We have survived hard times

December 23, 2021

These last two years have been tough for many people, but Anita in New Mexico reminds us that we have survived hard times before:

“In the 1950's, my stepfather suffered a severe illness. Christmas had always been "light weight", although we didn't know it; there was love to go around and a great dinner.

On Christmas Eve, the doorbell rang and there stood a group of church people, not from our church, with gifts, some wrapped, others were secondhand, but they were new to us!!!! There were more gifts than we had ever seen before, and my mother made sure some went to other homes.

I hadn't experienced such a love of giving before, and it always makes my memories of Christmas special to the point that I enjoy helping where I can and just enjoying the day with my husband with food and remembering exactly what the day is all about.”

Jerry from Florida also shared a memory of a hard time Christmas that was made wonderful by the generosity of others:

“My greatest Christmas was when I was five years old. My mother had taken my brother, sister and myself away from an abusive father, and we were on our own. To say we were poor would be an understatement. My mom rented an old house, and she supported us on a waitress’s wages. She refused to accept welfare and told us that as long as we had each other and love that we would make it. We had our own garden and even as small kids worked to help. We had so very little. Quite often, we had to drink powdered milk and eat bread and gravy three times a day. A hot dog was considered a luxury.

Christmas that year looked bleak. We had no money, but it was the happiest time of my life because we had love. Love of family and neighbors. There was one present for each of us kids that Christmas Eve as we went to bed.

On Christmas morning, we all came down to open our present. An unbelievable sight awaited us. We got to the door of the living room and our eyes widened. There were so many toys and presents that you couldn’t even hardly get in the room. Toy trucks!! Bicycles!!! Our joy and surprise were great.

We lived in a small town…Williamsfield, Illinois. Our neighbors knew we had so little. After us kids had gone to bed on Christmas Eve, the knocks on the door started. People from all over town brought things. That is the type of people I had the honor to grow up with. No government. No welfare. Just neighbors helping neighbors by living the Christian values we were all taught.

I think of that Christmas morning so long ago today and still get a smile and a tear. It was the greatest Christmas I ever had.

My mom went on to remarry to a great guy who adopted us. They worked hard to provide us a better life and live the American Dream. Mom went back to college after we were older and at the age of 38 graduated Summa Cum Laude and taught school for years. Today they live comfortably in retirement.

I think of those days and how poor we were, but I also think of the values instilled in me by a loving mother and a great community. Values that taught us about self-reliance and helping your neighbor. These were the greatest lessons learned from my greatest Christmas.”

Thank you, Anita and Jerry, for that reminder of what a difference it makes to have churches and communities that gather together to help those who are in need. We need that more than ever now, if our politicians would just stop waging war on our churches and communities.

I’ve never been a fan of political boycotts of entertainment products, which can hurt workers who have nothing to do with the woke views that studio executives or stars spew. But I understand why many conservatives might not want to give their entertainment dollars to people who call them racists and want to put them in reeducation camps.

Still, we all need some entertainment to take our minds off of politics for a while, and to give to like-minded folks on our gift lists.

That’s why, last year, we created a list of entertainment gift options created by people who deserve your support (the original 2020 gift guide is here, and there are many albums, movies, comedy DVDs, downloads and more in it that are still great options for this Christmas).

Since then, many more have come along, and we wanted to give you a place to find all these great entertainment options as “guilt-free” gifts or for yourself to enjoy. These artists are either openly conservative, Christian, defiantly non-PC or at least non-partisan (and that takes courage in this “toe-the-leftist-line-or-else” age.) Many were guests on my TBN show. As a bonus, we’ve included YouTube links to their performances, so this gift guide alone will be more entertaining than most late night TV shows!

All of them offer excellent products of high quality that won’t insult your beliefs or enrich people who do. Unfortunately, you won’t hear some of them much on radio or network TV.  But why should they have to censor themselves to get approved by liberal Hollywood gatekeepers when there are at least 73 million of us who should be supporting their work? 

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I'm naturally partial to people who are close to me and who've appeared on my show. Being on the list doesn’t imply that a performer holds any particular political or religious beliefs, other than not being hostile to others’ freedom to do so. If you’d like to suggest more, feel free to add them in the comments.

And remember, many of these are indie artists and studios that don’t have distribution through Amazon, so it might take a little time for orders to be filled. So please order soon for pre-holiday delivery. The good news: most indie musicians have their CDs in stock, not sitting somewhere on a slow boat from China!


Merry Christmas!


* * * *




To start, let me give a nod to my projects and those of my family and my newsletter family, who have some side projects that would make terrific Christmas gifts.  

My latest book is “The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution.” Get it while all three are still legal:

You also can’t go wrong with my perennial and non-political Christmas bestseller, “A Simple Christmas”:

…And my book for children, “Can’t Wait ‘Till Christmas,” with terrific illustrations by Jed Henry:

For one of the few books that gives you a real insider look behind the scenes of the Trump Administration, pick up my daughter Sarah’s bestseller, “Speaking for Myself: Faith, Freedom and the Fight of Our Lives Inside the Trump White House.”

Following Sarah in that job was my friend Kayleigh McEneny, who started out working on my Fox News show. She’s also written a terrific new book called “For Such A Time As This: My Faith Journey Through the White House and Beyond.”



My longtime writer/researchers, Laura Ainsworth and Pat Reeder (husband and wife, despite the different professional names), also have some great projects that make perfect gifts.

Laura is a retro jazz singer whose late father Billy Ainsworth played with Tommy Dorsey, Freddy Martin and other top big bands. She has three terrific CDs so far (her debut, “Keep It To Yourself;” the film noir-inspired “Necessary Evil;” and the multi-award-winning “New Vintage”) plus an audiophile vinyl best-of LP, “Top Shelf,” all cut with some of the top jazz musicians in Texas. That best-of LP was recently turned into an expanded, remastered deluxe CD in Japan, which is available as an import in the US only through Laura’s website.

If you like gorgeous vocals and sophisticated midcentury-style lounge jazz in the Julie London/Peggy Lee mode, you’ll love Laura. One critic called her “a brilliant interpreter of song” and “one of the most talented and entertaining vocalists – of any genre or era – on the music scene today!” 

Her website is and her albums and merchandise, including the great new imported Japanese CD, are available here:

For a taste, here’s Laura singing a classic Mills Brothers tune from “New Vintage” with Tre Corley and the Music City Connection:

Before they joined me, Pat and Laura wrote their own topical radio service, The Comedy Wire. They used over 600 hilarious-but-true news stories from it to illustrate nine dumb mistakes everyone makes for their fall-down-funny self-help spoof, “Nine Hallmarks of Highly Incompetent Losers” (I wrote the foreword.) If you like “In Case You Missed It,” you’ll love this book.

Laura also co-wrote with her friend, singer/songwriter Bill Sanner, a memoir of his years on a US Navy submarine in the ‘70s. “The Sub-Par Adventures of Snakebite and Stonefinger” is a funny and moving glimpse into the rarely-revealed lives of Navy submariners. They’re out of touch with their loved ones for months at a time, on the far side of the world and under the ocean, sometimes pulling pranks to keep themselves sane. The book was embraced by submariners who invited Laura and Bill to entertain at their national convention. It’s a perfect gift for submariners, or any Navy vets or military family members.


Finally, Tre Corley and the Music City Connection bring incredible music to the show every week as they back all our famous guest stars (I think they’re the best band on any show in television.)  But they also occasionally honor us with a full number of their own. Recently, they performed their new Christmas single, “A Silent Night,” with the great Christian vocal group, 3 Oaks Worship:

You can download that song and Tre and the MCC’s other single “In The Meantime,” featuring vocalist Tyler Summers, here:


And 3 Oaks Worship’s MP3 album, “A Psalm Twenty-Four Experience,” is available for download at Amazon:




Of course, the most renowned fighter against cancel culture in comedy in 2021 was Dave Chappelle with his Netflix special, “The Closer.” While I admire his comic genius and his bravery, I’m afraid his language and subject matter are too raw for most of my audience. But he definitely deserves praise for fighting for free speech.

Fortunately, there are a lot of great comics who work clean and many have appeared on “Huckabee.” Here are the ones who have CDs, DVDs or books for sale. The YouTube clips will refresh your memories and also provide a lot of hilarious samples.

Also, remember to check last year’s edition of the gift guide for many more great comics and musical performers…

Brad Stine: The man known as “God’s Comic” even made us laugh at the coronavirus:  You can buy or rent his streaming special “Unapologetic” at his website:

Chonda Pierce: One of my favorite people and one of the funniest in the world, Chonda can also make COVID funny:  She has many best-selling stand-up DVDs, books, documentaries and other goodies at her website:

Jeremy Nunes: Remember the great comic storyteller who somehow got elected mayor of his small town?  You can find his DVDs, CD and his book “You Can’t Write City Hall” here:

John Branyan – A very funny comic known for his Shakespearean retelling of “The Three Little Pigs,” he taught us the blessing of stupidity: His DVDs and books, including his “Three Little Pigs” book, “A Triune Tale of Diminutive Swine,” are here:!/.

John C. Morgan: Our audience was startled when Donald Trump suddenly turned into George W. Bush, but they were both this amazing impressionist:  He doesn’t have a comedy album or DVD, but you can get his inspiring book “War On Fear” at

Keith Alberstadt: A very clever comic who got some of the biggest laughs ever on our show: He has several albums available for download on iTunes:

Kristen Weber: The delightful musician/comic gave us a whole new use for pants: She has several books out that combine humor and faith, including her latest, “Adulting For Jesus: A Book About Purpose, Trusting God, and (Obviously) Burritos:” 

Rik Roberts: A show favorite who started as our warm-up comic, bossing around our audience as “Barney Fife.” That uncanny impression landed him his first starring movie role in “Mayberry Man” (see movies below.) He’s also known for his comedy songs. Here’s a recent appearance: His CDs and more are at

Taylor Mason: This hilarious comedian/ventriloquist has visited the show twice: You can find his DVD, his book and his cute ventriloquist puppets Vinnie the Guinea Pig and Zero the Penguin for your kids, all at

William Lee Martin: The hilarious cowboy storyteller also started the Cowboys Who Care Foundation to provide support and cowboy hats to kids living with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Here he is on “Huckabee”:   His latest two DVDs are here:



Rock stars used to brag about being rebels. Now, many are so terrified of being canceled that they don’t dare criticize the Democrat-“led” government or cower before Twitter trolls. Even the “bad boys of rock,” the Rolling Stones, took their classic song “Brown Sugar” out of their set list for fear it might offend somebody. This fear has even infected country music, where there are far more conservative performers. Fortunately, there are a few big names who refuse to be intimidated and still denounce oppression, even when it comes from the left…

Eric Clapton – Old Slowhand ran afoul of the woke brigades when he recorded an anti-lockdown song by Van Morrison, and the attacks intensified after he dared to talk about his near-fatal reaction to the COVID vaccine. Twitter trolls dug up ancient racist comments he made when he was in the depths of drug addiction for which he long ago apologized. He was even attacked as a racist over a lyric about government tyranny that used the word “slave,” as if only black people were ever slaves. They’re trying hard to “cancel” him, but with his massive legacy of great music, they’re like Lilliputians trying to tie down Gulliver with dental floss.

His latest is a stunning new DVD/CD of more unplugged versions of his earlier rock classics called “The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions.” The CD is at Amazon here:  Here’s a must-see video clip of “After Midnight”:

Jason Aldean – The country star is an unapologetic conservative patriot who stood up to threats of being “canceled” and defended his wife after photos circulated of her and their kids wearing anti-Biden shirts. He’s also spoken up for other conservatives in country music who are afraid of expressing their real views. His music is available (at last check!) at all major retailers, and this page has his latest CD and all his other merchandise:

Kid Rock – The rocker/rapper just released a song called “Don’t Tell Me How To Live” that makes his feelings on government nannies and meddlesome ninnies crystal clear. Here’s a story about it with a link to the song and lyric quotes, but WARNING! He does not censor himself! 

Pitbull – The Latin hip-hop superstar is a first-generation Cuban-American who is outspoken in his disdain for communism and love for America. He recently told a concert crowd that if you don’t like the USA, “God bless you, but (BLEEP!) you” and “go back to the countries we (BLEEP!) came from, and you’ll see how much you appreciate the United States of America.” He’s released many hit albums, and you can find them at  

Van Morrison – Rock used to be about “rebelling against the Establishment, man,” but lately, it’s been about reinforcing compliance with the Establishment. But Van is still a rebel, and he brought on the wrath of the cancel culture mobs and liberal rock critics by daring to write songs protesting music-killing lockdowns (that raised money for unemployed musicians) and media manipulation of the public. Many classic albums are available, but his newest is “Latest Record Project, Vol. 1.” As with most non-PC entertainment, cowardly critics savaged it while the public loved it. His website is and his new album is available here:

None of the artists above have appeared on “Huckabee” (they’re welcome anytime, although Kid Rock and Pitbull might have to watch their vocabularies.) But all the following artists did. Relive some great music moments, and then order some music and support them!




Billy Dean - This popular country troubadour performed “If There Hadn’t Been You:” You can find his many hit-filled CDs at

The Cleverlys – I’m not sure whether to put this group under music or comedy, thanks to their hilarious bluegrass renditions of songs such as “Walk Like An Egyptian.” But they played it fairly straight on our show with “Wait A Minute”: You’ll find their CD “Blue” and some of the funniest merch anywhere at

Clint Black – Country/western superstar Clint Black performed his patriotic anthem, “America (Still In Love With You)” from his new album “Out Of Sane”: He has decades of great albums to choose from. You can download his digital albums, including the recent “Christmas Collection,” at

Craig Campbell – The country singer/songwriter performed his new song “Never Mine:” You’ll find his music and merchandise at

Danny Gokey - He showed us why he was a finalist on “American Idol” with his amazing vocal on his latest release, “Stand on Faith”:  You can get all his music here:

Don McLean – The iconic singer/songwriter discussed the 50th anniversary of “American Pie” and performed that ( and another classic, “Vincent” ( A strong supporter of veterans, he’s released many classic albums that are widely available, but for a really special gift, purchase autographed copies of his CDs, merch and vintage records and sheet music at

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra: This incredible group bought gospel and big band together on their swinging rendition of “Victory In Jesus”: Laura Ainsworth approves, and so will you! Their music is available at

Fortune/Walker/Rogers/Isaacs: You loved their country/gospel harmonies on “Where No One Stands Alone:” For more, get their CD “Brotherly Love” here:

Frank Stallone - He finally got some recognition for his own talent with the new documentary, “Stallone: Frank, That Is.” He dropped by to talk about that and do a song for us:  Here’s where you can find his music, some of which is great for Sinatra-style Songbook fans like our own Laura Ainsworth:

Gordon Mote – One of the biggest talents in Christian music, he blessed our show with his song, “If They Could See You Through My Eyes”: You can find all of his albums at his website:

The Hall Sisters – Their dramatic performance and perfect harmonies created an unforgettable moment: All their music and merchandise is available at

The Isaacs – One of the most thrilling performances of the year came when Grand Ole Opry members The Isaacs sang “The American Face”:  You can find that and all the fantastic music of this great Southern gospel/bluegrass/harmony group at

Jason Crabb – Christian star Jason Crabb shared his new single “Just As I Am” for the “Huckabee” audience:  You can find his solo CDs and albums with the Crabb Family at

Jimmy Wayne – A former foster kid, this country star’s mission is to help other foster kids. Here he is doing “Kerosene Kid” on our show:  His music is here:  He’s also written some wonderful, inspiring books:

Jordan Smith - Jordan showed us why he won the 9th season of “The Voice” with this inspirational song, “Great You Are”:  You can hear more of his astounding voice at and get all his CDs at

Kentucky Headhunters – The hilarious country/rock group gave us the perfect theme song for a Southern family holiday, “Let’s All Get Together And Fight”: You can get their new CD, “…That’s A Fact Jack!” and all their previous albums at  

Larry Gatlin: My good friend Larry visited several times, both with the Gatlin Brothers and for this solo performance of his new song, “Sinners Matter:”  You can find his book and lots of the Gatlins’ music here, including a great gift, their two-CD set of Christmas songs, autographed:  

Lee Brice – Country singer/songwriter Lee Brice has had eight #1 singles. He appeared on the show via Zoom during the pandemic, then came back for this live performance:  All his music and merch can be had at

Lucas Hoge: Country singer and host of the Sportsman’s Channel’s “Hoge Wild,” Luke performed his latest single, “Get Lost,” for us:  You can find his music, including his new Christmas CD “12.25,” at

Malpass Brothers – Retro country doesn’t get any more retro than this duo! They brought down the house with their authentic twang on Merle Haggard’s “The Fightin’ Side of Me”: You can get all their CDs (sample title: “Hillbilly Fever”) here:  

Mandy Harvey - The amazing jazz/pop singer sings on perfect pitch despite being deaf. She graced us with her single “Masterpiece”:  All her music is available at

Mark Farner – The legendary singer/guitarist/songwriter of Grand Funk Railroad appeared twice. Here’s his special Memorial Day salute to veterans with the classic song, “I’m Your Captain”:  He’s made a lot of great music, and his latest DVD, “From Chile With Love,” is available at

Meat Loaf – This iconic rocker hadn’t performed in a long time when he made his triumphant return on our show and turned in a performance with our band that another famous rock star called the best musical segment he’d ever seen on TV. This is one case where I’m going to share all three songs: “Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)”, “Los Angeloser”, and “Mercury Blues”  Of course, you can find his music everywhere, and his new album “Braver Than We Are” is at

MercyMe – The multi-award-winning Christian music group performed “Say I Won’t” on the show:  All their music and merchandise is here:

Michael Grimm – The soulful “America’s Got Talent” winner blew us away with “America the Beautiful”: All his albums are here:

Michael W. Smith – The Christian music superstar honored his father on the show with his new song, “Dusty Road”:  You can find all his music, including his new CD “Worship Forever,” at

Moe Bandy – The king of singing rodeo riders did his new song “A Love Like That” on my show: He has lots of great music, merch and his memoir, “Lucky Me,” at

Oak Ridge Boys – The Country Hall of Famers shared some music from their new album, “Front Porch Singin’”: You can find it on CD or vinyl, plus lots of other ORB swag, at

Raydio – The classic R&B group gave us one of the year’s most memorable segments with our slimed-out version of co-founder Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters” featuring Keith Bilbrey: Their hits are available everywhere, and co-founder Arnell Carmichael’s albums and Raydio bling are here, with a portion of proceeds helping the homeless:

Richie Furay – A founding member of Buffalo Springfield and Poco, this Rock Hall of Famer honored us with the world debut of his song, “America, America”:  You can find his CDs, tour schedule and more at

Riley Green - He’s helping bring country back to its roots. Here he is on “Huckabee”: And you can find his CDs here:   

Rory Feek - The great country storyteller performed “Gentle Man” for us: Watch for the cutaway to his young daughter’s proud, smiling face. It’ll melt your heart! CDs and DVDS of his music (some autographed), both solo and with his late wife Joey, are available here:

Ryan Weaver - This patriotic country rocker is a former Army Black Hawk helicopter aviator and a strong supporter of our troops. He was the perfect person for our commemoration of 9/11: You can download his album “Celebrate America” here: and find his other music and merchandise at

Shenandoah – The great country band Shenandoah has performed on the show several times. Here’s an appearance from 2021, doing “Make It Summertime”: Their music is available everywhere, including their website: 

Stephanie Quayle – This rising country singer/songwriter scored a big hit with our audience with her song, “By Heart”:  She has several fine albums, and her latest is “I Want the World For You.” You can find them at

Tayla Lynn – She proved she’s Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter with her rendition of Loretta’s classic, “You Ain’t Woman Enough to Take My Man:” It’s from her excellent tribute album to Loretta, which you can get here on autographed CD:  

Teea Goans – This beautiful and talented country singer/songwriter shared her song, “That’s What I Know” with us: Her new album “All Over The Map” and all her previous recordings are at  

T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang - These husband-and-wife country stars are two of my best friends and great supporters of the show. Here’s a terrific song from T.G’s latest “Midnight In Memphis”: And here’s Kelly’s moving tribute to fellow cancer survivors, “I’m Not Going Anywhere”: His music is available here:  And you can get autographed copies of Kelly’s CDs and her new book “I’m Not Going Anywhere” at

Tim Atwood – The country singer/songwriter gave us one of the most moving moments ever when he returned a fallen soldier’s ID bracelet to his family after 30 years: He also performed his tribute to Gold Star families, “You First”: Find his music and merch at

Tracy Lawrence - The country music hit maker sang “Price of Fame” for us: That’s also the name of his latest two-volume CD release, available with all his other merch here:

Vince Martell – The legendary lead guitarist of Vanilla Fudge performed his new song “Life Runneth Free” for us: You can get his music and his new memoir, “Psychedelic Solo,” here:  

Wynonna – Country music royalty Wynonna gave a stunning performance of John Prine’s classic “Angel From Montgomery”: Her music, both solo and with The Judds, is available everywhere real music is sold, but for a special gift for a fan, you can get an autographed copy of her latest CD at



“The Chosen” -  This must-see streaming series may be the best screen adaptation of the life of Christ ever. Series creator Dallas Jenkins and star Jonathan Roumie visited the show to preview season two:  Both seasons are now available on DVD at, and you can learn more about the series and the next season at

“Church People” – Christian comedian/actor/writer Thor Ramsey gave us a sneak peek at his inspiring comedy/drama movie debut: It’s now available for streaming at

“The Man From Nowhere” - Nick Searcy, the bravely outspoken conservative actor, dropped by to promote his new movie, “The Man from Nowhere:” Now available on DVD and Blu Ray:

(Incidentally, we haven’t discussed this movie on the show, but Nick Search also created a documentary called “Capitol Punishment” that argues that the FBI is using terror tactics against participants in the January 6th protests to frighten Americans into silence. This will really make him popular in Hollywood! Buy it for streaming here:

“Mayberry Man” - Our pal Rik Roberts brought his fantastic Barney Fife impression to this heartwarming comedy inspired by “The Andy Griffith Show.” Floyd The Barber (Allan Newsome) also stopped by to chew the fat: It’s available at  

“Stallone, Frank That Is” – This documentary finally gives Sly’s underappreciated but very talented brother, and my 2021 musical guest, his due. You can see the trailer and buy it from your favorite streaming sites at

“Stand On It” - “Dukes of Hazzard” and country music star John Schneider told us about “Stand On It,” his new movie inspired by “Smokey and the Bandit”:  You can get it on DVD, along with his other movies and his autobiography, at



There were many great conservative books in 2021, and so many authors who appeared on my show, that Christmas would be over by the time I could finish describing and listing them all. I mentioned a few above, but if there are conservative readers on your list (or some leftists who need converting – and who can read), check out this page from the Conservative Book Club. It has many such books, grouped by category, and when you click on their covers, it takes you to more information about each one and links to purchase them online.

Now, get shopping! Time’s a wastin’!



The leftist reaction to Sen. Joe Manchin putting the kibosh on Biden’s “Build Back Bankruptcy” bill is giving new meaning to the term “Red Diaper Baby.” There were so many televised temper tantrums on Monday, I thought MSNBC was airing a “Bridezillas” marathon.

AOC, Ilhan Omar and the usual cast of empty talking heads have been wailing, stomping and threatening Manchin ever since he refused to buy them their multi-trillion-dollar toy on Sunday. They keep claiming he’s betrayed voters in West Virginia (who oppose this bill by 74% in the latest poll), and he has a lot to answer to them for. One of my favorite responses was a tweet showing West Virginia’s solid red electoral map from 2020 and asking which blue county he should answer to first. West Virginians also told Fox News what they think of Manchin killing the BBB bill. I don’t think he’ll lose any sleep over their comments.

The White House also railed childishly at Manchin’s “betrayal,” with Jen Psaki angrily huffing out of a press conference when questioned about it.

Ironically, it now appears that all this spiteful, immature brattiness might actually have been the last straw that caused Manchin to kill this bill. He revealed that he’d been negotiating in good faith with the Biden White House for months to try to get a bill that he thought wasn’t too expensive, destructive or inflationary, but “my Democratic colleagues in Washington are determined to dramatically reshape our society in a way that leaves our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face. I cannot take that risk.” Still, the reason he may have given up trying may be what he called the “incivility” of the White House staff.

By implying in public statements that Manchin was the reason the bill was stalled, they implicitly encouraged more of the kind of deranged, obnoxious, sometimes criminal, harassment of Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema by the Democrats’ shock troops of underemployed radical troublemakers.

But the bullying and intimidation didn’t work. Manchin said Biden’s staffers “drove some things, and they put some things out that were absolutely inexcusable. They know what it is, and that’s it. They figured surely to God we can move one person. We surely can badger and beat one person up. Surely, we can get enough protesters to make that person uncomfortable enough that they’ll just say, ‘OK I’ll vote for anything.' Well, guess what? I’m from West Virginia. I’m not from where they’re from and they can just beat the living crap out of people and think they’ll be submissive, period.”

In a sign that brain death is setting in, Party leaders actually seem to be taking advice on strategy from AOC, who is urging a combination of underhanded power-grabbing maneuvers and bullying Manchin even more. This is just one more reason why Newt Gingrich said that when dealing with today’s Democrat leaders, you can’t come at it from a political perspective, you have to bear in mind that you’re dealing with people who have mental problems and are completely divorced from reality.

Think about it: what they’re talking about is the surest way to convince Manchin to switch parties. He barely won his last reelection bid, and his state has moved much further right since, while Democrats are threatening to primary him with a more leftist opponent. It was fun being the most powerful man in the Senate, but now his own Party is determined to attack him constantly, and it would be in his best interests electorally to become a Republican.

If he does, that would throw the Senate majority back to the Republicans, and Chuck Schumer would be back in the minority seat, where he belongs. All because the immature spoiled brats running the Party now would rather throw a tantrum for not getting everything they want for Christmas than grow up and think like adults.

Even as seasoned a political player as Schumer seems to have become dumber from being around AOC and the rest. He now claims he’ll bring the BBB dead horse up for a vote in January and force everyone to go on record. He might even do it again and again.

That’s an idiot move. The bill is dead, so the vote is pointless. It will be opposed by all 50 Republicans plus Manchin, who will just become even more popular in West Virginia for saying “no” on the record. Meanwhile, he’ll be forcing all the other Democrats who just dodged a bullet by not having to support this unpopular bill either to support it and give Republicans another campaign issue to bash them with, or oppose it and make Biden and his agenda look even weaker. To quote that great philosopher Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Larry O’Connor has a reminder of how pulling a stupid, counterproductive stunt wouldn’t be the first time for Chuck.

Because radical left college professors always think they’re smarter than America’s Founders were, the University of Miami’s Mary Anne Franks (author of “The Cult of the Constitution: Our Deadly Devotion to Guns and Free Speech,” which I’m sure is on your bookshelf) is calling for a redo of the “deeply flawed” First and Second Amendments.

And how are two of the greatest advances in civil rights in history “flawed”? You’ll have to wade through a lot of four-dollar words, but in a nutshell (emphasis on “nut”): people are harming “vulnerable groups” by asserting their individual rights, so those need to be reined in to protect “equality and the collective good.”

Bottom line: you’re not allowed to contradict what the government deems good or defend yourself from it, which is pretty much the kind of dictatorial thinking that caused the Founders to write the First and Second Amendments in the first place.

No, thanks. I like the Bill of Rights just fine the way it is. It doesn’t need to be rewritten any more than does George Orwell, who predicted this story perfectly in 1945 when he wrote, “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.”

Prayer Tree - December 22

December 22, 2021


"I have been suffering from lumbar and sciatica pain for over a year. I had X-rays today and found I had two lumbar compressions pressing on my sciatica nerve and another nerve. Please pray that the medications will help."

"New arrival of a newborn reveals she has a recessed chin. Delicate and extensive surgery is needed. Pray for the medical team that will endeavor to help little Rainey."

"Prayers requested for my son, lost his job yesterday. Raising in prayer everyone on this Tree. Merry Christmas and may God bless us, every one"!

"Please pray for the health of my Dad, Kent. May his health be restored so he can continue to inspire people. Pray for my Mom Judy that her health be strong and she keeps her humor. We ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen."

"Prayer for a dear friend who is married and recently his wife, having an affair online left him taking their three children with her. He is devastated he needs comfort and wisdom on how to proceed."

"I have a home Bible study group mostly former drug addicts & street people I give them Bibles & other resources & cook meals for them Mostly young men I’m praying for a man of God to help One who ministers in Deliverence & Healing My group needs it Especially young man w/call of GOD on his life named Angel Manuel Thank you &God richly bless."

"Please pray for me and esp. for my wife and family. I have RSD/CRPS. This causes constant severe burning in my R. Mid forearm down covering my entire hand. The pain is a constant 7/10 and up. My pain clinician says the pain pump insertion is my last chance. I am SO VERY TIRED as I just can't keep doing this anymore! Please my sweet Jesus hear this and please oh please keep me strong, walk beside me and my family that puts up with me...

Thanks... David..."

"family members are sick with Omicron variant. Sara Roney, d-i-l, has fever for last 2 weeks around 104 degrees. Youngest granddaughter (Abigail), also has fever from virus. After 2 weeks ill, I am still not over cold or covid. Not sure what it is affecting me. I do not have fever. Thank you."

"Sharon Tullis Smith. Finished chemo and radiation but now suffering excruciating pain from radiation burns on neck and face, and inside her mouth, making eating and drinking nearly impossible. She is losing weight and is quite sick from the treatments she received and needs a miraculous healing!"

"My significant other - severe case of Covid in a small town with less than ideal healthcare."

"Please pray for the Lord to heal me of hypertension and atrial fibrillation. It's really affecting my ability to be productive, and I cannot live as an invalid. Thank you. God bless you. Rosalie Gilliland"

"Pastor Kenny W. had a tracheotomy yesterday ... he is stable and we ask for prayers for his recovery to overcome covid and pneumonia ... PRAYERS WORK! We appreciate your prayers ... TY"

"My daughter is an alcoholic and has been clean for 3 years she is back drinking saying she can quit anytime... she is loosing her 7 children and 2 grand children by this act. I pray for her conviction in this matter with Gods help."

"Please pray my daughter Brandi who is struggling with worldly issues, she knows Jesus but the world has its grips on her. Thank you!"

"My family needs healing, please pray for us"

"I have had strange symptoms develop on my skin, as well as increased bruising, which seems to require long-term healing; symtoms that i do not remember having before receiving the covid vaccinations. I think we're basically being used as guinea pigs by a bunch of morons, who are trying to take over the world...farfetched???..maybe; maybe not, but i know i need some fast help from the Good Lord, and prayers before i go to the dermatologist...thx, pray for Donna C"

My sister, Analicia lost her husband to covid this year. Please pray for her peace and joy to return to her and her adult children. They all love our heavenly Father.

Thank you... India Z."

"My brother-in-law is being sent home from the hospital today under Hospice care. He has bone cancer in his hip. I have given this to God; I know who the great physician is and who has final say. I just have to say that I do not believe Bob got the care he should have had and I wonder how some doctors who took an oath to do their job sleep at night. Please pray for Bob and my sister Sue. Thank you and God Bless you."

"Please pray for my wife, Gayle, for healing from stage 3 kidney disease and for healing for her knees. She has been basically bed ridden for years."

"My mom Nan: She is 96 and suffers from dizziness and memory lapse. Pray that she feels God’s presence and that I have wisdom and strength to know how to care for her. She still does some things on her own even though I live with her. Thank you and God bless"

"Please pray for my daughter who has sjogrens. Please pray for healing. I have a bad hip and would like healing. Pray for America. Thank you all and be blessed."

"Please pray for my health. I have several health issues like COPD and the most important is Chronic lymphocistic leukemia. Recently I had a Ct scan which showed enlarged nodes in my abdomen."

"Stuart for protection of his health and mind that he may be the man of the home that God created him to be."

"Please pray for my daughter in law, Tammy, she will be having surgery in January for a cyst on her brain, pray for healing so surgery won't be necessary. Pray for my son that has ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and seizures. Please pray for my bouts of depression from loss of husband due to covid in May. I am praying for all of the prayer requests that are posted on here. God bless all."

"We have a friend named Darrah, who has a great history of evangelism, but now is facing some very serious health problems. His wife has not been able to help him. He is now in special care in the hospital and is really need of our prayers for wisdom on how to handle these health problems."

"I wish to say a prayer for Senator Manchin. May god bless him and keep him strong in the fight to save our nation."

"Sick w/flu like symptoms. Cherri Lucas"


"In memorial of Fernando Cantens recently deceased, for his widow Ana Cantens, as she faces the difficulty and unknowns of the days ahead after nearly 51 years of marriage."

"Ten years ago my husband,Scott, and I held our breath through the Christmas season waiting for results of his biopsy. Our children were both grown and far from home. We spent Christmas Day with one of my brothers and his wife. It was a sweet quiet day…the last Christmas we spent together in this life. I want the world to know that Scott was a faithful husband, father, friend. He was a patriot, Army veteran, and spent his working career in different law enforcement areas. He was a gift from heaven to me and I am waiting for the day when I will stand with him before our King Jesus!"

UPDATE! I reported last week about Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal attending an awards dinner and praising his hosts, who happened to be an affiliate of the Communist Party USA. After this resulted in understandable criticism from the right (and the middle – you don’t have to be very far right to disapprove of COMMUNISM), Blumenthal claimed he thought that was just a labor event; that he gets invited to a lot of things; and heavens, he’s a proud capitalist and had no idea he was amidst Communists!

The media did what they always do: covered up the original story that reflected badly on a Democrat, and when it came out anyway despite their suppression efforts, they rushed to defend Blumenthal, echo his excuses, and try to turn the “real” story into how “Republicans pounced” to try to twist this into a negative political issue for their opponents. Because without the Republicans complaining, nobody would’ve batted an eye at a powerful Democratic Senator joining in a communist event.

Well, here’s the latest from the Media Research Center: Blumenthal claimed he was unaware that he was at a communist event (after all, there was food.) But here is what one awards presenter told the crowd over the microphone:

“There's more and more people talking now about socialism in this country as it becomes more and more clear that capitalism is not going to work for our future.”

And just to make it crystal clear that they didn’t mean AOC-style “Democratic socialism” (which is, like, TOTALLY different from socialism-socialism), the emcee said this:

“We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits,”

Maybe everyone was slurping their borscht so loudly that Blumenthal didn’t hear the “Communist Party” part and just assumed from that list of euphemisms that they were fellow modern Democrats. Or he could try claiming that he suffered hearing loss from all the guns going off around him during his time on the battlefield in Vietnam. At least, that would be a lie he’s used to telling.