The story of the day, or perhaps the year, comes from a mom in Loudoun County, which is one of two affluent Virginia counties currently embroiled in protests over race-based training being pushed on school kids. (The other is Fairfax County.) I don’t know if it’s too late for a confirmed left-leaning political hack like Attorney General Merrick Garland to have some sense knocked into him, but on the off-chance this woman’s story might make an impression, I sure hope he’s reading this.

The AG might not have known he was kicking a hornets’ nest when he issued a memo to various government agencies likening these justifiably angry parents to domestic terrorists and calling on law enforcement to deal with them accordingly, but he sure did, and thank God the parents and civil libertarians are stirring. We’ve heard more than enough criticism in recent days of parents daring to challenge the curriculum in their kids’ schools. This all comes down to the essential question of who will decide how children should be educated –- their own parents, or the government? Who has the final say?

Xi Van Fleet, who as a child endured the Maoist Revolution in China before immigrating to the United States, has spoken with FOX NEWS and other news outlets to explain how AG Garland’s Department of “Justice” and the National School Boards Association are using tactics similar to those she witnessed in Communist China to take control of children and prevent parents from having any say. If you think that sounds far-fetched, well...did YOU grow up in China during the Maoist Revolution?

What she saw then was disturbingly similar to what we’re seeing in American “cancel culture.” The goal in those days was to cancel traditional Chinese culture and destroy their heritage. The spate of statue-toppling by leftist rioters that destroyed symbols of our national history would have been smiled upon by Chairman Mao.

“When I was in China,” she said, “I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage. All this is happening in America.”

There could be nothing more divisive than teaching children that, based on the color of their skin, they belong in one of two groups: the privileged oppressors and the victimized oppressed. But that’s exactly what “anti-racist” training does. To those who might still think “anti-racism” just means being against racism, I’m sorry, but that isn’t what it means at all. If only that were true.

And never mind the violent riots, arson and statue-toppling of last year that went virtually unpunished; Garland now wants to prosecute parents for threats and violence (of which he gave no specific examples) towards school personnel. He said that “threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values.”

I’ll tell you what runs counter to our nation’s core values: the government overriding parents to determine what their will children learn, even if the parents consider the force-fed curriculum to be child abuse.

Van Fleet, whose son graduated from Loudoun High School in 2015, gained attention in June when she spoke powerfully at a Loudoun County School Board meeting about what is wrong with race-based indoctrination such as Critical Race Theory. After Garland’s announcement of the tough stand he’d take against parents, she had more to say. “I do have a question,” she told FOX NEWS. “What’s [the] next step? Is the Tiananmen Square crackdown the next, or the parents who one day risked their lives just to speak out for the children. That’s why I’m here.”

Other parents are speaking up as well, though they are scared. Harry Jackson, president of the Thomas Jefferson High School PTA in Fairfax County, said parents are intimidated about speaking before the school board. “They have instilled fear within the parents,” he said. “They created fear amongst the community which you’re supposed to service and support.” Another parent, Suparna Dutta, who pulled her son out of that school, called Garland’s announcement “shocking.”

“I am scared,” Dutta said to FOX NEWS. “Yet, I believe I’m living in a time when if I don’t speak up for my child and if I don’t stand up for what’s right in America, I don’t know what the next generation will be left with.”

G. Q. Pan and Jan Jekielek of EPOCH TIMES also have an eye-opening story about Van Fleet and her experience during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

This is a premium story, but I’ll offer some highlights and commentary below. If you do subscribe to their premium service, you can see her interviewed on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.”

Van Fleet was a first grader when the Cultural Revolution started in China, she said. Traditional classes ceased for the older kids and they were inducted into Mao Zedong’s Red Guards, who set about destroying vestiges of traditional China. The Red Guards brought violence and destruction to anyone and everything they considered “counter-revolutionary.” The criminal justice system was paralyzed, she said, so they faced no consequences for what they did.

Consider the real violence going on in our country last summer, and how the perpetrators faced essentially no consequences for their criminal acts.

Van Fleet said the Red Guards attacked the “Four Olds”: old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits. I can think of a few for the America of 2021:

Old ideas: Parents are in charge of their kids’ upbringing.

Old culture: We value monuments to our nation’s history.

Old customs: Biological men stay out of the ladies’ room.

Old habits: We reflexively rise for the national anthem.

She said the Chinese version of “cancel culture” grew to the point where they’d go to houses and destroy items reminiscent of pre-revolutionary China. “I remember this whole street was just a mess of things destroyed,” she said, “and the people, those homeowners, howling and crying.

If all this sounds extreme, Van Fleet says she can see the similarities here, with people afraid to speak out, lest they be called “racist.” The term “racist” no longer means anything but is used as a political weapon. “...In the last few years, it has changed its meaning,” she said. “Anyone who kind of disagrees with the ideology from the left becomes a racist.”

She also sees a big similarity between Critical Race Theory and policies implemented by Mao. Citizens were put into categories, the good “Five Red Categories” and the undesirable “Five Black Categories,” who were the descendants of rich farmers and other “class enemies.” Those people were humiliated and forced to go to “struggle sessions” where they were made to confess their privileged status. Does this sound a lot like CRT to you? It does to Van Fleet.

She describes CRT as Marxist class struggle rhetoric repackaged to focus on race so it works better in American society. And she would know. Once you see the similarities she’s pointing out, you can’t un-see them. So, parents --- everyone --- keep speaking out.

Airline cancellations

October 13, 2021

Earlier this week, when Southwest Airlines was reeling from the cancellations of nearly 1,000 flights, they denied that it was due to employees protesting the COVID vaccine mandates. Instead, they blamed the weather and air traffic control issues, which mysteriously didn’t seem to be grounding any other airlines’ flights.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki mocked Sen. Ted Cruz for suggesting it was vaccine resistance-related, snarking that he was a “business travel and health care expert.” Cruz shot back on Twitter that he heard directly from an informed source that it was a planned vaccine sickout, and it appears he was correct.

There’s a lot of information at that link, including a pilot telling Tucker Carlson that 30% of pilots are unvaccinated and if they’re fired, it will cause “massive disruptions in the supply chain.” But it’s a risk that many are willing to take on the general principle that a President should not have the power to dictate that Americans inject something into their bodies that they don’t want.

The anonymous Southwest Airlines whistleblower who spoke to PJ Media claims there are 22 airlines, along with truckers and other transportation employees, many of them connected via, who are banding together to fight vaccine mandates, so people should expect more disruptions in the coming days and weeks.

This movement is likely to grow as more workers realize that they have the power to push back. For instance, New York health care workers are in desperately short supply, and a federal judge just issued a temporary injunction against enforcing the state’s vaccinate-or-be-fired mandate on those with religious objections.

Meanwhile, Biden’s OSHA has now finalized its rule requiring the mandate, making it more than just a threatening PR release. It’s setting the stage for a huge economic disruption over a disease whose case numbers have been dropping steadily since September 1st (from a peak of 191,863 new cases in the US to 52,327.) Biden might also try “following the science” and recognize natural immunity among the millions already exposed or the growing number of effective treatments. But he’s willing to risk imploding the economy over a forced vaccine mandate even with supply chain issues already reaching dangerous levels.

All I can say is: “Heckuva job, Joe!”

Google's misdirection

October 13, 2021

You might have heard that Google is going to crack down on digital ads from “climate change deniers” to stop the spread of “misinformation” about the settled science of manmade global warming.

Now, you might think that free inquiry to challenge accepted premises and see if they can be disproven is the very essence of science. I always thought one great thing about science was that if every powerful institution on Earth believed something, but one guy with a telescope could disprove it, then the institutions had to admit they were wrong. But no more. We now have Big Tech overlords who have infinite wisdom to determine what is true, just as they determined that COVID-19 came from bats in a wet market that didn’t sell bats and that Hunter Biden’s laptop was just a fictitious creation of Russian propagandists.

Joe Cunningham at believes he knows why Google is taking this censorious stand now, and it has little to do with “misinformation.” It’s more about misdirection, or distracting people from what’s really going on at Google with Internet security and how they monetize mining your personal data. Also, they know Democrats hate anyone questioning apocalyptic climate predictions because that’s their excuse for printing money, and Google wants to stay on the good side of Congress.

Read that and you won’t have to worry about Google censoring content because you’ll be using DuckDuckGo or some other privacy-protecting search engine and browsing with Brave, Firefox or anything other than Google Chrome.

Speaking of the settled science of manmade catastrophic climate change that MUST NOT BE QUESTIONED, two scientists have written a report finding that virtually all predictions of changing climate through the end of this century are based on outdated scenarios and years-old data such as CO2 emissions that are ever-changing and no longer accurate.

It’s a long and challenging read, but well worth it. And I thought I’d better point it out to you because I assume Google won’t.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knows why she’s having so much trouble getting a Democrat Congress to pass $5 trillion in new spending. No, for once, she didn’t blame Trump. She scolded reporters, “Well, I think you all could do a better job of selling it, to be very frank with you.”

I guess she felt it necessary to remind them that as members of the news media, it’s not their job to report objectively on politics. It’s their job to go out and sell the Democrats’ crazy agenda to regular Americans who reject it because they actually have sense enough to know better.

Interestingly, Fox News reported that on Monday, Pelosi had talked about Democrats being willing to separate and back the vital parts of the massive spending package. But she backtracked after “progressives” threw a fit because they’re adamantly opposed to prioritizing certain spending. They insist on having it all.

I couldn’t think of a better description of “progressives” in general than people who refuse to prioritize the most important things and instead demand to spend an unlimited amount of other people’s money on absolutely everything on their wish list.

Aesop also described them perfectly in his fable, “The Dog and His Reflection.”

Amazingly, that was 2700 years ago. Even Bernie Sanders wasn’t alive then.

Defending Columbus

October 13, 2021

With Columbus Day behind us, I normally wouldn’t still be talking about ol’ Chris. But the assaults on Columbus (which are really an assault on the very existence of America) never stop. The liberal news outlets used the holiday to interview radical leftists and historical revisionists, and the Washington Post grabbed a plunger and tried to force its reputation even further down the toilet by printing a list of all remaining monuments to Columbus, which might as well have been titled, “The Vandals’ Roadmap.”

So since the America haters refuse to stop attacking Columbus, I thought I’d go ahead and spend a little more space giving you some resources to bookmark so you can refute some of their historical misinformation (the diplomatic way of saying, “slanderous lies.”)

Here’s a link to the John Hinderaker article I referenced yesterday that includes a brief reality check on the real history of America and the Native American tribes.

John Hirschauer at National Review has an even more in-depth look at the real Columbus and the complicated history and political pressures of his time, and it paints a picture quite at odds with the wild Hitler comparisons spewed by leftists today that have infected school textbooks and poisoned the minds of our children. He also notes that many of the stories of atrocities repeated about Columbus today came from uncorroborated attacks by his main political rival of the time. Treating them as solid history would be like trying to write an accurate account of the Trump White House by watching reruns of CNN.

And if you’d like to take a real deep dive into this subject, retired college professor Armando Simon at the American Spectator did something few people do in this “I saw it on Twitter so I believe it” era: putting aside the recent historical revisionists with an ax to grind, he studied the firsthand accounts and official records of Columbus’ actions and words and his interactions with the Natives in the original Spanish. Here’s what he says these primary sources reveal about Columbus’ alleged crimes against humanity:

They are “a total fabrication. Not true. Not true at all. They are fictional…There is not one single historical source in existence that substantiates any of the ‘crimes.’ Not one. None!”

Simon says the idea that Columbus was a monster on the level of Attila the Hun was created centuries later and has become conventional wisdom, just like the false idea created in the 1800s that he set sail to prove the world wasn’t flat (nobody believed the world was flat in 1492.) To cite just one example, Columbus is accused of selling Native women into sexual slavery, including a nine-year-old girl. But records show that he actually protested mistreatment such as sexual slavery to the Spanish Crown, “including that particular 9-year-old girl.”

You might be astonished to read the original accounts and see how they've been grotesquely distorted by people with a political agenda to turn American children against their own nation. On the other hand, if you’ve ever watched MSNBC, you might find it eerily familiar.

For once, let’s let Columbus speak for himself. Hirschauer quotes him as writing something that could be aimed directly at today’s Twitter mobs who have accomplished nothing of note with their own lives other than to attack, slander and tear down others:

“Let those who are fond of blaming and finding fault, while they sit safely at home, ask, ‘Why did you not do thus and so?’ I wish they were on this voyage; I well believe that another voyage of a different kind awaits them, or our faith is naught.”

Historian Samuel Eliot Morison interpreted (I believe accurately, for once) Columbus to mean, “In other words, to hell with them!”

When Joe Biden said he had never even spoken with son Hunter about his son’s foreign business affairs, the opposite was true, and today we all know it. Recall that he said on CBS News in October of 2019, “I have never discussed my business or their business, my son’s or daughter’s...because I know where I have to do my job, and that’s it, and they have to make their own judgments.” In Spartanburg, South Carolina, in August of 2019, he said, “I’ve never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period.” And he stated flatly to FOX NEWS’ Peter Doocy, “I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

Millions of people believed those words when they voted for him, but according to a McLaughlin & Associates poll, 4.6 percent of Biden voters –- easily enough to swing the election –- said they wouldn’t have voted for him for President if they had known about his family’s business dealings with China.

Social media has continued to hush that up, even when it meant censoring the venerable NEW YORK POST, which broke the laptop story. It was labeled “Russian disinformation.” (By the way, that’s how you “rig” an election before you’ve cast even one fraudulent ballot.) Today, Biden is President of the United States, and life has gone on for the son of the President, with the news of him selling five of his “artworks” the other day for $75,000 a pop to mysterious unnamed buyers. All I can tell you about their identity is that they were not me.

The POST has remained on the laptop story, however, with investigative reporter Miranda Devine scheduled to release her book on the grimy subject, LAPTOP FROM HELL, in about a month. And Britain’s DAILY MAIL is on it, too. They’ve just reported on more emails from Hunter’s abandoned laptop –- one of, at last count, three laptops that were either lost, stolen or left behind --- that show much more financial “intersectionality” between Hunter’s life and Joe’s. These include exchanges with Eric Schwerin, Hunter’s business partner at consultancy firm Rosemont Seneca, who also did his taxes. Schwerin was quite plugged into then-Vice President Joe Biden’s affairs –- more so, it seems, than was the White House –- even fielding offers for a book deal and managing the donation of his Senate papers to the University of Delaware. Typically, White House officials handle such donations, not outside business managers.

According to the DAILY MAIL, Joe Biden and his son even shared bank accounts and paid each other’s bills. The way they shifted funds around raises questions about whether money from Hunter’s dealings with both China- and Russia-based businesses was sent to their joint accounts.

That’s why President Biden could be drawn into the FBI investigation of his son. As a former prosecutor and expert on money laundering and criminal tax law said to the DAILY MAIL, “Whatever transaction you’re looking at, if there’s a connection to a family member or a friend, sure, the answer is yes [they would be investigated].”

One thing that might be discovered is whether or not funds from their joint father-and-son accounts were used to pay for Hunter’s week-long bender with a prostitute in May of 2018. But the sleazefest is really just one aspect of this. The DAILY MAIL report has much more detail on the nature of what the FBI might be looking at, and it’s bad, including corruption, money laundering and selling influence.

John Cassara, a former U.S. intelligence officer and Treasury special agent who specialized in money laundering investigations, said that “if Joe were not President, he would probably be in prosecutors’ crosshairs right now along with his son.” (I might say it another way: if he were not a Democrat President.) Ironically, what makes all of this especially egregious is that Biden IS President. “This sort of thing should not be happening,” Cassara said. “It undermines the full faith in the U.S. government. It undermines trust and our international reputation. It’s an embarrassment.”

FOX NEWS senior analyst Brit Hume appeared with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to comment on this. A master of understatement, he first noted that “clearly, Hunter Biden crossed ethical lines in the activities he engaged in.” The idea that President Biden himself or his campaign might have profited from, say, Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine would “move the matter up quite another notch and add one more thing to the reasons why Joe Biden’s popularity rating has been plummeting...”

When asked by Carlson if we could be certain that Attorney General Merrick Garland will conduct a “free and fair’ investigation into both men, Hume had one word: “NO.”

Why such negativity? Simply put (and we agree), “The one thing that this Merrick Garland has turned out to be, for all of his reputation as being a fine jurist and a man who deserved a seat on the Supreme Court, he appears to be weak as water when it comes to upholding the independence of the Department of Justice and keeping the Justice Department out of politically motivated investigations.”

Looking into parents’ behavior as if they were terrorists, he said, is “something that no sensible attorney general would EVER allow himself to be involved in or give the green light to, and yet he did it. So, no, I don’t think we can depend on that at all. It might depend on investigative journalism to uncover this, or congressional investigations if the Republicans ever get control of one of both houses of Congress.”

He hopes that if the NEW YORK POST comes out with another Hunter laptop expose, the mainstream will not respond as “disgracefully” as they did last time with their move to shut it down. He doesn’t expect mainstream media to put their own investigative teams on it, though. They’d probably just minimally follow the story on a day-to-day basis. “That would be about the most we could hope for, but that’s a lot better than nothing, which is what we got last year from these, I think, politically corrupt news organizations.”

He used the border story as an example of something that wasn’t widely reported at first but that has finally broken through, as it’s so big the mainstream can’t get away with ignoring it. The same thing could happen with this.

He also pointed out that a President’s approval ratings are always a major factor in the midterm elections, and Biden’s are in the dumper, in part because of this. (I would add that it’s hard to tell how much of the drop is because of Hunter, as there are so many Joe Biden-caused catastrophes.) Hume sees the Democrats’ outlook for 2022, especially in the House, as “very poor” and thinks it’s likely they'll be swept out of both Houses. I’ve never been much on the concept of early voting, but in this case I wish we could vote today.

Because of President Biden’s strict vaccine mandate, Americans are giving up their jobs, military heroes are facing dishonorable discharges, cities are losing desperately-needed first responders, already-strained hospitals and businesses are facing even worse staff shortages, unions are filing lawsuits, the supply chain is breaking down, and it’s rumored that resistance by airline pilots is largely responsible for hundreds of flights being canceled. All of that chaos is caused by the President’s wrongheaded and authoritarian actions that even he once swore he’d never take.

But for all the suffering and turmoil Biden is causing with his dictatorial vaccine mandate policy, one question remains: Where exactly is that policy?

It doesn’t actually exist. At least not in any official form. He said he was going to order OSHA to make such a policy, but he’s yet to sign an executive order, so OSHA has yet to make the rule, and all these businesses are just enforcing what they anticipate OSHA might tell them to do. As Joy Pullman at the Federalist observes, there is no policy or order or OSHA rule: there’s nothing but press statements.

The legality of this all gets very tricky. The White House is treating this as an “emergency temporary standard,” but those can be challenged in court, and only one of the 10 ETS’s that have been issued in the past 50 years has been upheld. Once it’s actually issued, the lawsuits will hit, so we’re currently seeing all this upheaval due to nothing but a press announcement of Biden’s intention to issue an order to OSHA to make a rule that would likely be overturned in court.

In short, we have a complicated system in place to defend Americans’ rights, and this White House is doing an end-run around it and employers are just going along with it. We’ll see how long they continue to go along if the resistance to it among a large number of their employees continues to hold…

And if entire states refuse to play ball.

Whether you favor vaccine mandates or not, you should hope that this effort to exert such extreme control over American citizens and private businesses without constitutional authority fails because if it succeeds, imagine what other freedoms we’ll soon lose based on nothing more than a threatening press release.

It’s already clear that Attorney General Merrick Garland has far too much conflict of interest to be involved in the dispute between parents and “educators” (I use the term loosely) over race-based indoctrination---I mean, training. But there’s a new report of yet another conflict, this time relating to his threatened “scrutiny” of election audits. So, is there anything to it?

First, regarding the conflict that is confirmed, yes, Garland’s son-in-law is the founder of a company that produces 25 percent of such materials for American schools, in an expanding industry that is making money hand-over-fist. It is impermissible that someone with such a tie should be targeting parents upset that their children are being spoon-fed such trash and ordering federal departments to essentially treat them as domestic terrorists. (Actually, it is impermissible for him to do this whether he has such a tie or not.) What’s even worse is that his memo calling for this looks for all the world like part of a coordinated political effort to keep protesting parents from weakening the current administration politically as we enter a new election season.

But on top of that, CREATIVE DESTRUCTION MEDIA now reports that Merrick Garland’s wife, Lynn Garland, is “highly involved on an executive level” advising on election audits. Recall that Garland’s “Justice” Department threatened auditors –- this was in the context of the Maricopa County audit –-with new “scrutiny” and even possible criminal prosecution for participating in their planned election canvass, which later turned up a great many irregularities, some of which have been explained (or sort-of explained) by election officials but others not.

Yes, the DOJ would prosecute cases of voter fraud, Merrick claimed. But he went on to say that “many of the justifications proffered in support of these post-election audits and restrictions on voting have relied on assertions of material vote fraud in the 2020 election that have been refuted by law enforcement and intelligence agencies of both this administration and the previous one, and by every court, federal and state, that has considered them.”

Of course, he said this back in June, before the audit had reported a great many anomalies. Also, the fact that courts failed even to look at evidence because they considered the issue “moot” says nothing about the existence of fraud or the strength of that evidence. And, really, he's citing intelligence agencies here, after what we know about the FBI trying to sabotage Trump? Good grief.

Anyway, CD MEDIA turned up a report from December of 2018 called “Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Tabulation Audits,” which lists Lynn Garland as executive editor. There must be a lot of Lynn Garlands, and we can’t independently verify that this is Merrick Garland’s wife. Perhaps CD MEDIA can, but they did not include that in the story we saw.

A pdf of the report features a long list of endorsers, including the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law, a leftist organization which has on its web page an analysis titled “Partisan Arizona Election ‘Audit’ Was Flawed from the Start.”

On its “Defend Our Elections” page, it does its best to keep the Russia Hoax alive: “In 2016, our election was attacked. Russians penetrated lists, hacked emails and targeted election officials with email scams,” etc. I will give them some credit, however, for recommending that paperless voting systems have a paper back-up.

But as we looked farther down the list of endorsers and checked into what they say about themselves on their websites, we were struck by how some were actually calling for some of the same common-sense election reforms we want to see, such as manual counting of actual paper ballots. So our first impression was surprisingly positive.

And look at this extremely pro-audit paragraph from page 4 of the report...

“Voices from across the political spectrum agree that we should be auditing our election outcomes. According to a 2018 Senate Intelligence Committee report, ‘States should consider implementing more widespread, statistically sound audits of election results. Risk-limiting audits, in particular, can be a cost-effective way to ensure that votes cast are votes counted.’ The bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration recommended that audits ‘must be conducted after each election, as part of a comprehensive audit program,’ and specifically endorsed risk-limiting audits. The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine’s 2018 consensus study report on election security similarly recommended audits that ‘include manual examination of statistically appropriate samples of paper ballots cast,’ and advocated implementing risk-limiting audits.”

And then there’s this on page 5. Note the second sentence...

“Nearly all US votes today are counted by computerized voting systems. Such voting systems have produced outcome-changing errors through problems with hardware, software, and procedures. Errors can also occur in hand counting of ballots or in the canvassing of results. Even serious errors can go undetected if results are not audited effectively.”

It also says, “Audits require human examination of voter-marked paper ballots --- the ground truth of the election.” Too bad so many elections officials didn’t take this advice to heart and instead chose to withhold the physical ballots.

And there’s this: “Elections belong to the public. The public must be able to observe the audit and verify that it has been conducted correctly, without interfering with the process.”

And this: “Audit processes must include a way to respond to circumstances that come to light affecting particular devices, ballots or contests.” Again, Maricopa County officials were not cooperative in this regard at all. Neither was Dominion Voting Systems.

Overall, this is a good report. If it was edited by the same Lynn Garland who is married to the attorney general who was threatening election auditors with criminal prosecution, then the two of them have likely had some interesting dinner table conversations on the issue of election audits. Still, even if his wife is involved in election audits in a positive way, this is one more issue from which Garland should recuse himself. (Of course, the report she is said to have edited came out in 2018, well before the accusations of cheating in 2020.)

CD MEDIA says this report with Lynn Garland's name on it turned up not in a Google search but with another search engine. They’re say they’re still trying to find out if she was paid for any of this work, and if so, who wrote the check. They also want to know if her husband disclosed her activities during his confirmation process. If this Lynn Garland is indeed Mrs. Merrick Garland, he should have.


Thanks to those who responded to our commentaries about AG Garland’s outrageous and unconstitutional response to parents’ protests at school board meetings. We thought this reply made a good point...

From Mike:

The description "domestic terrorist" was first applied to Trump voters but has been followed by Americans opposed to vaccine and mask mandates [and] parents who voice their opposition to CRT at Board of Education meetings. The list of Americans who are not domestic terrorists is growing short.

From the Gov:

Shorter by the day, it seems. And watch out if you fall into all three categories! That’s a degree of “intersectionality” that might make the left seat you at a separate lunch counter.