“Lie of the Year” for 2021

December 29, 2021

The Washington Free Beacon also chose its “Lie of the Year” for 2021, awarding “Four Bill Clintons” to President Biden for his promise, “I will shut down the virus.”

Technically, that was a campaign promise, so it’s actually from 2020, but most people didn’t really know how big a lie it was until after he’d been in office for a year or so. They should have, however. Throughout 2020, Democrats like Biden tried to paint the virus as Trump’s fault, every death from it as his personal responsibility (some even claimed he wanted people to die), and his inability to cure it as proof that he was uncaring and incompetent.

That was, of course, all cruel, divisive, slanderous nonsense, and anyone who thought about it at all knew it at the time. I repeatedly pointed out that no President could possibly stop an airborne virus from entering America and spreading (Democrats claimed he couldn’t even keep illegal immigrants out of America, then fought to stop him; and when he tried to keep virus carriers from China out of America, they fought to stop him from doing that, too.) Nobody is to blame for this virus spreading around the world. Well, China, but we’re not allowed to say that, for some reason.

Of course, now that he’s the guy in charge, Biden has finally admitted that nobody, not even a President, has the power to keep a virus out of the country and there is no federal solution to the pandemic, just as Obama was eventually forced to admit that there were no “shovel-ready jobs” after we spent nearly a trillion dollars to create them.

Even though Biden took office at a time when vaccines had just become available and we'd learned a lot more about COVID and how to treat it, there have still been more deaths under his tenure than under Trump’s (over 420,000 so far compared to 402,269 under Trump.) But I wouldn’t blame Biden personally for those deaths, although I do believe that this Administration’s open hostility to virtually all potential therapeutic treatments in its single-minded obsession with vaccination hasn’t helped. In fact, Sen. Rand Paul blames Dr. Fauci’s negative attitude toward therapeutic treatments for thousands of deaths every month.

And the government’s isolating lockdown policies and mandates that have contributed to rising depression, suicides and drug addiction are a separate lethal issue. But no, I don’t think it’s Biden’s fault when someone contracts COVID.

That said, it’s a stone cold fact that there have been more COVID deaths under Biden than under Trump. The fact that someone on CNN insisted that that’s “fake news” and those numbers are “completely wrong” is just further verification that they are accurate.

When a lie gets repeated so often that everyone thinks it’s true, it’s called “conventional wisdom” – maybe because it happens so often at political conventions. These days, the conventional wisdom from some politicians and their “news media” press agents is that European-style, cradle-to-grave Socialism Lite is immensely popular with Americans, and only a handful of evil fascist, racist Republicans are standing in the way of the glorious “progress” the people want. Don’t buy this load of manure.

Throughout the Bush-Obama era, the media kept repeating “failed conservative policies” until even a lot of so-called conservatives believed it. In truth, it’s socialist policies that have been proven to be tragic failures, everywhere and every time they’re tried.

During the Obama years, we tried leftist policies. They resulted in a sluggish economy, depressed job growth, rising income inequality, reduced wealth and opportunities for minorities, and abroad, a decline in US prestige and leadership and the advancement and emboldening of our enemies, including a terrorist “JV team” called ISIS growing and spreading into a worldwide threat.

Polls began to show that most Americans wanted the government to do less and spend less. In France, where an actual Socialist was elected President, his huge tax hikes crashed the economy and made socialism as popular with the French as cheese in a can. The media were shocked when voters turned right in the next election. They should’ve known that nothing turns people off socialism like actually experiencing it. (See “Venezuela.”)

Of course, they were even more shocked when Trump won in 2016. He immediately reversed Obama’s leftist policies. Despite a non-stop media barrage that brainwashed a lot of people into thinking that was the WORST TIME EVER, it was actually a time of nearly unprecedented peace and prosperity. Crime fell, ISIS was smashed, the borders became more secure (although Democrats fought tooth and nail to keep them from being truly secured), unemployment reached record lows, real wages rose for the first time in decades, and the Abraham Accords saw historic Middle East peace agreements.

And then came COVID and the unsecure 2020 election, the inauguration of President Biden, his reversal of all those policies. And the combination of shock and whiplash experienced by many Americans who never dreamed that leftist policies could destroy so much so fast. Let’s all hope and pray that the 2022 elections will reflect that hard-won lesson and dump socialism back on the trash heap of history where it belongs…at least until a new generation arises that doesn’t remember the lessons of history and has to learn the hard way all over again.

It is a shame that we have to keep relearning the hard way that top-down, big government solutions don’t work. Young people can almost be excused for flirting with socialism, since they are empty vessels who get filled with whatever their teachers tell them, and we’ve been remiss in allowing leftists to politicize our schools and fill those precious vessels with garbage. Let’s also hope that parents have gotten “woke” to that scam and we’re about to see some real changes in our school system, from kindergarten through college.

But Republicans who promised small government and fiscal responsibility should already know better. Instead, too many let deficits skyrocket, stuffed budgets with pork, and became cheerleaders for big government. These so-called conservatives slammed me in 2007 for not being a “real conservative” because I pointed out problems in the economy that were hurting working people and criticized the lack of oversight of Wall Street’s excesses. Just two years later, they wanted to spend $700 billion of our grandkids’ money to bail out Wall Street from its excesses. They abandoned government’s rightful role as a tough-but-impartial referee and wanted to use its power to pick winners and losers in the market. Is that “real conservatism?”

The truth is that voters didn’t turn their backs on conservatism, Republican politicians did. Democrats didn’t sweep to power in 2008 by claiming to be government-bloating tax-and-spenders, but by swearing they’d changed and were now fiscally responsible. Of course, once they gave the White House and Congress to the Democrats, voters quickly realized their terrible mistake and gave the House back to the GOP (now it’s déjà vu all over again.) But too many Republicans had already squandered their credibility, so when Democrats ballooned the deficit, they could deflect criticism by simply pointing at their GOP opponents’ own records.

From Jefferson’s belief that government closest to the people governs best to Reagan’s faith in free markets, from low taxes to fiscal restraint, from a strong military to secure borders, conservative ideas work whenever they’re tried. Obama mocked Trump for saying we could bring back manufacturing jobs and have growth of over 4 percent, saying that Trump didn’t have a “magic wand.” But the only magic needed was a simple disappearing act: getting government out of the way. Biden brought back Obama’s policies. Doesn’t anyone seriously believe things are better now, other than Democrat cronies who get rich off government money?

Gandhi once said, "If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today." I think if all politicians really followed the principles they espouse to get elected, all of America would be conservative today. (Much of it already is: look at the 2020 county-by-county voting map – and that’s an election Democrats “won!”)

Americans just need politicians who’ll actually do what they claimed they would do once they arrive in Washington.

Nations of Immigrants

December 29, 2021

Despite the battles over illegal immigration, and the humanitarian disasters caused by our weak border security, nobody argues that America could ever have become what it is today without immigrants. Even if your ancestors came over on the Mayflower, they still had to take a boat to get here. Even “Native Americans” had to cross a land bridge at some point way back when.

Americans have a can-do attitude about tackling tough problems because we’re descended from ancestors who had the gumption to say, “There must be a better life than this,” then risk everything to come here and find it. When you hear smug know-it-alls say there’s nothing exceptional about America compared to other countries, remember that America was founded by all the people who were so exceptional, they just had to get the heck out of those other countries.

Of course, there is one other place where people share that spirit that drives them to start a new life, far from everything they’ve known. And not surprisingly, it’s also constantly criticized by the left. That’s our ally, Israel. Considering the threat from radical Islam all around it, it’s a wonder that so many people still do move there. But there’s a very important tenet of the Jewish faith called Aliyah, or “ascent.” It refers to the duty of every Jewish person to return to the Holy Land at some point and help to build the nation of Israel.

Nearly two decades ago, Israeli Rabbi Yehoshua Fass lost a family member to a terrorist attack. That brought home to him the fear that many Jews who grew up in the safety of the West felt about moving to Israel. So he founded a group to make it easier for Jews to negotiate the security obstacles and come to Israel. It was called Nefesh B’Nefesh, or “Jewish Souls United” (

It started small, but since 2002, Nefesh B’Nefesh has helped over 65,000 Jews from the U.S., Canada and UK come to Israel. They help with travel and financial grants, finding jobs, adapting to the local culture and more. Just as immigrants helped build America into a great nation that benefits its neighbors, these immigrants are helping people of all cultures in the Middle East. They bring the American ideals of freedom, equality and democracy to a part of the world that sorely needs them. And their skills don’t just help the Jewish population. When a doctor shortage was forecast, Nefesh B’Nefesh provided grants to encourage physicians to move there and provide enough medical care for people of every faith.

Nefesh B’Nefesh is keeping alive the idea of the best and brightest leaving the comforts of home to make another part of the world a better place. As many other nations become more dangerous and intolerant, we should celebrate the partnership and mutual values of United States and Israel – two great nations that still stand tall as beacons to immigrants around the world.

Prayer Tree - December 28

December 28, 2021

"My 32-year old son is a cancer survivor who had renal cell carcinoma when he was 13. He found a lump on his collarbone that turns out is a concern with his lymph node. The biopsy was inconclusive and there were some abnormal readings that could point to lymphoma. He has surgery on 12/28 to remove the lymph for further testing to determine if it is cancer. His name is Dustin, please pray for him to be free of any cancer concern with this lymph node."

"I recently turned 70. Four months ago, I was hospitalized with pneumonia for five days. When I got home, I recovered physically in about three weeks, but I worry I may have suffered permanent cognitive damage. I wander around sometimes not knowing what to do. I have no appetite. I'm very forgetful. I don't sleep well. I get restless occasionally where I just pace back and forth. I've been asking my insurance company for an appointment with a neurologist. They finally consented, but it isn't until next March. I can't wait that long. I found a treatment for depression, sleep issues, and memory loss called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Please pray that my insurance will cover this. I also have a serious hearing loss. I went to church yesterday and I was practically in tears because I couldn't hear the message. What frightens me is the known connection between hearing loss and dementia. I'm actually really scared about that. Please pray for me. Thank you."

"Please pray for our close friend David -- he is in the hospital with COVID -- on a ventilator. Please Heavenly Father, heal this sweet, kind, selfless, gentle man."

"My daughter Molly, battling cancer for two years, treatments are taking a toll. Please pray for hope, comfort, and easing of pain."

"Please pray for me. I've had stomach problems and headaches for almost a year. They are getting worse with no diagnosis to get relief or healing."

"Steve K, my partner in life, is scheduled for open heart surgery on January 3rd. Please pray the surgeons hands are able to do their job and that Steve will recover quickly. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you."

"Please pray for Wade who has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer."

"Pray for healing for the entire world. Pray for me and my family to have a healthy year, and for things to work out and settle down."

"Please pray for Laurie who has metastatic breast cancer to her lungs. Pray that the chemotherapy she was put on last week begins to work. Pray for salvation."

"Please pray for pastor Jim Claypool in Phoenix, AZ. Has Pancreatic Cancer. Jim ministers to the homeless, those addicted and otherwise disenfranchised. He is has been faithful for over 30 years doing what few are willing to do, and all to the glory of God!"

"My sister Patty who went into the hospital for a heart ablation, during which her heart tore, had emergency open heart surgery and now has a trach and is unable to walk or speak."

"January 6th defendant, Chris Quaglin, has lost 10 lbs. in 10 days and is in solitary confinement. Reportedly, he has celiac disease and is being denied medical treatment. Also, reportedly, he tested positive for Covid and is very ill. Please pray for him and the other January 6th defendants who are, reportedly, being treated horribly in the jail."

"Please pray for Jane R., a prolife and prayer warrior who is hospitalized and has had two surgeries for a serious intestinal problem. She is suffering greatly."

"For my oldest son who has been in jail I pray he will stay away from the drugs this time and straighten out his life."

"For my son who has gotten Involved in drugs that rehab and prayers will bring back the person he was."

"Please pray for my mom, she just turned 89, was exposed to a positive covid at church on Sunday, so far she is fine, pray it stays that way. Jeff Allen"

"Pray for my family and myself (77) as my daughter-in-law Carol who came to my home to celebrate Christmas and birthday just tested positive for Covid. Pray that NONE of our family members who were present come down with this virus. My son Matt (who didn't come) thought he had a bad cold but has also tested positive for Covid. Pray that Matt & Carol heal quickly and that their 6 children stay safe and protected, God willing. Thank you."

"My daughter—making dangerous life choices and has turned from God. Prayer for repentance and realization that her choices are pathway to death."

"3 members of my family are struggling with cancer; my daughterinlaw with breast cancer, my niece with breast cancer and my nephew with a serious skin type of cancer plus he lost is only son ,age 25 with a baby , just 3 years ago, My only 2 brothers are struggling; 1 with heart problems including 9 stents and a recent pacemaker and his wife with beginning dementia and the other brother has parkinsons and sleeps quite a bit with his wife as his caretaker. I would appreciate prayers for all of the above and I would appreciate prayer too.....just feels like my family circle is falling apart. I know that God is in control of it all and I rest in in that truth......however it is still extremely difficult. Thank you,"


"Our last surviving parent, Mom, died from COVID on New Years Day, 2021. My only sibling, my brother, and his family now exclude my husband and myself. Our small family is disintegrating. In addition to remembering my Mom, this prayer request is also for healing for our family."

"I am grieving for my husband. Covid took him very quickly. He was gone too soon. ??"

Holiday COVID Updates

December 28, 2021

Sadly, a number of cities are again canceling New Year’s celebrations due to the rise in cases caused by the easily-transmissible Omicron variant. Naturally, Dr. Fauci is urging everyone to cancel their New Year’s parties and sit home alone on New Year’s Eve, as I assume he will be doing from now on.

Omicron appears to be much milder than previous variants, but it can be deadly for those particularly susceptible. So once again, instead of protecting those who are particularly susceptible, some government officials are going back into their dictatorial “lockdown everyone” modes. But there’s growing evidence that people have seen how useless and harmful that was and are in no mood to put up with it any longer.

Meanwhile, the CDC’s baffling refusal even to consider the effectiveness of natural immunity among the previously infected took another blow with the release of a new study published in the European Journal of Immunology. It was conducted by a group of highly-qualified researchers, including members of the Department of Health Security and Department of Public Health and Welfare in Helsinki, Finland.

The official argument for those with natural immunity to get vaccinated has been that we don’t know if it lasts as long as vaccines (an argument that gets less convincing with each new demand for yet another booster shot.) But the new study found that whether someone had a mild or severe case, natural antibodies persisted in the vast majority of patients at least 13 months after infection, suggesting long-lasting protection.

The rate was lower among those with less robust immune systems, such as the elderly (you know, the people we should have protected in the first place, rather than locking down the rest of the world while moving COVID patients into nursing homes.)

That link also includes information about a recent study published in Nature Immunology that found that COVID is generally mild or asymptomatic in children ages 3-11. Researchers don’t know why, but most children had a much stronger T-cell natural immunity response than adults, and it lasted longer.

In Washington, DC, which has recognized only one out of 839 requests for a religious exemption from the COVID vaccination mandate for city workers, unvaccinated firefighters and EMTs who are under threat of firing worked overtime over Christmas to cover for their 100+ vaccinated colleagues who’ve tested positive for COVID.

While the media continue their efforts to tar Florida as a COVID hotbed for Gov. DeSantis’ refusal to institute draconian measures that have repeatedly proven ineffective, they seem oddly uninterested in the news that on Dec. 26, there were 189,714 new cases of COVID reported nationwide, and 54,828 (nearly 30%) came from New York City, the realm of the Genghis Khan of vaccine mandates, Bill DeBlasio.

And for those who believe, for some reason, that COVID automatically means a “winter of severe illness and death,” Oxford University just published a study of British disease statistics that likely apply in other populations. It calculated the odds of a vaccinated person dying from various causes (this was conducted before the Omicron variant appeared.)

It found, for instance, that a healthy, 75-year-old woman had a death risk from COVID of 0.45%, or about 1 in 220. That means the average American has a 37 times greater risk of dying from heart disease than a 75-year-old British woman does from COVID. But we haven't locked down all the Twinkies yet (although I shouldn't give them ideas.) A 55-year-old British woman had a 0.03% chance of dying of COVID, a 45-year-old woman had a 0.01% risk, and a 25-year-old man had a 0.00% chance of dying of COVID.

Of course, this is not to say there is no risk of dying, and that you can’t also have severe illness with long-lasting negative effects. But as with all things in life, you need to consider the odds. There’s a risk that you might get hit by a bus, but that means you take reasonable precautions not to walk in front of a bus, not that you quit your job and hide out in your attic for the rest of your life.

There are a lot of things people like to believe that are patently absurd if you think about it. Much of the Obama Administration was based on making confident declarations – we can’t just drill our way out of an energy shortage, it would take a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, 2 percent growth is the “new normal,” etc. – all delivered in a somber, imperious tone that made them sound like unassailable truth, when in fact, all of them were patently false.

One of the most common pieces of false conventional wisdom is that “the government can’t legislate morality!” But of course, they do it all the time. We have millions of laws, just to enforce society’s consensus of what’s morally right or wrong. Liberals used to protest this, and now they’re the chief generators of morality laws, usually bans on everything they find morally offensive, including smoking, using racist words or an unpreferred pronoun, giving someone an unrequested plastic straw, attending a protest for a cause they personally disagree with, etc. etc. etc. Each law comes with loopholes, so government adds more laws to close them. Plus we’ll need police, courts and jails, because some people will always insist on doing the wrong thing anyway. All to legislate morality.

(I know, today’s liberals want to do away with police and jails, but that’s just for actual criminals. They still want to arrest and jail law-abiding citizens who exercise rights they disapprove of, like reopening their gyms, salons and barber shops.)

Self-government requires self-discipline, self-respect, and respect for others. When people don’t follow an accepted standard moral code, government keeps passing new laws to try to force them to, which creates bigger government and more expense and less freedom for everybody. Maybe the national debt wouldn’t be sky high now if our behavior standards hadn’t sunk so low.

How much do people’s bad personal choices end up costing all the rest of us? You might be surprised at the size of the bill. When I left the governor’s office in Arkansas, we had more than 13,000 inmates in the Department of Corrections. Just keeping them locked up cost taxpayers more than $220 million a year. That’s more than it would have cost to send 13,000 kids to any college in the state, all expenses paid. If every prison inmate had just lived a moral life and stayed out of trouble, the taxpayers could have enjoyed a $220 million tax cut. Or the money might have been used to improve roads and services that benefit everyone.

From the left, I’d always hear that we should spend more money on prisoners or else turn more of them loose. From the right, I’d hear that we should lock up more people and eliminate parole while cutting the prison budget. Both were unrealistic. But hardly anyone wanted to talk about the real problem: the lack of morality that led to all those people being locked up in the first place.

And what about juvenile offenders? Every kid placed into our Division of Youth Services cost taxpayers up to $80,000 a year. If they’d all had stable, nurturing homes and been taught to be obedient, responsible and moral, it would’ve saved the taxpayers of just that one state $80 million a year. Imagine how many parks we could have built for all kids to enjoy, or how many books we could’ve bought for school libraries, if we could’ve freed up $80 million a year in the state budget.

A lot of kids get into trouble because of peer pressure, which social media and Twitter mob shaming have made even more oppressive. They think breaking the rules makes them look cool and that they will never face any consequences for it. So kids, when someone you know starts acting up, instead of rewarding them with your admiration or covering for them with your silence, please have the courage to stand up and say, “That’s not cool! Thanks for costing us our parks and turning our generation into tax slaves, jerk!”

Hey, as long as kids are going to be vulnerable to peer pressure, why not use its power for good?

When I was growing up, my bedtime ritual always included a fairy tale that started with “Once upon a time...” and ended with the comforting words we all remember: “And they lived happily ever after.” As a child of the optimistic 1950s, I dreamed that life might be like that: whatever obstacles, dangers or perils might come my way, in the end, I would live happily ever after.

There were certainly plenty of struggles along the way, but I have to say that things did eventually work out even more happily than I could have imagined, from a career that I love to a wonderful family, including the world’s greatest grandkids. But sadly, for many people, “living happily ever after” does seem like an unobtainable fairy tale. Why is that happy ending growing ever more out-of-reach for so many people?

Of course, there are always factors beyond our control, like health problems and accidents. None of us can ever know if our birthday or Christmas celebration was the last we’ll ever enjoy. We have no way of knowing when it will all end, only that someday, it will (that’s why it’s said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes.)

Well, I can’t help you with your taxes, but I do have a bit of advice that I think will make death less frightening and greatly increase your chances of living “happily ever after.”

For decades, our nation has been focused on personal pleasure. The message drummed into everyone by pop culture is, “If it feels good, do it.” It’s fostered a culture of self-centeredness that led to Baby Boomers being nicknamed “The Me Generation.” Today’s young people have been dubbed “iGen” because many are so fixated on self and selfies that even their gadgets’ names all start with “I.” Advertising bombards us with the message that life is all about me and all about now. Such messages of immediate self-gratification may sell products and services, but they cause us to sell our souls if we follow this philosophy to its logical conclusion.

At some point in life, we all experience events that shake up our routine, much like the agitator in a washing machine shakes loose the grime in our clothes. We may not want or enjoy such experiences, but they’re necessary to force us to focus on the frailty of life and the certainty of death. They also force us to begin asking what really matters and why.

If we react to setbacks based solely on what feels good right now, we greatly lower our chances of enjoying a happy future. But if we believe there is even a remote possibility that our actions have lasting implications beyond the immediate, both within and beyond our lifetimes, it should cause us to think differently, live differently, and leave a different kind of legacy.

Without apology, I believe that the spiritual side of our lives really does matter. To believe otherwise is to define humans as little more than animated protoplasm, going through the motions of life for no particular purpose. I prefer to believe there’s more to us than flesh and blood. If we possess a soul capable of living beyond our lifetimes, then the seeds we plant in this life will yield fruit forever. If you believe those things, the ultimate becomes more important than the immediate.

When we decide to live beyond our lifetimes, our responsibilities to the next generation will outweigh our roles in our current jobs. More important than the money we’re paid for our work is what we will become as a result of our work. Our character will become more important than the careers we follow.

For all of us, life began “once upon a time.” Unlike the fairy tales, however, it’s up to us to make the choices that determine whether the last line of our life stories will read, “And they lived happily ever after.”

(Adapted from the book, “Rare, Medium or Done Well: Make the Most of your Life.”)

Prayer Tree - December 27

December 27, 2021


"Healing for Laura and Alexis /Prosperity for Rob and Mike/ Health for me and my wife. Peace on earth and lawfulness in our government. Amen"

"An end to the pandemic and all the anxiety people are feeling."

"Please pray for healing and complete recovery from Covid related sinus infection for Pam & healing & complete recovery for Linda Kay from bronchitis & flu symptoms. Thank you and abundant Christmas blessings to you!!??????"

"We are the 1 in 4 American adults estranged from a family member. Specifically, a beautiful grandson we may never meet. I share this heartbreak and pray with all of the other Americans going through the pain of estrangement and loss of joy the holiday should bring."

"My friend in Michigan whose daughter, a high school senior has covid. The daughter has been put into a coma and is on a vent. Her mother is able to be with her and is reading scripture to her. "

"Years ago God moved me to a new city. Two years later He moved Sue to my city. Of all churches in my city, He had her visit my church; and of all the seating, He had her sit beside me. She was recently diagnosed with cancer, Stage Three. She agrees He is in charge of her health. I ask you to pray for her healing in accordance with His will. We are praising our LORD for being with us in all we endure on earth. Our prayers are heard and He knows best. He is the Great Physician. I know first hand His healing touch. Thank you and Blessing to all of you."

"That my friend Edith is healed by God from the mysterious illness that she has and be able to spend more time with her family!"

"For my niece who has mental health problems and drug addiction. She won’t get help. She is losing her 2 beautiful children because she won’t do what the doctors tell her to do. Such a intelligent and talented person but won’t get help. Please pray that during this Christmas season she will change her ways. Merry Christmas to all and may your answers to your prayers come true."

"Please pray for healing of my daughter-in-law's dad, Dale, who has been found to have a malignant nodule on his liver and a blockage in one of the paths to his heart. He's a solid Christian man who raised his family in the faith of Jesus Christ. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"

"Please pray for my husband who has Parkinson’s… my husband of 33 years health is crumbling right in front of me. I have fibromyalgia he was suppose to take care of me. It’s getting harder each day. Please pray for the pain to stop."

"For some time now I have been diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitus. I have seen doctors that keep telling me there's nothing wrong. I've had all kinds of tests that showed nothing wrong. However, I am still hearing pounding in my head like my heartbeat. Although I tried to ignore it at times it gets very loud. I have been praying for relief for a long time. Please pray that this will go away even though they say it can't. I believe our great Lord and Savior can do anything if it's in his will. Thank you so much for praying for me. God bless you all... Arlene"

"Bob to be well tomorrow morning so we can enjoy Christmas together. Amen"

"Gary Rowley - body retaining fluid, liver problems? Has had surgery to remove some of the fluid."

"The doctors say have kidney disease but God says I am healed I need the healing manifested in my body."

"Mike my husband. Please pray for him. He is so addicted to beer and chew. He is obese and doesn’t seem to care. He raised by a family with no faith and an alcoholic father. I’ve prayed for him for 22 years and he is so detached I have little faith that he would ever truly let Jesus in. I have to be honest, I am born again Christian but my faith has been affected by this daily discouragement."

"Daughter Molly, struggled through Hodgkin’s lymphoma-recovered has 4 children 11 to 5 and now has been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. She’s a strong believer and trusts the Lord. We pray God’s will be done and He bless her as she deals with the therapy and surgery ahead."


"Donald my amazing husband of 53 years passed from covid on August 23, 2021.-- Debby

"For my husband, Leonard Charles Hall"

"At Christmas I remember both my adoptive parents who went home to God in the month of December. I also remember a message from the Virgin Mary who appeared to the children in is a special blessing for those who go home to God in December, for there is great rejoicing in heaven in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. So while I miss them, I smile and am comforted knowing the joy of their reception in heaven."

"Family of Bob Bryant. He passed away Dec 14th from lung cancer."