Memorial Day

May 31, 2021

Once a year, on the last Monday in May, we set aside a day to honor our fellow Americans who made the greatest of all sacrifices so that the rest of us could continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty and security.

Memorial Day was born after the Civil War, when families would take a day to tend and decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers. It soon spread to the North, and became known as Decoration Day. Eventually, it became a national holiday to honor all American military veterans who gave up their homes, their families, their very lives -- everything they had, or ever dreamed of having – all in sacrifice for their country. And just how many have made that ultimate sacrifice? Brace yourself:

From the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812, the Civil War and Spanish American war, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other wars, police actions and rescue missions around the world since 1776, over one million, three hundred and eight thousand Americans have died in uniform.

Imagine if all those soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen could come back to life for a Memorial Day parade. Picture them marching past in rows of ten, each row taking just 10 seconds to pass. That parade would stretch on and on, row after row, 360 rows per hour, for hour after hour, 24 hours a day, for over 15 straight days. That is the enormity of the military casualties America has experienced since 1776. That doesn’t even include the millions more who sacrificed their limbs, their sight, their peace of mind, and the best years of their lives, all for us.

Make you realize just how ignorant and slanderous it is to claim America's history is built on slavery, racism and selfishness instead of freedom, compassion and sacrifice.

Today's military members, like those before them, risk their lives to protect the cherished American principles of liberty, equality, democracy, fighting tyranny and defending the weak. Previous generations guarded these bedrock principles so that they could be passed down to us. It is now our sacred duty to preserve them for future generations.

Every year, the American Legion sells poppy pins to support veterans and their families. May 22nd was National Poppy Day this year ( I hope you bought one and are wearing it proudly. The poppy became the symbol of Memorial Day, thanks to the famous poem, “In Flanders’ Fields,” by Canadian Lt. Col. John McCrae. He wrote it in memory of his friend Alexis Helmer, whom he watched die in battle in World War I.

The poem starts, “In Flanders’ fields, the poppies blow,

Between the crosses, row on row…”

Read the poem. It's very short, but it still conveys a powerful message of the depth of those soldiers' sacrifice and the debt we owe them all.

The pandemic is waning, but there are still fewer group activities than usual available where we can gather to show our support for veterans and our gratitude to those who gave their lives to protect our freedom. But we can all proudly fly our American flags. And we can offer support to some of the many great veterans’ support organizations, such as the VFW and the American Legion.

Another great new organization with an especially timely mission is Code Of Vets, founded by Air Force Veteran, Gretchen Smith. She and a staunch supporter, the late Charlie Daniels, once appeared on “Huckabee” on TBN to talk about the group’s efforts to provide support to veterans struggling through the pandemic. You can learn more and donate at It’s tax-deductible, and with their 1% operating costs, you can rest easy knowing that 99 cents of every dollar given goes directly to help veterans in need.

And of course, one more thing we can all do from wherever we are is to stop for a moment and think of all the rows and rows of crosses in veterans’ cemeteries…say a prayer of thanks to them…and remember that each and every cross represents a genuine American hero who made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

McCrae’s poem ends, “To you, from failing hands, we throw the torch. Be yours, to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders’ fields.” If you really want to memorialize these greatest of American heroes, then take up the torch they passed to us. Hold it high. And NEVER let it drop.

With the lockdowns winding down in most states, many Americans are chomping at the bit to get out of the house and go to beaches or parks to celebrate Memorial Day weekend as the unofficial start of summer. But let’s not forget that Memorial Day means far more than that. It’s a day set aside to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to provide for us the unprecedented freedom that we so often take for granted as Americans.

In a premium story in the Epoch Times, veterans talked about the meaning of Memorial Day, and all of them made it clear that it isn’t about them, but about their comrades who never made it back home. As one put it, “Veterans Day is for those who survived and retired. Armed Forces Day is for those who are still serving. Memorial Day is reserved for those who never got to take off their uniform.”

Despite the distortions of America’s history that so many people want to force into our schools, the fact is that no people in the history of the world have experienced the liberties, opportunities or prosperity that we have enjoyed as citizens of the greatest country on God’s green earth — the United States of America. I don’t say that as a biased American, but as one who has traveled the world and who can scour the pages of human history and say definitively that no nation has ever given its inhabitants the degree of freedom, security, and pursuit of happiness as has this extraordinary experiment in government called the United States.

Our Constitution is a simple, yet profound, blueprint for a government in which the ultimate power rests with the people and not with a king, a tyrant dictator, a military general, or even an elected official. The genius of our nation is that the people have been vested with the highest power, and while we temporarily grant it to those we elect, we don’t give it away (even during a pandemic.)

This great system of self-government with its separation and balance of powers and its accountability to its people has been and continues to be protected against both foreign and domestic threats by those who trade their clothes of choice for a uniform and who trade their personal liberties to accept orders from someone who outranks them.

In the process of providing that protection, in wars and other police actions over more than two centuries, more than one million of those in our military have given their lives for those of us who will enjoy this long weekend. No American should take this for granted nor ignore it. It shouldn’t be left to the Gold Star families alone to take a pause for a somber reminder of the price of our benefits of citizenship. We all owe it to them to show respect in some way for those whose deaths gave us our lives.

This year, May 8 was the 76th anniversary of World War II’s VE Day (Victory in Europe) and August 15 will be the 76th anniversary of VJ Day (Victory over Japan.) While most of the commemorative events last year and this were canceled due to the pandemic, parents should use the Internet to teach kids at home about VE Day and VJ Day.

For kids who’ve heard derogatory comments about the military, these anniversaries are a golden opportunity to teach them that the rights, freedoms and comforts they enjoy were paid for with the blood of patriots: over a million soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. To cite just one war alone, many people today unconscionably water down the meaning of the term “Nazi” by hurling it thoughtlessly at political opponents.

This Memorial Day, especially in light of the shocking rise of anti-Semitic attacks by those who are ignorant of what World War II was about, please teach your children about the real evils of Nazism and the tens of millions who died because of it. And fly your flag and give thanks and prayers for the 16 million Allied military members – over 405,000 of them Americans – who heroically gave their lives to stop it.

Covid-News Roundup

May 30, 2021

A German research team believes they may have discovered what might be causing rare blood clots in some recipients of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

The Washington Post’s “fact-checker” is the latest to admit that anti-Trump political bias played a factor in the media discounting and censoring questions about the coronavirus’ origin.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is under renewed fire after an article he wrote in 2012 surfaced. In it, he argued that “gain of function” research (making bat viruses more contagious to humans in a lab to help study them) could trigger a pandemic, but that the benefits of such experiments outweighed the risks. Sounds more like Dr. Frankenstein. For the record, the Obama Administration disagreed and banned gain of function research, but that can be gotten around by giving grants to labs that do it in other countries, like…well, you know.

Thanks to the sudden ease-up on censorship, we’re finally seeing a paper written by a British professor and a Norwegian scientist, claiming that COVID-19 has “no credible natural ancestor” and it was created by Chinese scientists who tried to cover their tracks by retro-engineering it to make it look as if it came naturally from bats.

I don’t know if that’s true, but the authors say they had “prima facie evidence of retro-engineering in China” for a year, but were ignored by academics and major journals. It would have been nice if we'd at least been allowed to hear their theory and look at their evidence. To paraphrase the great scientist Adam Sandler, once again, things that could’ve been brought to our attention LAST YEAR!

The makeup chain Sephora caved to the woke mob and canceled its partnership with popular social media influencer Amanda Ensing, because she was a Christian conservative who supported Trump. The accusation of her being opposed to “inclusivity” got her banned from Twitter, where she’d had over a million followers.

Now, in a blow back against the cancel mobs and corporate bullying, free speech attorney John Pierce is representing Ensing in a defamation lawsuit against Sephora. Pierce said they “picked on the wrong target,” and issued this statement:

“Ms. Ensing is intent on exposing cancel culture for what it is — a poisonous cancer that is destroying the norms of free speech and the fabric of America. Sephora and its leadership will be held accountable for globally defaming her. No matter how long and hard the fight, Ms. Ensing will make an example out of Sephora that will serve to deter other massive corporations from thinking they can simply steamroll individuals and destroying their lives for the sake of pandering to a leftist, woke and un-American mob.”

This should be fun to watch. It’s too bad people who are wrongfully censored just for expressing their political views can’t also sue Twitter. Come to think of it, why CAN’T they sue Twitter?...

Friday, despite the usual suspects (Romney, Collins, Murkowsky, Portman, Sasse and Cassidy) voting with the Democrats, the Senate Dems failed to overcome the Republican filibuster and the proposal to create a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6th Capitol violence was defeated. Democrats are still vowing that they will investigate and railing that “this isn’t over,” but they might want to think twice about that.

I understand that with their policies causing one disaster after another, from the border to the Middle East to the economy, they’re desperate for a straw man to whack, to distract the public’s attention from their own miserable failures. But so far, the more we’ve learned about January 6th, the worse it’s been for their side.

Their initial hyperbolic narrative was that, in the worst assault on the federal government since the Civil War, armed insurrectionists egged on by President Trump launched a lethal assault that left five people dead, including a police officer who was viciously beaten with a fire extinguisher. We now know that none of that is true. The people who launched the violence planned it long before Trump even gave his speech, in which he urged his followers to “peacefully and patriotically” protest. Nobody beat a police officer with a fire extinguisher. He died of natural causes, and all but one of the deaths were unrelated to the events at the Capitol.

Shamefully, on Friday, Hillary Clinton tweeted that Republicans were trying to cover up for a mob that “killed a policeman.” That’s either an unconscionable lie to exploit the officer’s death to slander her political opponents, or else she’s too ignorant of the facts to be commenting. The truth has been widely reported so there’s no other option.

The only violent death was the police shooting of Trump supporter Ashli Babitt, who, like all the other protesters, was unarmed. One person who was allegedly inciting others to commit violence was a known BLM agitator. Many people there that day committed no violent acts, and it appears the cops stood aside and let them walk on in. Many legal authorities believe prosecutors will have to walk back some of their initial charges for lack of evidence.

As for it being the worst assault on Congress since the 1860s, here’s a list of assaults on Congress that includes, among others, a shooting in 1954 that injured five Congressmen and two bombings, in 1971 and 1983.

Not included are the deranged Bernie Bro who hoped to change the balance of power by shooting Rep. Steve Scalise and trying to kill other Republicans, or Flight 93 on 9/11 that was reportedly headed for the Capitol before the heroic passengers took it down.

The Democrats might want to consider that if they keep picking at this scab, they might not be able to stop the bleeding. They’ll give a platform to people who were protesting because they believed the election was rigged. That could feed the growing demands for audits of ballots in swing states.

We’ve already seen that while they're raring to investigate January 6th (the only riot of the past year that they actually want to investigate), they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep anyone from investigating the election that was the basis of the Capitol assault. Do they really want to keep questions about the election in the headlines for months longer?

Besides, Americans have a host of problems they want dealt with, many of the Democrats’ own making. They don’t want all of Congress’ time taken up with endlessly rehashing a riot from last January that wasn’t as bad as the riots many Americans suffered in 2020 that the Democrats excused and defended. All things considered, the Democrats would be smart to heed their own advice and “move on.”

Now we know why the White House tried to sneak Biden’s first budget proposal out on a holiday weekend when nobody was paying attention.

It calls for spending $6 trillion, with a 25% increase in spending, partially paid for by new taxes, but still leaving a $1.8 trillion deficit. I assume that will be much larger than projected because projected revenues from big tax increases seldom materialize, since rich people didn’t get rich by handing their money over to the government. They’ll move it into shelters and out of productive investments that create jobs, which will reduce revenues even more in a vicious cycle.

The Daily Mail has a lot of numbers, most of them pretty terrifying, but I don’t like to throw a lot of numbers at you. So I’ll just suggest you click the link and brace yourself.

I will pass these along, though, just to give you an idea of the general thrust: Biden wants to spend $36 billion on “climate investments,” $2.1 billion on “gun violence,” and give $861 million to Central American nations to address the “root causes” of illegal immigration.

I’ll take care of that last one: They’re coming here because it’s so much better than where they are now. I’ll take that $861 million in cash or a money order (sorry, no checks, the fed is too overdrawn.) Don’t worry, I guarantee I’ll use the money more productively that the Central American politicians ever will.

In case you missed it: here’s video of my appearance on Fox & Friends to talk about the Biden “budget” proposal (sorry, when we’re talking about spending over $6 trillion including $1.8 trillion we don’t even have, I can’t use the word “budget” without quotes.)

Brandon Morse at has a good lesson on why parents need to be watching their children’s school officials like hawks. At a school board meeting for Desert Valley Elementary in Arizona, parents got up and made it clear that they did not want racist “Critical Race Theory” being taught to their kids (the crux being that America is a racist nation and all white people are evil oppressors.) After the meeting, someone leaked a private email in which school principal Tonya Neve complained about the school “giving those wackos a platform to spread propaganda” and talked about ways to silence “those pushy voices.”

After it hit the news, the Peoria Unified School District claimed it was unaware of Neve’s contemptuous name-calling of parents. They later said, Neve has “taken a position outside of our district for next school year and will no longer be serving our district.” Strange use of the word "serving," but I'll let it pass.

So three lessons to take away:

1. Speak up and fight back against this racist, Marxist indoctrination of our children.

2. Watch your school officials like a hawk to make sure they got the message and hold them accountable if they don’t.

3. Both 1 and 2 go double for anyone who lives in whatever district that principal moved on to.

If there’s one thing leftists hate, it’s successful Christian conservatives who don’t bend their knee to the woke Twitter mobs. So they’ve long targeted Chris and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper.” Their first “so what” attack on the Gaines family was for attending a church where the pastor opposed same-sex marriage. That failed to shock anyone but the terminally clueless. Now, The Hill newspaper has tried a new tack, running a hit piece that accused Chip Gaines of donating $1,000 to a school board candidate who (gasp!) opposes Critical Race Theory in schools.

This assault blew up in their faces in two ways:

1. Anyone in their right mind should oppose Critical Race Theory in schools. It’s divisive, Marxist-derived, racist garbage that teaches children to feel shame, guilt or helplessness based on their skin color. Most parents didn’t even realize until recently that their kids were being indoctrinated with this poison, and now there’s a nationwide movement to kick it out of schools. Tennessee just became the latest entire state to ban it.

2. The school board candidate Chip Gaines donated to…is his sister.

The Hill reporters might need Chip to come to their houses with his tool belt to help remove their feet from their mouths.