This is an interesting and overdue article about Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, and how he is routinely attacked and mocked by the media as a rightwing nut, only to have whatever he said proven to be correct.

He was assailed for suggesting that COVID could have escaped from the Wuhan virus lab, and he was savaged for suggesting that federal troops should be deployed to help police deal with rioters (the media later cheered such troops being deployed in DC after January 6th.)

In the most recent case, Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler gave Cotton “Four Pinocchios” for claiming that the Democrats’ COVID relief bill would give checks to convicted criminals and terrorists like the Boston Marathon bomber. He introduced an amendment to prevent that, which the Dems rejected. And last week, we learned that the Boston Marathon bomber did, indeed, get a $1400 check from the taxpayers.

Incredibly, Kessler refused to retract the article, instead only revising it to “One Pinocchio,” claiming that Cotton’s claim “lacked context.” No, it was 100% correct. He read the bill, he warned what it would do, and he tried to no avail to stop it. Sen. Cotton had the facts, which has now been proven, and the “fact-checker” was wrong. Cotton’s office is demanding a full retraction, but perhaps they don’t understand that WaPo “fact-checks” aren’t about facts, they’re about making conservatives look bad.

And that’s what’s known as “context!”

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