That’s what investigative reporter John Solomon told FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on this week’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

In fact, if you saw our reports last week about new developments in the Special Counsel investigation, Bartiromo’s interviews with both Solomon and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will serve as a great summary and follow-up. (And if you didn’t see them, these interviews will help catch you up.) Here’s the link to that episode; Bartiromo’s coverage of the Durham probe starts about 17 minutes in.

Solomon, who told Maria the Danchenko indictment shows the Trump-Russia investigation was built on “lie upon lie upon lie,” has a new report at JUST THE NEWS in which he shifts to Durham’s look at top FBI officials.

According to Solomon, Durham has two “buckets” of evidence he’s assembling, one implicating the Clinton campaign and the other involving top intel personnel and their willingness to mislead with falsified evidence in their pursuit of Trump. He told Bartiromo that “many other [intel] people are being examined at this moment.”

“There’s no doubt there’s activity inside the grand jury right now,” he said, “aimed at looking at top level officials at the FBI.” Red flags were raised on the Steele “dossier” as early as August of 2016 but were obviously set aside. A month later, the CIA tied it to the Clinton campaign, but sent their report on this to...Peter Strzok. The FBI even had a spreadsheet indicating all the dossier’s impossible or uncorroborated claims.

Solomon says the latest criminal indictment, that of Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source Igor Danchenko --- alleged to have made false statements five times to the FBI --- is just as much an indictment of the FBI as it is of him. The FBI should have seen the serious flaws in the “dossier” even though Danchenko didn’t tell them about getting the material from Clinton ally Charles Dolan.

Incidentally, Dolan wasn’t Danchenko’s only named sub-source. One of the others, “Sub-source #4,” Alexey Sergeyevich Dundich, claims Danchenko “framed” him as a sub-source “to add credibility to his low-quality work.”

“My impression is that Mr. Danchenko fabricated the information published in the Dossier to make quick money,” he declared. “It is apparent to me that the Dossier is a deliberate fraud and a collection of idle rumors.”

But if the “dossier” was so obviously bogus, why didn’t then-FBI Director James Comey, deputy Director Andrew McCabe and lead “Crossfire Hurricane” investigator Peter Strzok dismiss it as such? They clearly knew it was a hoax. As retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock says, “The fact pattern that John Durham is methodically establishing shows what James Comey and Andrew McCabe likely knew from Day One, that the Steele ‘dossier’ was politically-driven nonsense at the behest of the Clinton campaign. “And yet they knowingly ran with its false information to obtain legal process against an American citizen. They defrauded not just a federal court, they defrauded the FBI and the American people.”

He went on to say that this has destroyed trust in the FBI. “As Comey cashes his royalty checks from a book and a movie, where do everyday, working FBI agents go to get the Bureau’s reputation back? The damage done by Comey, McCabe and others to the trust that Americans have traditionally placed in the FBI is incalculable.”

Indeed, as the depth of this deceit becomes increasingly evident, there will no doubt be calls to dismantle the FBI and completely start over. I would say the person most qualified –- and motivated –- to restructure the intel bureaucracy might be none other than Mike Flynn. Now THAT would be justice.

I would also add that, in exploiting this fakery after Trump became President, it was THEY at the Justice Department –- as opposed to Trump supporters –- who were involved in a coup, ultimately engineered by Hillary Clinton and her allies. I hope this is where Durham is headed.

One defense the FBI will likely try, to defend itself against charges of corruption, is that this happened because of incompetent people at the top, but that doesn’t wash. As Solomon points out, one FBI official, Kevin Clinesmith, has already admitted doctoring a piece of evidence that was used to get the Carter Page warrant. And these people are highly skilled at protecting themselves legally. Recall that Comey even gave up his security clearance so he wouldn’t be able to testify about classified matters. Not so incompetent when it comes to covering his backside.

Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has known about the Clinton connection for years now. “We already knew the Steele ‘dossier’ was orchestrated and funded by the Democrats, and now we know that a Democrat operative, who’d been a registered Russian agent and was closely linked to Kremlin officials, served as a direct source for the dossier’s fabrications, he told JUST THE NEWS in a reference to Charles Dolan. “As I’ve said for years, the only people who colluded with Russians were the Democrats.”

As for Peter Strzok, he went on MSNBC Thursday and actually denied to Rachel Maddow that there was ever an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, which is a blatant lie. (I assume he’d justify this statement by saying Carter Page was no longer with the Trump campaign when they got the warrant against him; this is a dodge that is easily dismantled.) He said that what “certain far-right commentators” are saying about that is “nonsense.”

Solomon just smiled and shook his head at this, saying that Strzok’s own original statement that started the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation was that they were “looking at whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were coordinating or conspiring with Russia.” The Trump campaign was mentioned a dozen times in the first FISA application, submitted in October of 2016 at the height of the campaign.

“He was lying the other night,” Solomon said. “There’s no other way to say it politely.”

Sara Carter, in an appearance this weekend on Steve Hilton’s FOX NEWS show THE NEXT REVOLUTION, brought up a couple of interesting facts we didn’t know about Fiona Hill, a star witness in Trump Impeachment #1. Not only did she introduce Igor Danchenko to Christopher Steele, but she also introduced Clinton crony Charles Dolan to Danchenko. All of these connections appear to center around the solidly anti-Trump “think-tank” the Brookings Institution, headed by big-time Clinton ally Strobe Talbott. Also, Hill was working closely at the time with H. R. McMaster, the person who replaced Michael Flynn as Trump’s new national security adviser after the FBI set Flynn up and destroyed his career. It seems that practically every day, there’s another puzzle piece or two to put in place.

On Thursday, Special Counsel John Durham made news by issuing his third indictment in his Trump-Russia Hoax investigation, that of Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source, Igor Danchenko. (The first two were FBI document-falsifier Kevin Clinesmith and Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann.) He’s charged with five counts of making false statements to the FBI. It was also revealed that Danchenko’s source for the more fantastic tales in the anti-Trump “dossier” was Charles Dolan, who could hardly be more closely tied with the Clintons. Dolan’s attorney, apparently seeing the writing on the wall, just came out and said that, yes, his client is the source referred to in the Danchenko indictment.

So, once again, the lies and corruption can be traced back to the Clintons.

On Friday, legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy weighed in for the NEW YORK POST on the significance of Durham’s moves, saying they indicate he “has his sights set on the Clinton campaign.” McCarthy literally wrote the book on the Russia Hoax; it’s called “BALL OF COLLUSION: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency” and is highly recommended reading in light of these new indictments.

Danchenko, as we reported yesterday, worked for five years at the Brookings Institution, a Washington “think-tank” with close ties to the Clintons. McCarthy reports that Brookings’ former president Strobe Talbott is an F.O.B. (“friend of Bill”) dating back to their college days, and he also worked in Hillary’s State Department.

It was at Brookings that Danchenko met Fiona Hill, a witness in Trump Impeachment #1 and the person who introduced Danchenko to Christopher Steele a decade ago.

In fact, it was Strobe Talbott who showed her the “dossier.” Hill testified she thought at the time that it was “a rabbit hole.” She saw in 2016 that Steele was “obviously out there soliciting information” and that she saw him as a target for Russia, for whom this was “a great opportunity to...present him with information that he’s looking for that can be couched in some truth and some disinformation.”

But now it's clear: it wasn’t Russia that supplied him with disinformation. IT WAS THE CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE.

Hill even stated that “I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to have been hired to do this.”

If I were George Stephanolpouos –- hard to imagine, I know, but go with me –- having just done an interview trying to rehabilitate the image of Steele and his fake “dossier,” I would be feeling really stupid right now.

Interestingly, Strobe Talbott is the brother-in-law of Cody Shearer, who wrote his own “dossier” about Trump and Russia in 2016. The phony dossiers were apparently just flying around Washington DC that summer.

Danchenko defended his work at Brookings to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, saying that a review of his file would show “a lot of groundbreaking research and analysis.” Really? It doesn’t seem that his standards for verifying research are very high, considering the “research” (lies and gossip) he passed along to Steele only breaks new ground for salaciousness.

According to Durham’s indictment, Danchenko made up a story that the president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce –- not identified in the indictment, but his name is Sergey Millian –- told him that Trump had been involved in a “conspiracy of cooperation” with Vladimir Putin’s government. Millian has denied being a source for the “dossier,” which he called “fake news created by sick minds.”

If only it could have been dismissed in the beginning as exactly that.

As McCarthy reports, Danchenko is also alleged to have concealed the fact that one of his sources for the “dossier” is longtime Clinton crony Charles (“Chuck”) Dolan (“PR Executive - 1” in the indictment).

For a deeper dive into the details of the indictment and the fabrications of Dolan and Danchenko, here’s a very clear account.

The FBI used the “dossier” in October 2016 to get a FISA court order to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page. But they didn’t attempt to verify the information in it by talking to Danchenko until January of 2017. By then, they had already gotten a 90-day extension on their Carter Page warrant.

According to McCarthy, “It appears that Durham theorizes that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a political attack manufactured by the Clinton campaign.” Ya think? We’ve waited five years for this --- the REAL narrative --- to come out in any official way.

It’s been so obvious for so long. Steele was paid to create the “dossier” by Glenn Simpson of opposition research company Fusion GPS, which was hired by the law firm Perkins Coie, which was run by attorneys Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, whose clients were the Hillary campaign and the DNC. There it is. And now we know that Dolan supplied the lies and Danchenko was used as the intermediary.

By the way, it turns out that even Fiona Hill, who seemed so concerned in 2016-2017 about Russian disinformation, does not now believe the Russians stole the 2016 election for Trump. “The voters who had swung the ballot for Donald Trump in critical counties in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were swayed by consideration of their own personal, family and communal circumstances, not by the fake internet personas derived by Russian intelligence services.”

So very true. Now, somebody tell that to MSNBC.

Gregg Jarrett of FOX NEWS has a must-read commentary on the Clinton machine and their outrageously phony scheme that is appropriately scathing.

Finally, now that Dolan has been identified and his political connections made clear, it’s helpful to get in our time machine and go back to October of last year, when Jarrett –- in another must-read –- outlined other evidence, declassified by then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and presumably now in the hands of the special counsel, that the plot to tar Trump with false allegations of “colluding” with Russia came, ultimately, from…

...Hillary Clinton herself. As Jarrett said, “Her malevolence knows no bounds.”

AOC knows why

November 6, 2021

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows why Democrats were wiped out for the first time in years in Virginia: they just weren’t left-wing enough.

AOC said if only the candidates hadn’t moderated their stances so much, they would have energized the “progressive” base and won.

As usual with her statements, there are multiple layers of “flat wrong” in there. First of all, you can’t win an election just by turning out “progressives.” A July 2020 Gallup poll found that only 26% of Americans self-identify as “liberal.” Pew found that even among Democrats, only 47% describe themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal.” The majority say they’re either “moderate” or “conservative.” I know that math isn’t the strong point of socialists, but neither 26% nor 47% of half the population is a majority.

Also, Virginia’s new Attorney General-Elect Jason Miyares pointed out to that before the election, the House of Delegates was 55-45 Democrat, and they passed every piece of “progressive” nonsense that came in front of them, from “social justice” to the Green New Deal to gun control to unfettered abortion. Surely, that must’ve “energized” “progressives.” All 100 seats were up for reelection, and when the votes were counted, the House of Delegates had flipped Republican by 52-48.

So here’s the truth: it wasn’t that Democrats didn’t run far enough to the left. It’s that they governed far to the left, the people got a bellyful of that, and they turned out in droves to kick them out of office.

This is what comes from living in an impenetrable ideological bubble. You think your ideas are wildly popular, just because all the people you talk to like them.

Incidentally, if your brain is hurting from trying to analyze AOC’s explanation of the Virginia election, you may need a crate of Excedrin after hearing her explanation of why there’s inflation and why the cure is for the government to spend another $5 trillion at bare minimum.

Igor Danchenko, the Russian national living in the Washington DC area who was allegedly Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source for the fictional “dossier” –- in reality, opposition research funded by Hillary’s presidential campaign –- has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham, who is looking into the origins of the Trump-Russia “collusion” scandal, otherwise known as the Trump-Russia HOAX or, as we like to call it, “My Big Fat Russia Conspiracy Theory.”

The Special Counsel seems to be very gradually and methodically connecting all the dots leading back to Hillary and her 2016 presidential campaign. As law professor Jonathan Turley said Thursday, “Danchenko’s arrest is a seismic development and confirmed Durham is far from done with his investigation.”

Danchenko has been charged with five counts of making false statements. According to Turley, he had told the FBI that Steele asked him to look for compromising material on Trump and also said the dossier was “unsubstantiated” (that part’s true). Danchenko had his own source for crazy dossier stories, and he’s listed anonymously in Durham’s indictment as “PR – Executive -1,” now confirmed to be a man named Charles Dolan, described by Turley as “a close Clinton adviser who had held high positions within the Democrat Party and prior Clinton campaigns.”

In fact, Dolan’s attorney, Ralph Martin, has come out and said Dolan is the PR executive. And it appears that Dolan had the very kind of contacts within the Russian government that Trump and his campaign were falsely accused of having. Joel B. Polack at BREITBART has more details from the indictment.

Dolan apparently gifted Danchenko with an autobiography of Hillary Clinton, with the handwritten inscription, “To my good friend [Igor]. a great Democrat.” Dolan definitely fits the description; he has served “as chairman of a national Democratic political organization” and “state chairman of former President Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns,” as well as “adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.” He had also been appointed by President Bill Clinton to two four-year terms with an advisory commission at the State Department. During the 2016 Hillary campaign, he actively campaigned and participated in calls and events on behalf of Hillary Clinton.”

Turley thinks Danchenko is the sort of participant that prosecutors think they can “flip” to give information on the key players who used him in this effort. These might range from Steele himself to Clinton counsel Marc Elias to Clinton campaign officials.

Samuel Chamberlain at the NEW YORK POST calls Charles H. Dolan, Jr., “an elusive ally” of the Clintons. The charging document accuses Danchenko of intentionally misleading the FBI when he told them he hadn’t spoken to Dolan about any material in the Trump-Russia file.

The evidence shows he had, though. In August of 2016, Danchenko emailed Dolan to say he was working on “a project against Trump” and to ask him for “any thought, rumor or allegation” (!) about Paul Manafort, who had recently resigned as Trump’s campaign chairman. Dolan emailed him back to dish some dirt that he said he got from former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski over a drink. That email appears almost verbatim in the Steele dossier.

But the indictment says that Dolan told the FBI that the “drink with a GOP friend” was made up, and that all he gave to Danchenko was gleaned from news reports.

Adam Goldman and Charlie Savage reported on the Danchenko indictment for THE NEW YORK TIMES.

The dossier was intended to show that then-candidate Donald Trump was “colluding” with the Russian government for help in getting himself elected President. Nothing of consequence in Steele’s series of memos has ever been verified, but that didn’t stop Trump’s enemies from issuing hysterical made-up media reports in service to the hoax, some of which persist to this day.

Also, it was because of the Steele dossier that a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant was granted in October 2016 for the FBI to spy on Trump campaign adviser and American citizen Carter Page. Through him, they were able to spy on the entire campaign and even go ‘back in time’ to look at previous communications. And the fabricated contents, which included a salacious story involving Russian prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton (we all know the one; it likely came from Dolan), were printed by BUZZFEED just days before Trump’s inauguration.

Though primary source Danchenko is Russian by birth, he resides in the Washington DC area and the material he related was thirdhand at best. The FBI knew after they interviewed him that his “information” was not necessarily true, but they went with it anyway, after Hillary’s attorney’s pressured them from every side.

According to the NYT, a “Justice” Department inspector general report from 2019 sharply criticized the FBI “for continuing to cite material from the dossier after the Bureau interviewed Mr. Danchenko without alerting judges that some of what he had said had cast doubt on the contents of the dossier.”

Danchenko was also interviewed by the NYT, and said that he had been tasked only with providing “raw” information to Steele. He apparently has been investigated to see if he’s a Russian agent, but he denies that strongly.

As the NYT reports –- they must be trying to get ahead of this story –- “Mr. Steele’s business intelligence firm was a subcontractor to another research firm, Fusion GPS, which in turn had been hired by the Perkins Coie law firm, which was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Mr. Danchenko said he was not aware of who Steele’s client was at the time and considered himself a “nonpartisan analyst and researcher.”

But Danchenko worked for the extremely anti-Trump “think-tank” the Brookings Institution from 2005 to 2010. Last February, Durham used a subpoena to retrieve from there his old personnel files and related documents. If you have time, it’s interesting to see what the NYT reporters wrote about that back in April.

TOWNHALL also reported Danchenoko's indictment.

Finally, recall that the person who apparently introduced Danchenko to Steele was...(drum roll, please)...“Trump impeachment star” Fiona Hill. REDSTATE reported this back in January. But they assumed this story would go away; they weren’t counting on Durham piecing it all together.