Did Trump start the revolt that finally frees the people? More than 4,000 epidemiologists, doctors, and public health professionals from around the world and across the political spectrum have signed the “Great Barrington Declaration,” calling on governments to end the lockdowns and concentrate instead on protecting the most vulnerable and achieving herd immunity. Quotes:

“Those who are not vulnerable should immediately be allowed to resume life as normal. Simple hygiene measures, such as hand washing and staying home when sick should be practiced by everyone to reduce the herd immunity threshold.

“Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed.

“Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.”

I’m now counting down to Twitter and Facebook deleting all their accounts for spreading “misinformation” because what could over 4,000 epidemiologists, doctors, and public health professionals possibly know about fighting disease?

Michigan Conspiracy

October 10, 2020

The FBI arrested seven members of a militia group on charges of allegedly conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, “put her on trial” for her assaults on Constitutional rights, and kill her.

Naturally, Whitmer couldn’t imagine why anybody would hate her so she blamed the plot on President Trump for allegedly providing a “rallying cry” to rightwing hate groups – like the ones he has publicly denounced on over 20 occasions. Of course, the media also piled on in blaming Trump, as did Joe Biden, by once again tweeting the repeatedly debunked “very fine people” hoax quote from Charlottesville. Ironically, this could be considered an actual example of the incredibly irresponsible use of a racially-charged lie as a “rallying cry” to leftwing hate groups to attack a political leader (Trump.)

And just in case there’s anyone left in the media who bothers to do any research before repeating partisan attacks as if they were news, here is a story about one of the alleged conspirators, complete with one of his social media videos. He doesn't sound much like a Republican or Trump supporter. In his videos, he sat in front of an anarchist flag, raged against both the government and the police, and claimed the Constitution is illegitimate and laws and authority “doesn’t exist, dude.” And he never expressed any support for Trump in any way.

Personally, the anarchist flag, tats, ear hoops, unkempt beard, wool hat and “dude” all scream “leftist hipster radical” to me, but unlike everyone else in the media, I don’t leap to conclusions based on circumstantial evidence.

NBA Ratings Fall

October 10, 2020

One of the weaknesses of the bullying tactics of the left is that they believed that if they seized control of pop culture, sports, entertainment and the news media, they could tell all Americans what to do, say and think, and we would have no choice but to go along with it. They forgot that all those industries are, at bottom, capitalistic, and in such systems, the customers are always right, even if we’re not left. They depend on us to support their lavish lifestyles. When we get sick of being told what racists we are or listening to people insult America, our religious and political beliefs, and our intelligence, we can simply stop patronizing them and find something else to do with our time. As millions of us have.

That message might finally be starting to sink in. With movie revenues tanking and TV ratings plummeting for “woke” shows, pro sports and liberal cable news channels, some of these arrogant leftist celebrities might be starting to imagine themselves preaching their politics from a cardboard box in an alley instead of a mansion in Beverly Hills.

I mention this as a prelude to telling you that viewership for Game Three of the NBA finals took a plunge to 4.08 million from the record-low 4.5 million who watched Game Two, which itself shattered the record low of 7.41 million who watched Game One. At this rate, if there’s a Game Seven, it will be beaten in the ratings by reruns of “Green Acres” on ME-TV.

And just like magic, suddenly the bosses of the NBA seem to have decided that they made their point, the BLM moment in time was this past summer (emphasis on "past") and while America is, of course, still a horrible racist country, maybe next season there should be more basketball and fewer political messages all over the courts and on the players’ jerseys and in the fans' faces.

That would be a very smart business move. Although they might want to do it now while they can still afford new jerseys. And before all their former fans discover that “Green Acres” was a really funny show, and Arnold the pig never called his fans racists.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually plans to have a press conference today to talk about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office for mental/physical infirmity. The excuse is that he had the coronavirus (which he appears to already be over) and may be mentally impaired by getting a steroid shot last weekend (I don’t think she knows how medicine works.)

This lunacy has actually been tried before. In fact, she’s resurrecting a bill first introduced by one of her nutcase caucuses just 90 days after Trump was inaugurated. It was so laughable that it went nowhere then, but having impeached him over a phone call, they’ve got nothing left and are so desperate, they’ll now try to declare him mentally incompetent for having a steroid shot.

Considering we’re less than a month away from the election (which their pet media’s polls claim Biden will win in a Hillary-sized landslide), why would Pelosi be floating something so insanely desperate? Off-hand, I can think of four possible reasons:

1. She’s trying to sling some red meat to fire up a Dem base that has as much enthusiasm for the Harris/Biden ticket as I do for kale salad.

2. She doesn’t believe the polls and is terrified Trump will be around for another four years.

3. This really isn’t about Trump but just laying the groundwork for removing Biden to let Harris take over before Valentine's Day.

4. Someone gave her a steroid shot and she’s gone stark raving coo-coo herself.

Morning Edition - October 11

October 10, 2020


October 11, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


Take off your face mask, relax and join me for another great new episode of “Huckabee” tonight on TBN! I’ll talk politics with Sen. Lindsay Graham and capitalism with financial guru Charles Mizrahi. You’ll meet the subjects of a stunning new documentary about a radical Islamist whose life changed when he went to Israel and met a Jewish Holocaust survivor. We’ll also have laughs from comedian Ron Pearson, then round it all up with rodeo world champion Tyson Durfey and his wife, country music star Shea Fisher, who will perform her latest release with Tre Corley and the Music City Connection.

It’s all coming at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out where you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.


Problems with mail-in voting? Why, that’s nothing but a hoax, bandied about “without evidence!” Oh, and here are another 50,000 pieces of evidence.


A documentary filmmaker has released a movie online called “The Trump I Know” ( that gives a completely different view of Donald Trump than the cartoonish villain depicted by the media. It features interviews with the many women in Trump’s family, businesses and staff, telling their personal stories of how Trump promoted them, gave them tremendous career opportunities, and has shown nothing but respect and support for them, which they return with fierce loyalty to him.

It’s staggering to think how different Trump’s public image and approval rating might be if people actually knew him the way those close to him do, instead of getting their view of him through 24/7 propaganda churned out by a mass media that’s relentlessly negative. I know that’s true because when he started this project, the director didn’t even like Trump. But by the time he’d finished it and talked to all the women who work for Trump, he said he had a “’Wizard of Oz’ moment.” A figurative curtain was lifted and he saw what the media have really been doing to create a scary false image. In that way, he hopes the movie won’t just give viewers insights into the women around Trump and what he’s really like, but also open their eyes to the ways they’re being fed unreliable information.


How crazy-far-left is Keith Olbermann? So much so that he quit a good-paying sports network job to go on YouTube, rant insanely and fantasize about being Joseph Stalin.

Note to Keith: I also think you could use some serious reeducation, but fortunately for you, I don’t want to send you to a gulag. All you have to do is read my newsletter. It’s even free to subscribe, which you should like since you get something for free that other people work to produce.


One of the key issues that both Biden and Harris keep dodging is their support for abortion rights up to the moment of birth, and horrifically, even beyond. This is the barbaric practice of denying the basic civil right of life-saving medical care to a baby born during a “botched abortion” (the only medical procedure that’s considered a failure if the patient lives.) There used to be a place in the Party for pro-life Democrats, but no longer. The leaders have made it clear that if you don’t embrace abortion up to the point of obvious infanticide, you no longer belong.

To hide the barbarism of this viewpoint, they obscure what’s really happening with fuzzy, meaningless euphemisms, like “the right to choose” or the shockingly dishonest “reproductive justice” (where is the justice in murdering the most innocent human beings on Earth?) In Kamala Harris’ California, authorities even try to prosecute and imprison reporters for exposing what abortionists are actually doing.

As bad as promoting this heartless position is, it’s even more infuriating when they try to accuse the pro-life side of not caring about the mothers, or the children after they’re born. Pro-life organizations offer all sorts of humane alternatives to abortion to help women who feel they can’t keep their children, including providing them with medical care, counseling and adoption services. Believing that human life is expendable and that if a baby is inconvenient, it should be ripped to shreds and killed, displays a stunning lack of compassion.

If you want a heartbreaking personal example of this, click on this must-read story about Amanda Finnefrock, the mother of twins born prematurely who were left to struggle and fight for their lives for up to 2-1/2 hours before they died because the hospital denied them care.

Finnefrock calls President Trump’s executive order insuring that federally-funded facilities comply with federal laws requiring medical care for all newborns “a glimmer of hope.” After reading this, when you watch something like this week’s VP debate and see a defender of late-term and even post-birth abortion try to obscure what that really means and instead accuse Trump of lacking compassion, you will want to throw your shoe at the screen.


This will come as a shock these days, but a group of academics, historians and college professors has released a statement demanding that American history be taught accurately.

The statement calls on the Pulitzer Prize Board to rescind the 2020 Prize for Commentary awarded to New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones for her lead essay in ‘The 1619 Project” that claims that America’s founding ideals were false and the American Revolution was really fought to preserve slavery. They say there is zero evidence of that, the Revolution was fought for freedom and to defeat tyranny, and the Times knew it when they published that garbage, which is now being taught in many schools to make kids hate their own nation. One historian who actually worked on fact-checking the original piece pointed out the flaws but the Times editors ignored the suggested corrections.

The statement says that “given the glaring historical fallacy at the heart of its account, and the subsequent breaches of core journalistic ethics by both Hannah-Jones and the Times," they do not deserve the Pulitzer Prize. They write:

“The duplicity of attempting to alter the historical record in a manner intended to deceive the public is as serious an infraction against professional ethics as a journalist can commit. A ‘sweeping, deeply reported and personal essay,’ as the Pulitzer Prize Board called it, does not have the license to sweep its own errors into obscurity or the remit to publish ‘deeply reported’ falsehoods.”

Honestly, that sounds like any issue of the New York Times, but we don’t need to give them prizes for it.



We asked for reader comments on the Pence-Harris debate and were deluged. Most of them contrasted Pence’s honest, classy, gentlemanly manner with Harris’s dishonesty, evasiveness, condescension and immaturity. Many also agreed that the moderator was biased in her choice and wording of questions and overly strict handling of Pence’s time. (As we've noted, Kamala’s total speaking time was actually a little longer than Pence’s.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD TAKE NOTE: most of the letters focus sharply on DEMEANOR. This tells me something very important: that the President really should not reject an opportunity to debate again, as his contentious approach during the first debate --- understandable to us--- inadvertently played right into the wrong impression of him so many people have. This was not the Donald Trump we know. Actually, the first Trump-Biden debate was a worthless mess; neither man came off well at all.

The President says he's feeling really great now. The debate commission has picked a biased moderator, for sure --- a Democrat who interned with Joe Biden! --- but Trump has the skills to work around that. On Thursday night's HANNITY show, Trump called the commission "a disgrace" and even challenged Biden on the air to just have a debate on their own, in person, without the commission setting the rules. (Watch Biden hide behind the commission, which has rejected a second in-person debate.)

Anyway, letters are still coming in on Pence-Harris, but here are a few highlights. Notice how many of them concentrate on attitude and demeanor...

From Dee:

Last night we saw two people who very likely could be the leader of the free world USA. VP Pence showed he is knowledgable, articulate, intelligent, and able to stay calm in uncomfortable situations. K Harris showed us she knows how to make faces, deliver preplanned one-liners, and lie...not very well. Biden is not well and she is unequipped to handle the job. I will say I would be happy if President Trump stayed calm in his next encounter and just be prepared with the facts.

From Sue:

Pence killed it. He made great points and great rebuttals. He corrected her when needed and let her speak her nonsense enough to hang herself. Super job. So honored to have such a great VP. Pence 2024

From Karen:

How can I get on the debate committee? My dead cat could pick better debate moderators then the Republicans on the committee.

From Kay:

Fly picked the winner.

Tried to pack too much in too little time. Needed more time to answer questions.

From Gene:

Senator Harris bragged on her record as a D.A. When Pence questioned that record, she responded with "I won't be lectured..." What she's really saying is that she won't allow anyone to hold her accountable. That's not the look of transparency or the attitude of a public servant.

From Helen (excerpt):

Kamala started off with putting down the President. After the first 40 minutes, I had to turn it off. I would rather watch reruns of paint drying on a DIY show than listen to her blatant lies. I live in CA, I know all about her career...

From Claudia:

Watching her debate gave me PTSD. She is a very practiced liar. Thinking that she could possibly be President is the scariest thing I could ever imagine.

From LaDina:

I'm very nervous. Harris is nasty and I want Trump to be presidential at his next debate. Not to get mad or interrupt, and to look at us, not Biden. Pence was very good, but he missed some good openings to make good points.

From Bette:

If Trump can debate like Pence did, then the next debate could be of great value, but if it’s a repeat of the first one, then it shouldn’t go forward. Undecided voters are looking at the trustworthiness of the candidate as individuals, and all the hysteria and frustration get in the way. Please, Mr. President, show us your compassion and your love for Americans and our country in the next debate. People need to learn who you are as a person. We’re praying for our President and our Country’s future!

From Raelene:

Kamala’s laughter and smirking have us a great insight on how she really feels about our most serious issues as a country. I’m proud of how Pence stayed so respectful to everyone and didn’t find the serious matters funny as if they were a joke.

From Gina (excerpt):

The last question tells you all you need to know. A young girl asks about the fighting and Partisanship. Pence gives a story about Ginsberg and Scalia and there friendship. Harris tells the Charlottesville lie and bashes the President...

From Kathy:

I watched it till I couldn’t stand Kamala any more...She gives me that slimy feeling that politicians give off. They don’t really care about you and try to tell you everything you want to hear only to do nothing they said over the next 47 years they are in office.

From Patrice:

Mr. Pence. He can play poker.

From Gregory (excerpt):

He ate her lunch, dinner and tomorrow's breakfast, very gracefully and spectacularly...PENCE 2024.

From TD:

I don’t think it changed any minds. If you want higher taxes, murdered babies, infringements on the Constitution, then by all means vote Biden/Harris. If you want the government out of your business, vote Trump/Pence ticket. Federal government was not created to run your life but for your safety and security.

From Alissa:

Kamala is absolutely terrifying. Period.

From Mary (excerpt):

I am so thankful that Vice President Pence loves Jesus and is bold about it...He presented the facts clear and precise. Did not put up with any lying from Harris. I was greatly encouraged. God bless America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

From Kimberly:

VP Pence rocked it! Though I Iove my President, I hope he took notes. Please tell him to keep quiet and let Biden talk.. He [Biden] will hang himself.

From Chris:

OMGosh, my wife told me it really does no good to yell at the TV. She's right, of course.

And finally, Rhonda makes my point:

Trump needs to do the second debate no matter what (virtual or in person). He needs to tell the American people what his plans are for the next 4 years. Tell us –- we want to hear it with compassion & love for our country!!! He WILL win hands down if he goes that route!!!