God help us

September 23, 2021

People ask me almost daily if I think America will survive the divisive, leftist-driven assault on traditional American virtues of freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and free enterprise that once made our nation the envy of the world. I still have hope, but must admit that I’m believing more and more that the only hope is an intervention of God Himself in the form of a deep to the bone spiritual awakening. Just this week, we’ve seen multiple signs of a nation that has gone astray from its ideals and principles.

Reports that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley colluded with the Communist Chinese Military in the closing days of the Trump Presidency to assure them he would give them a head’s up should President Trump prepare to start a war and that he instructed his subordinates to ignore orders from the President unless they had been cleared by him are shocking, if true. I say “if true” because they come from a new book from Bob Woodward, who is known to fudge the truth and sometimes just flat-out make it up in order to push his book sales. But Milley has already proven to be an incompetent politically driven General by his failed leadership in the Afghanistan withdrawal and his bizarre testimony to Congress that the biggest threat to America is white rage, whatever that is even supposed to mean. Does he honestly believe that a minuscule number of guys waving Confederate battle flags and armed with deer rifles have a shot at defeating Milley’s military that has F-35’s, F-22’s, tanks, aircraft carriers, Blackhawk helicopters, fully-automatic weapons and even nuclear weapons? If Milley believes his forces are that weak, he really should resign. But if he went around the elected President and the civilian Commander in Chief to place himself above his chain of command, he shouldn’t be allowed to simply resign. He should be court-martialed for treason.

We also witnessed the heart-breaking and gut-wrenching testimony of female US Olympic gymnasts before the Senate who graphically testified as to the humiliating sexual assault by pedophile team doctor, Larry Nassar, who violated the girls trust as well as their bodies for years. We learned that their desperate attempts to get the US Olympic officials to intervene fell to deaf ears, but that even worse, the FBI was fully informed of the criminal acts of Nassar toward these minors and not only covered up the misdeeds, but lied to the girls and did absolutely nothing to stop the sadistic and deviant sexual behavior of the team doctor. As of now, one person at the FBI got fired, but no one has been yet to be charged with having lied about the case or failing to report the assaults to the local authorities. Basically, just as it was with FBI agents lying about President Trump colluding with Russia and using the power of the government to try and bring him down even after he was elected by the people to be President, the FBI and Dept of Justice seemed more concerned about protecting themselves than these young women. It’s beyond disgusting knowing that if you or I break the law, we might have a swarm of FBI agents all over our home at 5 in the morning, breaking in our door and pointing automatic weapons at us and frog-marching us to jail, but if the agents break the law, their higher-ups cover for them and at most let them retire with a pension and become analysts on CNN.

And this week, Nancy Pelosi ordered that we put up another fence around the US Capitol. You know—the same Nancy Pelosi who lives behind a wall but who says walls on the Southern border don’t work—that Nancy Pelosi put up a wall around the nation’s Capitol. Makes me wonder if it’s to keep bad people out like us out or to keep even WORSE people like her IN so they can’t hurt the country any more than they already have! Will our country survive? Only if God helps us…so I say, “God help us!”

Abortion politics

September 23, 2021

In December, the Supreme Court will take up a case that could significantly affect, even overturn, Roe v. Wade. It involves deciding whether all pre-viability abortion prohibitions are unconstitutional. But at this link, Rita Joseph, author of “Human Rights and the Unborn Child,” explains why the original “viability test” for an unborn child invented by Justice Harry Blackmun is in itself unconstitutional. It has no basis in the Constitution, and is in fact a throwback to a discredited and barbaric medieval practice called “trial by ordeal.”

On the subject of Roe v. Wade, the left always eventually eats its own, and now the mob has even come for its one-time heroine, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In tweeting a quote from her, defending the “right” to abortion, the ACLU felt it necessary to alter her archaic language that implied that pregnancy is something that (gasp!) only happens to women! We know better now, of course: pregnancy happens to “birthing people.” Even her use of the feminine pronoun "she" was changed to “the singular ‘they,’” which does not exist (“they” is a plural pronoun; to suggest otherwise is an abortion of grammar rules.)

Check out the link for their full attempt to further woke-ify even the Notorious RBG and erase women completely, and the well-deserved roasting they got in response.

Someone who might have been in the best position to know how the Russia Hoax was created --- aside from those who actually faked it themselves --- was Kash Patel, chief investigator for California Rep. Devin Nunes, then-chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Patel, a former DOJ national security prosecutor, headed Nunes’ small group they informally dubbed “Objective Medusa” to uncover the plot against Trump. It was Objective Medusa that discovered in October 2017 that the Steele “dossier” had been funded by the Clinton campaign.

As Patel explained to Dana Perino on FOX NEWS, he was also the staffer who took the deposition that is cited in Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Perkins Coie partner and attorney Michael Sussmann. Sussmann, he said, is the key figure who ties Hillary Clinton and her campaign to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele “and the false information they fed to the FBI and the DOJ to spy on a presidential campaign.”

Patel sees this as a very-well laid out conspiracy charge that will expand to include other figures.

If you’ve read Lee Smith’s “THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History,” which has served as major reference material for us since it came out in 2019, you’re not surprised to hear Patel say this. Check out Chapter 9, “The Press Breaks,” in which Smith details the carefully set-up media explosion surrounding the phony “dossier.” The Alfa Bank story was key.

As Smith explains, on October 31, 2016 –- days before the election –- Franklin Foer, after receiving a manufactured story from Fusion GPS, wrote in SLATE that Russia-connected Alfa Bank’s computer servers were in contact with those of the Trump Organization. That article, along with what Steele had put in his “dossier,” tied Trump to Putin by way of Alfa Bank. And what did Hillary do, after her Fusion GPS operatives had planted this story? Why, put out a press release about it and retweet this lie: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” The only thing “computer scientists” might have had to do with this story was to figure out how to fake those mysterious “pings.”

The Alfa Bank story was shown to be false in no time, but, as Smith details in his book, it didn’t really go away. It just became part of the lore, along with all the other fake stories that were never verified or had been debunked outright. Thank goodness Alfa Bank sued Steele (among others) for libel, because that forced Steele to go on record about his dicey sources and lack of any real verification.

We highly recommend the book, as it’s especially timely now. And it reads like a thriller. But as Patel says at the end, this effort still isn’t finished. “There’s no actual accountability yet,” he admits. “When we have that, then I’ll be satisfied.” Smith concludes by saying Hillary, with her fears of losing and of being exposed as the dirty politician she is, was the “center of gravity” for this phony operation, adding that if she had won in 2016, we never would have known about any of it.

But as Victoria Taft writes for PJ MEDIA, it’s all coming out, and we’ve just heard the clunk of another shoe dropping. (How many shoes will this centipede end up having?) The part of the Sussmann indictment that especially caught her attention was on Page 10. We haven’t discussed Page 10 yet, but that’s where Durham alleges that “Tech Executive 1,” who hoped to work in cybersecurity for the Clinton White House, used proprietary information to conjure up phony links between Trump and Alfa Bank. He got this information from his own companies, Unbelievably, he also used contracts with an American university to use their researchers to “search and analyze their holdings of public and non-public internet data for derogatory information on Trump” to “support an ‘inference’ and ‘narrative’ regarding Trump that would please certain VIPs.” VIP, I would point out, rhymes with “HRC.” And the narrative they were tasked with supporting was “Russia Russia Russia!”

This is just shocking shocking shocking.

As Taft explains, “The indictment illustrates how Tech Executive 1 used government connections, his companies, contracts with a U.S. university, Perkins Coie, Sussmann, and other political players to Get Trump.”

The indictment even mentions that the major players in this scheme discussed how to fake the computer links to show to the media and the FBI. (See, I was only half-kidding when I quipped about what the computer scientists were really for!)

Taft says that internet sleuths have already pretty much figured out who these major players were, including Tech Executive 1 and the university. We think we might be able to guess some of these as well but sure wouldn't want to be wrong. So we’ll wait for a few more shoes to drop from the centipede.

In the meantime, here’s something else to ponder about Sussmann. We’ve mentioned before that he was representing the DNC when they were supposedly “hacked by the Russians.” (NOTE: We don’t know for sure that it was a hack, as opposed to an internal leak, and there’s no proof that it was done by the Russians.) According to Technofog, writing on SUBSTACK, as soon as Sussmann was told by the DNC of the so-called hack, he contacted an old friend at CrowdStrike, Shawn Henry, who was also the former head of the FBI’s cyber division. CrowdStrike is the company that kept the servers when the DNC refused to turn them over to the FBI. Conveniently, Perkins Coie and CrowdStrike happened to be protected by attorney-client privilege.

According to the indictment, “Within the day, the CrowdStrike team concluded that the intruders were Russian government operatives.” Whew, that was fast. That is some efficiency right there. And I guess they stuck with that, even though Julian Assange insisted that the source for the DNC data he published in Wikileaks had not come from anyone working on behalf of any government, including Russia’s.

What really happened with the DNC servers is an enduring question that Sussmann likely could answer.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Sussmann was incredibly well-connected and seemed to know all the players. We’ll leave you with an excellent article from REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS that explains how these scams are accomplished in DC: through a network of friends.



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Border mess

September 23, 2021

The tragic mess on the Texas border and the huge influx of Haitians (FYI: who aren’t fleeing Haiti; they left Haiti quite a while ago for Latin America) has created a dangerous and unhygienic situation that has been compared to the Third World. Events are moving so fast, it’s impossible for us to track them all in a daily newsletter, but here are some of the most recent reports from Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

Melugin is doing a great job of covering this story that the White House is outright lying about while much of the mainstream media studiously ignores it.

One of the more striking revelations is that despite the White House’s toothless claims that the border is closed and every illegal crosser will be sent home, Melugin reports that they’re actually being given “requests” (not orders) to appear at an ICE office within the next 60 days. I’m sure they’ll all comply with those requests.

When called out in the Senate for his disastrous handling of the border, DHS Director Alejandro Majorkas got snippy and instead of answering the question, snapped that he works 18 hours a day (imagine how bad it would be if he worked 24/7 at it!) His latest move that suggests a sleep-deprived mind is to take the mounted Border Patrol agents off their already impossible duty and put them on desk jobs, despite the woeful lack of personnel we’re already suffering and the fact that the wild accusation against them is both bogus and idiotic.

The left needs a constant stream of fake news to make their opponents look racist because otherwise, Americans might focus on real news and realize these people should never be trusted with any public office above the rank of assistant dog catcher. The latest example is the continuing brouhaha over photos that they claim showed the Border Patrol whipping Haitian illegal immigrants, when those were actually their leather reins flying. They don’t carry whips and they didn’t strike anyone with their reins, which they spin to keep people back for their own safety, and to prevent anyone from grabbing the reins and taking control of their horses. This is standard procedure for cops on horseback.

But never mind that: leftists who know even less about cowboy skills than they do about math skills are continuing their outrage fest even after the “whipping migrants” narrative was debunked all the way to the bunkhouse.

Leave it to Rep. Maxine Waters to have the craziest take on the story, not only accusing the agents of using (nonexistent) whips on migrants, but “What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery.”

That’s as offensive as downplaying the Holocaust by claiming your political opponent is “literally Hitler,” which is also something the left does regularly. But supposedly more responsible officials were almost as bad. Even the President and Vice President, desperate for any distraction from their cascade of tragic disasters, pointed fingers at the Border Patrol cavalry, with Biden calling the (false) accusation disturbing, Jen Psaki declaring it “obviously horrific,” and Kamala Harris saying it’s “horrible” and demanding a “thorough investigation.”

Uh, Vice President Harris? If you really want a thorough investigation of what’s happening on the border, might I suggest that you start by actually going there?

Growing, not hollowing

September 22, 2021

I’m not surprised at all to discover that yet another liberal media narrative about President Trump has proven to be false. Because of his support among Evangelicals, it was predicted that people would flee from that religious designation and Trump would “hollow out” Evangelical Christianity. But according to a new Pew Research Survey, that’s not what’s happened.

There are a lot of stats at the link, but this one will give you an idea of the general direction. When Trump was elected in 2016, 25% of White Americans self-identified as Born Again or Evangelical Protestants. By 2020, the figure was up to 29%. Not exactly an Exodus.

The Rev. Franklin Graham told Fox News that many Presidents paid lip service to Evangelicals but Trump was the first in decades who welcomed people of faith around him and was willing to fight for their side. But Graham also reminds us that the Bible says we should pray for those in authority, so he prays for President Biden. I also pray for him to have good health and wisdom, but not for success in imposing his agenda. Preventing that is covered by the other prayer I pray: “God, save America.”

The latest polls for Biden

September 22, 2021

For years, I’ve warned my readers not to put much stock in polls, and especially not polls taken months or even years in advance of elections. Of course, that never stops the media from ignoring actual news to obsess over them. Congressional polls can be misleading because national opinion may not carry much sway in a heavily partisan (gerrymandered) district. And they don’t take into account That-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (vote fraud.)

All that said, it’s understandable why Congressional Democrats in swing states and districts would be sweating like a Canadian in Haiti over the latest polls on President Biden. If the midterm is the typical referendum on how the President is doing, then a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll shows that Democrats in the battleground state of Iowa may be facing a battle that makes like Custer’s odds at Little Big Horn look like a good bet.

It’s true that Iowa has been trending Republican with Trump winning by 8 points in 2016. But Biden’s approval among Iowans has plunged 12 points since June to a paltry 31% (62% disapprove.) His disapproval among Republicans is overwhelming, but he’s also down at 29% among Independents. On key issues, approval of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus has cratered by 17 points to 36%, and only 22% approve of his handling of the Afghanistan pullout. Frankly, I’m amazed it’s that high. Those must be people who wanted out of Afghanistan in the worst way and at all costs, and that’s precisely how Biden did it.

Meanwhile, a new national McLaughlin & Associates survey suggests that many Biden voters are suffering from a terminal case of buyers’ remorse. It found that if Trump were running against Biden today, Trump would win by 50-47%. In retrospect, “mean tweets” are starting to look like a pretty minor complaint. 52% of respondents agreed with this statement:

“I used to dislike Trump’s aggressive, confrontational style, but now that I see how weak Biden was in dealing with the Taliban in Afghanistan, I’m thinking maybe Trump wasn’t so bad.”

By 56 to 40%, they agreed that it “takes a tough man to be President,” and after seeing Biden’s weakness, they’re starting to appreciate Trump’s toughness and think we need more of that now.

It gets worse for the Democrats: 58% agree that Biden surrendered Afghanistan to the same Taliban that aided the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11; and 60% agree that under Trump, inflation, illegal immigration, gas prices and crime were all lower. Admittedly, those statements are less opinion based than a test of people’s memories.

Of course, all media stories about Biden’s abysmal polling have to end by reminding us that he could always turn this around. Except all of this is a result of his deliberate policies and decisions that he adamantly stands by. I also suspect these are the results of those policies, such as open borders, that the Democrats actually want, and they don’t care if Americans hate them. So if the first step to solving a problem is recognizing that you have a problem, I don’t see Biden doing anything in the immediate future but making matters worse until his approval rating is almost as low as that of Congress.

A vaccine for young children

September 22, 2021

Monday, Pfizer reported that its COVID vaccine is safe for 5-11-year-olds. This was taken as a likely sign that the FDA will approve it and the Biden Administration might mandate it, since the Delta variant is more transmissible and has infected more children. But that was a bridge too far for many parents who think it should be their decision whether the risks of COVID to their children outweigh the risks of possible side effects from a vaccine with no longterm studies.

That hesitancy caused some media figures like columnist David Frum to slam reluctant parents as “Anti-vaxxers,” which has become a kneejerk pejorative hurled at anyone who has questions about the vaccines, no matter how reasonable. Megyn Kelly took Frum to the woodshed over that.

As I’ve said repeatedly, I’ve been vaccinated, and like the vast majority of people, I’ve had no negative side effects. But that doesn’t mean that other people who might be particularly susceptible, or especially parents concerned about their children, should be attacked, ridiculed or told to just shut up when they have legitimate concerns that deserve to be addressed.

It’s likely that the questions are going to multiply in light of the latest undercover video release by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. It came from a whistleblower who’s a registered nurse at a Health and Human Services-affiliated medical center. She recorded conversations with doctors and other nurses about the high number of patients with serious vaccine side effects and their concern that these reactions weren’t getting reported by the government. One doctor complained that they want “to shove it under the mat.”

If the CDC and other government health agencies want Americans to trust them, then they need to openly address people’s concerns and stop trying to bully them into submission. That only makes them more suspicious. If they’re ever going to win back the public’s trust, the first step would be to start acting trustworthy.

The fact that Special Counsel John Durham would release 27 pages of detailed narrative to indict one measly person on one count of making a false statement to the FBI got us wondering immediately what his purpose might have been. We’re not attorneys, but over the next couple of days, some of our favorite legal minds noticed the same thing.

Over the years, you and I have learned not to expect much in the way of justice from the “Justice” Department --- especially now, with an obvious political hack like Merrick Garland running it --- but the indictment of this Clinton attorney might be the harbinger of bigger things to come. It is likely that Hillary will escape jail once again, as she did even after using a private server to circumvent FOIA requests and destroying evidence with BleachBit and hammers, but remember: even though Nixon escaped legal accountability in the Watergate scandal, the whole story did come out. What we’re looking at is probably another situation like that.

For now, many thanks to Dan Bongino for pointing us to a superb analysis of Sussmann’s indictment on SUBSTACK by Shipwreckedcrew’s Port-O-Call. This is long but important to read.

“The Sussmann indictment reads like overt acts in furtherance of a conspiracy,” he writes, “because that’s what it is.”

He explains that the indictment on that one charge is contained in just one paragraph, Paragraph 46, which reads, “On or about September 19, 2016, within the District of Columbia, MICHAEL A. SUSSMANN, the defendant, did willingly and knowingly make a materially false, fictitious and false statement or representation in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch of the Government of the United States, to wit, on or about September 19, 2016, the defendant stated to the General Counsel of the FBI that he was not acting on behalf of any client in conveying particular allegations concerning a Presidential candidate, when in truth, and in fact, and as the defendant well knew, he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely – Tech Executive 1 and the Clinton campaign.”

That’s it. That’s what he stands accused of. What are all those other pages for? A “false statement” charge doesn’t require all that narrative. What Durham filed is called a “speaking indictment,” which “discloses information in a public document that would not otherwise be known if the indictment set forth only facts needed to meet the requirements of due process.”

“Shipwrecked” says, “In over 30 years of practice as both a federal prosecutor and a defense attorney specializing in federal cases, I’ve never before seen anything remotely resembling the Sussmann indictment in a single ‘false statement’ case.”

He writes that the facts Durham has alleged probably have at least a dozen “strings” hanging off them. Some of these are legal and others are “more in the ‘court of public opinion.’” (See Nixon, above.)

Those who are understandably cynical about the process as it typically applies to Hillary & Co. and dismayed at the length of time Durham has taken to come up with this one indictment should definitely read this analysis. “Shipwrecked” explains why it has taken as long as it has, notably regarding Durham’s search for source materials. Some materials he needed to look at could only be sought by grand jury subpoena if they were over six months old. Anything more recent needed “probable cause.”

So, what materials was Durham waiting on? At least some of them must have been billing records for Perkins Coie, some of which showed Sussmann billing Hillary’s campaign for his work relating to the phony Alfa Bank story. These were absolutely key to the indictment on the false statement. One might imagine that even after being hit with the grand jury subpoena, Perkins Coie put up a huge fight over turning over that information, as it involves attorney-client communications and attorney work product information, both of which would typically be shielded from disclosure to a grand jury.

Perhaps Durham made it clear to Perkins Coie that they themselves could be held criminally liable for their attorney’s misconduct, and that they’d better darn well cooperate.

But even if they did, attorney-client privilege applies to clients as well, which in this case include the DNC, the Clinton campaign and “Tech Executive 1.” They would have had to waive THEIR privilege for some reason. What might that reason be? This situation suggests to me that they might face some pretty fierce legal jeopardy themselves --- that they knew it could be even worse for them if they didn’t cooperate. This is one area that I hope legal experts like "Shipwrecked" will explore in detail.

He does note something called “the crime-fraud exception,” which applies when the normally privileged communications relate to a fraud that is currently occurring or might be contemplated by THE CLIENT (as opposed to the law firm) in the future. That would make sense to me, since clients like the DNC and Hillary can’t go one day without contemplating more fraud. Perhaps it had something to do with their ongoing anti-Trump activities after he was in office.

But, anyway, if you’ve been wondering, “Why is Durham taking SO LONG?,” this legal fight is one reason why.

Something else of interest: we recently reported that Marc Elias had left Perkins Coie to open his own separate firm dedicated to the Dark Art of getting more Democrats elected to office and furthering the progressive agenda. Sussmann was gone, too, on leave until resigning the day of his indictment. As “Shipwrecked” explains, catapulting these two partners might have been one way that Perkins Coie showed its willingness to cooperate with investigators to save its own sorry hide.

The reason we haven’t known about this legal fight is that Durham apparently didn’t take it before a DC grand jury. He could keep it quiet by going to any district where he had a grand jury convened. As “Shipwrecked” points out, disputes over the production of documents to a federal grand jury typically take place behind closed doors –- or, in the age of COVID, on a private Zoom call; no travel required –- and are not part of the public docket. All references to the dispute would be sealed,

I highly recommend this article, as it’s very clearly written for the non-lawyer and brings up a number of considerations we haven’t seen anywhere else. This apparently is the first installment of a series; we’re grateful for the insight and eagerly anticipate the next one. The writer mentions as a tease that another “scene of the crime” (that’s my phraseology) mentioned in the indictment as being outside the District of Columbia, is likely the CIA (“Agency -2”), headquartered in Langley, Virginia. So this gets more interesting all the time.