Brandon Morse at has a good lesson on why parents need to be watching their children’s school officials like hawks. At a school board meeting for Desert Valley Elementary in Arizona, parents got up and made it clear that they did not want racist “Critical Race Theory” being taught to their kids (the crux being that America is a racist nation and all white people are evil oppressors.) After the meeting, someone leaked a private email in which school principal Tonya Neve complained about the school “giving those wackos a platform to spread propaganda” and talked about ways to silence “those pushy voices.”

After it hit the news, the Peoria Unified School District claimed it was unaware of Neve’s contemptuous name-calling of parents. They later said, Neve has “taken a position outside of our district for next school year and will no longer be serving our district.” Strange use of the word "serving," but I'll let it pass.

So three lessons to take away:

1. Speak up and fight back against this racist, Marxist indoctrination of our children.

2. Watch your school officials like a hawk to make sure they got the message and hold them accountable if they don’t.

3. Both 1 and 2 go double for anyone who lives in whatever district that principal moved on to.

If there’s one thing leftists hate, it’s successful Christian conservatives who don’t bend their knee to the woke Twitter mobs. So they’ve long targeted Chris and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” Their first “so what” attack on the Gaines family was for attending a church where the pastor opposed same-sex marriage. That failed to shock anyone but the terminally clueless. Now, The Hill newspaper has tried a new tack, running a hit piece that accused Chip Gaines of donating $1,000 to a school board candidate who (gasp!) opposes Critical Race Theory in schools.

This assault blew up in their faces in two ways:

1. Anyone in their right mind should oppose Critical Race Theory in schools. It’s divisive, Marxist-derived, racist garbage that teaches children to feel shame, guilt or helplessness based on their skin color. Most parents didn’t even realize until recently that their kids were being indoctrinated with this poison, and now there’s a nationwide movement to kick it out of schools. Tennessee just became the latest entire state to ban it.

2. The school board candidate Chip Gaines donated to…is his sister.

The Hill reporters might need Chip to come to their houses with his tool belt to help remove their feet from their mouths.

Remember the Bellevue, Idaho, deputy who made the hilarious viral video in which he pretended to be calling LeBron James to ask advice on how to peacefully handle a knife-wielding maniac? He was suspended by his department over that, and now he’s been fired.

Nate Silvester told Sean Hannity that he’s the latest victim of cancel culture. He said he’d made lots of other videos in uniform that attempted to humanize police officers, but nobody complained until he made fun of LeBron James and his bizarre political position on policing. Then again, leftists have never been famous for their ability to laugh at themselves, or even to make funny jokes about their opponents (this is why late night hosts get lots of applause from their studio audiences, but nobody laughs anymore.)

I hope the people of Bellevue let their officials know that they don’t appreciate them punishing a police officer to appease a Twitter mob. But I have a feeling Silvester will be fine. He says he has job offers from around the country, and he’s writing a book. Better yet, considering that the ratings for “Saturday Night Live’s” season finale tied the previous week for lowest of the season, maybe NBC should hire Silvester to replace Lorne Michaels and show the cast and writers how to be funny.

The Daily Caller and Judicial Watch have filed a discrimination lawsuit against Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her refusal to give interviews to white reporters. They say it’s a violation of the news outlets’ First Amendment rights and the reporters’ 14th Amendment equal protection rights, and that it’s outrageous and unlawful for an elected official to block freedom of the press using racial discrimination.

In a statement, reporter Thomas Catenacci, who was denied an interview because he’s white, said, “Every journalist and every person who consumes the news should be concerned by Mayor Lightfoot’s actions.”

You’d think so, but then, I also thought that every journalist would be outraged at the legal persecution of the undercover reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood’s practices. That proved that most of today’s “journalists” will prioritize protecting liberal narratives and favored groups over protecting their own rights as journalists.

I predict, however, that when Mayor Lightfoot relents, or is ordered by a court to cease her racist practices, the other news outlets who employ white reporters will request interviews with her, taking advantage of the rights fought for by the conservative outlets that they refused to stand with.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who has been under fire for spending millions of dollars on houses in upscale, mostly white neighborhoods, is stepping down as BLM’s executive director. The self-proclaimed "trained Marxist" blamed “right-wing attacks” for trying to “discredit my character,” and said the time is right to leave to focus on other projects, including the release of her second book and a television deal with Warner Brothers.

Funny, I would’ve guessed she’d go into real estate.

In a related story, the National Pulse unearthed a 2015 clip of Cullors lamenting the demise of the US Communist Party. On the contrary, I’d say that some communists are doing incredibly well these days.

According to a new Rasmussen survey, a large majority of Americans (68%) believe it’s likely the COVID-19 virus originated in a Chinese lab, including 43% who think it’s very likely. Only 16% think it’s unlikely and 16% aren’t sure.

In addition, 53% think it’s “very important” to investigate the virus’ origins and another 29% think it’s “somewhat important.” Even President Biden has now “asked the Intelligence Community to redouble their efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion,” and demanded a report within 90 days.

This news actually cheers me up because it proves that despite the worries about big tech, government and media colluding to control what the public sees and what we’re allowed to say, they can’t keep us from thinking it. We went through months of being told that any suspicions about the origins of that virus were racist conspiracy theories. Simply questioning the official story from the CCP made you complicit in vile racist attacks on Chinese-Americans. It was so unthinkable that any doubts about it got you censored or even thrown off of social media and publicly shamed and “canceled.”

And yet, even with all that bullying, intimidation, censorship and brainwashing, 68% of Americans still had the common sense and reasoning ability to know when someone was urinating on their boots and telling them it was a rainstorm. It proves Abe Lincoln (who – news to many young people, I’m sure – was a Republican) right again: No matter how powerful you think you are, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

Speaking of investigating the origins of COVID, and even (gasp!) holding China accountable, here’s some proposed legislation that in a better world would pass unanimously.

The Huffington Post’s White House correspondent normally isn’t worth quoting for any reason other than laughs, but when you claim the January 6th violence at the Capitol was “1,000 percent worse” than 9/11, that’s a level of stupidity that deserves recognition, possibly by the Guinness World Record people.

Kudos to Spencer Brown at for writing that this person also authored a book titled “The Useful Idiot,” “which this writer was surprised to learn was not in fact an autobiography.”

In a related story: No, AOC, the fact that you were evacuated from an office near the Capitol during the January 6th violence does not mean that you know what it feels like to be traumatized by “serving in war.”

That’s an insult to anyone who actually has served in war, including your colleagues. Maybe you should try listening when Rep. Dan Crenshaw speaks. This would be one of many areas in which you could benefit.

I told you about the audit in Windham, New Hampshire, that found that voting machines were misreading folds in ballots as votes, causing them to be rejected for “overvoting” or having too many spaces filled in. It proved that a Republican who won by only 24 votes on election night actually won by 420 votes (that many Republican ballots had been falsely disqualified.)

Officials claim this was isolated to only that county, but other researchers claim they’ve identified neighboring counties with the exact same issue.

I wonder if someday, we’ll look back on the people who declared questioning the 2020 election results to be a “Big Lie” the same way we’re already starting to look at the smug “fact-checkers” who said the same thing about questioning whether COVID-19 really came from eating bats out of a wet market?