This story reminds us that no matter how bad off we think we are, there are others in greater need. And nothing reflects the spirit of Christmas more than someone who gives to others even when they have very little themselves. Dorothy from North Carolina wrote:

“It's been a few years ago now that through an unusual set of circumstances I met a dear Christian lady named Hilda N-----. Hilda had endured many hardships in life…Now, in her later years… she lived in abject poverty with…crippling arthritis. It was Christmas and I had a gift for Hilda. Mark and I were dating at the time and I asked him to go with me to Hilda's humble home… But it wasn't my gift that I've remembered all these was HER gift, given liberally out of her poverty, that I will never forget.

She and I had exchanged gifts, her gift to me a small ceramic bell with a cross at the top from the dollar store. And then came the moment I cherish yet today. She looked at Mark apologetically and reached down into the cushion of the chair…fumbling until she finally retrieved a small, zippered change purse. Her gnarled, misshapen fingers (terribly twisted from the arthritis) moving slowly and with painful effort, she managed to open the purse… Finally, she turned to Mark and, pulling out a folded, crumpled $1.00 bill, she held it out to him.

Her soft, quiet voice and loving manner gave eloquence to the gesture. ‘I didn't know YOU were coming so I didn't have a gift for you. Here’, she handed him the dollar bill, ‘Merry Christmas.’

Tears sprang to my eyes as I knew what a sacrifice was represented in the giving of the dollar bill. Her heart of love and her desire to share the little she had gave her gift more meaning than a purse full of gold.”

Thank you, Dorothy, and Hilda, for reminding us that Christmas isn’t about what we get, it’s about what we give.

Prayer Tree - December 22

December 22, 2021


"I have been suffering from lumbar and sciatica pain for over a year. I had X-rays today and found I had two lumbar compressions pressing on my sciatica nerve and another nerve. Please pray that the medications will help."

"New arrival of a newborn reveals she has a recessed chin. Delicate and extensive surgery is needed. Pray for the medical team that will endeavor to help little Rainey."

"Prayers requested for my son, lost his job yesterday. Raising in prayer everyone on this Tree. Merry Christmas and may God bless us, every one"!

"Please pray for the health of my Dad, Kent. May his health be restored so he can continue to inspire people. Pray for my Mom Judy that her health be strong and she keeps her humor. We ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen."

"Prayer for a dear friend who is married and recently his wife, having an affair online left him taking their three children with her. He is devastated he needs comfort and wisdom on how to proceed."

"I have a home Bible study group mostly former drug addicts & street people I give them Bibles & other resources & cook meals for them Mostly young men I’m praying for a man of God to help One who ministers in Deliverence & Healing My group needs it Especially young man w/call of GOD on his life named Angel Manuel Thank you &God richly bless."

"Please pray for me and esp. for my wife and family. I have RSD/CRPS. This causes constant severe burning in my R. Mid forearm down covering my entire hand. The pain is a constant 7/10 and up. My pain clinician says the pain pump insertion is my last chance. I am SO VERY TIRED as I just can't keep doing this anymore! Please my sweet Jesus hear this and please oh please keep me strong, walk beside me and my family that puts up with me...

Thanks... David..."

"family members are sick with Omicron variant. Sara Roney, d-i-l, has fever for last 2 weeks around 104 degrees. Youngest granddaughter (Abigail), also has fever from virus. After 2 weeks ill, I am still not over cold or covid. Not sure what it is affecting me. I do not have fever. Thank you."

"Sharon Tullis Smith. Finished chemo and radiation but now suffering excruciating pain from radiation burns on neck and face, and inside her mouth, making eating and drinking nearly impossible. She is losing weight and is quite sick from the treatments she received and needs a miraculous healing!"

"My significant other - severe case of Covid in a small town with less than ideal healthcare."

"Please pray for the Lord to heal me of hypertension and atrial fibrillation. It's really affecting my ability to be productive, and I cannot live as an invalid. Thank you. God bless you. Rosalie Gilliland"

"Pastor Kenny W. had a tracheotomy yesterday ... he is stable and we ask for prayers for his recovery to overcome covid and pneumonia ... PRAYERS WORK! We appreciate your prayers ... TY"

"My daughter is an alcoholic and has been clean for 3 years she is back drinking saying she can quit anytime... she is loosing her 7 children and 2 grand children by this act. I pray for her conviction in this matter with Gods help."

"Please pray my daughter Brandi who is struggling with worldly issues, she knows Jesus but the world has its grips on her. Thank you!"

"My family needs healing, please pray for us"

"I have had strange symptoms develop on my skin, as well as increased bruising, which seems to require long-term healing; symtoms that i do not remember having before receiving the covid vaccinations. I think we're basically being used as guinea pigs by a bunch of morons, who are trying to take over the world...farfetched???..maybe; maybe not, but i know i need some fast help from the Good Lord, and prayers before i go to the dermatologist...thx, pray for Donna C"

My sister, Analicia lost her husband to covid this year. Please pray for her peace and joy to return to her and her adult children. They all love our heavenly Father.

Thank you... India Z."

"My brother-in-law is being sent home from the hospital today under Hospice care. He has bone cancer in his hip. I have given this to God; I know who the great physician is and who has final say. I just have to say that I do not believe Bob got the care he should have had and I wonder how some doctors who took an oath to do their job sleep at night. Please pray for Bob and my sister Sue. Thank you and God Bless you."

"Please pray for my wife, Gayle, for healing from stage 3 kidney disease and for healing for her knees. She has been basically bed ridden for years."

"My mom Nan: She is 96 and suffers from dizziness and memory lapse. Pray that she feels God’s presence and that I have wisdom and strength to know how to care for her. She still does some things on her own even though I live with her. Thank you and God bless"

"Please pray for my daughter who has sjogrens. Please pray for healing. I have a bad hip and would like healing. Pray for America. Thank you all and be blessed."

"Please pray for my health. I have several health issues like COPD and the most important is Chronic lymphocistic leukemia. Recently I had a Ct scan which showed enlarged nodes in my abdomen."

"Stuart for protection of his health and mind that he may be the man of the home that God created him to be."

"Please pray for my daughter in law, Tammy, she will be having surgery in January for a cyst on her brain, pray for healing so surgery won't be necessary. Pray for my son that has ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and seizures. Please pray for my bouts of depression from loss of husband due to covid in May. I am praying for all of the prayer requests that are posted on here. God bless all."

"We have a friend named Darrah, who has a great history of evangelism, but now is facing some very serious health problems. His wife has not been able to help him. He is now in special care in the hospital and is really need of our prayers for wisdom on how to handle these health problems."

"I wish to say a prayer for Senator Manchin. May god bless him and keep him strong in the fight to save our nation."

"Sick w/flu like symptoms. Cherri Lucas"


"In memorial of Fernando Cantens recently deceased, for his widow Ana Cantens, as she faces the difficulty and unknowns of the days ahead after nearly 51 years of marriage."

"Ten years ago my husband,Scott, and I held our breath through the Christmas season waiting for results of his biopsy. Our children were both grown and far from home. We spent Christmas Day with one of my brothers and his wife. It was a sweet quiet day…the last Christmas we spent together in this life. I want the world to know that Scott was a faithful husband, father, friend. He was a patriot, Army veteran, and spent his working career in different law enforcement areas. He was a gift from heaven to me and I am waiting for the day when I will stand with him before our King Jesus!"

UPDATE! I reported last week about Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal attending an awards dinner and praising his hosts, who happened to be an affiliate of the Communist Party USA. After this resulted in understandable criticism from the right (and the middle – you don’t have to be very far right to disapprove of COMMUNISM), Blumenthal claimed he thought that was just a labor event; that he gets invited to a lot of things; and heavens, he’s a proud capitalist and had no idea he was amidst Communists!

The media did what they always do: covered up the original story that reflected badly on a Democrat, and when it came out anyway despite their suppression efforts, they rushed to defend Blumenthal, echo his excuses, and try to turn the “real” story into how “Republicans pounced” to try to twist this into a negative political issue for their opponents. Because without the Republicans complaining, nobody would’ve batted an eye at a powerful Democratic Senator joining in a communist event.

Well, here’s the latest from the Media Research Center: Blumenthal claimed he was unaware that he was at a communist event (after all, there was food.) But here is what one awards presenter told the crowd over the microphone:

“There's more and more people talking now about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.”

And just to make it crystal clear that they didn’t mean AOC-style “Democratic socialism” (which is, like, TOTALLY different from socialism-socialism), the emcee said this:

“We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits,”

Maybe everyone was slurping their borscht so loudly that Blumenthal didn’t hear the “Communist Party” part and just assumed from that list of euphemisms that they were fellow modern Democrats. Or he could try claiming that he suffered hearing loss from all the guns going off around him during his time on the battlefield in Vietnam. At least, that would be a lie he’s used to telling.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Jerry Dunleavy at the Washington Examiner has an excellent piece in which he spells out the significance of the first of these two stories. He points out that the potential legal conflicts faced by Igor Danchenko wouldn’t matter to the court unless Durham were looking specifically at Hillary Clinton and those dwelling in her inner circle for the origin of the phony Trump-Russia hoax.. (We suspect that certain members of the Brookings Institution, particularly longtime Clinton crony Strobe Talbott, figure prominently.) It's really starting to look as though Durham has put the pieces of this monumentally complex puzzle together, knows exactly what he’s dealing with, and is methodically bearing down on Hillary. Go get 'er.


Today I bring you two stories that one might not think would necessarily involve Hillary Clinton, but it turns out they do. It really does seem that all roads lead to Hillary.

First, can anything else be said about Hillary Clinton’s connection with the Christopher Steele “dossier” and the Trump-Russia hoax? Actually, yes!

I tell this story simply as an amusing anecdote that testifies to the incestuous nature of Washington DC politics and law, which should be news to no one. Gosh, it’s really challenging for a Democrat in Washington DC to find legal representation that doesn’t have some huge conflict of interest. It’s amazing they can find conflict-free representation at all, though I have to say it must be even harder for Republican associates of Donald Trump to get representation, as some DC law firms won’t even take those cases. If memory serves, top firms in DC refused to represent Trump during his impeachment(s). Apparently there was concern among their attorneys that they might be excluded from certain circles and not get invited to the right cocktail parties if they did. I digress.

Anyway, consider the case of Igor Danchenko, the Russian-born “sub-source” who has been indicted and pleaded not guilty on five counts of making false statements to the FBI about the information he provided for Steele that was used in the fictional “dossier.” Danchenko has already had to replace one defense attorney, Mark Schamel, because Schamel also happens to be representing one of the Georgia Tech computer scientists, Manos Antonakakis, who has been identified as “Researcher – 1” in Special Counsel John Durham’s “speaking indictment” of former Perkins Coie partner Michael Sussmann. As you’ll recall, Sussmann was indicted for lying to FBI general counsel James Baker in 2016 when he failed to disclose he was working for Hillary’s campaign when he came around peddling the fake story of Trump Tower and supposedly Putin-connected Alfa Bank communicating through computer “pings,” which turned out to be totally harmless marketing emails. By obtaining Sussmann’s billing records, Durham found proof he was “on the clock” for Hillary while telling the FBI this bogus story.

So after he dropped Schamel as his attorney due to this conflict of interest, Danchenko went to the law firm Schertler & Onorato to engage the services of Danny Onorato and Stuart Sears. But now we see that this might not work out, either, because it turns out that another lawyer from that firm, identified as Robert Trout, has deep ties with Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. (Note to Danchenko: I think it might be very hard in Washington DC to find a law firm not associated with the Clintons in one way or another.) Durham has put his concerns about this potential conflict into a court filing, asking a federal judge to determine if there’s a problem.

A prosecutor certainly wouldn’t want to discover some major conflict of interest in the middle of a trial –- it might even lead to a mistrial –- so he has to anticipate such scenarios and try to head them off. And this kind of situation could arise even though Trout isn’t directly involved in the Danchenko case. ”The interest of the Clinton campaign and the defendant might diverge,” Durham wrote to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. “For example, the Clinton campaign and the defendant each might have an incentive to shift blame and/or responsibility to the other party for any alleged false information that was contained with the [Steele dossier] and/or provided to the FBI.”

To complicate this matter even further, Trout hasn’t just been involved in the Clinton campaign but also personally represented John Podesta, the former chairman of her campaign, during his December 2017 testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. So Danchenko may have to keep looking to find a DC attorney who's not tainted by some entanglement with the Clintons. Good luck with that!

Durham said it’s possible for the court to waive this conflict of interest, but it was his responsibility to bring it to their attention.

But I saved the more compelling story for last: Did you know that in spite of her determination to destroy inconvenient or even incriminating emails from when she was Obama's secretary of state, some communications have turned up from June of 2009 that show she was aware then of the threat posed by Chinese bioweapon research, specifically at the Wuhan Institute of Virology? At that time, she warned in an email to embassies that such activities could lead to “biological weapons proliferation concern.”

She wrote: “The U.S. believes participants would benefit from hearing about your [France’s] experiences assisting China in setting up a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology from the export control and intangible technology transfer perspectives. We are particularly interested to know how China plans to vet incoming foreign researchers from countries of biological weapons proliferation concern.”

This went out in preparation for a meeting coming up a few months later of the Australia Group, an “international export control forum” whose purpose was to prevent the spread of technologies and research that could be used for chemical and/or biological weapons. Members included the EU, France, India, Japan, South Korea and others. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea: NOT members.

Read more details about this communication at the link. It would be very interesting to see if the Australia Group seriously addressed the concern about the Wuhan lab at their meeting.

The State Department cable that contains this information was posted by Wikileaks. Here’s the full communication; the part about Chinese bioweapons is in point #9.

So, the danger posed by Chinese research into bioweapons was at least on Hillary’s radar screen in 2009. But then, the issue appears to have been dropped. A decade later, when the pandemic hit, Hillary responded to suspicions that COVID-19 had leaked from the lab with accusations of racism by President Trump against Asian Americans --- “the recent rise of anti-Asian bigotry fueled by Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric,” as she tweeted at the time.

What a crock. Hillary must have known good and well, in her first year at the State Department, that the Wuhan lab posed a legitimate threat to public safety around the globe, but she had let it drop years before the pandemic hit and no doubt wouldn’t want anyone talking about that. So she used a bit of misdirection and painted Trump as a racist for daring to implicate the Chi-Comms. With a little help from the media, that’s what the conversation became. But we know the real story now.

A Simple Christmas

December 21, 2021

Back in 2011, inspired by my book “A Simple Christmas,” I asked listeners of my radio show “The Huckabee Report” to share their own favorite family Christmas memories. Some are heartwarming, and some are hilarious, but all of them are inspiring and wonderful.

In recent years, as the news slows down around the holidays (and let us pray that it does this year!), my staffers and I have taken a break around Christmas and New Year’s week to share some of these stories from the archives so we can spend a little time with our families. We’ll be starting tomorrow. I hope you find as much entertainment, joy and meaning in these stories as we do. And rest assured, if anything major happens that we feel we have to pass along, we’ll do that. So please keep reading every day!

With continuing or renewed lockdowns in some places, the ongoing supply chain crisis and spiraling inflation, many people may find it hard to be with their families or they might have fewer gifts under the tree (if they can find one) or some traditional dishes missing from the table. Many are also dealing with the heartbreak of an empty place at the table due to COVID taking a loved one. But even though many of us have to scale down our celebrations, I refuse to let the ongoing problems “cancel” Christmas. As the Grinch learned, Christmas is not something that comes from a store, Christmas means a whole lot more.

While many young people find it hard to believe, Americans have lived through worse times than these, from the Civil War, to World War I and the Spanish flu, to the Depression and World War II to 9/11. We have always survived, come together and overcome the most difficult problems. I’m hopeful that Americans are finally seeing through the lies and propaganda and now know what the real cause of our current miseries is, and they’re getting ready to remove it. We will “build back better” the way we always have: by doing it ourselves, together, not relying on the government to do it for us.

Previous bad times caused us to have far humbler Christmas celebrations than we do now, but that doesn’t affect the meaning of Christmas. It just reminds us all the more of the extremely humble surroundings at the birth of Jesus, and that Christmas is about the joy of knowing that hope and renewal are always within our grasp when we discover that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

These wonderful stories and memories are a perfect reminder of what Christmas means and how important it is, especially in hard times, when memories are created that last a lifetime. I hope that some of them will also remind you that even if you’re feeling down because this year’s celebration is sparser than usual, most of us are still incredibly blessed. When we stop dwelling on our own problems and share with those who have even less, that’s the best way to become filled with the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and from all of us at the newsletter, my TBN show and, have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Regardless of who is in power, the one thing Americans deserve and demand of their government is that it sees its power as a sacred trust from the people and operates even-handedly within the law. There should be no difference at all in how a Democrat or a Republican is treated by the government, whether it’s agencies like the IRS or by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the court system. Lady Justice is supposed to be blind to everything but the law and her scales are to be even. Sadly, most of us know that is simply not the case these days. The weaponization and politicization of the highest levels of law enforcement such as the FBI in trying to tie Donald Trump to the Russians are a prime example. Indictments handed down by special prosecutor John Durham already reveal that there was a vast conspiracy that started from the Hillary Clinton campaign and its operatives resulting in fabricated dossiers used to actually spy on the Trump campaign in 2016 and even after he was sworn in as President. The cover-up led all the way to the Director of the FBI, the head of the CIA, as well as corrupt members of Congress like Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Jerry Nadler, and others who unleashed the full power of the federal government to discredit Donald Trump and to protect those who abused their positions of trust in the government and who should be in prison right now.

This is not a small thing. When Richard Nixon abused his power as President and surrounded himself with those who committed crimes to influence an election and then to cover it up, there was a universal anger from not just Democrats, but Republicans as well. And the media relentless pursued the truth wherever it led them.

Those days are gone. We’ve seen disgusting abuses of power in our government toward people just like you. In the Obama years, Lois Lerner, a high-level IRS official, singled out conservative, pro-life, and pro-Christian organizations to deny them non-profit status and targeted some with such heavy-handed tactics that they ultimately ceased to exist because they couldn’t match the resources of the federal government to fight back.

The greatest threat to our nation, its institutions, and to our children is not the national debt, although it’s a serious threat to our economy. It’s not what China or Russia might do or attempt to do, regardless of how bold they might be in cyber-attacks or worse, a military assault. The greatest threat to America is not even the hyper-partisan and radically left social media and high-tech giants, and they pose serious threats to Constitutionally protected free speech. The greatest single threat to our nation is that our own government would engage in nothing less than criminal enterprises to deprive some Americans of due process and equal protection under the law and would excuse and ignore criminal behavior on the part of those who are on the side of the political party in power. If we can’t trust our law enforcement officials, the courts, and the legislature and executive branches to play straight, it’s not a matter of IF we will collapse, but WHEN. During my tenure as Governor, one of my regulatory agencies came to me and told me that a personal friend and long-time supporter of mine was engaging in unlawful activities regarding that industry. When they asked what they should do, I immediately said, “It’s simple: You treat that individual no better or no worse, but if the law has been broken, spare nothing.” That cost me the friendship of the individual as well as friends as family members of the individual, but better to lose friends than lose one’s honor and solemn duty to treat all persons the same. That means treating a political adversary as fairly as a friend and a friend no different than a foe. If government fails to do that and treats power as if it’s a political license to destroy opposition, our government is more corrupt than anything or anyone it tries to adjudicate. And we really will have lost the country.

Friday, a panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to lift another court’s ban on imposing President Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees.

At least 27 states and a number of business and religious groups argued that the mandate is unconstitutional, and the Fifth Circuit Court ordered OSHA not to implement it, finding it would expose the petitioners "to severe financial risk" and "threatens to decimate their workforces (and business prospects)." Since that seems to be a feature not a bug to this Administration, it appealed, even though vaccine mandates don’t appear to be doing much good for businesses that have already implemented them.

This throws countless already-struggling businesses back into chaos (again, another feature of the Biden Administration.) The original deadline was January 4th, and it’s unclear if that’s still operative. The plaintiffs immediately filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, which hasn’t been very inspiring so far in its defense of the Constitution when it comes to this subject.

Will there be a mass exodus of desperately-needed workers during a supply chain crisis over forcing people to take a vaccine to prevent a milder form of COVID that might provide better immunity than the vaccine the government wants to force them to take to prevent it? Or will all those states and businesses tell Biden and OSHA to pound sand and dare them to arrest half the nation? These are the type of questions that could only arise during a flailing Administration like this. Only time will tell the answer, and if the deadline is still January 4th, there’s not much of that left.