head in the sand, stay home, sit on your hands and don't vote for anyone. Trump will do what he says he will do and now it is up to you, the American People. Don't let us down.

  • Diann Sellers

    05/06/2016 05:08 PM

    I think Newt Gengrich would make a dynamite VP because he has a proven record as Speaker and the VP works closely with Congress.

  • Debra Kuykendall

    05/06/2016 04:37 PM

    You are a wise man. I remember back in the late 90s, when I had taken my children to Battlefield Park for a Memorial Day celebration where my daughter was singing with the National Anthem with the choir. I was standing by a tree with my ,then 2 year old daughter, and you were Lt Governor, and you walked up to me and introduced yourself and talked to me for a bit. You are a good man. You are kind and smart. You would make a great Vice President. You are right. We voted for Romney, McCain, the Bushes and they need to put their support behind us the voters now. Be examples and put their hurt feelings aside and support Trump. How did it make you all feel about the republicans who don't get out there and vote? I am sorely disappointed in Jeb Bush, George Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain, etc....

  • Sandy Aldrich

    05/06/2016 04:03 PM

    Thanks for your words Mike. I've often heard people say they don't like either one of the candidates so I'm NOT GONNA VOTE AT ALL! Sometimes it is a choice of voting for the "lesser of two evils". Well if you don't VOTE you are actually going to be voting for the more evil one. Voting is still a Constitutional Right/Privilege and we should be doing IT!! I heard awhile back that ONLY 25% OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANS VOTE!!! THIS is a SAD thing!! We ALL NEED TO BE VOTING!! Remember if you don't VOTE you can't complain!!

  • Bob Taylor

    05/06/2016 03:18 PM

    Great job, Gov. Huckabee! You're a class act, and I'm not surprised of your decision. You're not a phoney, and neither is Donald Trump.
    I believe he is our last shot at keeping this country from going over the cliff. I hope that other wise Republicans will take heed to your endorsement. The concept of Hillary Clinton is just flat out scary. We will need a lot of prayer, and help from above. I hope that we are not turned over to Ahab and Jezebel. That would signal impending destruction. Trump isn't perfect, and he isn't an idealogue. But, maybe that's a good thing. I think he's a brilliant man, and a visionary. Thank you for being a good and faithful American.


  • Rita Heitman

    05/06/2016 02:49 PM

    Thank you for your wisdom in uniting conservatives. I'd love to see you as Donald's VP!

  • Robert Atwood

    05/06/2016 02:23 PM

    You hit the nail on the head! I was extremely happy to see you express it so clearly and openly.
    You, and Ted Cruz are both more conservative and better candidates for President, but you are no longer available. The most conservative candidate available to us now is Donald Trump, and we better get behind him. Our Number One priority is to stop the democrats and Hillary. Any Republican who says he will not vote for Trump is in effect casting a vote for Hillary. They are fools.

  • C Urban

    05/06/2016 01:20 PM

    The establishment politicians are showing an enormous amount of disrespect not only to Trump but to all people voting for him. I believe that Trump will win in a landslide (due to his ability to pull from R D & I) and the massive numbers of working class citizens in US of which there are probably more than any other time in history.

    I've stopped listening to pundits - their bias blinds them to the real Trump who I see as a generous, warm hearted, fierce defender of the nation state and the American people who have not had a true champion in the WH for them since Reagan. He loves America and the brand king is going to rebuild "Brand America." Why? He is driven to be the best in everything. He wants to be one of the best presidents EVER.

    God has a way of raising up the most unlikely candidates for President that are desperately needed by the country at that time and perfectly suited for the job: Washington, Lincoln (who lost election after election) and a handicapped president to fight WW2 (FDR). Donald is not an ideologue - perfect to break the Washington deadlock. He is loyal to our country and is a nationalist not a globalist. America First is an awesome slogan because it speaks to all of us citizens who's interests have been put consistently last and taxes raised to pay for the privilege.

    My prediction the these pols like Ryan et al who disrespect Donald will suffer the same fate as others who opposed him. They will be booted out of office in MASS numbers as Americans continue the revolution to take our country back from globalists, lobbyists, and special interests. Trump will use the bully people to rally us to pound congress much like Regan did.

    Thank God for and God Bless and Protect President Trump.

  • Nancy Coluccio

    05/06/2016 01:06 PM

    Mr Huckabee I agree with your analysis of Trump, thank you for your endorsement. I have always respected you and pray you will be finally given your time to be a part of this great movement with Mr Trump. You are on my short list fo VP. God Bless you for all the honesty you show to the American people. We need more like you in Washington!

  • Paula Fuqua

    05/06/2016 08:09 AM

    Mike, you won me over. Initially I was a Cruz supporter, but your common sense, no bs, positive approach has been so refreshing in this whole thing. Thank you for being the voice of reason!!!!! How do I join mikepac? Please stay in public service! We need men like you making sense of DC craziness for us!!! Thank you for serving our country!! God bless you!

  • Larry D. Collins

    05/06/2016 07:12 AM

    You are right, Trump, regardless of mannerisms, has correctly appealed to the issues the voters have, AND they believe, unlike typical politician speak, Trump will get results, period. He is not a politically correct mambe pambe? I will vote for him despite my disagreement with his style, because if the Democrats win, our Country will remain in turmoil. I expect the media and Democrats to be very loud and divisive and deceitful as they try to disrupt The People's Choice for President, for this time in history? Trump is the "Outsider" who has worked both political parties for his business. I expect Republicans to support him as the People are watching.

  • Charolette Abrams

    05/06/2016 01:37 AM

    I am just this side of completely depressed by the current political situation. My shock at Huckabee's comments is significant. My opposition to Trump is based on my personal revulsion. I have been or have seen others bullied, demeaned and patronized by persons who have a sense self important entitlement. The PC crowd is among them. Listening to Trump demean opponents based on their physical appearance, gender, and with a host of tabloid innuendos, while also attacking any person who dares ask a question that he could reasonably answer with dignity rather than indignation makes me nauseous! I absolutely despair at the way he feeds the most primal fears and anger creating increasing division within this country. The Republican Party may be handing the election to Hillary because as much as people may dislike her, Trump causes total revulsion in all liberals and at least 1/2 of the Repulican voters. I don't know a thing about the "Stop Trump" movement being about some polical money machine, I just know the abstract humiliation of devote Christ followers who want to address the issues with both strength and dignity. I have begun to suspect that the civil war, riots in the streets and marshal law that was predicted is inevitable.

  • Monique Nieves

    05/06/2016 12:48 AM

    Thank you for standing with the majority of GOP voters & supporting Donald Trump. The will of the people is what this country was built on. There wouldn't be a United States of America if we hadn't banded together against England hundreds of years ago. the Establishment now, just like England then, is looking down on us trying steal from us a life we need & desire. I fear theyre gonna still try to steal away from him what he has earned....a chance to lead us away from the problems we've had for so long. We need him, and he needs you to help him get that chance. The Establishment, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, etc are trying to weaken Trump and trying to take nomination away from him, and from the people. He needs people like you to speak out for him and against the establishment!! Please keep it're on the right side of History!!

  • Roy Hight

    05/06/2016 12:30 AM

    Good for you, Sir! I hope more Republicans will follow your example in the days ahead and step up to the plate to unite behind a common banner. Whatever spats we Republicans might have had during the primary season, now is the time to work as one team to defeat Hillary.

  • Annie Jones

    05/06/2016 12:22 AM

    Thank you Governor for your support.
    Trump loves his country.
    He does respect the powerless conservatives who have not been heard! DJT is a man with faults, as are all of us.
    The righteous are not without flaws.
    Those who refuse to support Trump are showing no respect to US. We need a business man who can at some point get financial advisors to get control of a debt that the US government has spun out of control. We love you, Governor Huckabee, you are a fine man. What America needs now is a bulldog who can frighten our enemies, the rest of us should pray to God that he is allowed to fight like heck,
    to make America proud and strong.

    Now Breitbart Trump supporters have been branded as racists. That is unjust.
    Here is a thought, the obstinent #never trump-ers should be very worried about their choices if they are aligned with a terrible left wing socialist, B. Hussein Obama. Please everyone unite, so we can win this election, the left does not think we can keep our 1st and 2nd Amendments, (nor the others) first they need to keep us from speaking, then disarm us, then the rest is easy.
    Trump partially says outrageous things to
    show how political correctness has been carried too far. If we can say Merry Christmas, have a right to have a nativity set in our yards. You know atheists are on a roll, they are sure they can intimidate us. Unite, show them we will not go quietly or without a fight.

    Please take the time to hear about the real Trump in the following link. Maybe they do not know Donald like they think they do. Give some credit to millions of Americans.

  • David Wayne Talley

    05/05/2016 09:39 PM

    Mr. Huckabee
    Thank you so much for being honest and upright. It is very refreshing to see a politician act the way that you do. I have the highest respect for you. I would love to see you as the next Vice President. I also believe that God is using Donald Trump to wake up a sleeping Nation before it's too late for us. May God richly bless you and your family.
    David Talley

  • Janet Peavyhouse

    05/05/2016 09:09 PM

    I am so disappointed that you would instruct evangelical republican Christains to give up their convictions and vote for a man who has no principles, little character, is a bully and liar. Shame on you for not standing as an honorable man and living out the gospel. Have you ever thought this may be in line for what God has planned for this nation. So will God not be in control when Hillary disappointed in you!!!


    05/05/2016 08:44 PM

    I think that the best suggestion should be reiterated here. It was made by Yvette Adams
    05/05/2016 07:56 AM
    Gov. Huckabee, You were one of my "favored" top of the 17 when all of you were debating. You always made "more sense" to me than anyone. The problem I have with Trump is mainly his childish and immature behavior and then secondly I guess that leads me to a feeling of "untrust" with him. I think the way Trump needs to solve this and bring all Republicans together is to quickly announce his whole cabinet.

  • Suzanne Antonetti

    05/05/2016 08:42 PM

    I'm so pleased to see you showing support and your common sense yet once again, Governor. It is those like you in the GOP that show there is plenty of good guys in it to bring about prosperity to America and applying the "American Dream" moniker to the way of life here with pride again.

    I wish you had left a space to propose other names in your poll for who should be VP; I would have written in yours! God bless.

  • ThPope

    05/05/2016 08:30 PM

    You are a charlatan. When you mocked the late Fred Thompson (a Christian) when running back in 2008, you sinned publicly, never apologizing. You support another charlatan named Trump. You've fooled a lot of people. Not this Christian.

  • Paula

    05/05/2016 07:47 PM

    "If You’re Not Going to Support Voters’ Choice, Leave the GOP"
    Wow, hypocrite much? No wonder you didn't want to be a pastor any more, you're a purpose driven bully not a Christian shepherd.

    Congratulations on using the lies of the left to explain why the supposed "purist" conservative movement supposedly failed. There never HAS been a purist conservative movement. Your downgrade

    You should have asked whether you wanted Hillary to win when you guys threw the only conservative under the bus in favor of the pagan billionaire. What a disgrace you and Hannity are. You don't eviscerate conservatism for the sake of saving or advancing it. I am shocked at your abysmal lack of discernment. I am so glad I never supported you, and after watching your shenanigans the last few months I am also #NeverHuckster if I ever have that choice.

    You're right, I'm not on your team, and thank you for finally revealing your true colors and making that clear.

  • Jim Way

    05/05/2016 06:21 PM

    You have worked so hard licking his boots in an attempt to be Trump's VP, I hope you get it. You have disappointed me and many others with your jump on the Trump Train of liberal policies, outrageous slanders and attacks of others, immorality and vulgarities instead of supporting Ted Cruz who was without a doubt closest to you in being a Christian Conservative (or we used to think that you were). As a Southern Baptist pastor of 40+ years, I now see you as a textbook hypocrite. Another one bites the dust for fame and fortune. Hope he paid you well.

  • Laurence

    05/05/2016 06:06 PM

    I am a Reagan conservative and agree with you on everything. I liked your platform the best of everyone running this time around but as soon as I could no longer vote for you, Trump's anti-establishment appeal worked for me. Felt betrayed by the Republican party. They're the ones that need fixing. Not Trump.

  • Pamela Bailey

    05/05/2016 05:27 PM

    I love the fact that Cruz and Kasich have both suspended their campaigns, but I do believe they have something shady going on in their little brains.. It is not over until Trump wins the 1237 on the first ballot... I think they think that Donald Trump is stupid along with his supporters... I do not trust the GOP anymore. I hope that I am wrong on this, but I thought that it was a little odd that they both suspended their campaigns within 24 hours of pledging to take it to the convention. They are both disgusting lying hypocrites, and I am beginning to think the same about all of the GOP... I will be independent from now on!

  • Dr. Shirley Holland

    05/05/2016 04:36 PM

    I agree with you in all you said. I knew Mr. Trump was the one months ago and had to say so on facebook but it was after the state election that I knew the LORD had called this man to turn America around--many prophetic Voices were speaking of this too and I love knowing it is from Heaven. But Ihave always valued you and have desired you to have a prominent place with Mr. Trump--he needs you by his side for Wisdom and the Christian Mouth( to help him with his)--so that what comes from him is sound(he is sound but he speaks inappropriately foul and inappropriate words to say the least) and he must have this counsel all the time---. He loves America and I have seen him over the years deeply concerned over America and now the LORD has called him to do what must be done to protect and put into place all the pieces of restoration. He listens and he is willing to learn---that is part of humility. I am so thankful the LORD is GOD and not any of us---. I had hoped you would be considered as Vice President bu do believe he will have a place for you and your counsel if you choose with God's guidance to take it. Thank you for your sound mind and speech and love of America and of the LORD GOD who has raised you up for this role for such a time as this.

  • Fred Steffens

    05/05/2016 04:26 PM

    I was not a Trump supporter, but by thae same token, I could never vote for a democrat, as long as their platform is Pro Abortion & Pro Gun Control! Definitely not for H Clinton, no matter what. I now believe that Trump says what he thinks about the issues and does not pull out a canned speech/response, his responses may have to be honed b4 they become policies, but that is why you sorround yourself with good people. God works in misterious ways, he is pro life, not as much as I am, but definitely not pro abortion!
    So I believe we of conscience & also republicans need to rally behind Trump & regain the whitehouse! If nothing else for the sake of our country now & in the future, as reflected in how the Supreme Court vacancy (ies) r going to be filled!

  • Kimberly King

    05/05/2016 03:55 PM

    I agree Thank you Governor Mike Huckabee you have been supportive of Donald Trump even when you were still in the race. God bless you and your family.

  • Jill VanTine

    05/05/2016 02:44 PM

    Yes Mike Huckabee you are right on about Trump. I have been a fan of yours since you said in a debate that if you can't fix it with duct tape or WD-40 it's not fixable. I have followed Trump for years & when he started I was sure that he could win or he wouldn't attempt it. When the media made fun & laughed at him it pissed me off & I wondered then why should I listen to them. I knew about Trump he was a success in business sure he had some failures but all great business men have. Then I would look at these TV pundits that really hadn't been right since Pres Bush & decided to do my own research. Now they are still saying that Trump is wrong & he needs to change is tone that is just offensive since it's Hillary's actions that the media gives a pass to. Plus that he doesn't act Presidential give me a break how presidential did Bill Clinton act & you know what I mean. So keep telling them Gov Huckabee you understand we the ppl. I just think that they the media think they are smarter than I am but I've been right about this& they are wrong. Also the woman card is offensive I am a woman & I am worried about the economy stupid because my kids&grandkids can't get a job that pays enough since they are all gone. The woman card is an insult to my intelligence. Go Gov we can't let Hillary in the White House it's terribly scary her with that much power.

  • E. Lon Walters

    05/05/2016 02:20 PM

    Thanks Mr. Huckabee for your comments. I have always been in the #NeverHillary camp and believe we need to support our candidate for President whom ever that was going to be. Do I agree with Mr. Trump on all of the issues? Hell No, but I do not know of any candidate we had or will ever have that I will agree with 100%. P.S. To the Never Trump people all I can say is grow up. By the way we do not allow write in candidates in Indiana.

  • Tamara Fowler

    05/05/2016 01:56 PM

    Yvette Adams I just read your comments and I think your ideas are genius. If I could add one other I would like to see by Mr. Trump's side would be the great Condoleezza Rice. I couldn't figure out how to directly reply to your comment. But if this reaches you I can only ask that you spread this message far and wide. Not just social media but national media and print. Thank you for sharing.

  • Tamara Fowler

    05/05/2016 01:43 PM

    Mr. Huckabee I have the utmost respect of your opinions and of the man you are. I hope you continue your love and your work for an America that is broken. God bless you.