Worse Than North Korea

June 15, 2021

Today’s MUST-READ (and share): Fox News reports that Yeonmi Park came to America at age 13 as a defector from North Korea and was able to attend Ivy League Columbia University. Her verdict: the anti-American brainwashing there is worse than in North Korea.

She knew something was wrong on day one when she said at orientation that she liked the novels of Jane Austen and the instructor scolded her that writers of classic literature were racists and bigots and “had a colonial mindset.” She said the anti-American propaganda was like what she grew up with in North Korea. She was also attacked for not getting people’s “preferred pronouns” right when she was trying to speak in her third language.

Park, who had seen people die of starvation in front of her eyes, knows what real oppression is. But she said the Columbia students kept saying how oppressed they were and how much injustice they’d seen when they had no clue how great they had it. She said, "It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization…Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy."

After a lot of arguments, she finally “learned how to just shut up,” maintain a high GPA and graduate. It’s tragic that she had to flee a totalitarian communist state seeking freedom, only to discover that our college campuses have become totalitarian communist states.

This story comes on the heels of another about a mom who survived Mao’s cultural revolution blasting her kids’ school for its “Critical Race Theory” brainwashing that’s eerily similar to China.

When refugees from communist states with no freedom can’t even tell the difference between our schools and the places they fled, it’s time for a “purge.” Not a communist-style purge, but a purge of the school officials who have turned America’s education system into indoctrination camps to brainwash kids into hating their own country.

The Biden Administration just unveiled a national strategy for battling the heightened threat of domestic terrorism. While claiming their crackdown cuts across the political spectrum, they insist that the most persistent and lethal threats come from “white supremacy and militia violent extremists.”

Odd, the black-clad, communist rioters taking over large swaths of cities, burning public buildings and attacking police officers don’t look much like white supremacists to me. Neither do the violent Mexican gangs that are pouring across our borders, bringing drugs, guns and deadly violence into the US, although they are heavily armed enough that I suppose they’d qualify as militias. And the radical Islamic jihadists that are ramping up recruitment now that Trump’s out of the way don’t seem to be KKK members. But this is a Democrat-controlled intelligence agency, so I’m sure they wouldn’t try to mislead us or politicize the justice system.

In other dangerous rightwing threat news, Sen. Ron Johnson released security footage from the January 6th violence at the Capitol. It shows that over 300 of the people who entered – that’s about 38% of the alleged “insurrectionists” who “broke into the Capitol” – simply walked through the upper West Terrace doorway while five Capitol Police officers stood nearby. One of the cops even appeared to wave some of them in.

Johnson said that while he doesn’t condone the violent protesters, the idea that everyone there was an armed insurrectionist is a false narrative. Aside from the fact that none of them were armed, there’s their behavior. The video shows that many of them politely stayed within the rope lines in the Rotunda. Johnson said that’s not how armed insurrectionists behave.

It sounds more to me like how tourists behave. But Democrats would have a hard time getting anyone to take their demands for National Guard troops and barbed wire fencing seriously if they claimed the government was facing an existential threat from Republican tourists. I’m having a hard enough time taking them seriously already.

I usually don’t spend too much time on political developments in other nations because Americans aren’t that interested. But the replacement of Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years as Prime Minister of Israel is not an Israeli news item, it’s a story that affects the entire world.

After a 60-59 vote in the Parliament, Netanyahu was replaced by Naftali Bennett, who is backed by a fractious coalition ranging from Israel hawks to Islamic Arabs. The major concern with a coalition that covers the entire spectrum of left to right is whether there can be consensus without capitulation on critical issues such as sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and building on the Abraham Accords.

Netanyahu has been the focus of Israel haters worldwide because there has never been so tough, eloquent or resolute a defender of Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself from those who aim to eradicate it. The elites who are always pushing Israel to compromise more never explain how you can compromise with people who want to kill every Jew. By letting them kill half the Jews?

In a strong outgoing speech, Netanyahu said that Iran is "celebrating" his loss because "they understand that starting today, there will be a weak and unstable government that will align with the dictates of the international community." He also revealed that he had privately warned President Biden that his attempts to reinstate the Obama Iran nuke deal would pave the way “for Iran to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons with international legitimacy." He even compared Biden’s blindness to the consequences to FDR’s tragic failure to bomb the train tracks leading to Auschwitz when he had a chance in 1944.

He also predicted that he will soon be back. I hope it’s not under similar circumstances to Winston Churchill’s replacement of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain after a period when he was out of government. He came back because Britain’s leaders tried to appease the Nazis and ended up needing a tough, resolute leader to win World War II.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been a personal friend of mine for many years, and I’m not sure the people of Israel fully appreciate his statecraft that has led to unprecedented peace, prosperity, and security not just for Israel, but for the entire Middle East. It will take years for the new leadership to develop the depth of relationships that Netanyahu had fostered over his 12 consecutive years and 15 total.

Having said that, Israel is where it is because of God, not any one man or political party. I’ve also known Naftali Bennett for over 10 years and have high hopes that he will use his very significant executive skills to keep Israel stable and secure. I hope all my Christian friends will join me as we “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

President Biden is in Europe, looking for new ways to lead from behind, project weakness and fumble words. At least, if those are his goals, he’s doing a tremendous job. I don’t know what was the most cringe-worthy moment of his G-7 press conference: the part where he confused Syria with Libya, or the part where he said he wouldn’t have a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, defensively claiming that “this is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference…” That’s practically an admission that you do see it as a contest and you know you’d lose.

Now, try to imagine Trump being afraid to appear on stage with Putin. The write-up at was even more brutal.

Then there was the blowback over Biden’s seeming acceptance of Putin’s call to exchange Russian cybercriminals if the US would hand over people in America who are wanted by Russia (the trick part: that latter group aren’t necessarily criminals.) That sent Biden’s aides rushing to mop up his mess.

You know the President is projecting more weakness than a solar-powered flashlight at midnight when it’s hardly even worth mentioning his comments about not being allowed to take questions from non-pre-approved reporters because he’s already made that excuse so many times in the past.

These foreign trips that put American leaders on a world stage can either enhance their standing or signal to our enemies that we have weak and ineffective leadership, so it’s safe to get aggressive. God help us because if Kamala Harris’ trips south of the border (but never actually TO the border) have shown her to be painfully Not Ready for Prime Time, Biden’s trip to Europe is flashing the message “Long Past His Shelf Date” like a neon sign.

Meanwhile, whenever Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview, you can’t take what he says at face value. But it can be interesting to hear what he says and the way he says it, to try to figure out the angle he’s playing. For instance, going into a meeting with President Biden, Putin praised his hated predecessor Trump as an “extraordinary, talented individual” and said that Biden is “radically different,” and belittled him as “a career man, he has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics."!

That’s a great example of playing head games to throw off your opponent. It’s also interesting to see how long Putin can string along a reporter who’s bluntly asking him if he’s a killer, dismissing it as nonsense and fake news but somehow never specifically denying it.

Day Off

June 14, 2021

We’re reaching peak “cancel culture” in which people are so afraid of offending someone that they cancel literally everything and find themselves living in a blank void. It just happened in New Jerseys’ Randolph Township.

About 100 people showed up at the Board of Education meeting Thursday to protest the board’s decision to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day.” So, missing the point entirely, the board decided it would be best not to offend anyone who feels slighted by calendar dates that reference a person, holiday, or ethnic group. One member said, "If we don't have anything on the calendar, we don't have to have anyone be hurt feelings or anything like that."

So the board voted unanimously to remove the names of all holidays from the calendar, and those where there is no school, such as Thanksgiving, are just called “Day off.”

If the idea was to not offend anyone, they achieved the opposite. The meeting ended with the crowd shouting at them, and one incredulous man demanding, “What just happened?! What did you just do?!”

They just inched along a little further the “progressive” goal of destroying everything that Americans have in common and that brings us together. First, no genders. Then no history or common culture. Now, no holidays. But I refuse to knuckle under to this insanity, so let me be the first to wish our readers in New Jersey a merry day off and a happy new day off. And let me also wish those of you in Randolph Township a new board of education.

Inflation Hits

June 14, 2021

Inflation is already starting to be felt by Americans. This week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the consumer price index jumped again in May, bringing the inflation rate over the past year up to 5%, the biggest jump since 2008. Economists had been expecting it to reach 4.7%.

Inflation is essentially a tax that hits the poor and middle class the hardest because it makes everything you buy more expensive. People who were already worrying about how to cover the bills will now have to stretch the food budget a little further or try to cut down on driving (you might have especially noticed the leap in gas prices since Joe Biden became President and declared war on the domestic fossil fuel industry.)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Fed assure us that this is just a temporary price spike caused by pent-up demand and reduced supply, due to the pandemic coming to an end. And that might be part of it. But inflation also happens when you flood the economy with dollars by running the printing press 24/7, like trying to stimulate the economy with trillions and trillions of dollars the government doesn’t actually have. The more of anything that exists, the less it's worth, and that’s true of dollars as well.

During the election, Biden infamously declared, “Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore.” Since becoming President, Biden has doubled down on his defiance of the Nobel Prize-winning free market economics icon, just as he’s defied reality on a number of other fronts, from border security to energy. But as I predicted even before he took office, his biggest opponent would not be the Republicans, it would be reality.

Simply declaring that Friedman’s wisdom about how money works (and has always worked and always will work) no longer applies and that America can now print money out of thin air and hand it out to everyone without creating hyperinflation and crashing the economy, won’t make it so.

I fear that Biden’s arrogant defiance of the unalterable facts of economics that Milton Friedman so brilliantly explained will prove as foolish as defying the old, dead, white guy Sir Isaac Newton and his outmoded ideas about gravity by leaping off a 20-story building. I also fear that the US economy will suffer the same fate.

The economists at Deutsche Bank are also not convinced that Joe Biden has rewritten the laws of economics and can flood the country with paper money without reducing the value of the dollar until we’re using them as toilet paper because it will be cheaper than buying actual toilet paper.

Multiple Emmy award-winning journalist Christopher Sign, who broke the story about former President Bill Clinton’s secret June 27, 2016, meeting on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and who later wrote a book called SECRET ON THE TARMAC, was found dead Saturday.

Police and fire first responders found Sign inside a Hoover, Alabama, residence at 8:17AM after a 911 call was placed. Chris Sign was 45 years old, married to his college sweetheart, and was the father of three sons. A native of Dallas-Fort Worth, he’d been working since 2017 as evening news anchor for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. According to a police spokesman, his death is being investigated as an apparent suicide.

The general manager at the station, Eric Land, called Sign a “revered colleague whose indelible imprint will serve forever as a hallmark of decency, honesty, and journalistic integrity.”

Sign’s book about the tarmac meeting was released in late 2019. Here’s a story FOX NEWS ran about it in February of 2020.

Sign is quoted as saying his book “details everything that they don’t want you to know and everything they think you forgot, but Bill Clinton was on that plane for over 20 minutes and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids and Brexit. There’s so much that doesn’t add up.”

Here’s more about the book on his publisher’s website.

Sign said he’d received death threats for telling this story. He was then working in Phoenix, for the ABC affiliate KNXT-TV. “Credit cards hacked,” he said. “You know, my children, we have code words. We have secret code words that they know what to do.” It was in 2017 that he and his family decided to move for their safety from Phoenix to the Birmingham area for him take the job he held until his death. One post about him said, “His family was the single most important thing in his life, which is why he ended up returning to ABC 33/40 four years ago.”

A week before he died, he posted a happy selfie in the park, with the caption, “Enjoying a beautiful morning.”

In his account of the infamous meeting, Sign cited a source who was already there at the airport and said Clinton was “waiting for” Lynch, in his car, with his motorcade. After Lynch’s plane pulled up and came to a stop, her airstairs came down, most of her staff exited the plane, and then he boarded. According to the source, the Secret Service and FBI agents who were there were looking around and trying to figure out what they were supposed to do. Because, of course, it wasn’t on the official itinerary.

Lynch, who supposedly headed the federal investigation into Hillary’s criminal use of unsecured email, testified before the House Oversight Committee in December 2018 that she and Bill talked about how things were going at the Justice Department and also about her job performance –- not “golf and grandkids.” She testified that he “flattered” her and that they also talked about Eric Holder.

Recall that this highly inappropriate meeting took place just days before then-FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 that it would not be pursuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email server for official business as secretary of state, nor for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence. “No reasonable prosecutor” would take that case, Comey said, though I think we could’ve come up with a long list of prosecutors who would have jumped at the chance. We later learned that in internal communications, they had changed terminology such as “criminally negligent” to the more benign-sounding “extremely careless.”

Both Lynch and Bill Clinton testified that the email investigation never came up in their conversation. According to the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Bill Clinton was asked by investigators about this meeting, and he said, “...I don’t know whether I’m more offended that they think I’m crooked or that they think I’m stupid.” Personally, I don’t know anyone who thinks Bill Clinton is stupid.

At least one report, that of Britain’s THE SUN, leaves open the possibility that Sign was still clinging to life when the police were contacted or when they first arrived on the scene. Their wording: “Local police chief Keith Czeskleba said the death is being investigation as a suicide after the reporter was found unresponsive in his home.” No details have been given about how Sign allegedly did this, either, or whether a note was found.

It’s interesting that a British publication would offer the most thorough and humanizing coverage of this story. We learn a lot about the life of this journalist --- a real journalist, part of that rare, endangered species --- from reading the posts and pictures they include.

THE SUN also covers what Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert said about this in a tweet: “Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead?” They mention, without elaborating, that Boebert has “been linked to QAnon conspiracies in the past.” Well, I guess that’s all it takes to dismiss her concerns about foul play! (I know Stephen Colbert has called her a “gun fetishist,” a title that, coming from him, should be worn as a badge of honor.)

THE SUN ran the video clip Boebert had included with her tweet, featuring Sign being interviewed on FOX & FRIENDS and expressing his concerns about “significant death threats,” bad enough to make him leave Phoenix and return to Birmingham, where his friends and colleagues rallied around him and made him feel safer.

It’s not always possible to know when someone is depressed enough to commit suicide. And perhaps he was that desperate. There might have been something very wrong that even his family and close friends didn’t know about. But looking at this man’s accomplishments in life, his obviously bright future, the respect he’d earned as a journalist, and the happy pictures of his beautiful wife and three boys so shortly before his death (with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday), it’s hard to fathom he would do such a thing.

Chris was obviously beloved by his friends and colleagues. The NEW YORK POST ran a story that quoted Jamie Hale, the network’s sports anchor: “I can’t believe we have an article with this title. It doesn’t feel real. Last night, we were in the office together cutting up the way we always do.”

In none of the accounts we’ve turned up so far has there been even one word about any problem in this man’s life, other than the threats that had been made on it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen that way. But will this tremendous loss quickly be chalked up to suicide when it deserves a thorough investigation? Ironically, it's Hillary's email case that shows us how easily an investigation can be blown off.

Flag Day

June 14, 2021

Today is Flag Day, celebrating the adoption of the American flag by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. It was proclaimed a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, and officially established as National Flag Day by act of Congress in 1949.

Here’s a fascinating history of the American flag, appropriately enough from the

Florida Rep. Brian Mast also has an excellent article at about the US flag and what it symbolizes, and that it’s not a Republican flag or a Democrat flag, but the flag of all Americans – even those who denigrate it and fail to grasp that it stands for their very right to speak out foolishly against it.

As Rep. Mast notes, chief among those people is New York Times editorialist Mara Gay, who recently declared how “disturbing” she found it when she took a weekend jaunt to Long Island and saw American flags in people’s yards and on (horrors!) pickup trucks! I had a message for her in my monologue this weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN. If you missed it, or would like to share it, you’ll find it here:

Incidentally, I’m still waiting to hear back on whether she’ll accept my invitation. I’ll keep you posted.