Decision Day in Georgia

January 5, 2021

Today is Decision Day, not just in Georgia, but for the future of America. Voters in two runoff races will decide whether the Senate stays in GOP hands, to operate as a brake on failed leftist policies, or the entire government is put under Democrat control, where (current-and-I-pray-future Minority Leader) Chuck Schumer has vowed to ram through a radical agenda from which the nation may never recover, from abolishing the filibuster and steamrolling opposition to stacking the Supreme Court.

At this link, Lt. Col. Allen West offers some reasons for why Christians need to turn out today and vote in Georgia.

Here’s a frightening statistic from his article: nationwide, 25 million Christians don’t vote in elections. I’ve written before about how there are enough people of faith that if we all voted, we could run the country, but too many don’t bother. Here’s an example of what happens when Christians sit out elections: Massachusetts just lowered the age to get abortions without parental consent to 16. You can’t give a 16-year-old an aspirin without parental consent, but you can give them a dangerous surgical procedure to slaughter their unborn child.

Yesterday, I heard the radical Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock declare that Democrats had to vote for him to turn Georgia and the federal government blue, and a thought occurred to me: why are so many Democrats so adamant about turning Republican states and the whole nation blue? Then where would residents of blue places flee to? How about first providing us with just one example of a blue city or state that’s actually successful?

Think about it: if you were going to hire someone to install plumbing in your home, wouldn’t you expect them to be able to point to at least one example of a house where they’d done it before that wasn’t knee-deep in water? Democrats want to turn Texas blue, Georgia blue, Florida blue, Washington blue; and if you ask why, they’ll tell you it's because they care about people and want to make their lives better.

Okay, tell me one state that’s under longtime Democrat rule where people’s lives are better than they are in red states. New York? California? People are fleeing those states so fast that each is on pace to lose a Congressional seat while red state Florida could gain two.

How about Democrat-run blue cities? They encompass such utopias as New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago and Seattle. These cities are like laboratory experiments that prove before your eyes the tragic failure of leftist policies that breed corruption, crime, homelessness, violence, drugs, unemployment, decay, business closures and failing schools.

Austin, Texas, is a blue island in a red state; you could actually watch its decline as its leaders moved further left. It now has major problems with homelessness and crime, and it led the nation in increase in homicides. The voters there may finally be wising up; they just replaced one of their far-left city council members with a candidate who ran on a platform of "restoring common sense."

New York was a filthy mess considered unsavable until New Yorkers finally elected a Republican, Rudy Giuliani, who performed a miracle turnaround. Then they forgot that cities don’t run on autopilot, and they elected Bill DeBlasio, protégé of New York’s last failed liberal mayor, David Dinkins. They’re now shocked at how rapidly the city spiraled back down to the bad old days of crime, rat infestations and urban flight. Why are they surprised? They voted for it…twice!

Perhaps the bluest of all cities is San Francisco. Their leftist “leaders” went from being so unconcerned about public health that they issued “poop maps” to help people avoid human feces rather than doing something about rampant filth and homelessness to enforcing draconian COVID-19 lockdowns that have now destroyed 54% of the city’s small businesses and up to 85% of its restaurants.

I sometimes suspect that the reason we call places run by Democrats “blue” is because everyone who lives there is singing the blues.

My challenge to Democrats: before you try to turn any more places “blue,” show us one…just ONE!...example of something that you already run competently.

My challenge to Georgia voters: before you vote to give any more power to Democrats, ask yourself why people who seem to have no earthly idea how to use government power to make your life better are asking you to give them even more of it. Here’s a hint: it’s not to benefit you.

As many as 18 (at this writing, and possibly more) Republican Georgia state Senators have signed a letter to Vice President Pence, asking him to delay tomorrow’s scheduled counting and confirmation of electoral votes by Congress. They cite irregularities in the election that don’t “pass the smell test” and need to be investigated.

This probably won’t make any difference to tomorrow’s proceedings, but it’s one more in a growing pile of objections that Democrats and the media keep dismissing at their peril. Responding to all the suspicions of vote chicanery with “You’re wrong, you’re stupid, shut up!” is going to be as effective as trying to hide the smell of a dead fish by putting it under your sofa cushion.

As conservative talk show host Mark Davis writes, what is most likely to happen is that Joe Biden will become President. It doesn’t make me happy to repeat that, but it’s realistic.

And explains that much of what you’ve heard about the 12th Amendment is incorrect and the Vice President is extremely limited in what he can do.

However, if the vote is certified, it’s up to Biden and the Democrats whether or not he takes office under a cloud of suspicion that may never blow away.

What should happen, if the people who claim there’s “no evidence” of vote fraud really believe that, is that they should vote unanimously to comply with the request by Republicans in both Houses for a 10-day, transparent audit of the vote, to settle all questions once and for all. If the election was legitimate, then Biden can take office without an asterisk next to his name in the history books. It’s a solution that I suggested right after the election in an “open letter” to Biden, for which I got slammed in the media. But if he’d done it then, it would’ve saved a lot of time and trouble.

President Trump had to try to govern for four years with a large number of Democrats claiming he stole the 2016 election and was an “illegitimate President” (Hillary Clinton among them.)

They fought like cougars against everything he tried to do, using every resource in government, media and the courts to obstruct his agenda. If this is left to fester, Biden will face having to govern even more people with the same anger, only stronger, and they’ll actually have some reasons to believe it.

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grennell had some interesting comments on Sen. Ted Cruz’s call for an audit of the vote, noting that the Democrats had shifted from “there’s not any fraud” to “there’s not widespread fraud” to “there wasn’t enough fraud to overturn the election.”

Speaking of former Intelligence agency members, there’s a report that a loose network of about 400 former investigators and operatives from several federal intelligence agencies have taken it upon themselves to look into the 2020 election. Former CIA agent Robert Caron says the group has existed since 2014, but it’s quickly grown as former agents have volunteered to investigate the election because “the fraud was so massive and so blatant, despite what the mainstream media said, that we need to get this information out to the public.”

Historic Week

January 4, 2021

I hope you had a safe New Year’s weekend and didn’t get burned setting off fireworks while stuck at home on your couch. But it’s time to leap back into the fast-moving news, since this promises to be a historic week.

Tuesday will be the Georgia runoffs, where the balance of power in the Senate, and therefore, in the entire federal government, will be determined. The very next day, President Trump will attend a massive rally in Washington, DC, to protest alleged vote fraud, while Congress is voting on whether to accept the results of the electoral college vote for Biden – and we already know that there will be challenges to that from both House and Senate Republicans.

Sen. Josh Hawley is no longer the only Republican Senator who plans to join about 140 House Republicans in challenging the certification of Biden’s electoral vote victory. The momentum seems to be shifting toward fighting to hear the evidence, after a conference call Saturday between Trump and Congressional Republicans.

Sen. Ted Cruz has joined about a dozen Senators in saying they will call for a challenge that sparks an automatic debate. Here’s more information about that

And video of Cruz on Maria Bartiromo’s show, explaining it in person…

Cruz made some good points, such as that the Supreme Court should have done its job and taken the cases presented to it, and that claims that there’s no evidence of voter fraud mostly come from people who haven’t seen all the evidence gathered or have refused to look at it. He also said that Congress faces two “lousy” options: accept a vote that tens of millions of Americans have no faith in, or reject it and be accused of setting aside an election because their candidate didn’t prevail. So he said the Republicans will push for a third option: perform a 10-day, bipartisan and transparent audit of the vote, which will expose corruption if there was any or reassure Americans that Biden’s win was legitimate if there wasn’t any.

(This is not unprecedented: there was similar concern about fraud in three states in 1877, and Congress appointed an electoral commission to look into it.)

Tune out the howling from the media and ponder that, and I think you’ll see it’s not only in the best interests of America, but if the media and the Democrats (pardon my redundancy) are so certain of their adamant denials that there was any vote fraud (well, not enough to sway the election, at least; just an “acceptable” amount of vote fraud), then here’s a great way to prove that, show up their critics and remove any lingering suspicions that will surely dog a Biden Administration for as long as it lasts. If only some prominent person had suggested this solution right after the election! Oh, wait, someone did: me.

I would remind Democrats who would oppose a 10-day audit that when they claimed the 2016 election was rigged by Russia and Trump was an illegitimate President, they got to spend two years and 30 million of our tax dollars letting Trump’s worst enemies investigate him and everyone connected to him with virtually no restraints, legal or otherwise. If they prefer, we could go that route. But when you look at it like that, doesn’t a simple, 10-day audit of the vote sound a lot better?

2020 All Over Again

January 4, 2021

I know I’m supposed to be OUTRAGED over this leaked telephone call between President Trump and Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp. The left is railing over Trump pressuring Kemp to find enough votes to show that Trump actually won. listened to the entire call and had a very different take from what we heard from the media.

Personally, I’m more depressed than outraged. Here I was, like most of us, thrilled that 2020 was finally over. Yet January of 2021 kicked off with Democrats and the media accusing Trump of multiple felonies and demanding that he be arrested/impeached for making a phone call in which Trump told another head of state that he needed to get a handle on corruption under his watch that involved someone named Biden. All I could think was, “Oh no! 2021 is just going to be 2020 all over again!”


In response to Byrnes’ charges, an official with the Fulton County, Georgia, elections department told the fact-checking site that the extra ballots seen in the warehouse were not counterfeits but emergency extra ballots required by law in case they had to go all-paper ballot. More on that here.


As promised over the weekend, here is our full report on Patrick Byrne’s account of secret nighttime ballot-shredding in Georgia.

Byrne, founder and former CEO of, has been working on behalf of President Trump to expose massive, targeted fraud in the 2020 election, and he appears to have hit some serious paydirt last week. Acting on a tip, he sent an operative to get what he claims are pictures, video and samples of fake ballots being transported last Wednesday night under cover of darkness from the Fulton County Warehouse to a shredding facility. A screen grab of everything he tweeted on New Year’s Day, complete with pictures, is included in this piece from AMERICAN THINKER.

Note that every tweet in the thread is labeled in bright red by the helpful folks at Twitter: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” Twitter automatically sticks this warning on anything having to do with election fraud, even –- perhaps especially –- on tweets from President Trump. Ludicrously, they do this even if the tweet itself includes evidence that clearly shows wrongdoing.

The timing of this alleged shredding party is quite interesting. Last Wednesday, the Georgia senate subcommittee on election fraud held a meeting to hear evidence, during which Jovan Pulitzer, the inventor and patent holder of the electronic barcode scanner, testified that he could look at ballots and tell right away exactly what had been done to commit election fraud. He wanted just TWO HOURS with the ballots from two different areas of Fulton County, he said, and that would tell the tale. As if that weren’t enough, he stunned his audience by dropping the bomb that as he spoke, his team had hacked into the Dominion voting system that was used November 3, the same one that is now being used to vote in the Georgia run-offs for U.S. Senate. He said they WERE IN. Dominion claims that the machines are not connected to the internet and that this cannot happen.

Pulitzer said all they had to do was hack into one of the electronic poll pads and use that as a way in. It’s apparently easy as pie if you know how to do it. They can siphon information out of the machines, change it, and put it back in, essentially without detection, he said. In the days since he made the claim, we the public have not yet seen his proof, but everyone’s been really quiet about it, including, as far as I know, Dominion. Byrne did say in his tweets that he’s got to run everything past lawyers before he can reveal it to the public. So we’re waiting.

But Pultizer said it was the ballots themselves that would tell the tale. He can spot any counterfeits and tell the type of paper used, he said, and even where it came from –- China, perhaps? Likewise with the ink. He can tell if a person filled out the ballot by hand or if a machine marked it. Numerous election workers have already testified they saw ballots that looked as if they’d been printed on different paper and marked by machine, with one perfect little oval in the space for Joe Biden and the rest left blank.

It’s possible that ballots used in heavily Democrat district were the real thing, designed to be counted by the machines, but that the ones used in Republican districts were fakes, misaligned to generate errors, which then have to be “adjudicated” by election workers who did that job far, far away from the prying eyes of Republican poll watchers.

Anyway, at the end of Wednesday’s meeting, the subcommittee voted unanimously to recommend that Pulitzer and his team be given access to the ballots. This recommendation still had to go before a judge, so a hearing was set for 11AM Monday in Superior Court. Unless Chief Justice John Roberts is moonlighting on that Georgia court, Pulitzer might very well be given access to the ballots for a couple of hours on Monday and at that point, either put suspicions to rest --- wouldn’t that be nice, Democrats? --- or confirm them.

But it was on Wednesday night, just a few hours after that unanimous vote, that the rented Enterprise trucks allegedly pulled up to the warehouse where the ballots were stored. Here’s AMERICAN THINKER’S earlier report, written before anyone knew about Byrne’s tip and the documentation his operative was able to get that night.

Ballots were loaded up and, according to Byrne, driven to a specialized document shredding company, where they were shredded not just into little strips but military-style, into tiny “spitballs” roughly the size of individual molecules. I would imagine processing that much paper in that way would be extremely expensive, but probably worth it if you're trying to keep people out of jail.

In the photos, Byrne’s got boxes and boxes of ballots with close-up pictures of their labels. He’s got stacks and stacks of ballots sitting in the Fulton County Warehouse, presumably awaiting pickup. He’s got close-ups on individual ballots, which I would think could be blown up large enough for Pulitzer to find any problems with the printing on them. But that might not even be necessary, because Byrne says he also got sample ballots.

Oh, and one slightly hilarious "coincidence": the labels on these boxes show they were addressed to the attention of Dwight Brower at the Fulton County Department of Voter Registration and Election. Mr. Brower is one of the people who reported the burst water pipe at State Farm Arena as a reason for stopping the counting on election night.

There was no burst water pipe. No service call was even made. The only problem involving water was a leaky toilet or urinal, apparently in a bathroom on the floor above. Oh, no --- man the lifeboats! Abandon ship! Except for a crew of four who are going to stay behind and drown--- I mean, continue counting ballots that appear magically from under a table.

AMERICAN THINKER did a great job of fact-checking the “fact”-checkers who tried to debunk the claims of improper counting at State Farm Arena.

As for Wednesday night’s shredding party, Byrne even has a map tracing the route of the trucks. Video apparently exists as well; Byrne tweeted that the file was too big to load. I like to think that when Georgia’s vote is challenged during Wednesday's joint session of Congress –- as we know now it definitely will be –- and the House and Senate retire to their separate chambers for two hours to talk amongst themselves, this video, along with a complete report from Pulitzer on any problems with ballots or voting machines –- will be part of the evidence presented. Cross your fingers.