Upon taking office, President Biden immediately reversed every successful Trump border security measure, and then had to deal with a border security crisis. He threw out Trump’s Afghanistan withdrawal plan, and now has to deal with a mass hostage crisis in Afghanistan (although the White House thinks if they don’t call it that, nobody will notice.) And now, after ordering that everyone who resisted vaccination be fired, the new Democrat Governor of New York has had to declare a healthcare worker shortage crisis.

Is anyone else starting to detect a recurring theme with Democrats?

Meanwhile, on “Good Morning America,” former President Obama admitted that the situation on the border is “heartbreaking” and the system is “dysfunctional.” But he says nobody understands the border crisis better than “big-hearted” Joe Biden.

A case could be made that Biden once understood it. Here’s what he said at a campaign appearance in 2007:

“No great country can say it is secure without being able to control its borders. Period. What I would do about it is what I proposed to do about it almost 13 years ago. I would radically ramp up the number of border security guards we have. The use of electronic surveillance material we have to guard the border. And the number of what they call ‘virtual fences,’ not literally fences.”

Aside from his faith in imaginary fences, that sounds downright Trumpian. So how did he get to the opposite side of every one of his own previous arguments? It’s because the base he panders to has moved so far left that he had to abandon border security to appease them.

Even Obama admitted that open borders are “unsustainable,” but he has a baffling belief that Biden is the man to fix this crisis. He said Joe knows we can’t just “keep constantly reacting to emergencies” (that weren’t emergencies until he got his hands on them.) No, we need “systemic immigration reform,” which to Democrats now means giving amnesty and free government benefits (and I assume, voter registration cards) to millions of illegal immigrants. In short, bringing the same wisdom and respect for American sovereignty to the entire immigration system that big-hearted Joe Biden brought to that bridge in Del Rio.

It’s quite telling that the only argument today’s Democrats have for electing them is that only they are capable of solving the endless crises their own policies create.

Since the release of the Maricopa County full forensic audit report, we’ve focused on the important findings that were ignored by mainstream media in favor of their simplistic and completely inadequate narrative that “Biden really won.” We appreciate the outpouring of responses. Some of these are self-explanatory and require nothing more than a heartfelt thank-you, but a few others do require an answer and at least an attempt to explain the situation our nation is in, as best we can.

From Patrick C:

I think it’s important to keep in mind that Sidney Powell's defense against Dominion's lawsuit is that “No reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact." Her accusations were pretty wild but, in fact, they were widely believed by reasonable people.

From the Gov:

The media reported this was Powell’s argument and then failed to correct themselves when Powell said they’d misinterpreted it. (I see by your letter that their misleading narrative has endured.) Powell actually was NOT saying that. We wrote about this at length at the time; the media either didn’t understand the nuance contained in her legal filings or deliberately misrepresented it.

From James:

Ask the average person on the street if they have kept up with the Arizona audit and what it showed; most likely [the answer] would be that Biden won with even more votes. That's the dangerous power of the Democratic media bias, when actually the audit showed tons of irregularities that would have changed the vote outcome of both Trump and Biden. So the conclusion in my mind is that based on a huge number of indicators during the election, we likely have an imposter sitting in the White House.

What can we do without a new election? Do everything in our power to hog-tie Biden with a landslide victory in the House and Senate in '22! The danger then will be for Republicans to sit on their rear ends and do nothing (again), setting the stage for another Democratic Socialist president in '24. God forbid!!!

From the Gov:

You are correct about the irregularities. (Ah, you must be a regular reader of the Huckabee newsletter!) And it’s not just the likely fraud that skewed results --- or at the very least rendered them unverifiable --- it’s the deep state/media collusion that facilitated the Russia Hoax, the censorship of stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the family’s foreign business connections, the changing of election laws to make cheating easy as pie, and so much more.

Special Counsel John Durham’s detailed “speaking indictment” brought much of it into the open, and even our allies and enemies around the world see it now. Some American leftists who supported Biden also see it now. I don’t know how they can ever forgive their own party for so thoroughly deceiving them. Probably the only reason they don’t switch parties is that they’re still clinging to the OTHER lies their party and the media have told them, about Trump.

As you know, we won’t be having a “new election.” Some states, such as California, have provisions for a recall election --- and we’ve just seen how difficult a process that is --- but the U.S. Constitution does not.

It’s hard to say what the Democrats are planning for the next few years, as they must know Biden can’t possibly be the candidate for 2024, if he’s still in office then. And if/when Harris is installed as President (shudder) via the 25th Amendment, she won't be the nominee in '24 if they can help it, as she grows more unpopular by the day –- even with Democrats who so dearly wanted a black female President, for bragging rights if nothing else. Perhaps some Democrats have realized there are more important considerations than racial and gender identity when choosing the leader of the free world.

You’re right in saying that landslides in '22 and '24 are the only way to prevail. The highly-organized Democrats are on a mission to “transform” (destroy) America, and we have to be on even more of a mission to save her. Speak out (cancel culture be damned), support conservatives down-ballot, get active in conservative organizations, seek out alternative media, run for office, BECOME A POLL WATCHER. This is what we must do, or we will lose our country.

From Steve:

Of the 15,000 voters in Maricopa County that had moved to "another address within the county", how many voted the mail-in ballot, then showed up to vote in person at their new polling station? Maybe a count of the total votes cast versus the population of the county would be in order?

From the Gov:

This is one of the things the full audit looked at, at least county-wide. (We’ve also heard from readers in Arizona who went in person to vote and learned that someone ELSE had voted by mail-in ballot in their name.) As we reported, even after factoring in the local officials’ “explanations,” there were still thousands of unexplained duplicate ballots. This is one reason why, in a simple recount of the original ballots, Biden still comes out the winner.

From Sidney:

OK –- so let's assume that the results of the audit are valid, and they probably are valid. So what now? At this point, can Arizona void the votes of the Democrat electors and replace them with votes of Republican electors, which will undoubtedly be in favor of Trump-Pence? Will the findings in the Arizona audit result in other audits, and is it possible that the Biden election victory can be overturned and Trump reinstalled as President? This would be a good subject for one of your shows.

From the Gov:

This is always the most difficult answer I have to give. Though there might be other audits, the 2020 election will not be overturned, and the only way Trump can be re-installed is if he runs in 2024 and is elected. The Judiciary has made it clear they will not touch this. The audit, as we see it, has two purposes: 1) to get to the truth, as a matter of record, and 2) document the problems that MUST be fixed if we’re to have secure, validated elections.

On that score, we've just learned that in pursuit of a resolution to these concerns, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich is not going quietly. Given the anomalies turned up by the audit, he has written a letter to the county recorder and each member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, advising them to preserve all "documents, files and related information" in case there is further investigation or litigation. In other words, he's not done.

From Thomas:

OK, Gov., here we go again: this said that, so that is suing this, it just goes on and on. None of this will end until the mid-term elections, maybe not even then. The debt ceiling is on us, when will DC decide to work together, everywhere you look we get the he said, she said BS of politics jumps out at you. I am disappointed, discouraged, saddened by our political landscape. Social media, the interweb, and fake news media flood us with nothing but hearsay and rumors, Time for all Patriots to stand up and say NO MORE. Thanks TWS

From the Gov:

The way to get a handle on your dismay, which we all share, is contained in your letter. Channel those feelings into action. We absolutely have no choice. You said it yourself: It's time for patriots to stand up and say NO MORE.

Thanks so much to all who wrote!

Democrats and their loyal media valets keep insisting that the dictatorial COVID mandates from President Biden and blue state Governors are wildly popular with most Americans. You know, just like their plans to raise taxes, legalize all abortions and spend more money than God has. But as with minorities, they don’t seem to have bothered talking to Americans before speaking for them.

With businesses already threatened by a lack of workers, hospitals dangerously understaffed and experts warning of potentially catastrophic shortages due to supply chain disruptions caused by a lack of workers, Biden and his power-mad cohorts are demanding that millions of people who object to being vaccinated be fired from their jobs. If you thought their previous prescriptions for COVID were worse than the disease, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. But as usual, the American people are wiser than their leaders and able to see this train heading toward them from far down the tunnel.

The latest Trafalgar Group poll asked, “Should Americans be fired if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccines?” A whopping 65% said, “No,” and only 22.2% said, “Yes.” Broken down by political views, Republicans said, “NO!!” by 83.5% to 9.7%. Independents said, “No,” by 63.6% to 15.5%. And even Democrats leaned toward “No” by 47.9% to 38.4%.

Maybe, unlike their leaders, they thought deeply enough to question the claim that the unvaccinated are “endangering” the vaccinated. How is that possible, if the vaccines work? And if they don’t work any better than that, why the drastic violation of citizens’ rights to force everyone to get them?

Once again, Biden’s Administration is reflecting Obama’s. He’s lurching toward unconstitutional government overreach and governing against the will of the people. Let’s hope and pray it works out as well for him in the upcoming midterm elections as it did for Obama in 2010. Republicans gained 63 seats to retake the House, the biggest power shift since 1948, and gained seven seats in the Senate. That wasn’t enough to retake the Senate then, but it would be now. And Biden has far worse self-created crises to deal with, and none of Obama’s political skills or personal popularity to offset them.

All that said, don’t get complacent. If you want to retake Congress and stop the Democrats and their too-powerful allies from driving America over a high cliff with the Bill of Rights in the back seat, then get involved in the campaigns and work hard to win. Donate, volunteer, and most of all, watch the polls like hawks!

Wednesday, Congressional testimony continued from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mike Milley and CENTCOM head Gen. Frank McKenzie. Not as many revelations came out as on the first day of testimony, with much of the time being spent on Republicans blasting the men over the catastrophic handling of the Afghanistan pullout and Democrats trying to blame it on Trump. Here’s a pretty good recap of the main takeaways from the two days of testimony.

As far as Wednesday’s highlights go, the biggest was probably Gen. McKenzie’s confirmation that the Taliban did, as previously reported, offer to let the US military have full control of Kabul until US evacuation efforts were complete, but McKenzie said that wasn’t what he’d been instructed to do and he thought they didn’t have the resources, so he turned the offer down. Let me repeat that: HE TURNED THE OFFER DOWN!!! Didn’t run it by anybody back in Washington, just said, “No, thanks.”

And as far as memorable quotes from Wednesday, I’d say this comment from Rep. Matt Gaetz to Gen. Milley deserves the prize:

“You seem to be very happy failing up over there, but if we didn’t have a President that was so addled, you all would be fired. Because that is what you deserve. You have let down the people who wear the uniform in my district and all around this country, and you’re far more interested in what your perception is and how people think about you in insider Washington books than you care about winning, which this group seems incapable of doing,”

That might sum up the entire two days better than any lengthy news article could.

Immigration update

September 30, 2021

Among the many people being threatened by President Biden with termination if they don’t get vaccinated is our already overworked and undermanned Border Patrol.

It might be prudent for Border Patrol agents to get vaccinated, though, considering the staggering number of potentially COVID-infected illegal immigrants that Biden is allowing to stream across the border for them to deal with.

In a related story, here’s how much illegal immigration has exploded under President Biden, and how much it threatens to alter America (which many believe is the real goal of the Democrats): just during fiscal 2021 alone, we’re on track to have so many illegal immigrants enter America that their total number will be greater than the entire populations of 11 US states.