The far-left group Occupy Democrats has come out strongly in support of armed Ukrainians using personal weapons, including automatic rifles (I’m guessing they mean semis) to stand up against the Russian invaders.

So if you’re keeping score, to leftwing Democrats, the Second Amendment is good – but only in Ukraine.

And an armed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny and invasion. But only in Ukraine.

Hats off to this interviewer

February 26, 2022

Hats off to Irish news interviewer David McCullagh for giving our media a lesson in how to deal with a subject who’s clearly lying to their faces. This article about his interview with Russia’s ambassador to Ireland contains some good background on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but is also a primer on Russia's phony rationalizations for the invasion and how to destroy them live on air.

Here’s an excerpt that’s a textbook example of a lying government official caught dead to rights: The Russian ambassador claims the invasion was “not our choice.” McCullagh fires back, “Your forces have invaded a sovereign nation. It absolutely was your choice.”

“Well, it was not our preferable choice…”

A reminder: we can’t offer up-to-the-minute news on Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but Fox News has continuously updated bulletins here:

As Russia’s assault on Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv continues, it’s going slower and much bloodier than Putin probably expected. The hard fighting, reports of rising deaths (including children), and video of destruction of civilian areas of the city are also inflaming opposition to Putin, even among Russians who have been cowed and misinformed by their state media.

If Putin thought the Ukrainians would be awed by his mighty firepower and meekly surrender like a Russian TV reporter swooning over his bare torso, he gravely miscalculated. Many are staying to fight with personal weapons or rifles provided by the government, and the Ukraine military is also holding defense lines and drawing blood. It’s always risky to accept any breaking news from a war zone, particularly when both sides have good reason to spin the facts their way. But Ukraine claims they have inflicted casualties of 2800 Russian troops, 80 tanks and 516 armored vehicles just in the first two days, making it one of the costliest military actions Russia has ever suffered in such a short time.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is proving to be a brave and inspiring leader, refusing an offer from the US to help him evacuate. He reportedly told a senior US intelligence official, “The fight is here. I need ammunition, not a ride.” Meanwhile, Biden’s sanctions on Russia were so weak that the Russian stock market rose after he announced them. And he’s still resisting demands from Republicans that he restart our fossil fuel and pipeline projects he shut down, to take away the money and influence Russia has garnered by selling oil. Some US pundits are asking if we could trade Presidents with Ukraine, but I seriously doubt Ukraine would go for that deal.

It sounds as if the person who made the most accurate prediction of how an invasion might go down was Kurt Schlichter. In addition to being an attorney and humorous topical columnist, he’s also a retired military officer who served in Eastern Europe. He wrote recently that he knew Ukrainian fighters, and they were really tough and would not simply surrender and let Russia take over their homeland. Here are some heroic examples of what Putin is finding himself up against:

As Russia discovered in Afghanistan, it’s one thing to invade another country, but it’s quite another to hold it when everyone around you is willing to die to kill you.

Reeder: RIP Sally Kellerman

February 26, 2022

I’m sad to have to report that Sally Kellerman, the beautiful, lanky actress with the smoky voice, died Thursday at 84 after a five-year battle with dementia.

She made her movie debut in 1957 in the crime drama “Reform School Girl,” and over her long career, appeared in many TV shows, movies and plays, from “That Girl” and “Star Trek” in the ‘60s through “Columbo,” “Evening Shade” and “Murder She Wrote,” all the way up to “The Young and the Restless,” for which she scored a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2015. Her movies included “The Player,” “Brewster McCloud,” “A Little Romance,” “The Boston Strangler” and “Last of the Red Hot Lovers.”

But of course, she will always be remembered for her two most famous roles: Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in the original movie version of “M*A*S*H” and the teacher Rodney Dangerfield fell for in the classic comedy, “Back To School.” She said when fans saw her in public, they either yelled, “Hey, Hot Lips!” or Rodney’s famous pickup line, “Call me when you have no class!”

Since you count on me for the information other obituaries leave out, here are two cool stories about Sally Kellerman: She recalled being nervous about doing the famous nude scene in “M*A*S*H” where Hawkeye and Trapper dropped her shower tent as a prank. To help capture a genuine look of shock and surprise on her face, when the tent fell, Gary “Radar O’Reilly” Burghoff (the only actor to repeat his character on the TV series) was standing beside the camera, also naked.

Also, of special interest to me, since I co-wrote “Hollywood Hi-Fi,” the history of celebrity singer records (, is that Sally Kellerman was a terrific singer. That was her original ambition, and her smoky voice was so good, Norman Granz of the legendary jazz label Verve offered her a contract when she was only 18. But she was too young and lacking in self-confidence to sign. After establishing herself as an actress, she returned to singing in jazz clubs and cabarets and put out two albums, "Roll With the Feelin''' in 1972 and "Sally" in 2009. One of her biggest regrets was rejecting a role in a Robert Altman movie that later turned out to be "Nashville" and would've given her both a prestige role and a chance to sing on screen.

To show how good she was, here's 15 minutes of her cabaret act from 1977. RIP to a beautiful and talented lady.

How to help Ukraine

February 26, 2022

If you would like to help the men, women and children of Ukraine who have been forced to flee their homes to escape the Russian attack, Fox News has information on three vetted charities that are rushing aid to the refugees:

Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit also has a suggestion sent along by a friend: the US should offer to take in up to a million Ukrainian refugees. He says that since Eastern Europeans vote overwhelmingly rightwing, it would be interesting to see the Democrats suddenly turn on a dime and argue that America just can’t accept any more immigrants and refugees.

Deep in Denial

February 25, 2022

Speaking of cocooned leftists who are too deep in denial to accept the reality that there’s evil in the world worse than someone who doesn’t respect their preferred pronouns, the responses on Twitter to Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine have revealed them like a sudden spotlight. Nick Arama at rounded up some of the most jaw-droppingly insulated responses from people who are so spoiled and clueless that they see a potential genocide as an excuse to score “dunk” points about white privilege or unvaccinated people.

But when it comes to clueless leftists who are utterly impermeable to reality, bow down before the queen, Joy Behar of “The View.” Her biggest concern seems to be that World War III might put a crimp in her plans to vacation in Italy.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure there are millions of Americans who will also be very disappointed if Joy Behar can't go on vacation.

Russia Advances on Kyiv

February 25, 2022

Because of the fast-moving nature of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, I can’t give up-to-the-minute updates in our newsletter. But Fox News has a page that features the latest bulletins. Bookmark it and check in regularly to stay up to date:

In the meantime, please keep praying for the people of Ukraine. To cover what’s happened since yesterday:

Russia launched an air, sea and ground attack, targeting the capital of Kyiv and the second-largest city Kharkov, and launching troops north from Crimea. President Zelensky reported 137 Ukrainians killed and over 300 wounded on the first day. Among the dead were 13 far-outnumbered soldiers on Snake Island, who when ordered to surrender by a Russian military ship, responded with a message that I can’t repeat here, but that I am sure will be remembered in the annals of military bravery for eternity.

The Kremlin says that Putin is prepared to send a delegation to negotiate with Ukrainian officials about the “neutral” status of Ukraine, which basically means surrendering and installing a puppet government if they want to stop his army from killing innocent people.

Russia claims it’s now surrounded and cut off Kyiv from the outside world and captured an important cargo airport. It’s reported that saboteurs have entered some neighborhoods where shots and explosions have been heard. The mayor said, “The enemy wants to put the capital on its knees and destroy us." The city has entered a defensive posture, and it’s reported that Ukrainians are fighting back with personal arms.

The Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister said he’s working with the General Prosecutor's Office on a war crimes case against Russia, citing attacks on a kindergarten and an orphanage as examples. He said, "We are collecting this and other facts, which we will immediately send to the Hague. Responsibility is inevitable." That would be more comforting if I believed that a thug like Putin who would attack a kindergarten and an orphanage cares what the Hague says about him.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world, which used to be led by America, is still scrambling to formulate a response to the brutal Russian invasion.

Some nations seem to be having difficulty even deciding which side they’re on. You’d think that Germany would have figured out by now that invading other people’s countries is bad.

I am trying VERY hard not to criticize our President during a military crisis, but Ukraine’s President isn’t subject to that rule. He ripped the leaders of other powerful nations for “watching from afar” and imposing toothless sanctions while Ukrainians are fighting for their lives against a massive invading army.

Let’s just say that Biden’s response was not favorably reviewed as inspiring. It was noted that he contradicted his previous statements by claiming that he always knew sanctions wouldn’t deter Putin from invading.

But then he went ahead and declared that there would be more sanctions. But they won’t include sanctions on Russia’s oil industry which provides the greatest source of revenue for funding Putin’s military. That’s because too many other nations are dependent on Russian oil.

They’re so dependent on Russia for oil partly because they can’t get it from us, since Biden declared war on our domestic fuel industry in the name of “climate change,” a war he’s refusing to call off, even under a court injunction to do so.

...And even though it would give us a freer hand to deal with Russia if we weren’t also now dependent on buying over 600,000 barrels a day of Russian oil. As the Independent Sentinel reports, the Keystone Pipeline would have delivered 850,000 barrels a day, but Biden shut that project down and refuses to restart it.

In short, it’s looking as if there will be a more effective response to Putin’s aggression from the general public than from our voluntarily-neutered leaders. For instance, despite Russia’s harsh oppression of dissenters (Putin is even less tolerant of dissent than Justin Trudeau), some Russians are willingly risking jail to take to the streets and protest the invasion.

And while Putin has threatened the world with his notorious Russian cyberterrorists, the shadowy hacker group Anonymous seemingly has declared cyber war on Putin. They released a statement directed toward the Russian people saying that they know it’s hard for them to speak out against their government and that their planned smashing of Russia’s Internet servers is aimed entirely at Putin and his government, not them. Never thought I'd be on the side of Anonymous, but in this case, the enemy of our enemy is our friend.