Saturday, hackers at the wild and wooly website 4Chan claimed to have obtained about 450 gigabytes of data from Hunter Biden’s cell phone and iCloud account and began releasing bits of it. Needless to say, much of it is sex, drug and porn-related depravity that I’m not going to describe here. I think by this point, we all know enough about Hunter’s well-documented character. We also know that the media will do their best to smother any more revelations.

For instance, one of the leaked videos allegedly shows Hunter weighing some crack, prompting Donald Trump Jr. to question how the media would react if that were a video of him. It makes me question the Biden family's judgement that Hunter thinks he’s much smarter than Jill Biden, and Joe thinks Hunter is the smartest person he knows, yet he makes videos of himself weighing crack and stores them on his phone and/or iCloud account.

If you want to delve further into the bottomless pit of slime that is the life of our President’s progeny, Bonchie at has more, and some commentary and links.

The current big question is “Who is Hunter referring to in text messages when he talks about ‘Pedo Pete?’” Bonchie has some conjecture on that, too. And this is only the first bit of leakage. It’s going to be a loooong summer.

Dumbest Tweet of 2022

July 11, 2022

It’s only July, but I think we might already have a winner for the “Dumbest Tweet of 2022,” and that’s against some really stiff competition. It was from a self-proclaimed “Marxist-humanist” who tweeted, “Yeah, Anne Frank had white privilege. Bad things happen to people with white privilege also, but don’t tell the whites that.” (For the record, the “privileged” Miss Frank and was hiding in a concealed room at 13 to keep from being murdered by the Nazis, who captured her family and sent them to concentration camps, where Anne died at 15. So did all the rest of her family except her father, who published her diary.)

That stunning idiocy drew the condemnation it deserved and was quickly deleted. In fact, I would have just ignored it as another example of the brain drool that passes for discourse on Twitter, if it weren’t for the fact that it sparked some great responses that apply to a wide spectrum of current “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” “identity politics,” twisted history nonsense.

The best, obviously much-needed, history lesson came from writer Ashton Pittman:  "If you think 'Anne Frank had white privilege,' you don't know what 'white' means. Race isn't real. It's made up. What makes you 'white' is relative to your society's ideas. In Nazi Germany, she wasn't 'white:' the Nazis saw her as part of a 'Jewish race' & murdered her for it. If Anne Frank could've been transported into 21st century America, we'd consider her 'white.' But in Nazi Germany, she wasn't 'white;' she was Jewish and considered part of a separate race. That's why anti-Semitism is a form of racism even though most Jews appear 'white.'"

Exactly, but acknowledging that would open the door to judging historical figures in the context of their times rather than by ever-changing modern standards, which would destroy much of the “woke” left’s arguments.

Surprisingly, some good comments also came from the left. Liberal singer Clay Aiken tweeted, "I think it's time to shut the internet down. Completely." It was even a bridge too far for Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the bogus “1619 Project,” who replied, “Anne Frank did not have white privileged (sic) in Nazi Germany. Literally wasn't considered part of the white race."

But one of the most insightful replies came from Matt Walsh: "According to the Left's doctrine of white privilege, yes Anne Frank had it. If that makes the concept of 'white privilege' sound insane, well right exactly."

And that’s a great point. Set aside for a moment the offensive absurdity of claiming Anne Frank had white privilege and consider how easy it was under the current level of discourse for this moron to make such a claim. That alone should show you what a hollow, meaningless, intellectually bankrupt linguistic sledgehammer that accusation is.

And before anyone tries to claim that applying it to Anne Frank was a unique example of some anonymous nut on Twitter just going way too far, consider the last line of the linked article:

“In 2020, Time magazine claimed that disability rights advocate Hellen Keller was ‘just another privileged white person.’"

For those who’ve never seen “The Miracle Worker,” here’s the Wikipedia bio of Helen Keller and all the amazing things she accomplished, despite having been blind and deaf from the age of 19 months.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom, apparently suffering from delusions of presidential ambitions, ran an ad in Florida accusing Republicans of crushing freedom (like the freedom to kill babies just before they’re born, or the freedom of teachers to tell small children about graphic sexual practices) and urging people to move to California, where “we still believe in freedom.”

Unless, of course, you want to be free to go to church or open your business without being arrested, or free from fear of violent criminals and crazy homeless people, or free from the highest gas prices in the America, or free to refuse a vaccine you don’t trust, or free to walk alone on a beach without getting arrested for not wearing a mask, or free to take your kids to a park without worrying that they’ll step on drug needles or human feces, or…well, I could go on and on. Which is why so many people are fleeing California for states like Florida.

Newsom’s ludicrous ad is being greeted with the raspberries it deserves. Critics are also pointing out the ways in which he flouts the freedom-crushing rules he imposes on others, whether it’s dining at a fancy restaurant while closing other restaurants, posing for photos sans mask in a crowded stadium with celebrity athletes, or vacationing in Montana, one of 22 states he’s banned state officials from traveling to because they don’t subscribe to his views on LGBTQ+++ issues.

In fact, about the only freedom Californians still enjoy is the freedom to move out. But liberals there are desperately trying to pass an “exit tax” to make them keep paying even after they leave.

Biden press secretary Karine Jean Pierre is yet again under fire for saying something so ludicrous, reporters had to go to their optometrists to make their eyes stop rolling. Asked about new polls showing 85% of Americans think the nation is going in the wrong direction, she again blamed all the problems on Putin and the pandemic, and insisted that “we are stronger economically than we have been in history.”

You can imagine the reaction to that, or just click the link to read it. However, I will repeat something I said early on in her tenure. She gets a lot of criticism for seeming unprepared, having no answers or just blurting out things that are nonsensical. But I have some sympathy for her. Think about it: if your job was defending the policies of this Administration, what could you possibly say?

Nick Arama at has some amusing thoughts on this latest whopper, as well as her claim that Biden has a secret plan to fight inflation (that I guess hasn’t gone into effect yet), and the observation that polls show Americans were more optimistic during the pandemic, proving that they think a global plague was better than this Administration.

When is it okay and not at all racist to smear accomplished Latina women? Why, when they’re conservatives and you’re fatuous liberals from the New York Times who are obviously terrified of their success.

Also, check out this perfect illustration of the Times’ glaring double standard between the way it treats a socialist Latina who spouts nonsense 24/7 and conservative Latinas who are pro-life churchgoers.

Is it any surprise that Latino voters are turning Republican?

I never want to hear another word about how Donald Trump was a dictator who ignored the Constitutional limits of power and destroyed the “norms” of our institutions. Trump was repeatedly blocked from exercising powers he clearly held by activist judges, and every time, he followed the law and appealed to a higher court, which usually upheld his right to do what he was doing.

President Biden, on the other hand, Mr. “Return to Normalcy,” has repeatedly shown utter contempt for the limits of his powers, the separation of powers, and the rulings of the Supreme Court. If a ruling doesn’t go his way, he ignores it, tries to find ways around it, and in certain extreme cases, calls for destroying the SCOTUS by eliminating the Senate filibuster so he can pack the Court with leftwing activists, all while suggesting the Judges are illegitimate and doing nothing to protect them from illegal threats and protests at their homes. He’s been a wrecking ball aimed at our institutions and the Constitutional separation of powers. And now, he’s doing it again.

Apparently, the SCOTUS ruling that abortion is an intimate personal matter not mentioned in the Constitution and is therefore rightly the concern of elected state legislators means nothing to Biden. He plans to issue an executive order today, making it easier for women (sorry: “birthing people,” or in this case, “non-birthing people”) to get abortions in states that limit them.

Check out that link for the details, and while you’re there, take note of how many misleadingly positive euphemisms for “abortion” the White House manages to cram into this one statement. For instance, “reproductive health care services," “medical help,” “reproductive rights,” “access to the medication they need” (i.e., abortifacient drugs), and “the freedom to travel to seek the care they need" (crossing state lines to get an abortion, which they would be able to do anyway because all Americans have the right to cross state borders freely.)

This is a point I just keep hammering on: if liberals honestly believe that abortion is good and moral, why do they steadfastly refuse to say clearly what it is that they’re talking about?

Related: Sen. Elizabeth Warren has gone so far off the deep end that she’s not only defending the killing of babies in the womb (that’s what abortion is – see, our side has no problem telling you honestly what we’re talking about), she’s declared outright war on pro-life pregnancy centers and wants to shut them all down.

These centers offer a wide range of needed care to millions of struggling mothers and families, but Warren doesn’t care about all the good they’re done and are doing for so many people. She hates them with an insane, blind rage for the simple reason that they don’t offer abortion. That’s not a defensible political position, and it’s certainly not an expression of concern for women or their health care needs. It’s a mental illness.

Paula Bolyard at PJ Media has more, including an accounting of all the vital services these centers offer, from free ultrasounds to prenatal counseling to diapers, formula and even baby furniture. Warren wants to shut all that down just because they refuse to kill babies in the womb. That’s not “pro-choice,” because she recognizes only one choice. That’s “pro-death.” It’s sick and monstrous.

Some other important points from this article: Stacey Abrams has made shutting down pro-life pregnancy centers part of her platform for Governor of Georgia, so take note, Georgia voters. Also, the donations and volunteers that make these centers possible prove what a huge lie the leftists are telling when they claim conservatives and Christians don’t care about the mothers or about babies after they’re born.

And while I’m at it, let me blow up yet another leftist lie, that babies that aren’t aborted will grow up unwanted and unloved. At any given time in the US, there are between 1 and 2 million couples on waiting lists to adopt a baby. Even if there were a morally defensible justification for abortion, that fact alone would disintegrate it.