I’ll bet this is the last thing all those young “progressives” who dreamed of working in the Biden White House expected: dozens of his staffers have been suspended, asked to resign or put in remote work programs over their prior marijuana use.

They revealed their pot use in their background checks, having been told it wouldn’t disqualify them from their positions. But like many voters, they made the fatal mistake of believing Biden’s promises. Even in states that have legalized pot, it’s still illegal on the federal level, so that means they admitted to a crime on their background checks. Bet they don’t think background checks are such a great idea now!

Of course, judging by the policies coming out of this White House, maybe they were suspended for smoking too much pot.

No word yet on whether Kamala Harris, who admitted to using pot during the campaign, will be removed from her job as President…sorry, Vice President…or whether Barack “Choom Gang” Obama will be barred from dropping by.