Trans cyclist wins

May 5, 2023

The UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), the world governing body for sports cycling, reacted to widespread outrage over a “trans” biological male winning the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico by doubling down on their woman-betraying policy.

Her biggest lie yet

May 4, 2023

Perhaps inspired by the success of the transgender movement, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has taken to asserting obvious delusions as truth and daring reporters to call her on it.

Sadly for her, Twitter commenters weren’t in an “Emperor’s New Clothes” mood and did call her on it, describing her claim that Biden’s actions have reduced illegal immigration by 90% “maybe the biggest lie from the White House podium so far this year.“ Which is sort of like trying to pick the least funny Steven Colbert joke.

It does raise the question, “If illegal immigration is down by 90%, why did Biden just order 1,500 US troops to the US-Mexico border in anticipation of ANOTHER massive surge of illegal crossers when the Title 42 restrictions expire on May 11th?"

I have it on good authority – well, it’s an educated guess – that when a confused Biden heard he’d ordered troops to secure the border, he denounced himself as a racist and a xenophobe.

Kangaroo hearing

May 4, 2023

Senate Democrats are holding a kangaroo hearing to try to hound Justice Clarence Thomas out of the Supreme Court on a bogus ethics charge, one so bogus that all nine Justices, including the liberals, signed a letter condemning the smear.

Jerry Springer RIP

May 2, 2023

I’m sorry to have to report that controversial talk show host Jerry Springer died Thursday morning of prostate cancer at 79.

While Springer is best known for hosting the long-running talk show that many critics blamed for starting the fad of “trash TV” with its salacious topics and more brawls than professional wrestling, many fans don’t remember that he started out in politics. He was the former mayor of Cincinnati and unsuccessfully ran for Congress. He also recorded an album of country western songs called “Dr. Talk” in 1995. Here he is singing the title track, to prove his more recent appearance on “The Masked Singer” wasn’t his first time singing.

Here’s an interview with him by David Letterman where he talks candidly about his background, including a scandal that cost him his city council seat, and admits his show is “plain stupid” but claims he tries to keep it honest and it’s mostly true.

I asked Gov. Huckabee if he knew Jerry Springer, and he said he only met him once when he was a guest on the Huckabee show, but he seemed to be a very nice man, and that comes across in the interview above. Whatever you think of his legacy, he had no pretensions that it was anything other than dumb entertainment. That’s better than today’s woke lectures.

It is official

April 25, 2023

President Biden announced that he is running (or shuffling) for reelection in 2024, which means that if he wins, he would be 86 when he ends his second term, and most Americans will be feeling even older than that.

“In a conspiracy like this, you build from the outer edges and you go step by step...the list is longer than anyone can imagine...It involves the entire U.S. intelligence community, FBI, CIA, Justice; it’s incredible.  The cover-up had little to do with Watergate; it was mainly to protect the covert operations.  It leads everywhere.”  Essentially, everyone was involved.

That description of the Watergate scandal was from the character of Deep Throat, whispering in a shadowy parking garage to WASHINGTON POST reporter Bob Woodward in ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, which happened to be on TCM this weekend. (If you have TCM, you can stream the film free on their app or their streaming TV channel until April 30.)

The movie was released in 1976 and dealt with events that took place a mere four years earlier, long before modern surveillance techniques and digital communication.  But it was still about an intelligence community gone rogue --- sound familiar? --- with massive (for its time) surveillance capability that had been turned on political enemies.  That scandal led to the resignation of President Nixon and the swearing-in of Gerald Ford.

For a long time, the Biden administration was seemingly immune to any accountability, but now that it’s obvious --- come on, it is --- that Biden can’t be the candidate in ‘24, that’s not necessarily the case.  One new poll shows that over 70 percent of Americans don’t want Biden to run again, including 79 percent of independents.

Probably for that reason, it seems as if a memo had gone out to the mainstream media, saying, “Sure, go ahead now and implicate ol’ Joe in the Biden family scandal, as he’s cooked for ‘24 and we’ve got to move somebody else into the running.”  

Polls change quickly.  Recall that in the movie, when Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein go to Ben Bradlee with their proof, Bradlee says, “You know the results of the latest Gallup poll?  Half the country never even heard of the word ‘Watergate.’”  But he adds, “Nothing’s riding on this except the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of the press and maybe the future of the country.”  Again, sound familiar?

That story started with the arrest of five men who had broken into the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee in June 1972.  Woodward found out at their arraignment the next day that they had possessed bugging equipment and were being represented by a high-priced “country club”-style lawyer, and also that they were tied to the CIA.  Imagine, our intel agencies spying on domestic political enemies!  Good thing THAT never happens any more.

The end of the movie is a series of teletype news headlines from the WASHINGTON POST, most of which deal with various individuals pleading guilty to charges such as conspiracy, burglary (to bug the Democrat headquarters in DC), lying to a grand jury, lying to the FBI, obstruction of justice and illegal fundraising.  The sentences, the ones we can see, range from 30 days to 6 months.  And, of course, we all know how it ends:  with President Nixon resigning.

The book written by the real-life Woodward and Bernstein, released in 1974, gives us a firsthand contemporaneous account of what was going on half a century ago, and the movie, which was nominated for eight Academy Awards, stays for the most part faithful to the book, or at least the first half of it, as that’s the part that was adapted for the script.  As it happens, this article about the film was written just a few days ago.

It’s fascinating to watch it today and see journalism as it was practiced back in the 1970s, seeing reporters doing research the old-fashioned way, with exhaustive legwork and lots of dead ends as opposed to a few internet keystrokes that almost guarantee all the reporters will treat the same story in exactly the same way.  The filmmakers even reproduced a precise replica of the WAPO newsroom of that time, right down to the 1972 phone books.  Here are a few fun facts about the movie…

Roger Ebert said at the time that ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN “succeeds brilliantly in suggesting the mixture of exhilaration, paranoia, self-doubt, and courage that permeated the WASHINGTON POST…”  Today, sadly, we see reporters at WAPO receiving a Pulitzer Prize --- sharing it with reporters at THE NEW YORK TIMES --- for being political hacks playing “scribe” to members of the intel community leaking fake stories.  How ‘journalism’ has changed.  I still say they should have to give their Pulitzer back, but that will never happen. Or better yet, give it to Miranda Divine at the New York Post, who actually earned one.  

We hear the term “worse than Watergate” a lot from politicians, so much so that it tends not to even register any more, but after watching this movie again now, you’ll probably agree that the scandals involving the FBI since 2016 are indeed arguably worse.  This time, they’re buttressed by the media, social media, academia and government-funded think tanks (which are aiding and abetting), and, ironically, Hollywood.  Think a mainstream Hollywood movie will be made any time soon about the intelligence community falsely discrediting the Hunter laptop story to save Biden’s candidacy in 2020?  Me, neither, unless the story is somehow twisted to make heroes out of those liars.

So, in light of this 50-year-old scandal, let’s take a look at the latest in the news about Biden family influence-peddling and the intel community’s dedicated efforts to cover it up.  Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, says that a dozen members of the Biden family are implicated in their money-making schemes.

“The documentation that I’ve seen --- I can’t comment on all of it, but what I can comment on is that it is bad and is getting worse, is showing illegal moneys from Chinese Communists flowing into this White House,” said Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett, also on the Oversight Committee, to FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on Friday.  He brought up impeachment of Biden over his potentially compromised position in dealing with Communist China.

Rep. Comer told Maria on Sunday in a must-see interview that there were “many more LLCs” taking in money for the Bidens and “many more countries” involved.  “China was probably one of the most reputable countries that the Biden family was dealing with,” he said.  Watch the full video and be stunned at what China was apparently getting for its investment in, say, 2013.

Comer told Maria there are six decisions Biden made as Vice President that are “very concerning to us.”  And he said that even with the limited records they’ve accessed so far, it’s obvious they were going to great lengths to disguise the money going to family members and deceive the IRS.

“There’s no rhyme or reason why Hunter Biden shouldn’t have been indicted years ago,” he said, “even before the last presidential election.”  But now he doesn’t know what to do with “this many family members of the President.  There’s not gonna be anybody left for a Christmas picture.”  Well, that’s apparently because Hunter was using his father’s position to play Santa Claus for the whole family.


RELATED STORIES:  Michael Goodwin at the NEW YORK POST has a very pointed opinion piece about the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes.  “The breakthroughs,” he says, “include testimony showing how a group of of retired intelligence officials influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, effectively proving the existence of a corrupt Deep State.”  He says “it is possible investigators are on the cusp of revealing one of the largest scandals in the history of American politics.”  The election interference would involve not just retired staff, but current Biden officials such as Secretary of State Tony Blinken and national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Goodwin offers a foolproof guide to reporters who are unsure about reporting on this: “They should simply ask themselves what they would write or say if the same set of charges and facts involved another President, say, one named Donald Trump.”

Of course, it’s challenging to report the news when the ‘Justice’ Department refuses to turn over the names of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s staff.  Check this out from Judicial Watch...

Finally, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson are demanding answers after a former FBI agent told them he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement that did not allow legally required whistleblower exceptions.

Good credit vs Bad credit

April 23, 2023

Have you worked hard, scrimped and sacrificed to pay your bills on time, so that you earned a good credit score? Well, congratulations! The Biden Administration is going to punish you for it! On the other hand, if you have a bad credit score, you’ll be rewarded for that.


April 23, 2023

Megyn Kelly isn’t known for being a staunch conservative, so if she’s fed up with Democrats pushing “trans” rights as the expense of destroying women’s rights, and so enraged that she openly defied cancel culture threats, then maybe the tide of “trans” lunacy is finally starting to turn.

Under the chairmanship of Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee has traveled to New York City to hold its first hearing today relating to the double standard of ‘justice’ in Manhattan, where District Attorney Alvin Bragg is normally the one holding court.

Bragg, as you know, found a highly questionable way to up-charge President Trump with felonies for recording reimbursement payments to his then-attorney Michael Cohen as “legal expenses.” These payments would have been misdemeanors for which the statute of limitations ran out long ago, so in order to prosecute them anyway, Bragg is saying they also violated federal election law. (Never mind that the Federal Election Commission decided to pass on this.) And while Bragg was busy going after Trump --- fulfilling the campaign promise he ran on --- real crime in Manhattan was spiraling out of control. Bragg had made it clear he simply wasn’t going to prosecute much of that crime.

Democrats are predictably having a fit about Jordan’s hearing, but, as Trey Gowdy said Sunday night on FOX NEWS, “If you’re really doing a good job, and you’re confident in your record, what’s to fear from a little field hearing?”

Gowdy spoke with Florida Rep. Laurel Lee, a former Florida judge and highly-credentialed member of the committee. She pointed out that among the crimes Bragg doesn’t prosecute are resisting arrest, robbery, and trespass, which, along with his reckless bail policies, “absolutely affect the overall safety of a community.” This will be put out there for the American people to see.

Gowdy had a great question for her: “What is the best piece of evidence that what DA Bragg is doing is rooted in politics?” She replied that this prosecutor “is taking half of the felony charges that come into his office and downgrading them to misdemeanors. But in the case of Donald Trump, he’s doing exactly the opposite. He’s digging up an allegation from 2017 that at best would be a misdemeanor and contorting it into a felony charge.” It’s also a case that has already been passed over by federal authorities, “who would clearly have a nexus for any type of investigation...”

By coincidence, Mark Levin on Sunday night also spoke about the attempt by House Republicans to investigate this double standard and the resistance they’re meeting every step of the way. Seems to me that in trying to resist the investigation of that double standard, they’re actually proving how much of one we have.

The House Republicans need to protect the separation of powers and their authority under the Constitution, he said. The legal phrase for this is ‘self-preservation.’ If Congress can’t enforce its power, then it has NO power. So it has to act. It has to use its “implied or inherent” power to hold individuals and entities in contempt. Also, the FBI and the U.S. attorney general do not have the power to just ignore Congress, though from their behavior you’d think they did.

“There are extraordinarily dangerous times,” Levin said. It’s not enough to form committees and ask for witnesses. They have the power to wield the contempt charge; the House votes this up or down, and stragglers within the GOP are not acceptable, given the stakes. But if the attorney general’s office blows off Congress’s action instead of enforcing it, as happened with AG Eric Holder during the Fast & Furious scandal involving guns, drug cartels and the FBI--- what then?

According to Levin, Congress has the power to send the sergeant-at-arms to secure the subpoenaed individual --- to arrest and jail that person --- without the Executive Branch playing any role. As part of due process, the person gets an open hearing in front of, say, the Judiciary Committee, where the committee can decide to release him --- or not. It might be an unpleasant process, but it could come to that. The Republicans will be attacked by the media, he said, but the media are corrupt and can’t be allowed to call the shots. Likewise with “phony tenured ignore them, too.”

Levin said to take heart from the reform of the judiciary that’s going on in Israel right now, under Netanyahu and his majority government. Here, under Biden, we have a similar situation; Biden is “undermining representative government and unleashing criminal law enforcement against people with whom they disagree.”

But while we’re waiting for Congress to do whatever is necessary to conduct their oversight, Margot Cleveland has pieced together plenty that tells us Bragg’s prosecution of Trump is as political as it gets. It’s all in a new column called “Manhattan DA Enlisted a Who’s Who of Biden Admin Buddies for Trump Takedown.” And it just gets worse the farther into it you read.

Recall that attorney Mark F. Pomerantz is the one who not only very publicly resigned over the DA’s initial decision not to indict Trump on those charges but also wrote a venomous book on the subject. His actions appear to have been instrumental in getting Bragg to change his mind and throw the ‘book’ at Trump. But as Cleveland points out, Pomerantz wasn’t just an office regular. He was one of three attorneys lent out to the DA’s office by the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, a New York City firm that has strong ties to Democrats and the Biden administration and is a high-dollar fundraiser for both. These three were sent over in February 2021, when Trump adversary Cyrus Vance was Manhattan DA, specifically to work on the Trump case.

According to the NEW YORK TIMES, Pomerantz had already been informally working on the Trump case for months before taking a leave of absence to serve as special assistant district attorney in the Manhattan office. The TIMES admitted that “the hiring of an outsider is a highly unusual move for a prosecutor’s office” but noted the “unusual complexity” of “the two-and-a-half-year investigation of the former President and his family business.” The same law firm also lent two other attorneys, Elyssa Abuhoff and Caroline Williamson, to be special assistant DAs.

Let’s look at the law firm that sent over three attorneys to work exclusively on prosecuting President Trump. First, the Biden fundraising: During Biden’s 2020 run, they hosted a $2,800-a-plate fundraiser for about 100 guests. Ironically, Biden spoke at that fundraiser about the unfairness of the “wealth gap.”

Brad Karp, chairman of Paul, Weiss, topped the list of Biden fundraisers in 2020, bundling at least $100,000 for his campaign. The Biden campaign was heavily funded by Big Law.

And this might be the kicker: Karp’s partner at Paul, Weiss happens to be Robert Schumer, brother of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. These are the people supplying attorneys to Bragg for Trump’s prosecution.

Biden has other connections to the firm as well. Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security under Obama-Biden, is from there. Biden’s own top antitrust enforcement official at the DOJ, Jonathan Kanter, is a former partner of Paul, Weiss. BLOOMBERG reported that Paul, Weiss had emerged as a “Biden-era New York power center.”

When Pomerantz left the DA’s office, he went back to Paul, Weiss. That’s when he wrote his book about the Trump investigation.

Cleveland notes that in Pomerantz’ resignation letter, he failed to mention that “at least three career prosecutors asked to be moved off the investigation,” reportedly “concerned that the investigation was moving too quickly, without clear evidence to support possible charges.” Funny, we didn’t hear much media coverage about THAT.

With the help of the two remaining Paul, Weiss attorneys, the DA’s office continued its investigation and prosecution of the Trump Corporation, and yet another outside lawyer was brought in. This one, Gary T. Fishman, was supplied by New York State Attorney General Letitia James, another Trump adversary who had campaigned on using the legal system to “get” him and who boasts of having sued him over 100 times.

When the Trump Corporation case was over, Abuhoff and Williamson went back to Paul, Weiss but returned to Bragg’s office in just a couple of months, this time as full staff members. Paul, Weiss did not respond to questions about whether they paid these attorneys while they were on loan to the DA’s office. Or were they compensated by the generous New York taxpayers? Federal funds, perhaps? Inquiring minds want to know, and this is something the Judiciary Committee is surely looking into.

Of course, we already knew that last December, Bragg hired the third-in-command at the DOJ, Matthew Colangelo, to be in charge of his office’s revived investigation of Trump. Biden had appointed him to serve in the ‘Justice’ Department directly under Lisa Monaco, so one can imagine how much trust Biden puts in him. Both Colangelo and Fishman had worked in Letitia James’ office, where they (what else?) investigated Trump. These people have built careers on investigating Trump.

This all stinks so bad we can smell it from many states away. Cleveland calls it horrifying, saying, in variation of the famous quote attributed to Stalin: “Lend me your top attorneys and I’ll show you a crime.” Trump is indeed a victim of the New York Democrat political machine.

RELATED READING: Here’s last week’s press release from AMERICA FIRST LEGAL announcing that they’ve filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents relating to the “special access request” from the White House to the DOJ that provided Biden a handy pretext for the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Here’s a report tying the longtime sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump with the Democrat mega-donor Reid Hoffman. Turns out, he’s bankrolling it. And he can afford to; he’s the billionaire who started LinkedIn. The source of the money was kept secret until a few days ago, with the woman pressing charges apparently lying under oath to deny receiving outside funding.

As Bonchie at REDSTATE says, “Hoffman doesn’t get involved in anything that isn’t highly political, and this likely is no different.”

The WASHINGTON EXAMINER has an excellent piece about how the weaponization of our ‘justice’ system to go after Trump makes us look on the world stage. Let’s just say we’re no longer that shining city on a hill.

A new book is coming out called THE FALL OF THE FBI, by longtime FBI agent Thomas Baker, and it promises to be an engaging read about true-life crimefighting but also a scathing take-down. Baker says the culture of the FBI has been in “sad decline” ever since 9/11, when its mission turned from nonpolitical law enforcement to spying on Americans. And it’s an especially unflattering portrait of James Comey, whose mission was to “get Trump.” We haven’t read the book yet, but this review by Glenn K. Beaton is GREAT.

And today, let’s give Trump the last word. He’s releasing a video in which he breaks down what he plans to do to reform the weaponized ‘justice’ system in America. DAILY CALLER has a preview and transcript.

“As President, it will be my personal mission to restore the scales of justice in America,” he says. You better believe he means it, and it can’t come too soon.

It’s reported that Bud Light’s embrace of “trans” social media influencer Dylan Muvaney (a male who claims to be a woman, and a particularly annoying one) has so repulsed their core customers and killed sales that Anheuser Busch has lost over $5 billion in market value in less than two weeks.