For too long, leftist media outlets and corporations have believed they can make themselves look good by branding other people as racists and destroying their lives and businesses. Well, they’re finally learning that there are consequences to defamation, and victims of cancel culture are learning that they don’t have to roll over and apologize for nonexistent offenses. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do; it’s like letting sharks smell blood in the water.

To lift your spirits, here are the latest examples of fighting back. First, the New York Times has surrendered to the Babylon Bee. The Times twice tried to slime the Bee by describing it as a rightwing misinformation site hiding behind the label of “satire.” Anyone with a sense of humor (which precludes leftists) can tell at a glance that the Bee is obviously hilarious satire. Maybe leftists -- who live in a weird bubble where the DNC talking points lectures of Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee and John Oliver are considered “comedy” -- are so unused to having their own foibles mocked that they’re not capable of recognizing anything that’s actually funny.

Well, the Bee didn’t find defamation and false accusations to be funny, so they threatened a lawsuit. And the Times has backed down and issued a retraction.

Ironically, the Times story accusing the Bee of being “misinformation” was filled with misinformation. I can’t think of any Bee story that contains more irony than the New York Times accusing any other outlet of trying to hoodwink people into believing fake news. And of course, leave it to the Babylon Bee to come up with the perfect satirical “fact checker” term for stories that liberal media outlets deny and censor until they turn out to be true: “False For Now.”

Second example: The NFL, where the players signal more virtue than plays these days, put out online statements honoring a black suspect who was shot by police and implying it was an example of racist police misconduct. But the shooting has been investigated and no charges were filed because it was found that the officer acted appropriately. The suspect was armed and fired two shots at the cop even after being tased.

Now, the officer is suing the NFL for defamation. His attorney says those statements caused reputational harm to a hero who risked his life to arrest a dangerous criminal, and it’s false and unacceptable to accuse him of racism or misconduct. The attorney warned, “Before you accuse a police officer of misconduct, you had better get your facts straight.”

Third example: Popular game designer Scott Cawthorn was the latest victim of a Twitter cancel culture mob that targeted him after learning he had donated to various political figures that leftists hate, including Donald Trump, Kim Klacik and even sane Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

Cawthorn admitted the attacks were disturbing and frightening to his family (his wife is six weeks pregnant and doesn’t need the stress of doxing and death threats.) But Cawthorn refused to fall to his knees and give them the abject apologies that intolerant people with empty lives need to make themselves feel powerful.

He responded instead with a detailed and reasoned explanation for why he backed all those people. He said he knows those who are attacking him don’t want a discussion, they want “endless apologies and submission,” but they will get neither from him. He said, “I’m a Republican. I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life. I believe in God;” he doesn’t create games for money anymore but because he enjoys it; and “if I get canceled, then I get canceled.”

Except he’s not likely to get canceled because after issuing that statement, the hashtag “I stand with Scott” started trending on Twitter and many people who are fed up with cancel culture spoke up in support of him.

This is why I’ve always just laughed off the Twitter trolls. They’re like the little man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” using their machinery to trick the gullible into thinking they’re great and powerful. The best way to deal with them is not to be frightened but to pull back the curtain and expose them for the bombastic posers that they are.


While studies now show that shutdowns made little or no difference in the spread rate of COVID-19, they did make a huge difference to our economy by destroying 37.5% of small businesses in America. That includes over half of businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries.

However, by allowing big box stores and major chains to stay open while forcing small businesses to close, even if they followed the same safety rules, the shutdowns resulted in a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. You’d think that because of that, so-called “progressives” would agree with me that it’s way past time for all the lockdowns to end. Yet many, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, continue to resist letting people reopen their businesses.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that no matter how much leftists talk about the suffering of the poor and middle class or the unfairness of wealth inequality, all that becomes perfectly acceptable if it means increasing government power.

While we wait for the forensic analysis phase of the Maricopa County, Arizona, election audit to be completed, there’s plenty of other election news around the country.

First, just for fun, let’s go to Tampa, Florida, where congressional candidate Laura Loomer made quite a statement over –- and I do mean literally OVER –- this year’s annual conference of the Florida Supervisors of Elections, Inc., which featured Dominion Voting Systems and the Florida secretary of state. So, what is this organization? According to NATIONAL FILE, on its website it appears to portray itself as a government entity but is a professional, private group that includes Florida's 67 duly-elected supervisors of elections. And since these people are all elected officials, their meetings should be subjected to Florida’s sunshine laws. This conference, however, is closed to the public.

Loomer, quite understandably, has a problem with this, and she decided to make her opinion known with some pretty cool stunts. For example, just as the representative from Dominion Voting Systems was speaking, she had a plane fly over with a banner that read “BIG TECH STOLE THE ELECTION.” I imagine she didn’t have it read “DOMINION STOLE THE ELECTION” because she knew she might get threatened with a lawsuit. So that’s why she didn’t say...“DOMINION STOLE THE ELECTION.”

She also arranged for a very special truck to be right outside the hotel in which the conference was held. The side of this truck had a digital screen that displayed a variety of excellent recommendations for fixing election problems, such as stopping the use of both mail-in ballots and voting machines. If Dominion had a featured speaker there, I guess the issue of scrapping electronic voting wasn’t on the agenda.

Some will call this just a campaign stunt, but it was great. Loomer said, “Floridians deserve full and open transparency regarding any conference or discussions that are taking place concerning elections and election processes in their state. As a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 21st congressional district, combating voter fraud, Big Tech election interference, and improving election integrity are my top platform issues for 2022.”

The story at NATIONAL FILE has video of the plane pulling the “...STOLE THE ELECTION” banner.

But Loomer wasn’t done. On Monday, she published video of a confrontation she had with Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link regarding her office’s acceptance of $6.8 million from Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. (She calls that cash “Zuckerbucks.”) Recall that Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which, in turn, doled it out to counties all over the country with conditions on how it would be spent. In the video, she tries to get Link to tell her why she hasn’t responded to a letter sent by Loomer two weeks prior that asks when she’s going to return Zuckerberg’s money. Accepting this kind of outside money is now illegal thanks to legislation recently signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, so any money her department has left will by law have to be given back, not saved to use in 2022.

The story and video of this official getting “Loomered” are at the link.

According to the story, Loomer is called by many “the most banned woman in the world” because she’s censored by almost all major social media platforms. No kidding! She appears to wear that label as a badge of honor.

Moving to Fulton County, Georgia –- a huge center of attention right now –- EPOCH TV has a well-sourced video about the security breach that took place at the warehouse holding absentee ballots that were to be unsealed and investigated for possible fraud.

We’ve told you the story leading up to this event: On the basis of compelling sworn affidavits from election workers that physical ballots and the markings on them looked fake, a judge decided to have the ballots unsealed and examined, but at the last minute, county officials and attorneys filed motions to dismiss. The judge had to postpone so he could hear their arguments, so the unsealing was delayed a month, till June 21.

But two days later, the “secure” building was found with its doors wide open, security alarm blaring. The guards who were supposed to be watching the door had left 20 minutes earlier. The lead petitioner for the plaintiffs is now asking to see the security video for the building, to ascertain whether or not the ballots were tampered with.

Also, according to court records, four election workers who were at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena tabulating votes after others, including poll watchers, had been told to leave have been served with notices to appear and give depositions. Finally. And two of them in particular, a mother and daughter, have been ordered to turn over their devices and also a variety of communications for a specified period before and after the election.

Here’s the video, along with a variety of helpful links.

For when you have time, Paul Sperry at REAL CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS has a long and detailed article about why a forensic analysis of the ballots is so important to do in Fulton County. He lays out all the potential problems with the ballots themselves and with the counting. Highly recommended.

Moving on to Pennsylvania, lawmakers there are serious about election reform and have unveiled their House Bill 1300, which calls for ID at every election, but the WASHINGTON EXAMINER says this bill is a “nonstarter for Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf and legislative Democrats. At least the effort is underway; it will take more electoral victories to make this happen. In the meantime, they need all the poll watchers they can get.

Finally, moving to (yes) Washington, DC, Attorney General Merrick Garland is apparently looking to crack down on the Maricopa County, Arizona, audit that’s currently underway and any other audits that are undertaken down the road. The Justice Department will apply new “scrutiny” to the states’ constitutional --- repeat, constitutional --- effort to run their own elections in ways that minimize fraud. Garland calls this their “mission to protect the right to vote.” I wish their mission were to protect MY vote from being nullified by a fake one, but I don’t think it is. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER has the story.

This is a must-read article about the corrosive effects of Critical Race Theory fanatics, written from a unique point of view.

The author is a woman from China who married a Caucasian man from North Carolina, and they now live in the US. As an interracial couple with biracial children, they are naturally concerned about racism. And the writer thought that the focus on racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death was a good thing…until, as is always the case, the fanatics took it too far and became the thing they allegedly hated.

She asks, if you’re going to judge everyone by their race, and say that all white people are oppressors and all non-whites are oppressed, where does that leave her marriage to a white man? She cites the long struggle to repeal laws banning mixed marriages, and worries that CRT is undoing all that progress. She believes that way of viewing the world erases her love for her husband, “it erases my humanity.” And what does it do to children, to be taught that their parents’ marriage isn’t a loving relationship between two equals but a battle between oppressor and oppressed?

She declares, “I traveled half a world to settle in America. I will raise my family here. I will not allow misguided teachings to tarnish the sanctity of my marriage, invalidate my experience, and create divisions and chaos in my family.”

Read the whole article. It’s rare to hear someone with such personal knowledge of relations between different races explain so clearly the toxic effects of the CRT movement and how it's harming the people it claims to be helping.

The Biden Administration just unveiled a national strategy for battling the heightened threat of domestic terrorism. While claiming their crackdown cuts across the political spectrum, they insist that the most persistent and lethal threats come from “white supremacy and militia violent extremists.”

Odd, the black-clad, communist rioters taking over large swaths of cities, burning public buildings and attacking police officers don’t look much like white supremacists to me. Neither do the violent Mexican gangs that are pouring across our borders, bringing drugs, guns and deadly violence into the US, although they are heavily armed enough that I suppose they’d qualify as militias. And the radical Islamic jihadists that are ramping up recruitment now that Trump’s out of the way don’t seem to be KKK members. But this is a Democrat-controlled intelligence agency, so I’m sure they wouldn’t try to mislead us or politicize the justice system.

In other dangerous rightwing threat news, Sen. Ron Johnson released security footage from the January 6th violence at the Capitol. It shows that over 300 of the people who entered – that’s about 38% of the alleged “insurrectionists” who “broke into the Capitol” – simply walked through the upper West Terrace doorway while five Capitol Police officers stood nearby. One of the cops even appeared to wave some of them in.

Johnson said that while he doesn’t condone the violent protesters, the idea that everyone there was an armed insurrectionist is a false narrative. Aside from the fact that none of them were armed, there’s their behavior. The video shows that many of them politely stayed within the rope lines in the Rotunda. Johnson said that’s not how armed insurrectionists behave.

It sounds more to me like how tourists behave. But Democrats would have a hard time getting anyone to take their demands for National Guard troops and barbed wire fencing seriously if they claimed the government was facing an existential threat from Republican tourists. I’m having a hard enough time taking them seriously already.

Covid-19 Updates

June 15, 2021

It’s hard to keep up with all the news about the origins of COVID-19 (especially when so many news and social media outlets decided they already knew the objective truth and decided to censor and vilify anyone who questioned the narrative.) So here’s a handy round-up of what’s happened so far that should bring you almost up to date:

And to bring you completely up to date: despite the adamant denials by EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak and the World Health Organization, and claims that it was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest that there were any bats in the Wuhan virology lab, Sky News Australia obtained explosive video that reportedly shows live bats in cages inside that very lab.

Of course, some are still insisting that it’s more likely that the virus somehow leaped from bats to humans and wasn’t altered in the lab. But since an Oxford study just confirmed that there were no bats or pangolins at the Wuhan wet market, I wonder how that happened? Did someone who wanted to make bat soup knock on the lab’s door and ask to borrow a cup of bats?

Worse Than North Korea

June 15, 2021

Today’s MUST-READ (and share): Fox News reports that Yeonmi Park came to America at age 13 as a defector from North Korea and was able to attend Ivy League Columbia University. Her verdict: the anti-American brainwashing there is worse than in North Korea.

She knew something was wrong on day one when she said at orientation that she liked the novels of Jane Austen and the instructor scolded her that writers of classic literature were racists and bigots and “had a colonial mindset.” She said the anti-American propaganda was like what she grew up with in North Korea. She was also attacked for not getting people’s “preferred pronouns” right when she was trying to speak in her third language.

Park, who had seen people die of starvation in front of her eyes, knows what real oppression is. But she said the Columbia students kept saying how oppressed they were and how much injustice they’d seen when they had no clue how great they had it. She said, "It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization…Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy."

After a lot of arguments, she finally “learned how to just shut up,” maintain a high GPA and graduate. It’s tragic that she had to flee a totalitarian communist state seeking freedom, only to discover that our college campuses have become totalitarian communist states.

This story comes on the heels of another about a mom who survived Mao’s cultural revolution blasting her kids’ school for its “Critical Race Theory” brainwashing that’s eerily similar to China.

When refugees from communist states with no freedom can’t even tell the difference between our schools and the places they fled, it’s time for a “purge.” Not a communist-style purge, but a purge of the school officials who have turned America’s education system into indoctrination camps to brainwash kids into hating their own country.