President Biden accused President Trump of being like Joseph Goebbels and telling a “Big Lie” so many times that people believe it. Ironically, the best example of this in years is the Democrats’ lie that Trump said there were “very fine people” on the side of white supremacist rioters in Charlottesville. He actually said there were probably very fine people on both sides of the argument about renaming or removing Confederate parks and monuments, but that the neo-Nazis and white supremacists should be “condemned totally.”

That fact didn’t keep this Big Lie from being repeated so many times that Biden claimed hearing Trump say it inspired him to run for President (impossible, since he never said it.) And no matter how many times it’s been corrected (I’m tired of typing the same words myself), Democrats refuse to stop repeating it.

Here’s Republican Rep. Andy Biggs going to the videotape to school Rep. Sheila Jackson lee after she repeated it in Congress yet again:

And here's my favorite headline of the week: "Princeton president says 'false ideas' are 'inconsistent' with university's values...then spreads false idea about Trump.”

Guess which false narrative he repeated?

And they claim Republicans are “low information voters” who believe in things that aren’t true? They need to hire some real fact-checkers.