Documentary filmmaker and conservative activist Chris Rufo has been effectively exposing Critical Race Theory for what it is, sounding the warning for the past year, and, naturally, the “woke” left can’t stand that. So the WASHINGTON POST did a long hit piece on him. The slant of it was that the teaching of Critical Race Theory was being used by Republicans not because it’s evil and racist (which it is) but because they see “political promise” in making it a wedge issue to use for taking back Congress in 2022. And they made Rufo out to seem manipulative when he’s simply running a public persuasion campaign –- not by lying about CRT but by telling the truth about it.

Rufo challenged what they'd said, and WAPO ended up having to retract or add six paragraphs from their story. They had to reverse one of their key accusations against him. They even had to admit to out-and-out fabricating a timeline of events that was central to their story. They also had to admit they didn’t have an audio recording or transcript of the (fake) quotes they had used.

Still, the “clarification” they printed at the end of their revised story really downplays the problems with their piece. All they said was this:

“This report has been changed to clarify the sequence of events that followed Rufo’s appearance on FOX NEWS last summer. In addition, the story adds a clarification from the Cupertino superintendent that a lesson was presented once before it was canceled.”

When Rufo also called out Joy Reid of MSNBC for denouncing him “by name multiple times” and suggested she lacked the courage to invite him on her show, Reid –- who is perhaps the most racist person on television if it can narrowed down to just one –- tweeted, “This is a weirdly aggressive way to get yourself on TV, Christopher...Why not just contact my booking producers like a normal person, rather than going with the White Man Demands option? I had never even heard of you until @oneunderscore_piece exposing your plot to rebrand CRT.”

“White Man Demands”? Told you, this person views everything from the lens of her own bigotry.

Rufo appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Tuesday night. “I’m eating these hit pieces for breakfast,” he said. “It’s really not fazing me at all.” He’s focused like a laser on his mission.

He said WAPO had assigned three reporters and spent three weeks to try and undermine him but that this had “backfired spectacularly.”

So, “it doesn’t bother me one bit,” he said. “I think it really shows that we’re having an impact. We’ve woken up millions of parents to the dangers of Critical Race Theory. They’re now starting to take action in school boards across the country. And these neo-racist bigots are starting to get worried.”

He added that it’s important to recognize the difference between “equality” and “equity.” The former means equal protection under the law, while the latter, though it might sound good and soft and fuzzy, really means “something totally different” –- it means that they’re trying to divide and conquer by forcing groups to compete against each other.

“They’re using active racial discrimination,” he said, “which they call ‘anti-racist discrimination,’ to try to achieve equality of outcomes.” When regimes in the 20th century tried to set up this kind of society, “it left body counts in the tens of millions, and we shouldn’t try it here. There’s no chance that it will succeed. And we have to know exactly where it’s starting, which is in our schools."

Rufo is slightly off about one thing: historians will say, the body count was in the HUNDREDS of millions. And the slaughter continues to this day in some countries.

In related news, two parents were arrested Tuesday at a meeting of the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board. One who didn’t want to go quietly was roughed up and tackled to the floor. They had come “because they had been given space to speak,” Tucker Carlson reported, but so many angry parents had shown up to put the “loud” in “Loudoun” and protest the teaching of Critical Race Theory and also a proposed new transgender policy that the school board, after first calling for a five-minute recess to let things cool down, chose to adjourn the meeting and send everybody home. That didn’t sit well with some of the parents who had wanted to speak. Police were there to arrest for trespassing the ones who wouldn’t leave, and it got contentious.

More coverage on Laura Ingraham’s show and on FOX NEWS early Wednesday morning showed complete bedlam in the meeting hall, with parents demanding board members resign over their support of CRT. A total of 259 parents were signed up to make public comment, and only 51 got to speak. When board members filed out of the room after adjourning, parents chanted, “Shame on you! Shame on you!” and also sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

One after another, while they had the chance, parents took to the microphone. Demographically, it was a largely white crowd, but not all-white. Black parents are upset by this as well, as it teaches black children that they are victims and losers who need intervention to do as well as others. “My child is not oppressed,” said one mother who is black, “and don’t assume that. As long as you Marxists push your unconstitutional agenda, my child --- she will not be returning back to Loudon County schools.” The room erupted in cheers.

Video of the entire event is here.

This was a rowdy crowd, and it would have been better not to see fighting and booing. But this illustrates what happens when people get pushed too far, especially where their kids are concerned. Parents are realizing that when it comes to the education of their kids, school boards aren’t even giving them a seat at the table. But school boards are answerable to THEM. Policies they vehemently disagree with are being shoved down their throats by progressives who just keep moving the goal post further and further left, and parents, in particular, are sick of it.

FOX & FRIENDS on Wednesday morning interviewed one of the parents. “We do not want to co-parent with our government,” Rachel Pisani said, concerned that kids are being indoctrinated. This board, she says, is planning to fire any teacher who isn’t on board with their cultural message. And during Tuesday’s meeting, she said, they cut off speakers with whom they disagreed. But she vowed that the protests by this “army of moms” will not stop until they are heard. The goal of these parents now is to recall and replace six of the nine members of the school board.

It's great to see that pushing back against the radical left agenda is waking more people up. Parents need to stay pedal-to-the-metal on this and any other school issue they have a problem with. To borrow a word from President Trump, it seems that finally, on the issue of Critical Race Theory, we are...WINNING!

What Changed?!?

June 22, 2021

Seth Barrett Tillman, a law lecturer at the National University of Ireland, dug up an eye-opening Newsweek article from January 18, 2018. Currently, Trump supporters who think the election was rigged are being silenced and vilified as delusional for thinking that the results could be overturned and Trump become President again. I’m not saying that could happen, but this article reminds us that many Democrats had a very different attitude when they thought the Mueller probe might prove that Russia rigged the 2016 election for Trump.

The article quotes Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig as saying that if it was proven Trump conspired with Russia to steal the election (spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and he didn’t), both he and Mike Pence should resign or be impeached. That would make then-House Speaker Paul Ryan President, and he should nominate Hillary Clinton, "the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become President.”

Lessig admitted that there is no “mechanism for correcting the criminal results of the previous election," and he wasn’t saying this should happen, just that it could.

The important point is that only three years ago, questioning the validity of the previous Presidential election wasn’t treason or insurrection, it was free speech. And fantasizing about the current President being forced to step down and replaced by his former opponent because the election was rigged wasn’t a conspiracy theory so crazy that anyone who even mentioned it had to be censored, monitored and investigated. It was something that Harvard professors openly discussed in mainstream media outlets.

Gee, I wonder what changed in so short a time?

Animal Hate Speech

June 22, 2021

Many civil libertarians argued against passing “hate speech” laws because when you start saying that some speech isn’t protected by the First Amendment, that means someone gets to decide what that banned speech is, and that’s a slippery slope toward partisan censorship. For instance, here’s a story about a former Congressman and the President of the American Jewish Congress arguing that the government should use hate crimes laws to ban entire social media platforms or political campaigns that are determined (by whom? Them?) to be promoting “extremism.”

Ironically, that claim is so extreme that even Twitter’s lawyers slammed it, with other legal experts noting that there are plenty of court precedents that the First Amendment does protect so-called “hate speech.”

Well, we have hate speech laws anyway, and now, the slope for what’s “allowable speech” has become slipperier than a water slide. But I’ll bet you never saw this one coming: an “analytic philosopher” and a lecturer in political theory from Britain’s Sheffield University have written a paper in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies called “Should We Protect Animals From Hate Speech?”

Utilizing an impressive barrage of both doubletalk and gobbledygook, the authors compare racist hate speech to “speciesist” hate speech and argue that if hate speech laws can ban hate speech that doesn’t actually hurt anyone, then why not apply the same ban on hateful words that don't wound to hateful words about animals that they can’t understand? Their summation:

“We thus conclude that, absent a compelling alternative argument, there is no in-principle reason to support the censure of racist hate speech but not the censure of speciesist hate speech.”

Granted, it’s not entirely clear whether they’re arguing that we need anti-animal hate speech or that all hate speech laws are as justifiable as banning phrases like “Beat a dead horse.” Another question: would animal hate speech laws also apply to animals? I’ve heard parrots say some pretty hurtful things. Personally, I just hope we never make it illegal to say bad things about cats or I’ll be facing a lot of lawsuits.

CNN is under fire for running the provocative and misleading headline “Georgia removes 100,000 names from voter rolls,” which prompted Robert Reich to declare on Twitter, “Our democracy is under attack.” But CNN omitted the important details that (A.) they were inactive voters, and (B.) all states routinely remove inactive voters from their voting rolls, as required by law.

The headline on this story could be “CNN promotes divisive, misleading partisan spin over journalistic accuracy,” but that wouldn't qualify as news.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger pointed out a few more details that CNN overlooked in trying to make it appear that Georgia is disenfranchising Democrat voters.

The number of voters purged is actually much smaller than in 2017 or 2019. Only 275 are on the list due to inactivity (five years or more with no contact with elections officials), but anyone who was removed mistakenly can re-register online in seconds. The vast majority are being removed because they filled out change-of-address forms or their election mail was returned as undeliverable. And 18,000 of them had died. Raffensperger said, “So they are not going to be voting anymore.”

On the other hand, you might take that as an admission that we’ve finally, at long last, found an actual example of Georgia disenfranchising a loyal Democrat constituency.

Leftwing Twitter

June 22, 2021

Courtesy of Instapundit and Brian Reidl of the Manhattan Institute, here’s some news that corporate CEOs should ponder long and hard before going “woke” to appease the Twitter mob.

According to Pew Research, Democrats outnumber Republicans on Twitter by 15 percentage points. If Twitter were a state, that would tie it with Hawaii and Vermont for most liberal state. But it gets worse: only 10% of Twitter users post 92% of all tweets. Among those active users, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 43 percentage points. If Twitter were a Congressional district, that would make it the second-most leftwing district in America.

And 3% of Twitter users post 90% of all tweets, so you can only imagine how far left of most Americans their tweets are.

If you’re a CEO who’s making business decisions based on what people say about you on Twitter, you might as well just run your company by asking yourself, “What would Ilhan Omar do?” And I think we know what she would do: she’d put you into bankruptcy.

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Hypocrisy In Regatta
  • America Is Waking Up
  • Related
  • The Olympics Are Coming
  • Another Loss In Court For The Biden Administration


Mike Huckabee


And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28


Hypocrisy In Regatta

By Mike Huckabee

Liberal Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse loves to expound on BLM and other people’s racism on Twitter, but when it comes to his longtime membership in an exclusive, all-white beach club in his home state of Rhode Island, he isn’t quite so woke.

When surprised by an interviewer who asked if Bailey’s Beach Club in Newport ever added any non-white members, Whitehouse said no, but “I think the people who are running the place are still working on that. I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet. It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island, and there are many of them, and I think we just need to work our way through the issues, thank you.”

Whitehouse has been a member of the all-white club for decades, and his wife is even a major shareholder. He’s never quit or used his power and influence to change things. Yet he’s escaped the cancel culture apparently because he’s a prominent Democrat. If you’re one of those, and you say the “right” things (i.e., the left things), you get a pass on actually doing the right thing.

Guy Benson of had a great observation about this on Twitter:

“(Actress) Ellie Kemper had to issue a groveling apology because she won a pageant crown in 1999 from a group that was segregated decades prior. Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to a club that is *still all-white TODAY* (after promising to quit years ago) & his response is “it’s a tradition.”

Well, so was slavery, and it took Republicans to end that, too.

America Is Waking Up

By Mike Huckabee

It feels as if Americans are slowly awakening from a coma induced by too much CNN (trust me, that can happen), looking around at what the left is doing to their beloved nation, and finally rousing themselves to fight back. Like this black doctor, whose epic takedown of racist Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting went viral…

And as Americans shake off that coma, they’re starting to realize just how much of what they’ve been fed over the past few years by big government, big tech, big media and big business was a big load of bull droppings. Now, we have even more examples.

Remember how all last year, we were told (and some people are still pushing this) that it was necessary to shut down 95% of businesses to stop the spread of the deadly virus. If you objected, you were branded as anti-“science” or as caring more about capitalism than human life.

Many of us argued that the shutdown cure was worse than the disease: it was not only destroying our economy, but countless peoples’ lives and dreams; causing tragic side effects such as delays in needed medical treatment, drug abuse, depression, suicide and loss of schooling; and all for no good reason. Why in the world was it considered “safe” for big stores like Wal-Mart or supermarkets to stay open while small businesses that were willing to follow the exact same safety rules were forced to close?

Well, here’s more proof of just how tragically wrong those policies were:

A new study by USC and the RAND Corporation using data from 43 nations and all 50 states found that lockdown policies not only failed to save lives, they may have had lethal unintended consequences. Nations and states that implemented lockdowns earlier or longer had no lower excess death rates than those that didn’t. However, across all nations, a one-week increase in lockdowns corresponded to 2.7 more excess deaths per 100,000 people.

As for the notion that opponents of lockdowns care more about capitalism than people: first of all, those small businesses represented people, people who had poured their lives, work and all their resources into launching their dream, only to have it crushed by power-mad bureaucrats. We know now that up to 40% of American’s small businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, largely imposed by “progressive” Democrats who love to yammer on about “income inequality” and how it’s unfair that billionaires exist. But while their policies killed the middle class, who did they greatly enrich? The already rich.

The Democrats’ endless, heartless lockdown policies robbed American workers of $3.7 trillion in lost earnings, with women and Gen Z workers hardest hit. They also represented a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, who became nearly $5 trillion richer. Nearly 500 people joined the billionaire class, thanks to the government forcibly shutting down competitors to mega-corporations like Walmart and Amazon.

So when you hear a “progressive” fulminating against a “rigged” system that transfers wealth from the middle class to well-connected billionaires, remind them that they put that system on steroids.

Be sure to read the linked Redstate article because it also includes a much-needed reality check for Republicans who still think that all big businesses should be protected in the name of free markets. Here’s an excerpt:

“…No longer should the GOP knee-jerk defend everyone with a yacht and a private jet as some next level of patriot. Rather, someone who promotes crony capitalism should be treated with the same skepticism and scorn as someone who promotes socialism. Free markets should actually be free, and that includes freedom from the government picking winners and losers at the behest of the mega-rich.

If Republicans want a working-class message that doesn’t actually violate conservative principles, it exists, and it’s just waiting to be embraced. Stop worrying about corporate tax rates for the umpteenth time and start worrying about making the system fair for the full spectrum of those involved, including those who aren’t privileged enough to have their senator’s private number saved in their phone.”

That’s pretty much what I was saying when I first ran for President in 2008. For that, some establishment Republicans accused me of being a socialist. I’m about as much of a socialist as I am a ballet dancer. Let’s hope they’re finally coming out of their comas and waking up to the reality that many of today’s billionaires are more likely to promote socialism than to contribute to the GOP.


By Mike Huckabee

I read a comment from a reader that saddened me, and I'm sure they aren't the only ones this has happened to. Her kids, who are liberals, have cut off communications with their mother and father because they hold conservative political views. I will pray for those kids to see the light, regain their priorities and honor their father and mother.

In the meantime, I hope that the signs of people coming out of their comas, and the truth at last breaking free despite all the barriers put up against it, will result in more people realizing they've been hoodwinked and panicked into unthinkingly embracing false, radical political positions. I hope that realization will lead to them reaching back out to family and friends whom they cut off simply for holding different views. And I pray that they will wake up to the wisdom expressed by Mark Twain, when he wrote:

When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.

The Olympics Are Coming

By Mike Huckabee

The Tokyo Olympics will allow fans into the arenas, but under severe limitations.

Still, they won’t be as severely limited as the born-female weightlifters, who can only hope to compete for the silver this year.

On the plus side, maybe this will be a good thing. It will shine an international spotlight on the outrageous, ludicrous unfairness of allowing biological males who “identify” as women to compete in women’s sports. This has been one of those stories that’s long circulated in conservative media, but the mainstream media have done a good job of smothering it under a barrage of propaganda about how anyone who believes in biological science is just a transphobe who hates “equality” and wants to prevent trans people from achieving their dreams.

Having the entire world watching as all those women are prevented from achieving the dream they’ve worked for all their lives by someone who obviously has no business being in that competition just might be the big ice bucket of reality that finally shatters the narrative.

And as always, leave it to the Babylon Bee to clarify the issue perfectly:

Another Loss In Court For The Biden Administration

By Mike Huckabee

The Biden Administration chalked up another loss in court, as a federal judge in Florida issued an injunction suspending the CDC’s “extensive, disabling, and exclusive” COVID-19 “sailing orders” that were crushing the cruise industry.

I say “another loss” because, while Biden slammed Trump as a “lawless” President, he’s racked up a bigger string of court losses in his first six months than Trump. And remember, liberals challenged everything Trump did and went shopping for the most activist leftwing judges to thwart him – the kind of judges who would rule that they had powers plainly granted to the President by the Constitution, like enforcing immigration laws.

But as Jonathan Turley points out at The Hill, many of Biden’s disruptive policies have been blocked by lower courts or already rejected by the Supreme Court.

Ironically, many of these court losses have been due to the Biden’s Administration actually doing what it falsely accused Trump of doing, like blatantly exceeding the President’s Constitutional powers, engaging in systemic racial discrimination (his programs to help minority-owned restaurants and farms, but not those owned by white people), and “acting arbitrarily and capriciously in carrying out federal policy.”

It’s a good reminder that even though it’s easy to get disheartened by the aggressive attempts to “transform” America through abuse of Presidential and Congressional power, there are three branches of government, and we can still “take the bums to court” and win.

If you wonder why so many of your fellow Americans don’t seem to understand why anyone would oppose something called the “For the People Act” or think that trying to make elections honest is “voter suppression,” you can partially thank the Democrat Party press agents known as the “news media.” analyzed the NBC, CBS and ABC evening news from March 1 to June 10th. They found that coverage of states’ attempts to increase election integrity received 96% negative coverage. They were routinely depicted as voting “restrictions,” even though none of them prevent any eligible person from voting, and many expand voting opportunities. Coverage was also couched in partisan terms, comparing these laws to Jim Crow and claiming that “many are calling them racist” and that “Black and brown voters are screaming that this is voter suppression” (ABC.)

On the other hand, from the networks’ coverage of the Democrats’ “For the People Act” (or as I more accurately call it, the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act”), you’d think there was no legitimate criticism of that at all. They depicted it as needed to prevent voter suppression, even though turnout in 2020 was the highest since 1900. Also, as noted by Rich Lowry at National Review, it’s backers claim it would increase confidence in the accuracy of elections even though it bans states from updating voter rolls and abolishes voter ID laws (which are favored by a majority of blacks, FYI.)

Even when Sen. Joe Manchin announced his opposition to the bill, a major story, the networks gave it no air time.

It shows that in an age when you can get practically anything delivered, the people who claim to be delivering the news are the only ones not delivering.

Gordon Chang, expert on China and author of THE GREAT U.S. - CHINA TECH WAR, appeared on TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT Monday to speak further on the likelihood that Dong Jingwei, the 57-year-old head of counterintelligence for the Chinese Ministry of State Security, had flown from Hong Kong to California on February 10 and defected to the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, bringing with him a treasure trove of secret information.

Chang reiterated that he thinks the story is true.

China is denying that this happened, of course, and both BEIJING DAILY and the Hong Kong publication SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST have reported that Dong is in China doing whatever spooky things he normally does in the land of Chinese spooks, such as giving presentations at spy-catcher seminars.

Chang does not believe their reports, as “China has every reason in the world to parade this guy in front of the cameras. That would squelch all sorts of rumors that are damaging to the regime. Now, China hasn’t done that, and that to me says that we have him, and that he, in fact, defected.”

RELATED READING:  Info from Chinese defector might change the course of history

Incidentally, the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST story makes reference to the “new anti-espionage regulation released in April” that applies to “not only Chinese government departments, but also social groups and businesses, supplemented with lists of Chinese entities that are assigned counter-espionage responsibilities.” This onerous new law has received very little press in the United States, so I'm taking the opportunity here to describe it. Under this law, once entities been designated by the government, they're required to watch for and prevent foreign espionage activity. They must “vet and train personnel, particularly ahead of foreign trips, after which they must be debriefed about any national security issues.” This law treats even universities and private businesses as if they’re “sensitive government agencies.”

More on this soon, but for now, back to the Chang interview. Tucker brought up the fact that the media are suddenly changing their tune on the origin of the virus, as if they knew...somehow...they could no longer get away with spouting their original fairy tale about bat soup. And Chang noted what seems to be a similar shift of opinion among officials of the Biden administration. This story out of Australia mentions that same shift as evidence that the defection probably happened.

Chang said this could be due to any of a number of things, perhaps political pressure, but he thinks it’s because they now have evidence of a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Even more important is the information that the Chinese military was working with that lab as part of its bioweapons program.

As for China intentionally releasing the virus, Chang believes this scenario is possible but unlikely, given that they didn’t yet have a vaccine. He thinks it was a mistake, and that China “wasn’t able to contain it.” On the other hand, he noted that while foreigners typically believe the leak was accidental, Chinese nationals are more likely to think it was released on purpose. They know their government all too well.

We came across another report from that same Australian news outlet that provides a lot of context for this alleged defection. It says that no “convincing” photo of Dong has been released since last September, and the one that's purported to be him isn't persuading anyone. This story also includes some intriguing background on Dong’s daughter.

All we’d seen in the press about Dong Yang was that she'd been studying at a California university, but now there’s more: She’s reportedly the ex-wife of Alibaba executive Jiang Fan. Alibaba, an international tech firm, has been in the crosshairs of the CCP in recent months. The company is being scrutinized for alleged “antitrust” and “corruption” issues. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s CEO, “disappeared” for several weeks earlier this year.

Since that time, Ma has reportedly “embraced supervision.” (Ah, there’s a euphemism for you.) And he rarely appears in public or makes public statements. The CCP appears to be cracking down in general on billionaires and academics. Interesting case in point: at the same time we were hearing denials of a nuclear accident of some kind at the China Taishan power plant, one of its leading nuclear scientists, Vice President of Harbin Engineering University Zhang Zhijian, reportedly “fell” from his building. No details were given.

Another billionaire, the chairman of a Chinese high-tech firm, got in hot water and was ordered to “keep a low profile” after publishing a historic poem as part of a media campaign. This poem was critical of an ancient emperor. In China, criticism of emperors is banned on social media, as it could be interpreted as criticism of their current leader-for-life, Xi Jinping.

(Wow, you thought censorship on American social media was bad! On the other hand, this story gives us a peek at just how bad it can get, and almost certainly WILL get if we don’t weaken the power of Big Tech.)

Another billionaire, this one in agriculture, lost control of his business after being arrested over a minor property dispute. He’s since been charged with “seeking quarrels and provoking trouble.”

So our speculation is that this kind of crackdown by the CCP might have had some impact on Dong’s daughter, considering her ties, and might even have something to do with the defection. Just a hypothesis. We’ll see if anyone else makes this connection.

I’ll leave you with the words being (falsely?) attributed to Dong from that seminar, as they relate to the way China is cracking down on business moguls and, ironically, might even describe what Dong himself has done by defecting: “In particular, some individuals are willing to be ‘internal traitors,’ secretly colluding with foreign spies and intelligence agencies and hostile forces to engage in anti-China activities. Individuals ‘act behind the scenes’ and send funds to hostile forces through illegal channels to support anti-China activities. These ‘traitors’ and behind-the-scenes gold masters’ have severely endangered the country’s political security. They will eventually be nailed to the pillar of shame in history.”

Translation: we need to keep this man, and his daughter, safe.