It isn't all bad news

May 20, 2022

I sometimes feel as if I should apologize for having to report so much bad news. I know it can be overwhelming to have to read so much of it. Believe me, it’s hard on me and my staff, as well. That’s why we say, “We read the news so you won’t have to!” There’s so much depressing news that it can really get you down if you let it. So we also try to report good news to uplift you and positive signs that things are turning around to help you stay optimistic that better times are ahead.

Like a new Quinnipiac poll showing that all the race-baiting and divisiveness isn’t working, and that Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics has plummeted from 55 to 26%. That’s even lower than his 32% approval among whites. See, there are things that people of all races can agree on.

It’s also important to remember that despite the left’s attempts to politicize everything, most people aren’t obsessed with politics and just get annoyed with people who are. There are many other things in the world to think about.

To help make that point, I’d like to share a new music video with you by a wonderful female harmony bluegrass/gospel/swing group called the Smith Sisters with the Sunday Drivers.

It’s called “Around the Bend,” and it’s not only a catchy song, it also has an important message. I’ll let the writer, Kelli Lewis, put it in her own words that she shared with one of my writers, who is a friend:

“I just wanted to show that although you may lose everything, good things are always around the bend. Good simple of I told my sister the story is simple but it makes your heart happy.

The song on our music video was originally my story. One about losing my job, house and a friend. I suffered depression, but it turned around. I wrote this song with a goal in mind to help others. Fast niece (she is in our video) is a survivor of domestic abuse. This song has now become her story.

She too lost everything, of course in different ways. She can’t teach because of brain injuries, she had to sell her home etc. She is writing a book about her experience…She wants to share her story…

So the next time you look at the video, imagine at the beginning it saying, ‘I am Cayla...I am a survivor of domestic violence...’”

Kelli, it’s a great song, and Cayla, my hopes and prayers are with you. You’re both great examples of how there are Huck’s Heroes all around us working to help make things better for others. You’re the antidote for the depression some people spread by trying to drag us all down.

Something I know

May 20, 2022

Let me tell you something I know well:

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Wednesday, May 18, marked Day 3 of the Sussmann trial. Before we take a look at what happened that day, here’s a brief editorial from the NEW YORK POST shaming the media for not covering the trial. It didn’t take their editorial board many words to do that.

As they point out, THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST even split a Pulitzer for advancing “the most successful disinformation campaign in living memory.” I would add that in a profession that valued honesty, both “news” outlets would be made to give it back.

“If it had been Republicans doing it to a Democrat, the press would be losing its mind,” the POST says. Of course, that’s true.

It’s likely a DC jury would be looking at it differently as well.

Wednesday was a big day for testimony, with former FBI General Counsel James Baker taking the stand. Baker’s the central witness in the case, as he’s the one Sussmann allegedly lied to during a September 2016 meeting at the FBI --- and definitely lied to in a text Sussmann sent to try to get the meeting in the first place.

Baker testified that he’d become friends with Sussmann and they’d been in “frequent contact.” Also (this is new), he said he was “surprised” to get Sussmann’s text on his personal cellphone requesting a “short meeting” at the FBI. This is the text in which Sussmann lied by saying, “I’m coming on my own –- not on behalf of a client or company –- want to help the Bureau.”

Sussmann was granted the meeting, during which he presented bogus evidence of a server connection between Trump Tower and Russia-linked Alfa Bank. (One of the agents who examined this evidence has testified that it was debunked that very day.)

Baker will return to the stand Thursday morning. The other big witness for the day was Hillary For America General Counsel Marc Elias, who was partners with Sussmann at law firm Perkins Coie. (As you know, Elias has also been lead attorney for an army of litigators who bombarded the battleground states and got them to remove election safeguards, sometimes without the required legislative approval. Wish we could ask him about THAT under oath.) Elias testified that he personally hired oppo research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on then-candidate Trump. Fusion GPS called on British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who responded by compiling the bogus “dossier,” consisting of unverified rumor.

Elias said he kept the hiring quiet wisthin the campaign. “Given who I represent,” he told jurors, “I tend to not want more people to know about it than have to know about it.” We’re not sure exactly what he meant by that cryptic comment, but it sounds shady, like the CIA’s “need-to-know basis.”

When asked if he was aware Sussmann was planning to go to the FBI, he said he was not, and that he wouldn’t have approved that if he’d known of it. But law professor Jonathan Turley saw an inconsistency, tweeting: “Marc Elias testified that he would not have approved going to the FBI with the false Russian Alfa Bank claim because he did not trust the FBI or Director Comey. Yet, the campaign associates also aggressively pushed the Steele dossier to the FBI.”

Wednesday night, Sean Hannity did a segment on the makeup of the jury for the Sussmann trial, and

the news was stunning. He passed along reporting from the NEW YORK POST that Judge Christopher Cooper allowed donors to Hillary’s campaign and also to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez into the jury pool. Durham objected to the seating of one of them, a man who works in public policy for Amazon and could only say he would “strive for impartiality as best I can.” Judge Cooper overruled Durham.

Another juror in the pool had written on her questionnaire that she worked for the Sierra Club, thought the criminal justice system was racist and believed “the police should be defunded.”

In Washington DC in 2016, voters favored Hillary over Trump by a staggering 90.0 percent to 4.1 percent. And as we’ve previously reported, Judge Cooper himself is tight with the Democrat Party; his wife, Amy Jeffress, has even represented one of the prime perpetrators of the Russia hoax, then-FBI assistant counsel Lisa Page. The two were married by...Merrick Garland. It’s unbelievable that Judge Cooper didn’t recuse himself and let the case pass to another judge.

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Hannity’s show that for a trial like this, there shouldn’t be donors to ANY political party. The reports he had heard were “very troubling.”

Devin Nunes, who chaired the House Intel Committee, said that in this trial, Durham is looking at one sliver of the overall conspiracy. He noted the incestuous nature of this Washington DC group and the connections of this judge. And he offered what might be the Quote Of The Day about the trial: “If this case was not brought in DC...there’s no way that Sussmann would not have pled guilty.” In DC, he knows his chances are excellent to get one or two jurors to “hold this up, to let him off scot free.”

Still, for the first time, Nunes said, Durham is able to bring direct evidence, not just circumstantial. “We now know journalists...were meeting directly with the Democrats, taking this horrible story and willing to go and put it out there, just to destroy Republicans and destroy President Trump before the election.”

Nunes also noted that the next trial, of “dossier” collaborator Igor Danchenko, is in Virginia.

Margot Cleveland, in her piece written Wednesday, details how the story told by Sussmann’s defense just doesn’t hold up. In effect, she expanded on what Turley said in his tweet, above. It’s hard to buy the story that the Hillary campaign didn’t WANT Sussmann to share the Alfa Bank story with the FBI. “...The information known to date,” Cleveland says, “plus the modus operandi of the Spygate players through the years they peddled the Russia-collusion hoax, renders this argument laughable.”

Just read what defense attorney Michael Bosworth told the jury and see how inconsistent it is.

The evidence, largely in the form of texts between Clinton’s people and Fusion GPS, contradicts his story. It suggests that Fusion GPS absolutely knew the value of having the FBI investigate the Alfa Bank story; they used that investigation to help “sell” the story to outlets such as Reuters.

Cleveland really picks apart the defense’s story that the Clinton campaign didn’t want Sussmann to go to the FBI. One danger we see is that a jury –- especially a biased one –- might not be willing or even able to follow this if it’s too long or complicated. It seems to me that Hillary’s own tweets promoting the Alfa Bank story disprove the defense’s fairy tale that she wouldn’t have wanted the FBI brought in. That would make the story bigger! Hillary would LOVE it.

Oh, wait, I forgot –- the judge refused to allow her tweets into evidence.

Recall that at the end of the movie MARY POPPINS, it’s time for Mary to leave when the wind changes. Off she goes, head held high, carried on the wind by her umbrella. Well, the wind has changed, and "Information Nanny" Nina Jankowicz is leaving us.

She submitted her resignation as head of the “Disinformation Governance Board” –- what we like to call the unconstitutional DHS Ministry Of Truth –- on Wednesday morning. Apparently, thanks to public exposure and pressure, the board itself has been “paused” by the Department of Homeland Security. That’s not good enough, of course, as this board needs to be permanently dissolved, as with a soothing bath in nitric acid, and prevented from ever returning, by legislation if necessary, just as soon as a GOP Congress can be convened.

For details, here’s the story in TOWNHALL.

This is what we said should happen when news of this board was first reported and the Poppin-esque video by this strange musical theater person with fancy degrees hit social media. We even devised our own song parody, practically perfect in every way, about what the board was really there to do. Consider it our sendoff. Goodbye, Nanny! Sorry, you didn’t work out.

What was probably the last straw: this report about Jankowicz’s past involvement with a group called “Integrity Initiative --- Defending Democracy Against Disinformation.”

As REVOLVER reported Monday, this group was founded in 2015 “under the auspices of the U.K.-government-funded “Institute for Statecraft.” They recruited “clusters” of all those so-called ruling elite types we love: academics, national security bureaucrats, “journalists,” think-tankers, and lobbyists in multiple European countries to engage in dealing with so-called “Russian disinformation.”

This non-government entity was clearly meddling in politics and using covert influence in Western countries to set up “a coordinated response,” with the pretext of “fighting disinformation.” Fortunately, hackers leaked internal documents that showed what they were up to. In a paper leaked in 2018, Jackowicz is listed as a member of the “inner core” of the Integrity Initiative’s U.K. cluster, in the subgroup dedicated to Russia. The REVOLVER piece has excerpts from these leaked documents.

“An effective network is best achieved,” one document reads, “by forming in each European country a cluster of well-informed people from the political, military, academic, journalistic, and think-tank spheres, who will track and analyze examples of disinformation in their country and inform decision-makers and other interested parties about what is happening.”

If you don’t see the inherent dangers of having an essentially secret group quietly doing this behind the scenes as they see fit, I’m not sure I can help you.

We found a fascinating 2018 news report from the U.K., made on the heels of that leak. It tells the whole story of the Integrity Initiative, and we couldn’t help noticing that one of the Brits on their list of key “U.K. cluster” people –- though he denied involvement –- was Sir Andrew Wood, the retired British ambassador to Russia who co-founded Orbis Business Intelligence, also associated with “dossier” writer Christopher Steele, who still runs Orbis with fellow former MI6 spy Christopher Burrows. See, here they are on the Orbis website.

Sir Andrew admitted in 2017 that he’d pushed the “dossier” to John McCain. At the time, he defended Steele as “professional” and said that he personally had not read the “dossier, though he “was aware” of what was in it. For when you have time, this informative article will serve as your personal Way-Back Machine.

So, right, it’s these people who will save the world from disinformation! In reality, they’re the ones peddling it. Anyway, here’s that report on the Integrity Initiative, highly recommended reading.

There’s still a website for something called the Integrity Initiative, but it has no reference to “Defending Democracy Against Disinformation.” We couldn’t find the word “disinformation” ANYWHERE on the site. So, if this is the same group, it appears to have morphed into one that says it deals with ethics in business, government service and, as they call it, “the bigger sphere of society” (there's that word "sphere" again) –- not those sly, behind-the-curtain attempts to influence politics in far-flung nations.

We did find it hilarious, though, that one of their listed projects is something called “The Big Brother Program.” I think (hope!) they mean ‘big brother’ in a different way, but, still, funny!

According to this Executive Intelligence Review press release from this Monday, the Integrity Initiative did in fact wipe their old website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

As many have noted by now, Jankowicz herself is a purveyor of disinformation. Just to cite one example, she completely mischaracterized Hunter Biden’s laptop as disinformation and also “a product of the Trump campaign.” Imagine a behind-the-scenes network of so-called academics, etc., with international reach, busy twisting narratives and doing the opposite of what they claim to be doing. One document is particularly chilling, as it outlines the activities of their “Spanish cluster” to stop the appointment of a particular gentleman to the post of national security director. They claimed success.

Now, we don’t know if this gentleman posed an actual problem to Spain’s national security or not, but it’s not up to a secret board to “coordinate the Twitter response” to prevent his appointment. If this sort of thing can be done under the cover of darkness to derail someone’s appointment, it can be done to anyone --- anyone with whom this “ruling elite” disagrees, or to promote the appointment of someone they want in that spot. This is not “defending democracy,” by any stretch.


Related story: Since an operation of this type is so dependent on manipulating Twitter, it puts Elon Musk’s move to buy Twitter in a new light. Talking about messing with their plans! As noted here in REVOLVER, “Transforming Twitter back into a real free speech platform would represent nothing less than a declaration of war against the Globalist American empire.”

President Biden is taking criticism for announcing that he will go to Buffalo to comfort the victims of the horrific supermarket shooting by a deranged racist teenager. It’s not because people don’t think it’s a serious tragedy, but that it smacks of the kind of political exploitation of tragedies that I wrote about yesterday. They accuse the Democrats of wanting to focus a lot of attention on a white racist who killed 10 people and injured three others, most of them black, because that plays into the “racist America” theme that they use to divide people and win votes. Yet this weekend’s shooting in California where a Chinese man attacked Taiwanese worshippers in church was also apparently a hate crime, but of a type that Democrats don’t like to acknowledge.

And when an alleged black nationalist drove into a parade in Waukesha, killing six people and injuring 62, most of whom were white, Biden didn’t visit. (To be fair, Jill Biden did go to Waukesha to meet victims’ families and attend a memorial.)

The reason given for Joe Biden not visiting Waukesha was that local authorities had so much to deal with that a Presidential visit would be an expensive and difficult distraction. But that would be equally true in Buffalo as well.

I don’t like questioning people’s motives for showing compassion to victims of heinous crimes. I think we should all do that. For now, I will reserve judgement and note that it’s become part of the President’s duties to comfort Americans in times of tragedy. If that’s what this trip is about, then I’m all for it. But Biden should rise above using it to cynically promote policy points and attack political opponents.

There are already too many people trying to divide Americans by firing up hatred and suspicion of anyone who’s different from them, and turning one group against another. The master of that was Adolf Hitler, and it’s not surprising that we’ve seen reports he was admired by both the white racist who wanted to kill black people and the black racist who wanted to kill white people. It’s all the same poison, just in different bottles.

For the record, here are the kinds of statements that a President of all the people should avoid when comforting the victims of a racist shooting:

Calling for restricting both the God-given First and Second Amendment rights of people who had nothing to do with it.

Blaming the shooter’s crimes on TV networks and news commentators you hate, and who, incidentally, the alleged shooter also hated.

In general, blaming the shooter’s crimes on a wide range of people that you don’t like and neither did the shooter.

Trying to use the tragedy to accuse your political opponents of believing in some racist conspiracy theory that most of them have never even heard of. This reminds me of when they were accusing Trump voters of being Q-Anon followers, and I had to Google that just to find out what the heck it was. This time, get ready to hear a lot about GRT or the “Great Replacement Theory.” Claiming that you believe in it is a convenient way to falsely brand you as a promoter of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for opposing open borders.