President Biden must’ve gone off-script yesterday because he finally said something about Cuba, and communism in general, that I agree with:

"Communism is a failed system, universally failed system, and I don't see socialism as a very useful substitute, but that's another story."

Dana Loesch’s response, which you can see at the link, is a bit more accurate and much blunter, so I’ll let you click to read that. I’ll just agree with her that it’s more than a failure, it’s a vicious, inhuman system that’s been responsible for oppression, starvation and mass murder everywhere it’s been tried. Let’s hope this statement is a baby step toward Biden realizing the full truth about communism and actually doing something to help people who are trying to stand up against it in places like Cuba and Hong Kong.

In the meantime, I expect Bernie Sanders and the Squad to remain as silent about this latest Biden quote as they have been about all those Cubans rising up against their tyrannical socialist government.

Related: Here is one of Kurt Schichter’s typically hilarious but brutal commentaries about Cuba and why our elite leaders would rather side with the socialist dictators than the freedom-demanding people.

Schlichter goes down a checklist of recent actions by our own federal government that sound eerily like the nation that Cubans want to flee: Controlling information and debate, targeting political opponents with law enforcement, encouraging children to report thought crimes by their parents to the government, etc. He arrives at this chilling conclusion:

“Look at Cuba today, and you see America tomorrow.” Except that Americans still have the power to prevent that, if they’ll just get together and do it.

I might have to ask Kurt Schlichter about this topic when he’s my guest this weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN.

Since AOC and other icons of young “Democratic socialists” are being eerily silent about the Cuban people’s uprising against socialist tyranny, I’d like to call attention to this excellent op-ed that came out last month on from Humberto Fontova.

I didn’t write about it then, but it’s suddenly become incredibly timely. Fontova begins by quoting singer Debbie Harry of the rock group Blondie, who recently performed in Havana as part of a four-day cultural exchange that was made into a film being shown outside Cuba. I’m sure the Cuban leaders think it’s great publicity for their regime.

Ms Harry mouths the typical fashionable comments of a liberal US celebrity: having previously declared that “Americans are suffering at the hands of President Trump” and denounced him as a “racist,” she lauded Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro as “fascinating, enigmatic political heroes and antiheroes in the United States for the most part. It was always very attractive to me…”

The rest of the article goes on to detail what Cuba and those “fascinating political heroes” were really like. It’s nothing like the dreamy image of Che on dorm room posters. For instance, did you know that Cuba imprisoned more black political prisoners for longer and under worse conditions than South Africa jailed Nelson Mandela? Or that 10 times the number of Cubans have died trying to escape Cuba than died trying to escape communist East Germany? Or that under her idol Fidel, simply being caught listening to “imperialist” rock music like her band makes could get you thrown into a forced labor camp guarded by machine gunners?

So why was Blondie welcomed? Because, as an unearthed Soviet KGB document from 1981 explained, “Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are our most effective propaganda.” In short, Blondie was played, and I don’t mean the records because that could get you thrown into prison in Cuba.

None of this is intended to pick on Ms Harry, who merely repeated the kind of propaganda that most showbiz liberals have been spoon-fed. But with the truth about Cuba and the way its socialist dictators have oppressed, starved and abused its people finally breaking through into the public consciousness, this is a great time to pull back the curtain and learn that it’s nothing new. It’s not because of COVID, or Trump’s sanctions, as the media would like you to believe. It’s longstanding communist tyranny and rot, the end result of all socialist regimes.

It’s time for all the Che and Fidel fans to take off their blinders and face the truth. This article is a great, eye-opening place to start.

Okay, folks. We have some reports out of Fulton County, Georgia, regarding an investigation into the vote count that’s been going on there for the past few weeks. Those who say there’s nothing to see are either not paying attention or trying to divert yours.

We've gone one more step or two on the trail to retrace what happened on Election Night in Fulton County. It appears that many ballots were scanned at least twice. One can do an A-B comparison and see that two scanned ballots are identical in the way they were filled out. In fact, there’s really no question that they’re the same ballot. But note this one important caveat: just because a ballot was scanned twice doesn’t prove it was counted twice. Still, if ballots WERE counted more than once, this is just what it would look like, as seen in a video from Tuesday.

We all saw the security cam video of Election Night from the State Farm Arena in which election workers were feeding ballots into tabulation machines with no poll watchers at all. Again, I’m not saying it’s proven that ballots were counted twice –- but they could have been. The allegation is that entire batches were re-scanned and might have been counted more than once.

A group called VotersGA –- Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia –- got a court order in late June to obtain higher-resolution scanned images of 147,000 mail-in ballots (not the ballots themselves) and now allege that the hand-count audit that has already been done in Fulton County is “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud.” Here’s a link to their claims.

Attention would-be censors: we acknowledge that nothing we might say changes the outcome of the election. Joe Biden is the President of the United States. At the same time, if our system is to survive, we all have to have confidence in our elections going forward, and that is currently not the case. Sweeping the problems and suspected abuses under the rug is no way to earn that confidence. If there are issues that might affect election outcomes, we have to fix them.

So, to reported by THE EPOCH TIMES, the analysis by VotersGA showed that at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots were “added redundantly to the audit results.” Of those 4,255 votes, nearly 3,400 were for Biden.

And after audit tally sheets were finally turned over to them by Fulton County officials, they found seven sheets they believe were fabricated to show falsified vote totals. For example, a batch that would have gone 59 percent for Biden and 42 percent for Trump went 100 percent for Biden and 0 percent for Trump.

This is just one of the “massive audit errors” that Garland Favorito, founder of VotersGA, says they found. Recall the tiny sliver of difference between the vote counts for Biden and Trump in Georgia: out of over 4.9 million votes cast, Biden’s margin of victory was fewer than 12,000 votes statewide.

VoterGA had petitioned the court in late 2020, with Henry County Judge Brian Amero overseeing the case, to get clearance to inspect all the mail-in ballots, alleging that fraud had taken place. (Favorito was one of those who said they’d personally seen wrongdoing.) If you’d like some background, this report in THE EPOCH TIMES from a few weeks back will help.

Note that petitioners had wanted to go to the county’s ballot storage warehouse and observe as workers scanned the ballots at higher resolution and that Judge Amero had said they could, but later canceled the visit after Fulton County filed motions to dismiss the case. At every turn, Fulton County officials have been trying to block any look at the actual ballots.

Recall the security breach that happened at that warehouse. Of course, we were assured that none of the ballots had been “stolen or compromised.”

Lawyers for Fulton County argued that petitioners lack standing (the go-to argument to try to stop investigation), that they did not file in the proper way for the relief they seek, and promised that “the county will not count counterfeit ballots in future elections.” Pinky swear?

Judge Amero did dismiss several claims brought against county officials on grounds of “sovereign immunity,” but he allowed the five members of the Fulton County’s Board of Registration and Elections to be named. They might act as though they’re sovereign, but they apparently don’t qualify for immunity.

At the state level, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has claimed there was no “widespread fraud” in the 2020 election, is referring complaints to Fulton County, but Rep. Jody Hice, who is challenging him in the next Republican primary, has called on him to resign. “In Fulton County, there is now undeniable proof of voter irregularity if not outright voter fraud,” Hice asserted.

Favorito said elected officials have known about the discrepancies they’ve found “for a long, long time” and have been covering it up.

A report in THE POST MILLENNIAL offers a good summary of what’s going on in Fulton County, and includes Tucker Carlson’s segment on it from Wednesday night.


As brave pro-freedom protesters continue to rally in Cuba, some Americans are bravely standing up for Cuba’s communist dictators. For instance, it was noted that two years ago, the creator of the 1619 Project, who “don’t know much about history” (to quote the great Sam Cooke), proved she also don’t know much about anything else by praising the Cuban government for solving the problem of racism.

Nikole Hannah-Jones said, “If you want to see the most equal multi-racial democ--…It’s not a democracy — the most equal multi-racial country in our hemisphere, it would be Cuba.”

And she would be wrong (although kudos to her for actually recognizing that Cuba's not a democracy.) You’d think Cuba’s government would be colorblind and oppress all races equally, but even that isn’t true. As I noted yesterday, quoting an article at by Humberto Fontova, Cuba has imprisoned many more black political prisoners than apartheid-era South Africa and held them longer and under worse conditions than Nelson Mandela suffered.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter stirred outrage by praising Cuba’s communist government and blaming the US embargo for the Cuban people’s deprivations.

BLM tweeted that Cuba is being "punished by the U.S. government because the country has maintained its commitment to sovereignty and self-determination” and that Cuba has been an ally with "oppressed peoples of African descent" and protected "Black revolutionaries like Assata Shakur."

(Shakur, aka JoAnne Chesimard, was a convicted cop killer who escaped prison and fled to Cuba, where Fidel Castro granted her asylum as a thumb-in-the-eye to the US. In effect, she fled one prison for another.)

News flash to BLM: the Cuban people aren’t starving because the US won’t let them have food. They’re starving because communist systems always lead to decay, devolution and deprivation; and because, as the pro-freedom activists have made clear, if you’d bothered to listen to them, the dictators use food as a weapon, depriving people of it if they dare to protest. You know, like you’ve enriched yourselves by doing.

If you’re not like BLM or Ms. Jones and you want to know what’s really been going on in Cuba for a long time, how it led to this point, and how this uprising by the people against their oppressors has other would-be socialist tyrants with dreams of keeping the masses in line terrified, check out this MUST-READ article by Austin Bay…

And this one by Antonio García Martínez, who delivers the shocking news to liberals who visited Cuba under Obama that they were duped by a fantasy and kept in “a Potemkin Air BnB” that bore no relation to the harsh reality of the lives of Cubans under a communist dictatorship. But then, American “progressives” must be used to living in reality-denying fantasy bubbles by now.

Tuesday, in a victory for both Second Amendment rights and common sense, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the 21-year-old age requirement for legally purchasing guns.

Many of our age limit laws make little sense (you can get married at 18 but you can’t drink a beer until you’re 21, etc.), but this one was particularly onerous. You can join the military at 18 and carry high-powered weaponry onto a battlefield, but you can’t buy the kind of deer rifle that most male students in my high school used to have on a rack in the back window of their pickup trucks (and somehow, it never occurred to any of us to use them to shoot our classmates.)

The Court quite sensibly found that the Bill of Rights applies to all adult Americans upon reaching the age of 18, and Congress has no power to make an exception for the right to keep and bear arms. Judge Julius Richardson wrote, "Despite the weighty interest in reducing crime and violence, we refuse to relegate either the Second Amendment or 18- to 20-year-olds to a second-class status."

I was glad to see the Court specifically point out the logical fallacy so often cited in passing gun control laws: that just because there were more legal gun purchases and higher crime, that didn’t prove that the first thing caused the second. Congress didn’t consider illegal gun purchases, which are how most criminals get their weapons. They just reacted to crime by trying to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

That’s a pretty fair encapsulation of the argument behind most gun control laws. It’s a relief to see that the Court applied reason to it and rejected it.

Moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is once against throwing a wrench into the Democrats’ plan to ram through an orgy of spending ($3.5 trillion, much of it “progressive” wishlist stuff like legalizing millions of illegal immigrants, killing the fossil fuel industry and funding “green jobs,” something you might remember from the Obama years. It worked out so well!)

The Democrats ludicrously call this massively expensive transformative legislation a “budget bill" so they can ram it through the Senate on reconciliation without a single Republican vote. But Manchin is standing in the way by saying the words that, to a DC Democrat, are like showing a cross to Dracula: “We have to pay for all this.”

Manchin said he’s willing to look at whatever’s proposed, and he was looking forward to a meeting where President Biden was allegedly going to explain how this will all be paid for (I’d love to hear that one myself!) But Manchin pointed out that we already have a $28.5 trillion national debt, and “I’d like to start paying for it,” adding, “I think we’ve put enough free money out.”

Seriously, how is this guy still a Democrat? These days, a Democrat Senator talking about paying off debt and refusing to throw away more money is like Biden claiming to be a faithful Catholic while pushing abortion harder than Margaret Sanger.

Comparing Presidents

July 14, 2021

I miss having a President who wildly exaggerated how good everything was. It was invigorating to hear Trump boast that we had the best economy in the universe or the strongest job growth in the history of the world. Sure, it was a little over the top, but you knew the underlying theme was true, and it made you feel good about America and think that things could only get better and not even the sky was the limit.

Flash forward, and now we have a President who wildly exaggerates how bad everything is and actively tries to make us despise and distrust our fellow Americans because of it. Tuesday in Pennsylvania, President Biden ominously claimed that asking people to show the same ID to vote that they had to show to get into the venue where he was speaking is racist oppression on the level of the Ku Klux Klan. And that a handful of rowdy pro-Trump protesters in the Capitol were a worse threat to the government than the Confederate Army during the Civil War (he hyperbolically added, “That’s not hyperbole.”)

(Megyn Kelly set liberal heads exploding by daring to say what many have started thinking: yes, that is hyperbole, and the “Great Attempted Insurrection of January 6th“ has gotten blown way out of proportion. It seems to get bigger every time a Democrat tells it, like a fisherman talking about the one that got away):

This is of a piece with claiming that exercising the filibuster in the Senate is an unprecedented assault on democracy (it’s only okay for the minority to block a majority vote when Texas Democrats do it.) Or that expecting men to stay out of the ladies’ room is hateful transphobic oppression. Or that the growing white supremacy movement is an even bigger threat to America than it was in the days when there actually was a growing white supremacy movement.

Biden is starting to remind me of comic Dana Carvey’s character, “The Grumpy Old Man,” who would fume about how ridiculously terrible things were back in his day, except that Biden does it when he talks about today. Only it’s very selective grumpiness: as Katie Pavlich at reminds us, he’s fulminating against Georgia election laws that are less restrictive than the ones that have prevailed for years in his own home state that he’s never criticized at all.

Democrats have to convince us that everything from the weather to showing your ID when you vote is a hair-on-fire emergency, because that’s how you get people to panic, turn against each other, and make bad rash decisions without thinking, like voting to put Democrats in charge of things. It usually doesn’t take long before people come to their senses and say, “What have I done?!”

The fact is that America does face many serious problems. We do have violent insurrectionists attacking the very foundations of our government. We have a rising tide of violent crime. We have serious problems with the economy that are threatening to get worse. And we really do have people who are trying to turn us against each other by bringing back awful racist ideas from the past, like segregation and judging people by their skin color instead of their character, and even forcing those poisonous notions onto our children.

The problem with putting Democrats in charge of fixing those things is that every last one of them is coming from their side.

This letter came in response to Tuesday's story on Peter Schweizer's apparently fruitful investigation into Hunter Biden and his dad, President Joe Biden.

From Sam M (with slight editing):

Be careful of what you ask for. Getting your wish may be worse than sucking it up and sticking it out!!

Remember the constitutionally MANDATED line of succession when a President is removed by impeachment or Article 25. Do you really think Harris or Pelosi would be better? Unfortunately, the only realistic solution is to vote out the House socialists in November 2022 to get an anti-socialist Speaker of the House. At that time, we can talk about removal of corrupt or incompetent Presidents as a way to protect our Constitutional form of government.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Sam. No, neither Harris nor Pelosi would be better. But remember, the Democrats are playing chess, not checkers, so we have to do so as well. Here is what the chess board looks like to us, right at this moment

A lot will happen between now and November 2022. If the Democrats think they’re going to be blown out of the water at the next election (which seems almost certain at present, considering they’ve “outed themselves” as being totally batwing crazy), they know they have to set themselves up to be in as strong a position as possible before that happens. This means acting while Congress is in their hands, while Pelosi and not a Republican speaker is in the line of succession. That’s for insurance.

“Be careful what you wish for” doesn’t really enter in, because it seems likely that before the next election, regardless of what does or doesn't come out about his family, President Biden will be removed BY THE DEMOCRATS, using the 25th Amendment. In other words, they're going to beat us to the punch.

It’s hard to imagine that they would wait till after 2022. For one thing, Biden’s appearance suggests that he’s suffering a mental decline even steeper than anticipated, and if that’s the case, they’ll have to do it fairly soon –- pretending, of course, that it’s a desperation move made in the interest of the country. For another, they’ll want to have their ducks in a row before Congress changes hands. That means putting Kamala in the White House and getting as much radical legislation passed and signed as possible. If you think this will disgust the electorate and lead to a sure Democrat loss in 2022, you’re right, but Democrats know they’re going to lose then ANYWAY, and probably by such a margin that no amount of cheating could make up for it. So, yes, Sam, we will have to suck it up...for President Kamala Harris.

What do we do then? As bone-chilling as the prospect of a President Harris might be, we have to ask if there is anything about her that rises to a charge of “high crimes and misdemeanors." This is an open question, but at the moment we don’t know of anything specific. (Of course, President Trump didn’t have anything illegal, either, but that didn’t stop the Democrats from making stuff up –- twice.) Unless we uncover something or decide to act like Democrats and hop aboard that rusty ol’ impeachment train anyway, we’re likely stuck with a President Harris, tempered to a degree by the newly-elected Republican Congress and Senate, until January 20, 2025.

The crystal ball grows dim after that, because, again, so much can happen. But the truth about the Biden family, and those covering for them, does need to come out. Thanks to tireless investigators such as Peter Schweizer, it will. Asking for that is a good thing.