Fake News Monday Update

March 2, 2020

Fake News Monday! There’s actually some good news on the fake news front today. A phony narrative pushed by the Democrats and the liberal media that President Trump called the coronavirus a “hoax” was so blatantly false, easily disprovable and reprehensibly misleading and dangerous to the public health that even Facebook has started flagging posts that repeat it. Imagine that: Facebook actually admitting that a fake story about Trump is fake!

For the record, what Trump actually called a hoax was the Democrat/media attempt to politicize the disease by falsely claiming that his Administration hasn’t been acting to prevent a pandemic. The fake story was repeated by many major media outlets and even by Mike Bloomberg in a “60 Minutes” interview last night.

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Bloomberg also purchased three minutes of prime TV time Sunday to talk about the coronavirus and Trump’s handling of it, which backfired when many commenters noted that he came across as a billionaire using his money to exploit a health crisis by undermining confidence in public health authorities at a time when Americans need to be listening to them to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

This would be a good place to toss in that, no, there have been no budget cuts to the CDC. Also, even the New York Times and the World Health Organization now admit that Trump’s quick action in blocking travel from China helped prevent or at least delay a potential widespread outbreak here.

And while I’m at it, here’s a positive assessment of the Administration’s handling of the coronavirus written by a biochemist. He also offers some good advice on avoiding contracting both the coronavirus and the brain disease of Trump Derangement Syndrome that’s currently running through the media like the 1918 Spanish flu.

Trump appoints Ratcliffe

March 2, 2020

President Trump went to South Carolina Friday (he loves to troll Democratic primaries) for a rally in North Charleston.

While en route, he announced that Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe is his nominee for the new Director of National Intelligence. On cue, Ratcliffe was savaged by liberals, with Nancy Pelosi claiming the pick showed Trump’s “clear disrespect” for the intelligence community.

I wonder why Trump would want to put someone in charge who defended him against bogus impeachment charges based on an investigation sparked by fake “evidence” that was used by entrenched political partisans in the intelligence agencies to get illegal warrants to spy on his campaign and undermine his Administration? Why, he should have promoted from within! Get somebody who’s been in the Deep State for a looong time! What could possibly go wrong?

There’s also a lot of whooping and hollering over Trump saying at the rally that Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus and trying to blame him for the disease or the stock market drop it’s caused. Some Democrats are theatrically infuriated over anyone questioning their pure motives…

Why, it’s OUTRAGE-ous that Trump would say such a horrible thing that’s patently obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention. Prominent liberals have been publicly hoping for some disaster or recession to come along for months now, and they're doing their best to whip up panic and celebrate its fallout. And they don’t even have the decency to delete their tweets when they’re called out, like Chuck Schumer.

If you prefer to get your Trump rally news unfiltered and undistorted, here’s a video of his entire speech:

With Tom Steyer ending his quixotic Presidential campaign, it’s time to settle up the accounts, and he’d better sit down for this. Ken Kurson at the California Globe suggests that this could go down as the worst Presidential campaign in history. There’s a lot of competition for that title, but it is in the running for the biggest waste of money.

The FEC reports that through January 31st, Steyer’s campaign spent $253,718,074 and over $250 million of that (a quarter of a billion dollars!) was his own money. Kurson estimates that at the same spending rate through February, Steyer spent about $280 million to win 83,000 votes that cost him $3,373 per vote. Heck, I would’ve voted for him in an open primary for half that! He also spent $280 million for zero delegates.

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This doesn’t even take into account the $70 million or so he spent on TV ads and Astroturf groups to promote impeaching President Trump, which turned out to be one of the dumbest, most counter-productive, time-wasting political witch hunts in US history.

And this guy wanted us to send him to Washington to make decisions about how to spend our tax money wisely! I’d rather trust my life savings to a Nigerian email scammer.

The good news for Steyer is that at least he made a name for himself in history for running the most pointless, spendthrift campaign ever. Of course, he might not even keep that title for long, considering Mike Bloomberg has already spent about $500 million on advertising and started dropping in the polls after voters got a good look at him in the debates.

The good news for both of them is that they should eventually be able to make back all the millions they squandered, as long as Trump is reelected and keeps the economy booming.

Today's Edition



Congratulations to Joe Biden, who won a larger-than-expected 48.4% in Saturday’s South Carolina Primary. Bernie Sanders was a distant second at 19.9%, followed by Steyer (11.3%), Buttigieg (8.2%) and Warren (7.1%.) Bloomberg wasn’t on the ballot, which is probably the only thing he hasn’t paid to put his name on in the past two months.

Shortly after the results were in, Steyer and Buttigieg threw in the towel and dropped out. Steyer was predictable; that was largely a vanity candidacy. Buttigieg was a stronger candidate but he aimed above his pay grade. Nobody seriously thinks anyone should leap from mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to the White House. He can run for Congress in some leftwing district and get some federal experience, then he’ll be back. It would be better to run for governor and get some real executive experience, but as we know from the treatment of Mike Pence, Democrats with no executive experience whatsoever think that being Governor of Indiana isn’t a real qualification for anything important.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee



"Russia hoax" goes on despite evidence of monstrous CrowdStrike lie

By Mike Huckabee

The “Trump/Russia” collusion hoax goes on, with Jim Acosta, still CNN’s chief White House correspondent, asking Trump at a press conference in India, ”Can you pledge to the American people that you will not accept any foreign assistance in the coming election?” When challenged by Trump, Acosta actually insulted him, saying, “Mr. President, I think our record of delivering the truth is a lot better than yours sometimes...” Trump said from the podium that Acosta ought to be ashamed, and he should be, but he won't, because he has no shame.

California Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, has announced he’s planning to file a federal lawsuit Monday afternoon against the WASHINGTON POST after years of false “Trump/Russia” reporting. Even after no evidence of collusion has been found, the fake news lives on and evolves.

"The mainstream media continues to go about their normal pace of creating narratives and then going out and selling them to the American people, and they hope that we forget,” he told Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Sunday.



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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Adam Schiff is outraged that President Trump’s attorneys “convinced two judges” to rule in his favor over Schiff’s demand that his White House counsel testify. Silly me, I thought that since Schiff had a law degree, he’d know that attorneys convincing judges to side with their clients is how all non-jury cases are decided.

This is Schiff’s entire tweet: “Trump’s lawyers convinced two judges of their unprecedented legal theory that courts CANNOT enforce congressional subpoenas. This was after they argued during the impeachment trial that the House was REQUIRED to enforce subpoenas in court. Such duplicity can't survive appeal.

You tried to force Trump’s close staffers to testify without issuing subpoenas. Trump asserted his right as President to refuse, giving you the option of issuing subpoenas that would then go before a court to decide whether they were protected by executive privilege. You decided instead to impeach him for the made-up charge of “obstruction of Congress” because he invoked his long-established executive privilege rights. That was so ridiculous, even Mitt Romney wouldn’t buy it.

Such stupidity should not survive reelection.


“The Party of Diversity”: On Twitter, Karen Tumulty notes that the “most diverse Presidential field ever” has now been winnowed down to the top three contenders, all of them straight, white males between the ages of 77 and 78.


Many New Yorkers are quite angry upon discovering they can no longer have the things they buy in stores put into plastic bags, thanks to the new statewide ban on them. Might I remind them that their anger is aimed in the wrong direction. You’re the ones who voted for this. You can put it back in the garbage bag of history where it belongs.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."

- Romans 15:13

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Congratulations to Joe Biden, who won a larger-than-expected 48.4% in Saturday’s South Carolina Primary. Bernie Sanders was a distant second at 19.9%, followed by Steyer (11.3%), Buttigieg (8.2%) and Warren (7.1%.) Bloomberg wasn’t on the ballot, which is probably the only thing he hasn’t paid to put his name on in the past two months.

Shortly after the results were in, Steyer and Buttigieg threw in the towel and dropped out. Steyer was predictable; that was largely a vanity candidacy. Buttigieg was a stronger candidate but he aimed above his pay grade. Nobody seriously thinks anyone should leap from mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to the White House. He can run for Congress in some leftwing district and get some federal experience, then he’ll be back. It would be better to run for governor and get some real executive experience, but as we know from the treatment of Mike Pence, Democrats with no executive experience whatsoever think that being Governor of Indiana isn’t a real qualification for anything important.

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And if you think President Trump didn’t have anything to say about two more of his would-be replacements biting the dust, well, you really don’t know him, do you?...

Elizabeth Warren is hanging in there, hoping for a Super Tuesday miracle. That seems highly unlikely, given a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe/WBZ-TV poll that shows she’s trailing Bernie Sanders by 24%-22% even in her uber-liberal home state of Massachusetts.

Biden’s South Carolina win not only gives his campaign a desperately-needed boost, it was also the first time he’s ever won a presidential primary in 32 years and three tries, and the first election he’s ever won outside of Delaware. More importantly, it shrinks Sanders’ delegate lead over him from 30 to 8.

But Joe won’t have much time to savor his victory, since tomorrow is Super Tuesday, when primaries are held in 14 states and American Samoa (and no, Joe, that’s not a Girl Scout cookie.) Biden has been clinging on for a win in South Carolina to shore up his campaign, but during the past month, he hasn’t held a single Super Tuesday rally while Bernie has been rising in the polls and Bloomberg has been blanketing the airwaves with ads.

The biggest plum, with 415 pledged delegates and 79 superdelegates, is California. A new poll by Nexstar Media and Emerson College shows Bernie leading there with 37.8%, nearly 17 points ahead of Biden. Sanders also has 23 campaign offices in California to Biden’s one. But then, it was always assumed that Bernie would win California, since it’s his natural constituency: people who will keep voting for far-far-left nuttery no matter how badly it ruins their lives. California Democrats have become like co-dependent spouses who keep supporting their abusive partner no matter how many times he spends all the food and rent money on drug needles and condoms and handouts to his deadbeat friends.

One of the big questions about Super Tuesday (and another argument against early voting) is what about the two million or so votes that were already cast with Buttigieg and Steyer on the ballot? Anyone who already voted for them only to have them drop out two days before the primary might feel as if they’d thrown their votes away (if I were mean, I’d say they should've probably felt that way anyway.) Biden can’t count on all those “moderate” voters swinging his way. Bloomberg skipped the early states to concentrate on Super Tuesday, so any votes he pulls would likely be from Biden’s target demo, not Bernie’s.

I refuse to make any predictions or advise anyone to drop out, because I know what a difficult and personal decision that is. But there’s no question that as long as the votes remain fragmented, it’s likely that Bernie, with his hardcore leftist cult, will continue to do well. And if he makes it to the convention with not quite enough delegates, and the Party establishment brokers a deal to nominate someone else (Bloomberg, Hillary, Michelle Obama, The Rock), I wouldn’t count on the Bernie Bros calling off their riots and putting down their bongs long enough to vote in November for whoever they think ripped them off again. And if the candidate is Bernie, I imagine a lot of moderate Democrats would find something better to do on Election Day, as well.

If you’d like to dig even deeper into the what if’s and potential maybes of the primary season/Democratic convention, Mary Anne Marsh is a Democratic political analyst for Fox News and she has more of a stomach for writing about these people than I have.

Coronavirus update

March 2, 2020

The stock market took a beating last week, due to fears of the spread of the coronavirus and that it might cause trade and manufacturing disruptions and launch the US into a recession. If the fear-mongering seems a little overstated, some medical experts agree. They think the World Health Organization is acting on pressure from China in raising the global health risk assessment to “very high,” the worst possible ranking. Here’s Dr. Marc Seigel condemning “alarmism” when we should be calmly doing whatever it takes to contain the spread and stop it.

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That’s just what President Trump has been working on for a while now, even as his critics relentlessly attack him, both for not doing enough and for doing too much. Example: when he stopped travel from China, Sen. Chuck Schumer sent out a tweet accusing him of hating immigrants. When it became apparent that was a smart decision (Australia quickly followed suit), Schumer deleted his tweet.

This is another example of why being a Senator is not preparation for being President: when you’re one of 100 Senators, you can shoot off your mouth with no consequences; but being an executive teaches you to make the tough decisions and deal with the consequences. All that Schumer will have to deal with is the fact that the Internet is forever, so his Tweet was preserved. He should be ashamed of it, but I think we’ve long established that he has no shame.

If you’d like to catch up with the latest on the coronavirus, the Instapundit site is doing a daily round-up. Here’s today’s, and I hope you don’t let it spoil your weekend.

Several days ago, news reports of the violent death of Department of Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney, age 66, stunned his friends and colleagues. His body, with one gunshot wound to the chest, was found on the ground near his car, close to an intersection of two major roads near his home in the San Francisco area. As is typical in such cases, details were conflicting at first: his death had been quickly ruled a suicide; no, it hadn’t; the weapon had not been found at the scene; yes, it had. The family did not suspect foul play; yes, they did.

But now, a few facts in the case have been released by the Amador County Sheriff’s office. The case is still under investigation and has not been ruled a suicide. (Be aware that deaths are not supposed to be ruled suicide until investigators have ruled out homicide, and that has not happened in this case.) Earlier in the week, they issued a statement saying, “Unfortunately, there was misinformation immediately being put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide. This is not the case. We are currently in the beginning phase of our investigation, and any final determination as to the cause and manner of Mr. Haney’s death would be premature and extremely inappropriate. No determination will be made until all the evidence is examined and analyzed.”

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Haney’s body was found not on the side of the road as first imagined from the reports but in a park-and-ride area right off California state Highway 16, a busy thoroughfare, and close to state Highway 124, about 40 miles east of Sacramento. This location is less than three miles from the RV park where Haney was residing. The day his body was found, sheriff’s investigators examined the area for any points of video surveillance (at this writing, they haven’t released that information), and they went to his RV park and interviewed his neighbors. They also scheduled a forensic autopsy, to be performed by forensic pathologists from the office of the Sacramento County Coroner.

In contrast to early reports, the firearm WAS found at the scene, and investigators have it, along with Mr. Haney’s RV. From the scene and from inside the RV, they also retrieved his phone, some documents and a laptop, and to help them analyze these potential pieces of evidence, they’ve reportedly enlisted the aid of “their law enforcement partners in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.” (I know what you’re thinking when I say the letters “FBI.” That’s because I’m thinking the same thing.)

Recall what I wrote about Haney right after the first reports of his death. He worked at DHS during the Obama years, testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2016 that his agency made him erase hundreds of files he’d accumulated on people with connections to Islamist terrorist organizations. (It had been his job to compile exactly that kind of information.) He made the case that certain terrorist attacks might have been prevented if the pertinent files had not been deleted. In an opinion piece written for THE HILL in 2016, he wrote about how “demoralizing and infuriating” that was.

It truly is infuriating that this is what was going on in President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security. “[Obama’s] administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material –- the intelligence we had collected for years,” Haney said. Then when an attack would occur, he said, Obama would excoriate the officials at DHS for failing to “connect the dots.” Obama had made them erase those very dots.

And Haney said this, which sums up the problem with refreshing bluntness: “After leaving my 15-year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness --- and subsequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack.”

Here is the piece Haney wrote --- an absolute MUST-READ.

And this is the latest news report on the investigation into Haney’s death. They’re not saying much at this time, which is to be expected.

But we do know more from his friends. Sources close to Haney said he’d recently been in contact with top officials about returning to work at Homeland Security. As I mentioned, he lost his wife to cancer about a year ago but had met someone and was planning to be married soon.

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Haney co-authored a book called “SEE SOMETHING, SAY NOTHING: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.” In November, he sent a text to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER that mentioned he was planning a sequel. Interestingly, Haney’s text also referred to anti-Turmp “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella (whom I continue to name because he is NOT entitled to anonymity): “Odd (surreal reality) that I was a highly visible whistleblower...that virtually no one listened to, while this guy remains invisible, but is treated like an anointed oracle from above. However, my story is still live, i.e., there’s still more to come. It’ll be called ‘National Security Meltdown.’”

Haney went on, sounding in this text like someone very much involved in this new project: “I have a severely hyper-organized archive of everything that’s happened since See Something, Say Nothing (SSSN) was published in May of 2016. The National Security Meltdown sequel will pick up right where SSSN left off. My intention is to have it ready by by early- to mid-Spring of 2020 (just before the political sound wave hits), then ride that wave all the way to the Nov. elections.)”

Well, that’s one wave Mr. Haney won’t be riding. It’ll be interesting to see if this manuscript-in-progress turns up at all, and if it does, what forensic analysis will say about it. And, no, I don’t mean the FBI’s forensic analysis --- this looks like another investigation that needs to be dropped in the lap of John Durham. It’s sad to have to say that no one else at the federal level can be entrusted with it.

I’m not going to speculate about Haney’s death at this point, given that all the information we have is secondhand and it’s still very early. But friends and colleagues have reportedly said that he had a deep faith in God, believed suicide was a sin, and had told them various versions of “If I’m ever found dead, and they try to say it was suicide, it wasn’t.” For now, let’s leave it at that.

And here’s a piece by Andew C. McCarthy at NATIONAL REVIEW that Haney surely would have wanted to read, as it’s about the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR), a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood, and their efforts to keep people from seeing a movie called HONOR DIARIES, which documents the inequality and brutality suffered by women in strict Muslim-majority societies. By working through chapters of the Muslim Students Association, they’re succeeding in getting it banned from several college campuses, starting with (where else?) the University of Michigan at Dearborn. This sounds like a movie that really deserves to be seen, and I’ll bet Philip Haney would have appreciated it.

Bernie Sanders has been rightly criticized for his rose-colored glasses views of communist dictators such as Fidel Castro, which has forced him to claim rather unconvincingly that just because he’s a socialist, that doesn’t mean he endorses authoritarianism (FYI: there has never been and could never be actual socialism without authoritarianism, which follows socialism as inevitably as dusk follows the dawn. Just ask a Venezuelan. Or read this article by a Cuban-American, about what Cuba was like before Castro seized power, and what it was like afterward.)

If Bernie doesn’t want to impose authoritarianism, he has a pretty odd way of showing it. I’m not even talking about his campaign aides who’ve been caught on video chomping at the bit to build gulags to “reeducate” people who disagree with them. I mean all the revolutionary plans he has to remake America, some of which he plans to impose through executive orders. At a rally in California over the weekend, he came up with a new one: he’ll issue an executive order making marijuana legal in all 50 states and expunging the records of most people who have been arrested for it.

I notice in that pledge no concern at all for whether any particular state wants legalized marijuana or not, or for the fact that Congress makes laws, not the President. Some might call that “authoritarian.” But there’s no denying that making drugs legal nationwide would be good for Bernie, since I fervently believe you’d have to stoned out of your mind to vote for him.