See you at the Berkeley Islamophobia Conference!

Not really. Darn, I missed my chance to go, because it was held last month. But a scan of this story in the Independent Journal Review tells us all we need to know. In April, Berkeley was the proud host of the Seventh Annual International Islamophobia Conference.

Opening remarks were given by the director of the UC Berkeley Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (yes, this exists), Hatem Bazian, followed by a rousing speech by John Esposito, founding director of Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, in which he accused the media of hyping the terrorist threat in America and Europe and, according to this article, actually asserted that the “main terrorist threat is from white, anti-government, also often Christian-identity type movements.”

The study of Islamophobia at the college level has adopted its own unassailable belief system couched in learned-sounding academic jargon. At the risk of making your head spin around and around on your body, you definitely should check out this article to find out for yourself what’s being said from the liberal sanctuary of today’s college campuses.

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Communism, Cuba…And America

Welcome to Obama’s "fundamentally transformed" America.

May 3, 2016

We can soften it with non-threatening words such as “liberal,” “progressive,” and “concerned citizens,” but those euphemisms are being used to mask a radical shift towards communism and the increased government control of American lives.
Even after nearly eight years of trying, President Obama has not been able to enact the strict gun control laws he’s wanted, largely because Americans kept asking the question gun control advocates have never been able to answer: “How, exactly, would this law actually prevent violent crime?” We know that most criminals obtain guns illegally, so gun laws mostly just disarm the law-abiding.