Biden’s Betrayal

May 20, 2024

The shocking betrayal of our ally Israel by President Biden in announcing that the US would not deliver already agreed upon weapons to Israel in their fight for survival has caused even some responsible Democrats to finally break with Biden and his disastrous and double-dealing policies.
Now that President Trump’s son Barron has had his high school graduation and Judge Juan Merchan’s Manhattan court is back in session, it looks as though things are only going to get worse for the prosecution. It’s really too bad for “our democracy” (using the term facetiously) that this embarrassing travesty of justice isn’t being televised for all to see.

Alice Stewart RIP

May 18, 2024

Our entire family was shocked to hear of the untimely death of Alice Stewart, who worked as Communications Director in the Governor’s Office and went on to work for my Presidential campaign in 2008.  I got to know her well when she was working as an anchor for KARK-TV, Channel 4.  She was an avid runner and marathoner and encouraged me during my training for the 2005 Little Rock Marathon.  She did an ongoing feature about the training and my completing the marathon, the first of several for me.  When the Communications position opened later that year, she came aboard and was a great member of our team.  When I left office in 2007 and later started the campaign for President, she was one of my first hires.  The news of her death has been deeply sobering to me personally and to my family.

Democrat ideas

May 16, 2024

I have often made reference to some of the things the Democratic Party rails against and tries to blame on Republicans or say that we want to bring back, when they were actually Democrat ideas that the Republicans fought against.

Debate Update

May 16, 2024

The Biden campaign turned down the Presidential Debates Commission’s plans for three debates and instead directly proposed two debates with Donald Trump, in June and September. Trump immediately accepted.

Primary Results

May 16, 2024

The presidential candidates may be chosen already, but primaries for state and local races are still going on. Tuesday, primary elections were held in Maryland, Nebraska, West Virginia and the 13th District of North Carolina. has regularly-updated news and vote totals on the major races.


May 16, 2024

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is allegedly the “leading authority in the field of gender medicine” (I’m assuming that was a self-anointed title, like Michael Jackson declaring himself the “King of Pop.”) It was their “guidance” that was used by the radical trans movement to push barbaric quackery onto confused children over their parents' objections.

Happy Mother's Day

May 10, 2024

To submit your favorite Mother's Day memory or message for a Mom in your life, go here: Mother's Day - Mike Huckabee

Mother's Day Messages/Memories

My mother had to raise 5 children on her own. Our father passed away of cancer at a very young age. The year after my father passed 4 of us kids. Walked a few miles to a nursery and with our little money we each bought our mother a plant. On Mother's Day she looked at those plants with tears in her eyes. She in no longer with us but the memories of her, we each carry in our hearts. Love you Mom!

My Mom passed in 2007 at 93. She was a good Christian woman who lived by the rule: never say anything about anyone unless it is something good. She kept her opinions to herself for the most part. I think about her often.

A memory of my long departed Mom: Boys would challenge me: "My Dad could beat up your Dad!" My reply was so very true. -- That's nothing. My Mom could beat your Dad up! She was a Hannah type woman. Willing to give her son, Samuel, into ministry. I am the product of her sacrifice. I have served with joy for 51 years as a Pastor. Now we joyfully serve, preaching and teaching in Kenya, as well other places. Thanks Mom!

I love my mom. She is almost 90 years old now. I miss the younger years we had together but I thank God that I can still visit her and speak to her daily. She has been an exceptional mother. K

When I was lost in sin and debauchery a priest told my Mother that if she prayed for me everyday for 30 days that I would seek God. The 30th day was Easier 1988. The day I gave my heart to Jesus.

In 2021 i was very sick and my son lived far away from me in California and he surprised me on Mother’s Day and came to help me out and cooked for me which he had never done before. It was so special and thoughtful!

"My mother was full of important advice and much so that I wrote a song about it.....The Gardener. Mom is a gardener, she plants seeds in me.

Mom, you've been in heaven for 5 years now, and I miss you now more than ever! I'm a grandma (Nonnie) now, and I've wanted to share this part of my life with you so many times! I miss you so...Sarah

To my mother Elsa. I never got to know you but I wanted to thank you for my life. You could've easily just aborted me but you chose adoption. I deeply have missed you my whole life but thinking I will see you on the other side. Thank you my mother for my life.

My Mom is no longer with us on this earth, but her memories are so wonderful, funny, sad, loving, that she will always be with us in our hearts and in our thoughts. Happy Mother's Day from your eight kids down here and your ninth one who is with you. We love you and miss you and we will be seeing you you someday. That will really be heaven!

"My Mom is with the Lord. She ruled the roost! Did not appreciate that until I had children of my own. Also my daughter gave up a career to home school her three children that we have been blessed with. The Lord is #1 in her life! May God bless all Mothers that truly love their children!”

Sharon, my wife, and I went to Church on Mother’s Day in 1979. She was very pregnant and although we did not yet have a child, she was selected as a Mother’s Day recipient of a bouquet of flowers. We had our first child on Monday, the next day.

Unfortunately, campus administrators and liberal politicians and prosecutors in blue states are allowing these overprivileged cosplay Nazis to get away once again with virtually no consequences. We see some universities not only refusing to expel or prosecute them, but they’re even giving in to their demands.
Not only do a majority of voters say they believe these prosecutions are politically-motivated, but a new Quinnipiac Poll blows away their last remaining hope. They actually think that if they can just get a biased judge and biased jury in a Trump-hating district to find him guilty of something criminal, Trump’s voters will at last turn on him.
Perhaps you recall when DC Judge Beryl Howell actually ordered Trump’s own attorney, Evan Corcoran, to testify before the “classified documents” grand jury --- weirdly convened in DC instead of Florida --- effectively piercing attorney-client privilege. At the last minute, “Special Counsel” Jack Smith convened a new grand jury in Florida to indict Trump down there.
As you know, last week Florida Judge Aileen Cannon released unredacted materials connected to the so-called “classified documents” case brought by unauthorized Special Counsel Jack Smith. When Julie Kelly compared the newly-available unredacted version of the affidavit to get a search warrant for Mar-A-Lago with the previously redacted version, she was able to see exactly what had previously been blocked from public view.
Bongino, speaking on his podcast last week, updated the current censorship flap in Australia over their government demanding that a particular video be pulled from social media platforms WORLDWIDE. A senator in Australia, Jacqui Lambi, actually threatened Elon Musk with arrest (!) if he didn’t comply. Musk, quite predictably and to his credit, responded with mockery.

The occupation continues

April 29, 2024

The openly pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protesters who have threatened and harassed Jewish students and who’ve set up an illegal “encampment” on the Columbia University campus refused to leave by the deadline they were given. But university officials caved in and refused to call the NYPD and let them do their job because they are “negotiating” with the “protesters.”
The Biden campaign is so terrified that he’s losing black voters to Trump that they’ve booked Biden as the commencement speaker at historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta. They either didn’t anticipate or were desperate enough to take the risk that putting Biden onto a college campus at this moment would be like tossing a cat into a dog pound. Or as Biden himself might say, like yelling “Movie!” in a crowded firehouse.
As colleges across the nation dither and fret over how to deal with violent, pro-terrorist protesters, they should look to University of Texas President Jay Hartzell for a clue. Despite Austin’s reputation as an island of leftist insanity inside an ocean of Texas rationality, Hartzell was having none of the aggressive anti-Semitic antics seen elsewhere. When protesters refused to follow the rules, he called in the cops and had over 30 of them arrested.
With polls showing Trump leading Biden by seven points in Arizona, the state’s Democrat Attorney General Kris Mayes announced (coincidentally, I’m sure) multiple felony indictments of a number of top Republicans for allegedly attempting to “overturn” Biden’s win.
It’s easy to see why Democrats have been losing their minds over Florida Judge Aileen Cannon, who presides over the so-called “classified documents” case against Trump. Those out to convict him can’t stand it that there might be even ONE JUDGE presiding over a Trump case who doesn’t share their goal of putting this former President and presumed Republican nominee in the slammer.
“I’ve never been so happy not to be invited somewhere.” That was law professor Jonathan Turley, speaking on Sean Hannity’s FOX NEWS show Tuesday, about a weekly meeting via Zoom call being held by anti-Trump “journalists” covering his current trial in Manhattan over allegedly falsifying business records. And he couldn’t help laughing a little at that thought.
The latest: When police tried to disperse protesters at NYU, some turned violent and started throwing bottles, resulting in mass arrests, and it's about time (but does anyone want to venture a guess as to how many minutes they’ll spend behind bars? Or if they’ve already been released?)
One thing we’ve always known about my friend, Prof. Alan Dershowitz: he is as loyal as they come. For some reason, when it came to the Democratic Party, no matter what the Democrats did, no matter how conniving and tenuous their legal arguments, how hateful and abusive their rhetoric, how damaging their policies, and how brazen and sociopathic their leaders, the longtime liberal civil rights champion was always rock-solid loyal to them come Election Day. He proudly voted the straight-party Democrat ticket, no matter what. He had always “identified” as a Democrat, and that was it.
That’s how Eric Ciaramella began his email response in January 2016 to the news Biden had tied the $1 billion loan guarantee to Ukraine with the firing of prosecutor Viktor Shokin. Apparently, he could recognize a quid pro quo when he saw one. “I don’t recall this coming up in our meeting on Tuesday…”

Iran attacks Israel

April 15, 2024

Saturday evening, Iran finally made good on its years of threats and launched a direct attack on Israel, sending 185 drones and 110 missiles. Fortunately, the drones were slow-moving and between Israel’s defenses and the aid of US and UK forces, they were all shot down. There was only one casualty, a seven-year-old Arab Bedouin Muslim girl who was struck on the head with shrapnel in Arad. I want it known that I am as sick and furious about that innocent little girl’s senseless death as I am about the deaths of Israelis at the hands of Iran-funded terrorists.
Perhaps you’ve seen the hidden-camera video currently making the rounds of someone identified as Gavin O’Blevin, who’s seen describing himself as a contractor for the CIA. This very outspoken individual has plenty to say about the ease with which intel agents can and do set Americans up and entrap them in order to prosecute them or gain their cooperation.

Tax Day

April 15, 2024

Today is April 15, tax deadline day. If you can’t comply in time with our bloated tax code, you can file for an automatic extension, but you have to pay what you estimate you owe now or face penalties and interest.

Democrats backpedal

April 10, 2024

After three years of the Biden White House and its enablers in Congress, blue states and the media trying to force-feed Americans a diet of pure baloney, polls showing that the Party is facing an electoral hanging in November are suddenly concentrating their minds...

Biden's Rogue DOJ

April 8, 2024

There are many reasons to be furious with the Biden Administration, from the Southern border to Afghanistan. But one outrage that strikes at the very heart and soul of America is his weaponization of government agencies to target political opponents and people of faith with vicious prosecutions that seek outrageous penalties for non-crimes.

Eclipse Day

April 8, 2024

Today is Eclipse Day, and I don’t mean that America’s power and prestige are being eclipsed, since that’s been happening every day since 2021.

Millions of young Americans will actually go outside today to see the rare total eclipse in a northeastward band stretching from Texas to Maine. Fox News has regularly updated reports along with a map and timeline of the eclipse in various states at this link:

Highway officials are warning that there could be traffic delays and even crashes due to the unusual daytime darkness and drivers taking their eyes off the road to see the eclipse. And speaking of looking at the eclipse…DON’T! Looking directly at the sun can cause serious, permanent damage to your eyes. Even watching it on your cell phone photo screen can burn out your retinas as well as your phone. This link has some myths about eclipses and eyesight that you need to read (while you still can.)

I’ll add another myth, or at least I think it’s a myth, that most of these cheap eclipse glasses are made in China because this is all just an elaborate plot to blind Americans so China can invade us. They’re invading us already without having to go to that much bother.

And here’s some advice about what color clothes to wear to experience a bizarre side effect of the eclipse.

If you’re going to watch the eclipse, be sure to do it safely, like by wearing special eclipse protective glasses that are widely available. Warning: if you can see through them at all except when looking at a very bright light, chances are that they are not really safety-rated and might be counterfeits.

As proof that you can see an eclipse and suffer no damage, here’s a great story about eclipse buff LaVerne Biser. He’s 105 and started traveling the world with his late wife Marion in 1963 to catch eclipses. This will be his 14th. Luckily, he lives in Ft. Worth, so this one will be coming to him. Maybe the moon and sun arranged it that way out of gratitude for his loyal fandom. By the way, he credits his long life and good health to never drinking, smoking or doing drugs and “just good Christian living.”

If you miss this one, the next total solar eclipse will come on August 23, 2044. I intend to continue avoiding booze, tobacco and drugs and practicing good Christian living, so I’ll probably still be doing this then and will remind you of it when it gets a little closer.

Trump Lawfare Updates

April 8, 2024

Florida Judge Aileen Cannon denied Trump’s attorneys' bid to dismiss the classified documents case against him on grounds that he had a right to have those documents under the Presidential Records Act. However, she left open the possibility that the argument could be used as a defense at trial.

Primary results

April 4, 2024

Tuesday, more primary elections were held in New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Wisconsin. The results were so predictable (Trump and Biden won their respective contests easily) that it barely made the news, but here are the results if you’re inclined to look.

Master Level Trolling

April 4, 2024

While the White House tries to convince us that President Biden didn’t declare Easter to be “Day of Transgender Visibility” (when he clearly did), Trump vowed that when he’s elected again, November 5 (Election Day) will be called “Christian Visibility Day.”
The Democrats and the media (pardon my redundancy) are crowing about how the star-studded fundraiser they held in New York last week while Trump was attending a memorial for a slain NYPD officer raised a record $25 million for Biden’s reelection. They’re also pointing to Biden’s campaign chest being twice as big as Trump’s.

Pander Day

April 2, 2024

The Biden White House is accusing Republicans of “misinformation” for saying that Biden proclaimed Easter to be “Transgender Visibility Day.” Biden declared, “I didn’t do that,” and his staffers claim the day already existed and Biden didn’t proclaim it but merely recognized it. Yeah, about that…

Legal News Update

April 2, 2024

Hunter Biden got some bad news on Monday, and sadly for him, it was not an April Fools Day joke. Although his attorney Abbe Lowell’s motions to throw out eight of the nine charges against him certainly read like an April Fools Day joke, the judge wasn’t in a mood to kid around and denied all eight.

Happy Easter

April 1, 2024

I’d like to wish all of you a happy and safe Easter as you celebrate with your families and in your churches.

Easter is the holiest of all holidays in the Christian calendar, but also the most joyful. The miracle of the Resurrection was not only the fulfillment of God’s promise that through His Son, our sins would be forgiven and we could have eternal life, but it also serves as a constant reminder that even in times when all seems dark and hopeless, God will never abandon us. That message seems especially important today.

I hear from many Christians who are very worried about the state of America and the world, and understandably so. Anti-Christian forces are on the march and seem to be winning in many ways. They fear that we may never be able to come back from such an aggressive assault.

But if you are feeling that way, then try to imagine how Christ’s followers felt on the day of His Crucifixion. Everything was dark, evil, and appeared hopeless. Those closest to Jesus were in fear for their own lives and felt that all they had devoted themselves to for three years had died on that cross. They saw their Master and their hopes and faith buried in a borrowed tomb.

That was Friday. But then came Sunday. It was the day that three women went to the tomb to honor a man who was dead. Instead, they were the first to know that what they had witnessed on Friday wasn’t the last chapter.

We all have a lot of Fridays in our lives: bad doctor reports; financial problems; a sick child; broken relationships; dangerous political movements; a virus that derailed our lives and split apart families. But let’s not get lost in our Fridays and think the bad times will never end. Always remember:

Sunday is coming. And God is good. All the time.