Must-See Video

June 18, 2021

Leftist wokesters love to tell other people to “check your privilege,” but if you want to see the poster boy for privilege, check out this guy.

Some San Francisco parents are fed up with the far-left school board destroying their kids’ educations, so they were collecting signatures on petitions to recall three board members. An Asian-American dad caught an obvious leftist wokester red-handed as he stole a clipboard full of signatures and threw it under a car. The thief, who obviously harbors the common belief of leftist Millennials that their views are the only correct ones and that they can get away with anything with zero consequences, tried to leave, but the dad got in his face and wouldn’t let him.

He demanded that the punk be searched, and lo and behold, he had more stolen petitions under his shirt. The wokester insisted that since he gave them back, he could just leave. But the dad didn’t back down and kept in his face, yelling, “Call 911!” and demanding to know why he stole those petitions.

Just listen to how this guy arrogantly oozes “privilege” as he insists that since he gave back what he tried to steal, he has a right to leave, and he’ll press charges against anyone who touches him. He’s lucky he didn’t try that in Texas.

He did eventually leave, but the whole thing was caught on video and the dad reported him to the police. Let’s hope he’s equally tenacious in demanding that, for once in San Francisco, a privileged leftist is actually held accountable for stomping on other people’s rights. Especially since, as the story notes, under California law, stealing a signed petition is a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and up to six months in jail. Let him try brandishing his shield of leftist privilege in there.

The Show Is Over

June 18, 2021

The best thing that can be said about President Biden’s G7 summit and his meeting with Vladimir Putin is that it’s finally over, so no more damage can be done. Maybe the whole thing was just a planned attempt to make the border look like less of a disaster in comparison. Here’s a round-up of how his trip went, and prepare to get dizzy from shaking your head in disbelief.

And yes: Biden actually gave Putin a list of 16 pieces of America’s critical infrastructure that Russia had better not target. Which gives rise to two questions:

1. Does that mean it’s okay if the Russians take down any other piece of American infrastructure?

2. Why does Putin bother paying spies when our own President will hand him a list of our most vital and vulnerable pieces of infrastructure for free?

How did we go from having a President who wrote “The Art of the Deal” to having one who gives away the entire farm before he even opens his mouth?

Biden finished his trip by whining that the press is too negative and never asks a positive question. This about a press corps that ignores all his scandals and disasters while asking about his favorite ice cream flavors. CNN even tried to put a positive spin on his meltdown at their own reporter!

Can you imagine him having to stand up to the daily hostile barrage that Trump got from the press? He would literally melt like the Nazis at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark!”

While the mainstream media either ignore or try their best to discredit the 2020 election audits, we’ve been looking around the country at what’s quietly going on. John Solomon and Daniel Payne report major developments in Georgia, with state officials seeking to remove Fulton County’s top election supervisors and county records indicating that over 100 batches of absentee ballots could be missing. The margin for Biden across the entire state was under 12,000 votes.

Solomon and Payne reviewed handwritten tally sheets for all the absentee ballots counted in Fulton County, along with a private report from a contractor, Seven Hills Strategy, hired by the Georgia secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, to document in real time the election process in the Atlanta area. This report “chronicled seven days of problems.”

To cite just one example, in a frantic note written the night before Election Day, the contractor wrote that “someone took the wrong suitcase but took only one. Seems to be a mystery who this person was –- Should have chain of custody paperwork!! That means a stranger just walked out with sensitive materials?”

A state judge has now ordered absentee ballots in Fulton County unsealed so a private audit of the actual papers may be conducted by attorney Bob Cheeley, who says the evidence he’s seen so far points to “election tabulation malpractice.”

“Experts differ” on whether this was fraud or gross incompetence. The secretary of state is saying he doesn’t think fraud occurred, at least not on a scale that would’ve affected the outcome. (In such a close election, this verdict seems premature and more like wishful thinking to me.) His contractor, he said, did not see evidence of fraud --- no, no, of course not --- but he DID see “continued mismanagement, miscommunication, unpreparedness, and sloppiness.”

Ah, sloppiness! We’ve heard that term before, used in defense of people in government who cut corners and just didn’t follow the rules. They didn’t MEAN to do it! They were just...sloppy.

The consensus at the state level is that the election officials in Fulton County should be removed. It’s so bad that some are debating whether the state itself should take the responsibility away from the county and run their elections like a conservatorship.

Read Solomon and Payne’s report and you’ll be shocked at the problems that have been found, involving “thousands” of absentee ballots. (This doesn’t even get into the potential problems with voting machines.) The election in Fulton County, Georgia, was apparently a big, hot mess.

And speaking of messes out of Georgia, a proposal for new election legislation endorsed by Stacey Abrams has been rejected by Republicans as “totally inappropriate.”

Joe Manchin had introduced it as a compromise after a very controversial Senate election bill –- counterpart of the equally terrible House bill --- generated richly deserved blowback. But what this “compromise” would do is change the make-up of the Federal Election Commission, currently three Democrats and three Republicans, to two Democrats and two Republicans plus one “nonpartisan” (ha) member appointed by the President. With Biden in office, that means three Democrats and two Republicans, meaning Democrats would control the FEC.

The bill also would take redistricting away from state legislatures and have it done I am not kidding. Don’t you wonder who’d be writing the algorithms for that process? Read the story for more details. It also notes that Manchin is the one Democrat who remains opposed to eliminating the filibuster; let’s hope he sticks to that and doesn’t flip just to get his own bad bill passed.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, hundreds of people from around the state came to the steps of the Capitol bearing wheelbarrows full of affidavits –- 7,500 of them –- signed by Michigan residents calling for a forensic audit of the 2020 election in their state. Some of them sported T-shirts that read, “Patriots Want A Forensic Audit!” Kristina Karamo, Republican candidate for secretary of state, tried to deliver boxes of affidavits to the office of the current secretary of state, Jocelyn Benson, but the security guard refused to let her into the building. And no one from Benson’s office would sign the form acknowledging receipt of them.

The story at 100 PERCENT FED UP has video of Karamo’s attempted delivery of the ballots.

One nice touch: When Karamo gets to the door, she sees the notice that “ID is required to enter building.” The black female Republican noted facetiously, “That’s racist!” Love it.

Let’s go to Maricopa County, Arizona, where the forensic examination phase of that audit is going on, with the end of this month being the target for completion. CNN reported that ballots are being trucked to a lab in Montana for analysis and showed aerial video of the remote, private land it allegedly was on. “Is this the secure, private laboratory?” CNN’s Gary Tuchman asked. “Is Arizona voting data inside that cabin? We just don’t know –- but it could be.”

According to Ken Bennett, spokesman for the audit, the voting system data is being reviewed by subcontractor CyFIR. He says he doesn’t know where this lab is, which is causing CNN to report it as a big secret and to imply that the data might be non-secure and compromised in some way. They say CyFIR CEO Ben Cotton has taken data from Arizona to Montana. But Bennett speaks more precisely, saying Cotton has a COPY of the data created by Dominion from the hard drives and servers that Maricopa County used in the election. “The original data was left completely intact,” Bennett says.

Finally, remember that many mail-in ballots bearing incomplete information had to be what they call “cured” by election workers? For example, a missing address would be “found” and filled in. This is a controversial practice that activist lawyers and courts worked to establish before this election. Well, apparently enough time has gone by that the workers who did this are bragging about how they helped Biden win. A piece in TIME Magazine reveals that Democrat activists from California traveled from their home state to Arizona and Georgia to help “cure” the ballots. And a piece in THE ATLANTIC profiles a California nonprofit called Unite Here, which sent Democrat activists across state lines to Arizona to do the same. Thanks, California!

The ATLANTIC piece is actually titled “How Unite Here Turned the Biggest Red State Blue,” and subtitled “Arizona was pivotal in the 2020 presidential election. Its shift was no accident.” You better believe it was no accident. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Largely under the radar...they had helped craft one of 2020’s most extraordinary political stories. They had developed a template for how, with the right kind of organizing and outreach, solidly red states around the country –- even those with a long history of voter suppression efforts –- could be turned blue.”

It’s not the election workers’ job to “turn” a state one way or the other. I suspect we’ll find there was plenty of voter suppression in 2020, as every fraudulent vote cancels out a real one. The ultimate in “cancel culture.”


June 18, 2021

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops met Wednesday to discuss rules on whether Catholic politicians such as President Biden or Speaker Pelosi, who defy the church’s beliefs on issues such as abortion, should receive Holy Communion. Church leaders are under heavy pressure from the media to ignore their sacred beliefs for political expediency. But they might want to consider what their parishioners think about that.

The group CatholicVote surveyed regular churchgoers to ask if politicians who don’t follow church teachings should receive Communion. Seventy-four percent said such politicians shouldn’t present themselves to priests for Communion. And 83% said Catholic politicians create confusion and discord among believers when they advocate for things the church considers gravely immoral, such as abortion.

The poll didn’t establish whether Catholics think priests should refuse Communion to these politicians. But it should tell the Bishops that while the secular media may howl if they do, most Catholics in their congregations still think God’s laws apply to everyone.

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson sent a letter to President Biden co-signed by 13 other GOP lawmakers, calling on Biden to immediately take a cognitive test.

Jackson has observed that Biden’s episodes of verbal confusion and memory loss are obvious and have grown noticeably worse, as his European trip just illustrated. His letter reads, “The American people should have absolute confidence in their President. They deserve to know that he or she can perform the duties of Head of State and Commander in Chief.”

While the media are ignoring the letter or dismissing it as merely partisan, Jackson’s previous position was as White House doctor for both Obama and Trump. Throughout Trump’s presidency, the media tried to convince us that he had mental issues based on the claims of leftist psychiatrists who’d never even met him. But now, they tell us to ignore the White House doctor under Obama/Biden who has firsthand knowledge of Biden’s mental acuity from five years ago and can see the deterioration.

Besides, it’s only a test. If his critics are wrong, then he’ll pass it, prove them wrong and settle all the questions. So why not do it?

You know, I suddenly realized that’s the same thing I said about having a transparent examination of the 2020 vote, and they’re fighting tooth and nail against that, too.

The Biden Administration’s latest attempt to demonize and criminalize political dissent is truly chilling. In their latest push against “domestic terrorism” (and remember, they think that means not Antifa or al-Qaeda but “white supremacists” and Trump voters), they want to encourage Americans who suspect a friend, co-worker or even family member of harboring “extremist” beliefs to report them to the government.

For all the nonsensical comparison of Trump to Hitler, this article makes the case that this move by Biden is genuinely reminiscent of the Nazi regime.

It reminds us that there was only about one Gestapo officer for every 10,000 Germans, so they were reliant on a network of informers to keep Germans in line, out of fear that their friends or family members might turn them in.

Now, I generally don’t approve of making comparisons of current politicians to the Nazi era because it’s usually frivolous and demeans the victims of the horrific crimes of the Nazis. But it is hard to defend policies that seem to be taken right out of their handbook. So in the Biden Administration's defense, let me say that what they're trying to do is not exclusively reminiscent of the Nazis. It’s also very much like the East German Stasi. I hope that makes them feel better.

I also hope that the American people are smart enough not to fall for it and will inform the government agents that they can take their request to inform on their friends, co-workers and family members and put it where the sun don’t shine. And you can tell them I said so.

The Veneer Is Gone

June 18, 2021

I miss the good old days, when the media had a blatant liberal bias but they at least maintained enough of a veneer of professionalism to attempt to hide it. Over the past few decades, that veneer wore thinner and thinner under it finally disappeared entirely. They acted like rabid dogs when covering President Trump and now, like docile lap dogs licking the hand of President Biden. has just a small sampling of the US media’s grossly fawning praise of Biden’s embarrassing Europe trip. To listen to such unbiased reporters as Joe Scarborough, this was the greatest, most inspiring, most successful Presidential trip abroad of the 21st century – or maybe ANY century!

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld had the best line about that. He said it reminded him of how his parents used to cheer and shout for him whenever he was allowed to play one minute in a fifth grade basketball game and didn’t pee on himself.

Meanwhile, the media in other nations gave terrible reviews to Biden, but even worse reviews to his embarrassing US media sycophants. Here’s just one example, but there were many others across Europe.

Meanwhile, here are two pictures that sum up the reality of the visit better than a thousand gushing words from the US media. Note that when Putin met with Biden, Biden brought along notes on flashcards to help him. When Putin met with Trump, Putin brought along notes on flashcards.

Chinese Defector

June 18, 2021

I told you about the claim by that the Defense Intelligence Agency had been working with a defector from China who held the highest level in the government of any Chinese defector ever. This defector reportedly was providing information on the origins of COVID-19 and other sensitive topics, and the DIA had kept this a secret even from other agencies such as the CIA and FBI out of concerns that they were infiltrated by Chinese spies.

Well, Redstate now claims that the defector has been identified as Dong Jingwei, a longtime official in China’s Ministry of State Security, responsible for counterintelligence efforts.

Dong has reportedly provided the DNI with electronic files containing massive amounts of sensitive information, the equivalent of millions of documents, on everything from China’s special weapons systems to the Chinese military’s operation of the Wuhan virus lab to the identities of Chinese spies and sources in the US.

Some official sources are poo-pooing the story, calling it a rumor or downplaying its importance if it is true. But according to Redstate, now that the name of the alleged defector has been published, the rest of the intelligence community is “scared (bleep)less.”

Read the entire article. This is either the most interesting work of spy fiction since Ian Fleming or it’s the biggest foreign intelligence bombshell in decades. I have a feeling we’ll find out which sooner rather than later. One clue will be to watch China and see how desperate they are to get Dong back to Beijing.