Early this morning, Congress certified the Electoral College vote for Joe Biden for President. Afterward, President Trump issued a statement promising an orderly transition of power on January 20th, signaling to his supporters that his challenge to the vote is over.

Some Republicans still challenged the electoral vote certification, such as Rep. Matt Gaetz

But others who had planned to join the challenge, including Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Kelly Loeffler, changed their minds after the day’s tragic violence inside the Capitol building by a small group of “Trump supporters” (there are unconfirmed reports that some might have been false-flag Antifa agitators, but others were reportedly identified as part of far-right fringe movements that did not reflect the views of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters outside.) Nevertheless, after a year of telling us not to condemn all peaceful protesters because of the violent actions of a few, that’s precisely what Democrats and the media are doing.

Some on the right are comparing the people who broke into the Capitol to American Revolutionaries. But the Founders were not a mindless mob who committed violence with no longterm plan. They resorted to revolution only after exhausting every other alternative. They issued a statement of their rights and grievances and pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to defend it. They didn’t harm their own side by mindlessly smashing windows in the British Parliament. A later revolutionary protester, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., spoke his piece from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial; he didn’t vandalize it.

Let me be clear: I absolutely and unequivocally condemn the actions of the mob who smashed their way into the Capitol, just as I also call for an investigation of Capitol police who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, a female Air Force veteran of 14 years.

Here’s more background on Babbitt and the shooting.

In Twitter comments, some people expressed sadness and dismay, but others coldly dismissed her as a traitor and a terrorist and good riddance (I’m sure the same people who are outraged over police brutality against leftist protesters.) It’s true that no one should have breached the barricades Antifa-style, shattered a window, entered the building and confronted security officers. It was a terrible thing. But why were they met with gunfire? I remember Democrats reacting with outrage at a Trump suggestion that looters be shot. In a tragic update, the DC Police have said that four people are now dead, although they didn’t release the causes, which are reportedly medical.

I am gratified to see that, at long last, Democrats are finally condemning mob violence. Only a few months ago, Washington, DC, and many other cities were ablaze; there were riots, arson, looting and assaults on federal buildings and monuments; and their response was to defend the mob and prosecute anyone who stood up to them. Nancy Pelosi infamously said she didn’t care about some old buildings. It’s suddenly a very different matter when one of those “old buildings” is the one with her office in it.

I’ll stress that pointing out the other side’s hypocrisy and Johnny-come-lately outrage is not an excuse. There is no excuse for breaking-and-entering and disrupting the constitutionally-mandated joint session of the House and Senate that was to certify (or not) the state electors. This was perhaps the ONE CHANCE before January 20 that Republicans would have to present their evidence of election fraud, unconstitutionality and error that might have shown Trump to be the actual winner in certain contested states. It’s something that needed to happen, calmly, openly, rationally. More investigation will be needed to determine why these people felt oddly compelled to disrupt this process and undermine the cause of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters outside.

And about Trump supporters: again, NOT AN EXCUSE, but let's look at how many of us feel right now. We’ve been treated like second-class citizens going on five years. In some professions, we can’t even hint at our political leanings. The blacklist against conservatives is as pervasive and powerful as the one used against leftists in the McCarthy era. The Ivy League elite have consistently condescended to us. On college campuses, conservatives risk being “canceled,” even dropped from academic programs because of some "problematic" tweet. The media try to gaslight us at every turn, repeatedly and with no evidence telling us that our President cares only for himself and is a traitor, an agent of Russia. We're tired of being told that 2+2=5. All the while, they bury stories about Hillary, the Bidens, and the partisan federal bureaucracy out to get Trump and anyone on his side.

It’s gotten worse since the election. The deep concerns of millions have been dismissed. Even in the face of wild statistical anomalies and numerous unexplained election-night oddities, questioning the results in any way is forbidden. “Why, this election was PERFECT!” we’re told. “It was the most secure election we have ever had in our history!” Good grief, we don’t have to be crazy conspiracy theorists to recognize these grandiose remarks as overstatements at the very least. Shakespeare might say that election officials “doth protest too much.”

We’ve seen blatant misreporting in the mainstream media, who prefer the false narrative that “courts have dismissed every one of the Trump lawsuits because, as we all know, there is no evidence.” In truth, the courts find other reasons, such as the inexplicable “lack of standing,” to keep from HAVING to look at any evidence. When the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, does this, what is the recourse?

About 70 million Americans suspect that the results of this election are not to be trusted. But these people have been shut down, silenced, and banned from social media or flagged as “misinformation” or “disputed” for daring even to question it. Even the President himself has been treated this way. If we have to sweep this under the rug, as Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) insist we do, we will never trust another election again.

So when media pundits say that challenging these election results is “interfering with democracy,” I say they’re off by 180 degrees. Under current conditions, challenging the election results is SAVING democracy. Stand back, let the Constitution do its work, and let the chips fall where they may.

The violence on Wednesday wasn't just completely unacceptable, it was downright stupid. It was stupid because the worst consequence --- not counting, of course, the loss of four lives --- is that the visuals of the Capitol being stormed will be exploited forever, used as justification to go full pedal-to-the-metal in quashing the rights of conservatives. Take away their civil liberties, leftists will cry; those people shouldn’t have any say! Why, those right-wing racists/sexists/homophobes/traitors don’t deserve a voice, a place in society, or even a way to make a living. Shun them! Cancel them! (And forget all the video of leftists smashing and burning cities from coast-to-coast.)

All of that was coming anyway, incrementally, if they gained power, but this event by a relatively small number of people hastens it.

For all those who are upset at the way the election was handled, and worried about the future of America under Democrat rule, join the club. But we’ve known for two months that any challenges to the November election were the longest of longshots. I defended Trump’s right to make those challenges legally and constitutionally, but it was never likely that Congress would reject electors that the states had certified.

Probably the best that we could hope for was that the challenges might result in what Ted Cruz called for (basically, what I called for just days after the election): an open, bipartisan investigation of alleged voting irregularities, so that if there was anything illegal it would come to light, and if not, Americans could be assured that the vote was trustworthy and Biden wouldn’t govern under a cloud of suspicion.

Now, thanks to the unforgivable actions of hotheads, even that hope has been dashed. Democrats may think they’ve pulled out a hat trick here: they’ve escaped an audit of the vote, Biden’s victory is certified, and Trump and all his supporters are permanently tarnished. But millions of Americans who feel their concerns have been dismissed and their voices silenced will not go away simply because the media try to shame them into it. 

Our leaders had one chance to repair the tattered fabric of trust in elections that enables a nation of 320 million people of very different views to accept the results and move on, and they didn’t take it. I hope Joe Biden is sincere in his claim that he wants to be the President of all Americans, but sadly, that job just became far more difficult.

“I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order --- respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

President Trump tweeted this in response to the violence that erupted Wednesday at the Capitol Building, when some “Trump supporters” broke through barricades and stormed the building, breaking windows, getting rough with police in the halls, even entering the House chamber. As this is being written, news has just broken that one of the people who got shot in the melee has died.

Trump is right: we ARE the party of law and order, but I think most of us will agree that he needs to be a lot tougher in his condemnation of this. The same can be said of the video statement he released. Of course, virtually every news outlet who posted his tepid “go home” video had to editorialize, saying that Trump “repeated false claims” of election fraud. Facebook took it down.

So did YouTube.

Trump also tweeted this on Wednesday: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

Well, yes, Mr. President, but in the USA, at least those of us on the right, also demand that the Constitution be meticulously followed. Vice President Pence obviously was doing what he thought was right concerning his role in this. We may disagree with him –- numerous constitutional experts do, and Alan Dershowitz isn’t sure –- and you obviously disagree with him, but please, right now, stay out of that process and stop pressuring him.

Trump told his supporters to go home, but no reaction to this violence is complete without a total, vociferous condemnation. We all condemned the truly awful violence coming from the Democrat side this summer when their party and the media (but I repeat myself) failed to do it. In this case, it’s just as wrong, no matter who is behind it.

We are aghast at this.


As you know, Patrick Byrne, founder and former CEO of, acted on a tip last week and documented what he claims is the transport and shredding of ballots from the November 3 election, just hours after the Georgia Senate Subcommittee on Election Fraud unanimously agreed that ballots should be made available to Jovan Pulitzer, inventor and patent holder of the electronic barcode scanner, who says he can quickly detect counterfeit ballots and manufactured counting errors.

The Georgia secretary of state’s office denies that the ballots they shredded were used in the election, saying these were “extras” that were required by law in case they needed more. This makes no difference. What Pulitzer wanted to look at was whether or not any of these ballots, printed for use in different areas of Fulton County, had been made from a different kind of paper, perhaps with a different ink, perhaps with a different bar code or a slightly different alignment than the one required by the machines to read as a vote. Whether or not these particular “in reserve” ballots stored in this particular location were used is beside the point; they should have been preserved for examination.

But that’s how this “debunking” tends to go. Some peripheral, immaterial question is answered, and the main questions are left hanging, like a bunch of chads left on Florida ballots from the year 2000.

If these were just extra ballots left over from the election, and they knew there was going to be a court order that ballots be made available for examination, then why the all-fired hurry to shred them into tiny spitballs? It was 10 o’clock at night, for crying out loud, during the holidays leading into New Year's. Why not let the ballots remain in the warehouse for just a few more days, until the issue of ballot fraud could be resolved?

But no, they had to get those leftover ballots out of the warehouse and completely destroyed RIGHT AWAY. They sprang into action, used their superpowers and turned their department into a model of efficiency. I wonder if Fulton County officials hop-to this quickly when, say, a citizen has a property tax issue to resolve –- wouldn’t that be great? I’d also like to know exactly when the order was put in to rent those trucks.

These officials were so efficient and thorough, they didn’t just go for the regular shredding that would be acceptable at any landfill I’ve ever heard of. They apparently went above and beyond, as my understanding is that this was a special, military-grade shredding, rendering the ballots totally unretrievable, kind of like pounding Blackberrys with hammers, if you catch my drift.

Well, as intriguing as Patrick Byrne’s original story was, there’s even more to it. He’s not backing off his original claims; instead, he’s presenting some additional findings that might or might not surprise you.

NOTE: this story as reported in NOQ REPORT also provides a link to attorney Lin Wood’s latest claims, for which he has so far provided no evidence and on which I have no comment, at least for now. We’re dealing strictly with Patrick Byrne’s claims here.

First, let’s take “Narrative #2”: According to Byrne, the rental trucks were on their way from a warehouse in Fulton County, Georgia, to a shredding facility in nearby Cobb County. On New Year’s Eve (I gather this was in the early hours of Thursday, December 31), the facility was given “roughly 3,000 pounds” of paper –- hundreds of thousands of ballots –- to turn into subatomic particles.

"Authorities have come into the possession of those materials,” Byrne reports.

Apparently, they were able to retrieve a handful of papers that had stuck to the side of a shredding bin. According to Byrne, these included some non-shredded ballots that “two federally certified forensic examiners” have determined do not match the official ballots.

Byrne tells us that another piece of paper also escaped the shredder: a receipt from the Chinese firm that apparently printed the ballots. The tip-off: this receipt was printed IN CHINESE.

(Note: the NOQ page crashed over and over as we were retrieving this information, suggesting that this story might be getting at least some of the attention it deserves.)

J. D. Rucker at NOQ says he hears that the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have been told to “stand down” –- no word on who might have issued such an order –- while President Trump himself has had to contact agents and personally ask them to continue investigating.

As if this weren’t enough, let’s take a quick look at “Narrative #1,” which has to do with a story we revisited yesterday, about a trucker who drove a load of ballots from Bethpage, New York, to a drop-off in Pennsylvania, where the truck he'd been driving literally disappeared. (He testified to this in a sworn affidavit.)

To possibly explain this, Byrne claims he now has this narrative completely documented (“texts, statements, affidavits, everything”): A Michigan print shop prints ballots for Delaware and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania; so far, nothing wrong. But along with those ballots, it prints hundreds of thousands more that get diverted to Bethpage, New York. (Since these came from the same print shop as the others, they would pass forensic muster.) In Bethpage, people working in a “boiler room” fill in the “Biden” circle, often not filling in any other circles. These ballots get trucked into Pennsylvania and mailed. Again, Byrne claims he has the goods on every stage of this.

Byrne also notes that this same printing company, and others in its same “family” of print shops, printed for Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia.

Finally, analysts for the Data Integrity Group have reportedly revealed incontrovertible proof that over 400,000 Trump votes in Pennsylvania were “disappeared” during the counting. THE EPOCH TIMES originally reported this in a subscription-only piece, but the NOQ REPORT has summarized it.

Recall that Jovan Pulitzer said that during a vote tally, a candidate’s count should NOT “decrement” (go down). According to data analysts, “time-series” election data show Trump’s votes “decrementing in various counties at numerous time points instead of increasing as would be expected under normal circumstances.” At least 432,116 votes –- 213,707 election-day votes and 218,409 absentee votes –- were removed from Trump’s vote count as the count was going on.

We hope this information from Georgia and Pennsylvania will be presented to the House and Senate on Wednesday during the vote challenges. Democrats (and some Republicans) should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the electoral vote to go forward towards final certification without these issues resolved. If they succeed in that, the damage will be incalculable.

Decision Day in Georgia

January 5, 2021

Today is Decision Day, not just in Georgia, but for the future of America. Voters in two runoff races will decide whether the Senate stays in GOP hands, to operate as a brake on failed leftist policies, or the entire government is put under Democrat control, where (current-and-I-pray-future Minority Leader) Chuck Schumer has vowed to ram through a radical agenda from which the nation may never recover, from abolishing the filibuster and steamrolling opposition to stacking the Supreme Court.

At this link, Lt. Col. Allen West offers some reasons for why Christians need to turn out today and vote in Georgia.

Here’s a frightening statistic from his article: nationwide, 25 million Christians don’t vote in elections. I’ve written before about how there are enough people of faith that if we all voted, we could run the country, but too many don’t bother. Here’s an example of what happens when Christians sit out elections: Massachusetts just lowered the age to get abortions without parental consent to 16. You can’t give a 16-year-old an aspirin without parental consent, but you can give them a dangerous surgical procedure to slaughter their unborn child.

Yesterday, I heard the radical Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock declare that Democrats had to vote for him to turn Georgia and the federal government blue, and a thought occurred to me: why are so many Democrats so adamant about turning Republican states and the whole nation blue? Then where would residents of blue places flee to? How about first providing us with just one example of a blue city or state that’s actually successful?

Think about it: if you were going to hire someone to install plumbing in your home, wouldn’t you expect them to be able to point to at least one example of a house where they’d done it before that wasn’t knee-deep in water? Democrats want to turn Texas blue, Georgia blue, Florida blue, Washington blue; and if you ask why, they’ll tell you it's because they care about people and want to make their lives better.

Okay, tell me one state that’s under longtime Democrat rule where people’s lives are better than they are in red states. New York? California? People are fleeing those states so fast that each is on pace to lose a Congressional seat while red state Florida could gain two.

How about Democrat-run blue cities? They encompass such utopias as New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and Seattle. These cities are like laboratory experiments that prove before your eyes the tragic failure of leftist policies that breed corruption, crime, homelessness, violence, drugs, unemployment, decay, business closures and failing schools.

Austin, Texas, is a blue island in a red state; you could actually watch its decline as its leaders moved further left. It now has major problems with homelessness and crime, and it led the nation in increase in homicides. The voters there may finally be wising up; they just replaced one of their far-left city council members with a candidate who ran on a platform of "restoring common sense."

New York was a filthy mess considered unsavable until New Yorkers finally elected a Republican, Rudy Giuliani, who performed a miracle turnaround. Then they forgot that cities don’t run on autopilot, and they elected Bill DeBlasio, protégé of New York’s last failed liberal mayor, David Dinkins. They’re now shocked at how rapidly the city spiraled back down to the bad old days of crime, rat infestations and urban flight. Why are they surprised? They voted for it…twice!

Perhaps the bluest of all cities is San Francisco. Their leftist “leaders” went from being so unconcerned about public health that they issued “poop maps” to help people avoid human feces rather than doing something about rampant filth and homelessness to enforcing draconian COVID-19 lockdowns that have now destroyed 54% of the city’s small businesses and up to 85% of its restaurants.

I sometimes suspect that the reason we call places run by Democrats “blue” is because everyone who lives there is singing the blues.

My challenge to Democrats: before you try to turn any more places “blue,” show us one…just ONE!...example of something that you already run competently.

My challenge to Georgia voters: before you vote to give any more power to Democrats, ask yourself why people who seem to have no earthly idea how to use government power to make your life better are asking you to give them even more of it. Here’s a hint: it’s not to benefit you.

As many as 18 (at this writing, and possibly more) Republican Georgia state Senators have signed a letter to Vice President Pence, asking him to delay tomorrow’s scheduled counting and confirmation of electoral votes by Congress. They cite irregularities in the election that don’t “pass the smell test” and need to be investigated.

This probably won’t make any difference to tomorrow’s proceedings, but it’s one more in a growing pile of objections that Democrats and the media keep dismissing at their peril. Responding to all the suspicions of vote chicanery with “You’re wrong, you’re stupid, shut up!” is going to be as effective as trying to hide the smell of a dead fish by putting it under your sofa cushion.

As conservative talk show host Mark Davis writes, what is most likely to happen is that Joe Biden will become President. It doesn’t make me happy to repeat that, but it’s realistic.

And explains that much of what you’ve heard about the 12th Amendment is incorrect and the Vice President is extremely limited in what he can do.

However, if the vote is certified, it’s up to Biden and the Democrats whether or not he takes office under a cloud of suspicion that may never blow away.

What should happen, if the people who claim there’s “no evidence” of vote fraud really believe that, is that they should vote unanimously to comply with the request by Republicans in both Houses for a 10-day, transparent audit of the vote, to settle all questions once and for all. If the election was legitimate, then Biden can take office without an asterisk next to his name in the history books. It’s a solution that I suggested right after the election in an “open letter” to Biden, for which I got slammed in the media. But if he’d done it then, it would’ve saved a lot of time and trouble.

President Trump had to try to govern for four years with a large number of Democrats claiming he stole the 2016 election and was an “illegitimate President” (Hillary Clinton among them.)

They fought like cougars against everything he tried to do, using every resource in government, media and the courts to obstruct his agenda. If this is left to fester, Biden will face having to govern even more people with the same anger, only stronger, and they’ll actually have some reasons to believe it.