That Drug called "Stimulus"

December 30, 2021

You’d have to go all the way back to the Reagan years to find a time in recent history when federal money to states didn’t grow every year. But 2009 marked a turning point when, thanks to the stimulus bill following the housing loan implosion, federal money became the state and local governments’ largest source of income. It’s no wonder liberals loved that stimulus bill. It finally turned the 50 states into the 50 welfare states. It gave the federal government unprecedented power over state and local policy decisions, and they’ve been trying to maintain and expand that situation ever since. That’s how we get monstrosities like an “infrastructure” bill that spends only a fraction of the money on actual infrastructure.

As a governor for 10 years, I saw that giving handouts isn’t the best solution to poverty, and taking handouts isn’t the best source of state funds. The fact is that nothing is as costly as “free” federal money. Just as too much sugar rots your teeth, all that federal sugar not only creates dependence, it warps priorities. Soon, local officials start making decisions based not on what’s best for their communities but on what will keep the DC dollars flowing. For instance, if parents despise Critical Race Theory, but the feds want it and they’re handing out education dollars, guess what gets taught to your kids?

State officials who reject free federal money take a lot of heat. But would you call someone stupid for saying no to a free sample from a drug dealer?

You might say I’m exaggerating. But I was not only a governor, I also served as chairman of the National Governors’ Association. I had a bird’s eye view of all the other states’ relations with Washington, too. I soon discovered that so-called “free federal money” comes with more strings than a Beethoven symphony. Just like the drug dealer and the sucker, any state that signed on to a big new program like Obamacare based on a promise of federal money to pay for it was likely to end up holding the bag when the feds cut off the freebies after a lot of people became dependent on it.

The Obamacare bait and switch was nothing new. This same game has been played over and over, with Medicare, unemployment, education, infrastructure funds, you name it. It happens under Republican Presidents as well as Democrats. States give up local control in exchange for federal money, then are forced to accept policies that might not be in their best interests to keep the money flowing.

Proponents of this type of central planning-by-bribery will argue furiously that America isn’t a melting pot, but they act as if it’s homogenized. They ask, “Why do those people in flyover country vote against their own best interests?” without considering that maybe they don’t believe big government, massive debt and loss of their freedoms and cultures are in their own best interests. America has many cultures, all very different. Hawaii isn’t Maine, and Vermont isn’t Wyoming. People aren’t moving from California to Texas just for the barbecue. Many Americans don’t want Washington running up more debt in their names, to try to bribe 50 states into becoming a homogenized Utopia directed by benevolent DC dictators. That dream would be a nightmare in reality. Stop trying to entice local communities to build more government offices named after pork-barreling senators when what they really need is more high schools named after James Madison.

As we head into the new year, many Republicans have been commenting on the prospect of having a free and fair –- and TRUSTED –- congressional election in 2022 after the mess in 2020. I’ll paraphrase some of this:

Listen up, Democrats! Now that we know about all the ways the vote is vulnerable to manipulation and essentially un-auditable, we’ll have our eyes on you this time! By golly, we’ll make sure there’s a chain of custody for every ballot box and refuse to let you keep our poll watchers away. We’ll have cameras on all the election workers feeding ballots into machines, and we won’t let you shut down the vote counts and kick observers out of the room. Not this time! We’re on to you, and if you think you’re gonna get away with anything this time, you’ve got another thing coming! You might have done it once, but you wouldn’t dare try it again under the kind of scrutiny you’re gonna have. We’ll be watching every move, so THIS election will be secure!

We will indeed be watching as closely as possible, but challenges remain. Marc Elias and his army of attorneys got laws changed in battleground states so that safeguards against mail-in ballot fraud, such as signature matching and ID, are much looser than they used to be. He’ll fight any attempt to change back. And nothing has changed regarding our ability to audit electronic voting systems, so unless we disconnect ourselves from these, we will not know if our vote count is true.

Still, it WILL be harder to cheat this time. So the Democrats need new strategies to keep Congress from turning red in the expected bloodbath of 2022. And, thanks to Elias, they’ve got some.

One of them ties in to the events of January 6, as currently being “investigated” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “Special Committee.” The Capitol Hill security breach plays into Democrats’ hands so well, I still say that if it hadn’t happened, they would’ve had to create it, with a little help from the FBI, and you may make of that what you will. Revolver News has done some excellent reporting on this; recall an earlier installment we brought you. For when you have time –- this is extremely detailed –- here is another chapter of their investigation into what they call the “Fedsurrection” of January 6.

We don’t typically wander down the conspiracy-theory path, but as they say at Revolver, “FBI Director Chris Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland have an awful lot of explaining to do.” They need to tell us why the individuals who seem to have been most instrumental in whipping up and directing the crowd that day (and even the day before) have not been pursued by the FBI. Pelosi’s rejection of Trump’s offer of thousands of National Guard troops for security that day is suspect as well. I’ll have much more to say about this later, but for now the story is how Elias and the DNC are planning to use January 6 to affect the composition of Congress after the 2022 election. Because they are.

Elias himself tweeted about this on December 20: “My prediction for 2022: Before the midterm election, we will have a serious discussion about whether individual Republican House Members are disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment from serving in Congress. We may even see litigation.”

I'd say that with DNC superlawyer Elias in charge, we most definitely will see litigation. That’s a promise.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment reads: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any state legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any state, to support the Constitution of the United States, SHALL HAVE ENGAGED IN INSURRECTION OR REBELLION AGAINST THE SAME, OR GIVEN AID OR COMFORT TO THE ENEMIES THEREOF [emphasis mine]. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”

In a follow-up, he said, “I am making it clear that members of Congress who engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States are not eligible to serve in Congress.”

Elias would like to disqualify Republicans who supported Trump from even being on the ballot in 2022. He has one problem, which Matt Margolis at PJ Media pointed out: Text messages released by the January 6 committee show that there was no insurrection, and no one at all has even been charged with insurrection. But Elias will no doubt allege that anyone who has even expressed less-than-full confidence in Biden's win –- let alone (horrors!) the thought that Trump might actually have won –- is part of the rebellion. Those presumably would include Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana, the two members of Congress chosen by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to be on Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee but refused by her. They, along with Troy Nehls of Texas, even voted against certifying the results of the 2020 election. Insurrectionists!

Why, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Louie Gohmert of Texas even offered aid and comfort to insurrectionists, by visiting them in prison and (gasp!) praying with them. Yes, the so-called reasoning could get that nuts. And Lauren Boebert of Colorado has already been criticized for innocent actions on January 6. Elias is bound to target her.

In what is a real head-scratcher for me, even a couple of Trump-appointed judges have made it clear they think the Capitol Hill breach was worse than the riots in Portland in which buildings were torched. They’ve ruled that attorneys for the Jan. 6 defendants can’t compare their treatment under the law with that of the left-leaning Portland defendants, who were treated much more leniently.

Believe it or not, DC District Court Judge Trevor McFadden found a reason to say the Capitol Hill breach posed a greater risk to safety. “The Portland defendants primarily attacked at night,” he wrote. “In contrast, the January 6 rioters attacked the Capitol in broad daylight...their actions endangered hundreds of federal officials in the Capitol complex...”

His colleague, Judge Carl Nichols, did the same: “The Portland rioters’ conduct, while obviously serious, did not target a proceeding prescribed by the Constitution and established to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. Nor did the Portland rioters, unlike those who assailed America’s Capitol in 2021, make it past the buildings’ outer defenses.”

Well, that wouldn’t have happened if the Guard had been there as Trump wanted and if certain key figures hadn’t moved barricades and directed the crowd. In charge of security: Pelosi.

These mystifying rulings will no doubt help Elias with his out-there argument that this really was an insurrection. Expect him to pull out all the stops. Once again: Our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers.

“Lie of the Year” for 2021

December 29, 2021

The Washington Free Beacon also chose its “Lie of the Year” for 2021, awarding “Four Bill Clintons” to President Biden for his promise, “I will shut down the virus.”

Technically, that was a campaign promise, so it’s actually from 2020, but most people didn’t really know how big a lie it was until after he’d been in office for a year or so. They should have, however. Throughout 2020, Democrats like Biden tried to paint the virus as Trump’s fault, every death from it as his personal responsibility (some even claimed he wanted people to die), and his inability to cure it as proof that he was uncaring and incompetent.

That was, of course, all cruel, divisive, slanderous nonsense, and anyone who thought about it at all knew it at the time. I repeatedly pointed out that no President could possibly stop an airborne virus from entering America and spreading (Democrats claimed he couldn’t even keep illegal immigrants out of America, then fought to stop him; and when he tried to keep virus carriers from China out of America, they fought to stop him from doing that, too.) Nobody is to blame for this virus spreading around the world. Well, China, but we’re not allowed to say that, for some reason.

Of course, now that he’s the guy in charge, Biden has finally admitted that nobody, not even a President, has the power to keep a virus out of the country and there is no federal solution to the pandemic, just as Obama was eventually forced to admit that there were no “shovel-ready jobs” after we spent nearly a trillion dollars to create them.

Even though Biden took office at a time when vaccines had just become available and we'd learned a lot more about COVID and how to treat it, there have still been more deaths under his tenure than under Trump’s (over 420,000 so far compared to 402,269 under Trump.) But I wouldn’t blame Biden personally for those deaths, although I do believe that this Administration’s open hostility to virtually all potential therapeutic treatments in its single-minded obsession with vaccination hasn’t helped. In fact, Sen. Rand Paul blames Dr. Fauci’s negative attitude toward therapeutic treatments for thousands of deaths every month.

And the government’s isolating lockdown policies and mandates that have contributed to rising depression, suicides and drug addiction are a separate lethal issue. But no, I don’t think it’s Biden’s fault when someone contracts COVID.

That said, it’s a stone cold fact that there have been more COVID deaths under Biden than under Trump. The fact that someone on CNN insisted that that’s “fake news” and those numbers are “completely wrong” is just further verification that they are accurate.

When a lie gets repeated so often that everyone thinks it’s true, it’s called “conventional wisdom” – maybe because it happens so often at political conventions. These days, the conventional wisdom from some politicians and their “news media” press agents is that European-style, cradle-to-grave Socialism Lite is immensely popular with Americans, and only a handful of evil fascist, racist Republicans are standing in the way of the glorious “progress” the people want. Don’t buy this load of manure.

Throughout the Bush-Obama era, the media kept repeating “failed conservative policies” until even a lot of so-called conservatives believed it. In truth, it’s socialist policies that have been proven to be tragic failures, everywhere and every time they’re tried.

During the Obama years, we tried leftist policies. They resulted in a sluggish economy, depressed job growth, rising income inequality, reduced wealth and opportunities for minorities, and abroad, a decline in US prestige and leadership and the advancement and emboldening of our enemies, including a terrorist “JV team” called ISIS growing and spreading into a worldwide threat.

Polls began to show that most Americans wanted the government to do less and spend less. In France, where an actual Socialist was elected President, his huge tax hikes crashed the economy and made socialism as popular with the French as cheese in a can. The media were shocked when voters turned right in the next election. They should’ve known that nothing turns people off socialism like actually experiencing it. (See “Venezuela.”)

Of course, they were even more shocked when Trump won in 2016. He immediately reversed Obama’s leftist policies. Despite a non-stop media barrage that brainwashed a lot of people into thinking that was the WORST TIME EVER, it was actually a time of nearly unprecedented peace and prosperity. Crime fell, ISIS was smashed, the borders became more secure (although Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep them from being truly secured), unemployment reached record lows, real wages rose for the first time in decades, and the Abraham Accords saw historic Middle East peace agreements.

And then came COVID and the unsecure 2020 election, the inauguration of President Biden, his reversal of all those policies. And the combination of shock and whiplash experienced by many Americans who never dreamed that leftist policies could destroy so much so fast. Let’s all hope and pray that the 2022 elections will reflect that hard-won lesson and dump socialism back on the trash heap of history where it belongs…at least until a new generation arises that doesn’t remember the lessons of history and has to learn the hard way all over again.

It is a shame that we have to keep relearning the hard way that top-down, big government solutions don’t work. Young people can almost be excused for flirting with socialism, since they are empty vessels who get filled with whatever their teachers tell them, and we’ve been remiss in allowing leftists to politicize our schools and fill those precious vessels with garbage. Let’s also hope that parents have gotten “woke” to that scam and we’re about to see some real changes in our school system, from kindergarten through college.

But Republicans who promised small government and fiscal responsibility should already know better. Instead, too many let deficits skyrocket, stuffed budgets with pork, and became cheerleaders for big government. These so-called conservatives slammed me in 2007 for not being a “real conservative” because I pointed out problems in the economy that were hurting working people and criticized the lack of oversight of Wall Street’s excesses. Just two years later, they wanted to spend $700 billion of our grandkids’ money to bail out Wall Street from its excesses. They abandoned government’s rightful role as a tough-but-impartial referee and wanted to use its power to pick winners and losers in the market. Is that “real conservatism?”

The truth is that voters didn’t turn their backs on conservatism, Republican politicians did. Democrats didn’t sweep to power in 2008 by claiming to be government-bloating tax-and-spenders, but by swearing they’d changed and were now fiscally responsible. Of course, once they gave the White House and Congress to the Democrats, voters quickly realized their terrible mistake and gave the House back to the GOP (now it’s déjà vu all over again.) But too many Republicans had already squandered their credibility, so when Democrats ballooned the deficit, they could deflect criticism by simply pointing at their GOP opponents’ own records.

From Jefferson’s belief that government closest to the people governs best to Reagan’s faith in free markets, from low taxes to fiscal restraint, from a strong military to secure borders, conservative ideas work whenever they’re tried. Obama mocked Trump for saying we could bring back manufacturing jobs and have growth of over 4 percent, saying that Trump didn’t have a “magic wand.” But the only magic needed was a simple disappearing act: getting government out of the way. Biden brought back Obama’s policies. Doesn’t anyone seriously believe things are better now, other than Democrat cronies who get rich off government money?

Gandhi once said, "If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today." I think if all politicians really followed the principles they espouse to get elected, all of America would be conservative today. (Much of it already is: look at the 2020 county-by-county voting map – and that’s an election Democrats “won!”)

Americans just need politicians who’ll actually do what they claimed they would do once they arrive in Washington.

Nations of Immigrants

December 29, 2021

Despite the battles over illegal immigration, and the humanitarian disasters caused by our weak border security, nobody argues that America could ever have become what it is today without immigrants. Even if your ancestors came over on the Mayflower, they still had to take a boat to get here. Even “Native Americans” had to cross a land bridge at some point way back when.

Americans have a can-do attitude about tackling tough problems because we’re descended from ancestors who had the gumption to say, “There must be a better life than this,” then risk everything to come here and find it. When you hear smug know-it-alls say there’s nothing exceptional about America compared to other countries, remember that America was founded by all the people who were so exceptional, they just had to get the heck out of those other countries.

Of course, there is one other place where people share that spirit that drives them to start a new life, far from everything they’ve known. And not surprisingly, it’s also constantly criticized by the left. That’s our ally, Israel. Considering the threat from radical Islam all around it, it’s a wonder that so many people still do move there. But there’s a very important tenet of the Jewish faith called Aliyah, or “ascent.” It refers to the duty of every Jewish person to return to the Holy Land at some point and help to build the nation of Israel.

Nearly two decades ago, Israeli Rabbi Yehoshua Fass lost a family member to a terrorist attack. That brought home to him the fear that many Jews who grew up in the safety of the West felt about moving to Israel. So he founded a group to make it easier for Jews to negotiate the security obstacles and come to Israel. It was called Nefesh B’Nefesh, or “Jewish Souls United” (

It started small, but since 2002, Nefesh B’Nefesh has helped over 65,000 Jews from the U.S., Canada and UK come to Israel. They help with travel and financial grants, finding jobs, adapting to the local culture and more. Just as immigrants helped build America into a great nation that benefits its neighbors, these immigrants are helping people of all cultures in the Middle East. They bring the American ideals of freedom, equality and democracy to a part of the world that sorely needs them. And their skills don’t just help the Jewish population. When a doctor shortage was forecast, Nefesh B’Nefesh provided grants to encourage physicians to move there and provide enough medical care for people of every faith.

Nefesh B’Nefesh is keeping alive the idea of the best and brightest leaving the comforts of home to make another part of the world a better place. As many other nations become more dangerous and intolerant, we should celebrate the partnership and mutual values of United States and Israel – two great nations that still stand tall as beacons to immigrants around the world.

Prayer Tree- December 29

December 29, 2021


"Please pray for my son, 20, who suffers from sever depression and anxiety. He is stuck and can’t move on. He is a wonderful, empathetic gentle man who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. I am so proud he is my son. Thank you and praise Jesus."

"I’m in the hospital fighting Covid-19. I’m exhausted and just want to go home. Please pray for progress and healing."

"Please pray for my grandson, Jeffrey. He is entering Rehab This weekend for drug addiction."

"Prayers please for Paula from Lynchburg, VA. She's been fighting cancer since 2017. I only just found out after I started following her blog. She is a wonderful person. Thank you so much."

"My son in a rehab program, and feels alone."

"Please pray for two good friends and fellow church members, Gary and Pat Ouverson of Crossville, TN. They are both in the hospital with COVID."

"Marlene is waiting for a double-lung transplant. Please pray for a viable donor."

"My entire family is down with Covid. Symptoms are light, thank the Lord, but they remain. Pray for my marriage. Thank you."

"Sofie Sanossian -- COVID symptoms, Robin Luedekke and sister Lois -- hospitalized with COVID, Shane Wagner -- Colon cancer spread throughout organs, 57 yrs, 3 children"

"Please pray for my nephew's wife - Amber. She shattered her ankle and had surgery a few months ago. Last week she was back in the hospital for 2 more surgeries. One left her with a cut on her leg 6" long and the 2nd surgery for help with the pain was cancelled by the doctor at the last minute as he had another emergency to take care of. Amber is in intense pain and very depressed."

"My grandson, Trey, is schizophrenic and his meds are no longer effective. He is suffering from the voices in his head and the delusions and paranoia. He can't sleep and is terrified of everything. Seeking help at an ER right now. Thank you."

"I just can't shake depression. I know God Has this. Thank you!"

"For my 3 year old nephew-Liam. Who is having surgery for choclear Implants. Safe surgery and that he will be able to hear. He was born completely deaf."

"Thank you for the prayers. I am out of pain for the first time since early December. Praise the Lord."

"Our son, Steve was admitted to the hospital with Covid pneumonia a few weeks ago. Although Covid has run its course, Steve has developed complications as a result of the pneumonia. He was put into a coma and while in the delirium of the medication, he removed the ventilator, then later the catheter. That was not the end of it. The next night he got out of bed (somehow) and went into the bathroom, where he collapsed and was found unresponsive and not breathing. They revived him and had to reinsert the ventilator.

His vitals are not very good - reckon he is giving our Father a challenge, but our Lord can handle it. We just need to keep praying His Grace reaches Steve. Due to the meds he is being given, I doubt Steve knows any of these events have occurred.

Please join our prayer warriors on Steve’s behalf. His wife Shannon snd son Wrigley need prayers as well. Steve is in Mercy Hospital in Rogers. Arkansas. Thank you, cousin. Roy and Paula S., Bentonville, AR"

"I’m asking for prayers for me. My old age is starting to act up. I’m going to have a couple of surgeries, cataract removal, and I’m expecting more back injections. My golden age is beginning to tarnish…a joke! Thank you."

"Please pray for Pam. very sick from the flu. Also for diabetes and high blood pressure."

"For Childhood cancer survivor Grace. At 26 the cancer is back and the chemo is tough. Her right leg is worthless due to spinal damage."

"Please pray for our son Stephen. He suffers from extreme anxiety which causes him to eat to soothe. He is quite obese as a result."

"Prayers for my cousin Patty who lost her husband on Christmas Day to lung cancer."

"Please pray for the Ansel and Anderson Family in Richmond, Texas. They have hit a rough spot in the road with a son. He is ill and hospitalized for at least another month.

Praise God and prayers for them all..... Kim"

"Please pray for Debbie and Stephen Holmes. Debbie was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer but is positive and in the best hands medically with care at Houston's M.D. Anderson Medical Center. Both are outstanding people and true Americans. Love and prayers to them both and their families. Kim"

"A former marine, survivor of brain cancer, now has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. Cancer treatments and surgery have cause so many issues throughout his body. He suffers so much pain. He is a child of God, I pray for his comfort and that he will be able to enjoy the time he has left here. May he be filled with Gods peace. We really desire a miracle, but trust our Loving Father to have His way in him which is higher than our own."

"My dad, David, he has been in the hospital since 9/14. It started as pneumonia and picked up Covid in between. He was vented 9/16. He moved to rehab on 10/19 after amazing the doctors (they thought he might be brain dead) and has been in rehab since. All odds have been against him but he is survived through prayer from so many. He still has a long road of recovery. But today is being moved from rehab medical to rehab therapy. Please continue to pray for continued healing."

"Theresa Walker: healing from unknown virus that has been making her sick since the week before Christmas."

"My son who struggles with deep depression."

"Please pray for my grandson, on drugs and living on the street, homeless over three years."

"My good friend Wanda was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her healing. Thank you."

"For my daughter (only 18) - debilitating pain in head, jaw, shoulder, and leg."

"Relief from nerve damage in back for Joan."

"My husband is in hospital recieving treatment for his heart. He has a pacemaker but one of his valves doesn't work properly so has issues with weakened heart. Pray for surgeons,wisdom and healing, please. Blessings for your love of our Father"


"My niece Susan Brown died from Corona Virus and her funeral was yesterday, Sunday. She had other health conditions for years which weakened her. I loved her dearly."

“Math Is Hard!”

December 29, 2021

In the left's attacks on Sen. Joe Manchin for refusing to support the Biden “Bring Back Bankruptcy” bill that 74% of his constituents oppose, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that he was blocking progress that most Americans want, even though she represents as many people as he does, or maybe more.

For the record: A recent NPR/Marist poll found that only 41% of voters support that bill. Memo to AOC: 41% is less than "most."

Also, Manchin represents the entire state of West Virginia, population nearly 1.8 million. In his last election, he received over 290,500 votes. AOC’s district has a population of just under 700,000, and in 2020, she got about 153,000 votes.

Ironically, she might have a better argument against Bernie Sanders. He seems to think that Manchin is betraying democracy by not voting the way Bernie wants him to. Bernie represents Vermont, population 643,503. So if we really did apportion Senate power among the states by population, the way socialists like Bernie want us to, he’d be sitting at the kids’ table.

Holiday COVID Updates

December 28, 2021

Sadly, a number of cities are again canceling New Year’s celebrations due to the rise in cases caused by the easily-transmissible Omicron variant. Naturally, Dr. Fauci is urging everyone to cancel their New Year’s parties and sit home alone on New Year’s Eve, as I assume he will be doing from now on.

Omicron appears to be much milder than previous variants, but it can be deadly for those particularly susceptible. So once again, instead of protecting those who are particularly susceptible, some government officials are going back into their dictatorial “lockdown everyone” modes. But there’s growing evidence that people have seen how useless and harmful that was and are in no mood to put up with it any longer.

Meanwhile, the CDC’s baffling refusal even to consider the effectiveness of natural immunity among the previously infected took another blow with the release of a new study published in the European Journal of Immunology. It was conducted by a group of highly-qualified researchers, including members of the Department of Health Security and Department of Public Health and Welfare in Helsinki, Finland.

The official argument for those with natural immunity to get vaccinated has been that we don’t know if it lasts as long as vaccines (an argument that gets less convincing with each new demand for yet another booster shot.) But the new study found that whether someone had a mild or severe case, natural antibodies persisted in the vast majority of patients at least 13 months after infection, suggesting long-lasting protection.

The rate was lower among those with less robust immune systems, such as the elderly (you know, the people we should have protected in the first place, rather than locking down the rest of the world while moving COVID patients into nursing homes.)

That link also includes information about a recent study published in Nature Immunology that found that COVID is generally mild or asymptomatic in children ages 3-11. Researchers don’t know why, but most children had a much stronger T-cell natural immunity response than adults, and it lasted longer.

In Washington, DC, which has recognized only one out of 839 requests for a religious exemption from the COVID vaccination mandate for city workers, unvaccinated firefighters and EMTs who are under threat of firing worked overtime over Christmas to cover for their 100+ vaccinated colleagues who’ve tested positive for COVID.

While the media continue their efforts to tar Florida as a COVID hotbed for Gov. DeSantis’ refusal to institute draconian measures that have repeatedly proven ineffective, they seem oddly uninterested in the news that on Dec. 26, there were 189,714 new cases of COVID reported nationwide, and 54,828 (nearly 30%) came from New York City, the realm of the Genghis Khan of vaccine mandates, Bill DeBlasio.

And for those who believe, for some reason, that COVID automatically means a “winter of severe illness and death,” Oxford University just published a study of British disease statistics that likely apply in other populations. It calculated the odds of a vaccinated person dying from various causes (this was conducted before the Omicron variant appeared.)

It found, for instance, that a healthy, 75-year-old woman had a death risk from COVID of 0.45%, or about 1 in 220. That means the average American has a 37 times greater risk of dying from heart disease than a 75-year-old British woman does from COVID. But we haven't locked down all the Twinkies yet (although I shouldn't give them ideas.) A 55-year-old British woman had a 0.03% chance of dying of COVID, a 45-year-old woman had a 0.01% risk, and a 25-year-old man had a 0.00% chance of dying of COVID.

Of course, this is not to say there is no risk of dying, and that you can’t also have severe illness with long-lasting negative effects. But as with all things in life, you need to consider the odds. There’s a risk that you might get hit by a bus, but that means you take reasonable precautions not to walk in front of a bus, not that you quit your job and hide out in your attic for the rest of your life.