Finally, some good poll news for the Biden Administration: Gallup found that Kamala Harris is not the most unpopular figure in Washington. The bad news: that’s because President Biden is even less popular than she is. His Gallup approval rating is 44% compared to her 46%.

More bad news: those are both still pretty lousy, and they’re among the highest ratings they’ve garnered in any poll. In a left-leaning Civiqa poll, Biden’s approval is only 37%. And a stunning Issues & Insights/TIPP poll found that only 22% of Americans want Biden to run for reelection and just 12% want Harris to run for reelection.

One caveat: Gallup found that the most popular figure in Washington with a 60% approval rating is Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. That makes me question either the poll sample or whether people have been paying much attention to SCOTUS news lately.

A new single-day record

December 31, 2021

Tuesday, the US set a new single-day record for COVID-19 cases with 441,278. That’s nearly 150,000 more than the single-day record of 294,015 under Trump. If I wanted to be a political hatchet man, I could accuse Joe Biden of being personally responsible for all those cases (which is what he said about Trump.) But I know that no President can stop a virus, and that the leap in case numbers is due to the more transmissible Omicron variant. Fortunately, it’s milder, so we’re not seeing a similar jump in hospitalizations and deaths.

All that said, it’s interesting to compare the biased spin from the media in their reporting of these two record-setting days under different Presidents:

Related: Wait, so you mean that firing thousands of essential workers during a surge in COVID cases wasn’t smart policy? Whoever could have predicted this?!

Prayer Tree - December 31

December 31, 2021


"Bill Breed. Went in for heart valve replacement. Has many complications and on vent. Please pray for his healing."

"Please pray for my brother who has been fighting COVID for 7 weeks. He has been in & put of the hospital. Praying that he can kick this."

"Pray for the healing of this Nation. Please pray that millions will come to Jesus Christ. Thank you, Sara Manoogian Mebane, NC"

"Please pray that my children return to faith in God and that my grandchildren will be baptized and know, love and serve God. Please pray for our country, our leaders and our world. We need to repent and return to God. Thank you and thank you Gov Huckabee for this format and opportunity for prayer. I am prayer for you and all of your readers."

"Please pray for me, Patti, had heart surgery, bad diabetic & back problems. Need complete healing. I am 77 and my husband is deceased. Really need God's touch. Thank you."

"Please pray for our nation to be healed, and for people who are ill to be healed. Pray that the evil doers will quickly reap what they sowed."

"My best friend Carolyn needs a prayer. She lost her young son 2 days ago. He had a massive heart attack and died alone in the bathroom. His name was Chris. Please pray for both of them."

"Please pray for my daughter Lynn who was just diagnosed with acute leukemia. She is my heart, Thank you."

"Please pray for a miracle from God to heal my grand daughter Sienna, she was born with Rett Syndrome. She is turning 10 in January. Her mother also needs prayer for strength and faith."

"Pray for my grandson Cole & his dad Chad. My grandson has been going through lots of alienation from my sons ex & now he does not see his dad at all. They were always really close & love each other. Please pray for healing of the mind & body. Thank you."

"Robby G.---He has been battling mental illness for 10 years. It comes down to taking his medicine which he does not think he needs. Please pray that he will understand the importance of his medicine and to remember to take it each and every day. God bless all who pray for my beloved son."

"Please pray for my son. He has lost his way and abandoned his faith, family and friends. He is being manipulated by negative energy and forces. He has suppressed his generous, loving and caring soul. Please pray that he will see the light and return to God, his family and himself."

"Please pray for our Sweet little Andy, a 4.5 yr old beagle whose Meningitis is no longer in remission. Thank you"

"My Granddaughter Merced Anee'(a nay) Medina has the so called governor bug. Tested positive by the way. (I believe it just the flu full blown.) Prayers for her quick recovery. My Grandson Jaiden A Medina, who has a common cold/sore throat due to crazy weather patterns. Tested negative. My Daughter, Jennifer Lynn Watkins, who needs to have a MRI to check for Fibroids, but due to no insurance, won't. Prayers for myself, to have patience with these hard headed people.. LOL Plus, the VA is considering throat surgery on myself due to collapsing shelf muscle in my throat. I'm trusting my Lord and Savior. Ida Faye Daniel Gibson here. We met at a Valentine's banquet at the First Baptist church in Nashville Arkansas."

"For my Mom who is dealing with health issues. Pray for healing for her and for those who are working with her."

"My Grandson Quinn. He is a non verbal autistic 13 year old. Please pray he gets a voice or his teachers help him better with his device to communicate."

"A wonderful Christian friend in her 70s who is in dire need of a kidney transplant. Please pray for God’s healing touch and God’s best for her and her family. Thank you."

"A wonderful Christian friend in her 70s who is in dire need of a kidney transplant. Please pray for God’s healing touch and God’s best for her and her family. Thank you."

"My niece Meredith, is a drug addict on meth. she has 3 beautiful children and her life is in shambles. I pray and ask for other prayers that a divine intervention will come to her and change her life along with her addiction being healed. That her children will get their mother back and that she also will divorce her husband that got her started on drugs to begin with. Prayer for her 3 children. And that her relationship with her mother will be healed."

"Please pray for healing for my son Samuel Garcia age28 who has decided he is transgender. This is devastating to us but I know God can woo him back."

"Continue to pray for the victims in western KY tornados. The unknowns of what comes next is very real for those who have been displaced. Pray that they will see that Jesus is the stability and Strong Tower in their lives. Also ask for wisdom and energy for the volunteers who are giving of themselves in these hard conditions."

"I'm adding names to the COVID19 list for prayers: Gary and Karen, Steve and Kay in Missouri; and Brenda in South Carolina. Gary, Karen, and Brenda are definitely positive and already hospitalized; Steve and Kay are waiting for test results. I pray the Lord brings us out of this China Virus quickly with minimal loss of life!"


"Miss Verna Johnson of Nashville Arkansas, who passed into Eternity. Prayers for peace for her Family. She worked hard and long, had two heart attacks working for Walmart in Nashville Arkansas. She had retired, and passed away in her bed. Her Family did not have the funds to put her away and went with cremation. Prayers for them in this sad day on Earth, but a glorious reunion in Heaven."

Maxwell is found guilty

December 31, 2021

Wednesday, a jury in New York found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five out of six felony counts related to procuring and grooming underage girls for the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. She faces up to 40 years in prison on each charge. I don’t want to go into the distasteful details of the charges, but you can read more here:

Her lawyers did raise one point worth considering when they argued that the prosecution was using Maxwell as a scapegoat for Epstein, who died in jail in 2019 before he could be put on trial. That point is that Epstein had many rich and powerful friends who allegedly had similar illegal appetites and victimized many girls. Yet as this account at notes, all the details of Epstein’s network have been ordered sealed.

Epstein is dead and Maxwell is being punished, but what about other potential victims and their powerful exploiters? Seems to me that her conviction should be just the beginning of this investigation, not the end of it.

As Jennifer Van Laar points out, if Southern District of New York prosecutors can manage to leak sealed documents and illegally-seized attorney-client communications from Project Veritas to the New York Times, surely they can do the same to expose people who actually did something that needs to be exposed.

The Festivus Report

December 30, 2021

With only a few days left in 2021, we’re seeing all the best- and worst-of-the-year lists come out. Here’s one I’m especially interested in, and one that I’m sure was very difficult to decide in a year when Democrats held both the White House and Congress: Sen. Rand Paul’s annual “Festivus Report” listing the worst examples of wasteful, pointless government spending.

This year’s list totals over $52 billion worth of your tax money wasted (or borrowed, thrown away and put on our grandkids’ credit cards.) Some of the individual items include:

* $250 million for “enhanced border security” in Middle East and North African nations while our own border was left wide open…

* $465,339 to Reed College in Oregon to teach pigeons how to use slot machines (as if Vegas doesn’t have enough pigeons in its casinos already)…

* A $337,500 FDA grant to a Canadian company called NovaEel “to fatten and raise juvenile eels to keep costs down for those wishing to eat the fish.” Because for so many Americans, eel is a daily staple. Or maybe it’s because NovaEel is trying to turn male eels into females by giving them estrogen, so they got on to the trans bandwagon...

* Various grants for such worthy endeavors as feeding kids junk food and telling people in Vietnam not to burn their trash...

* And of course, up to $4.29 billion in fraudulent or duplicate Small Business Administration loans during the pandemic, when the government was throwing money everywhere without much regard for where it landed.

Once the holidays are over, many of us will immediately have to start preparing for our 2021 income tax filings. As you’re sweating over all those forms, trying to justify every penny you earned or spent to the government, think about this story. And remember it the next time some politician says that one group or another isn’t paying their “fair share” of what it takes to run the government.

How about if I stop paying taxes, and you stop giving money to people to create transgender eels, and we call that fair and square?