Politico obtained a strategy memo by a pro-Biden Super PAC warning that focus groups show dire tidings for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

The focus groups found that voters don’t like rampant crime and defunding police; they don’t understand why we need to stimulate the economy by blowing trillions of dollars on Democrat wish list items dubbed “infrastructure” when the economy is doing fine wherever it’s allowed to reopen; and even Democrat voters couldn’t name a single Biden Administration accomplishment. Well, that’s understandable.

This article also touches on something I’ve often written about: that all current so-called “progressive” policies are just attempts to resuscitate terrible ideas from the dim past that failed miserably, from socialism to segregation. This article spotlights the Dems’ “PRO-Act,” the forced unionization bill that would enrich their union boss supporters while destroying freelance and contract jobs, and the Green New Deal that promises countless good-paying “green” jobs.

As noted by Stacey Lennox, this is an attempt to revert the dynamic 21st century gig economy back into an outdated model of big unions and government make-work jobs that failed to end the Depression when it was tried in the 1930s. It’s yet another reason why “progressives” should more accurately be called “regressives.”

Mass protests are continuing in Cuba against the repressive communist regime, but the government is using special forces to crack down on the protesters. Despite the attempted media blackout, there are reports of a growing list of “missing” persons.

Sen. Ted Cruz lambasted President Biden for his weak sauce response and reminded him that he said just the day before that he stands with the Cuban people and their right to peaceful assembly. So what is he going to do about the brutal crackdown?

Former President Trump also stood by the Cuban protesters and urged Biden to put some starch in his spine and do likewise.

Reminder: last April, candidate Biden said he would reverse Trump’s tough-on-Cuban-communism policies and return to Obama’s policy of engagement with the dictatorship. So how’s that working out? We should add this to the ever-growing dumpster fire of Trump policies that Biden reversed, only to have them blow up in his face.

As the world watches, and I hope continues to pray for the safety and success of the Cuban freedom fighters, here is an explanation of why they’re finally turning on the government (and no, it’s not because of COVID, although it is refreshing to hear Democrats finally admit that Cuba doesn’t have the world’s greatest health care system.) These are the words of Cuban freedom activist Marcell Felipe, who says that no matter what the media try to tell you, “The Cuban people have rejected socialism and the socialist regime for the longest time, both in exile, here in Miami, and directly on the islands”:

“The [regime] controls the means of production. The flip side to the government providing everything is that you depend on the government for everything. So they have every means of control and not just with bullets and threats, but with food. If you protest, we take away your food. And part of what we are seeing is that the government’s inability to provide even the most basic foods is now resulting in the people no longer having anything to lose.”

Instead of Critical Race Theory and other anti-American propaganda, those are words that should be taught to every American school child. Maybe then, they'd stop falling into the trap of believing the scurrilous lie that socialism is “fair” and takes care of everyone.

Rudy Giuliani has said that when the FBI came to his home with a warrant to search for electronics, he offered them his copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and they declined to take it.

Well, the FBI might not have wanted to touch it with a 10-foot pole, but Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) and bestselling author of several books on grift among the political and corporate elite, was very interested to obtain one, and he did. He said Monday on the radio with Sean Hannity that he has determined from Hunter’s emails that then-Vice President Joe Biden was a “direct beneficiary” of Hunter Biden’s financial deals with foreign interests.

First, of course, he had to make sure this copy of the hard drive was the real deal --- that these were Hunter Biden’s genuine emails and not some elaborate fakery. It must have been a tedious job to go through thousands of messages and cross-reference them with Hunter’s Secret Service travel records, but that’s what his staff did.

The travel records had been obtained by Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson as ranking member of the House Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations . And, yes, the emails line up “absolutely, 100 percent” with them. If emails say, for example, that Hunter was in Dubai on a certain date, the Secret Service records confirm he was indeed there. If the emails on this hard drive aren’t real, that would make it a truly magnificent piece of fakery. Schweizer can say with confidence that this copy of Hunter’s hard drive has been documented as real.

And, of course, Hunter hasn’t denied this, though he just can't remember for sure and he’s very dedicated to his art right now and is probably very busy blowing paint through a straw. This is a developing story, as it will take some time for GAI to put all the information together and investigate everything. There’s so much to go through, in fact, that Schweizer says it could take till the end of the year to get it all done.

They’re doing the job that the media should be doing but won’t. And they say that it will expose “disastrous dimensions” of the Biden family.

As they continue to work, “it will take on a far more sinister tone than it has even now in terms of what it says about the Biden family and and vulnerabilities of the Biden family,” Schweizer told Hannity. When Sean asked him how bad it was on a scale of one to ten, he said, “The coming revelations based on what we are in the middle of right now, on a scale of one to ten –- and you know, Sean, I’m pretty cautious about this stuff –- frankly are an eleven. It’s that bad.”

As for Hunter’s newfound career in art, it’s taking off, as some “experts” say they like it. In case you have seen his paintings, I feel the need to let you know that I am not kidding. There’s an article in the NEW YORK POST about it.

Mike Tribe, chairman of the MFA Fine Arts Department at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, told the POST, “I think it’s pretty strong –- I like it. The colors and compelling organic forms –- it’s the kind of organic abstraction that I find easy on the eyes and provokes your curiosity.”

Alex Acevedo, who owns the Alexander Gallery in Midtown Manhattan, said, “I’ve been in the art business since 1956. I’m not impressed with modern art at all. But I was floored by that guy. The palette was wonderful. The space was well-organized. I would buy a couple of them.”

If you’ve seen the paintings and think this guy is crazy, he is –- crazy like a fox. What he says next is telling: “And anybody who buys it would be guaranteed instant profit. He’s the President’s son. Anybody would want a piece of that. The provenance is impeccable.”

prov-e-nance (noun) 1. the place of origin or earliest known history of something

Thanks to their impeccable provenance, Acevedo expects that some of Hunter's pieces might end up topping $1 million.

Art consultant Martin Galindo is “not a fan,” he said, but is “very positive that he’s gonna do well in the market because the industry is very much about, what’s a simple way to put this? It’s like clout.”

“Honestly, I mean, from an aesthetic perspective, I don’t like it. But I’m sure he’s gonna do really well.”

Looking at one particular abstract of Hunter’s, he said, “Oh, my God, that looks like COVID.”

One refreshingly candid art collector who would give her name only as “Jill” used the words “nice” and “different” but said she thought “a lot of people can do that.” And then she said she wouldn’t buy any of them. “I wouldn’t pay sh** for it because he’s a criminal.”

The NEW YORK POST also ran an opinion piece by Andrea Peyser on Friday about the latest bit of news concerning Hunter’s art career –- the fact that buyers are to remain anonymous. “Hunter Biden’s art con is an insult to ethics –- and good taste,” says the headline.

Peyer takes a look at the newfound art career of someone whose artistic experience is, as far as she knows, “limited to to doodles on strip club cocktail napkins.” In October, a Soho art gallery will be putting 15 of his works on the market. But first, in September, a private “VIP” viewing will be held in Los Angeles.

“It’s the kind of high profile showing that many a talented artist who lacks Hunter Biden’s pedigree and connections could only hallucinate about.” It occurs to me that by coincidence some of these paintings do look like hallucinations, of bacteria and viruses. You’d have to pay ME half a million dollars for me to put one on my wall.

The White House is insisting that the anonymity of the buyers (even to Hunter) will ensure everything is on the up-and-up, but give me a break. That makes it even worse. It’ll be easy for the Bidens to know who “invested” in Hunter’s art. Assume that they will know. The anonymity ensures WE won’t know.

The buyer could even destroy Hunter’s “masterpiece” to make sure nobody knew about the grift. Some art lovers might consider that a public service, but it doesn’t make up for the sleaziness of this operation.

Don Trump, Jr., has speculated about what the reaction would be if one of the Trump offspring had done this while Trump was in office. We all know exactly what it would be. I’d love for Don to produce a big abstract canvas of his own and offer it for “sale,” just to make the point. He could even have a showing himself, if any gallery owner would play along, and call it “The Art of the Steal.”

Compare this new star of the art world to someone like former President George W. Bush, who studied art after leaving politics and has developed into a surprisingly adept portrait artist with a distinctive style.

Texas Democrat legislators once again fled Austin to try to prevent a special session quorum and block passage of an election integrity bill. As usual, they claim (I’ll use the media’s favorite phrase here, only accurately for once: “without evidence”) that laws that ensure an honest election somehow suppress the votes of minorities and the disabled. This is a childish delaying tactic that won’t work in the long run.

Gov. Greg Abbott, who’s had a bellyful of childish, lawless Democrats lately, warned that there will be consequences, including arresting them the second they return to Texas and hauling them back to Austin to do their jobs. Although I think it would be more appropriate, and funnier, if they tried to return to Texas and were blocked from entering by the Border Patrol. Come to think of it, now’s a good time to extend that wall all the way around Texas.

VP Kamala Harris put out an offensively clueless tweet, comparing the runaway Democrats to the brave civil rights activists who “fought and died for our right to vote.”

(A.) Those civil rights pioneers weren’t fighting for the right to vote two, three or four times in the same election.

(B.) The only chance these Texas Democrats have of dying is if they’re shot by criminals thanks to the incompetent Democrat mayor of Washington, DC.

My Two Cents: If you don’t want to do your job of representing your constituents, then resign immediately. Also, why are these people being treated as heroes by DC Democrats? Aren’t those the same Democrats who’ve been demanding an end to the Senate filibuster because anything that allows a minority to thwart the will of the majority is an “assault on democracy”? Or does that only apply when they’re in the majority (never mind; we all know the answer to that question.)

At least the US Senate is evenly tied. In Texas, Republicans outnumber Democrats in the state Senate by 18-13 and in the House by 83-67. Talk about thwarting the will of the majority! If the Democrats keep going the way they are, it might not be long before their absence won’t even prevent a quorum.

Leave The Flag Alone

July 13, 2021

Last night, I was on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, discussing his report that the US Olympic Committee is considering a possible redesign of the American flag for their official documents. It would have fewer stars and stripes than the real flag.

They said it was just early brainstorming, and this was not for the flag that would actually fly at the Olympics. And I get that Olympic designers love dreaming up bad “creative” ideas (anyone remember some of these terrible Olympic mascots?

But let me save the Olympic folks a lot of trouble and grief with just four words: “LEAVE THE FLAG ALONE!” Olympic fans have had to put up with enough from athletes who are going to the Games on the US’s dime to represent the United States, but who have so little appreciation for this nation that they turn their backs or hide their faces when Old Glory flies or the National Anthem plays. They’d show more respect for the anthem of China than for their own nation.

Here are two reminders for them, and for anyone who disrespects the American flag and what it stands for:

1. One of the many great things about this nation is that if you don’t like it, you’re free to leave any time for anyplace you think is better. We have to build walls to keep people out. Only socialist tyrannies have to build walls to keep people in.

2. On that subject, while too many Americans are burning, stomping on and otherwise disrespecting the American flag because they want to turn the US into a socialist tyranny, guess what brave protesters against existing socialist tyrannies in Cuba, Venezuela and Hong Kong are waving? That’s right: the most famous symbol of freedom in history: the American flag.

What I believe is the most important story of the weekend (and particularly appropriate, considering we’re winding up our Independence Day vacation) was the video escaping Cuba of massive anti-government protests, despite efforts by the dictatorial government to shut off the Internet and censor the news. I hope you will join me in praying for the protesters' safety and success.

The Cuban people are rightly fed up with being starved and oppressed by a communist dictatorship, and they’re demanding an end to it and chanting, “Freedom!,” “Enough!” “We want liberty!” and “We are not afraid!” Cuban “President” and communist party chief Miguel Diaz-Canel blamed the US for stoking the unrest (oh, if that were only true!) and called on “revolutionary” citizens to fight back against their fellow Cubans demanding freedom. Good luck with that.

I can’t help thinking that if Trump were still President, the White House would be doing more than trying to avoid the subject of Cubans taking to the streets to demand freedom.

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…Or actually trying to convince us that the protesters are just worried about COVID-19. No, it’s the deadly virus of communism that they want to eradicate.

And of course, all our “Democratic” socialists in Congress who claim to speak for the people haven’t made a peep to back up the Cuban people who are risking their lives to demand an end to incompetent, oppressive, deadly socialism.

Finally, Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has a good round-up of the shameful way in which US media outlets, many of whom spent years shining Fidel Castro’s boots with their tongues, are trying to spin and twist this story. News flash to the New York Times: “Freedom” is not an “anti-government slogan” unless you’re admitting that the government is an enemy of freedom. Second news flash: Cuba's is.