Accurate History

October 10, 2020

This will come as a shock these days, but a group of academics, historians and college professors has released a statement demanding that American history be taught accurately.

The statement calls on the Pulitzer Prize Board to rescind the 2020 Prize for Commentary awarded to New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones for her lead essay in ‘The 1619 Project” that claims that America’s founding ideals were false and the American Revolution was really fought to preserve slavery. They say there is zero evidence of that, the Revolution was fought for freedom and to defeat tyranny, and the Times knew it when they published that garbage, which is now being taught in many schools to make kids hate their own nation. One historian who actually worked on fact-checking the original piece pointed out the flaws but the Times editors ignored the suggested corrections.

The statement says that “given the glaring historical fallacy at the heart of its account, and the subsequent breaches of core journalistic ethics by both Hannah-Jones and the Times," they do not deserve the Pulitzer Prize. They write:

“The duplicity of attempting to alter the historical record in a manner intended to deceive the public is as serious an infraction against professional ethics as a journalist can commit. A ‘sweeping, deeply reported and personal essay,’ as the Pulitzer Prize Board called it, does not have the license to sweep its own errors into obscurity or the remit to publish ‘deeply reported’ falsehoods.”

Honestly, that sounds like any issue of the New York Times, but we don’t need to give them prizes for it.

We asked for reader comments on the Pence-Harris debate and were deluged. Most of them contrasted Pence’s honest, classy, gentlemanly manner with Harris’s dishonesty, evasiveness, condescension and immaturity. Many also agreed that the moderator was biased in her choice and wording of questions and overly strict handling of Pence’s time. (As we've noted, Kamala’s total speaking time was actually a little longer than Pence’s.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD TAKE NOTE: most of the letters focus sharply on DEMEANOR. This tells me something very important: that the President really should not reject an opportunity to debate again, as his contentious approach during the first debate --- understandable to us--- inadvertently played right into the wrong impression of him so many people have. This was not the Donald Trump we know. Actually, the first Trump-Biden debate was a worthless mess; neither man came off well at all.

The President says he's feeling really great now. The debate commission has picked a biased moderator, for sure --- a Democrat who interned with Joe Biden! --- but Trump has the skills to work around that. On Thursday night's HANNITY show, Trump called the commission "a disgrace" and even challenged Biden on the air to just have a debate on their own, in person, without the commission setting the rules. (Watch Biden hide behind the commission, which has rejected a second in-person debate.)

Anyway, letters are still coming in on Pence-Harris, but here are a few highlights. Notice how many of them concentrate on attitude and demeanor...

From Dee:

Last night we saw two people who very likely could be the leader of the free world USA. VP Pence showed he is knowledgable, articulate, intelligent, and able to stay calm in uncomfortable situations. K Harris showed us she knows how to make faces, deliver preplanned one-liners, and lie...not very well. Biden is not well and she is unequipped to handle the job. I will say I would be happy if President Trump stayed calm in his next encounter and just be prepared with the facts.

From Sue:

Pence killed it. He made great points and great rebuttals. He corrected her when needed and let her speak her nonsense enough to hang herself. Super job. So honored to have such a great VP. Pence 2024

From Karen:

How can I get on the debate committee? My dead cat could pick better debate moderators then the Republicans on the committee.

From Kay:

Fly picked the winner.

Tried to pack too much in too little time. Needed more time to answer questions.

From Gene:

Senator Harris bragged on her record as a D.A. When Pence questioned that record, she responded with "I won't be lectured..." What she's really saying is that she won't allow anyone to hold her accountable. That's not the look of transparency or the attitude of a public servant.

From Helen (excerpt):

Kamala started off with putting down the President. After the first 40 minutes, I had to turn it off. I would rather watch reruns of paint drying on a DIY show than listen to her blatant lies. I live in CA, I know all about her career...

From Claudia:

Watching her debate gave me PTSD. She is a very practiced liar. Thinking that she could possibly be President is the scariest thing I could ever imagine.

From LaDina:

I'm very nervous. Harris is nasty and I want Trump to be presidential at his next debate. Not to get mad or interrupt, and to look at us, not Biden. Pence was very good, but he missed some good openings to make good points.

From Bette:

If Trump can debate like Pence did, then the next debate could be of great value, but if it’s a repeat of the first one, then it shouldn’t go forward. Undecided voters are looking at the trustworthiness of the candidate as individuals, and all the hysteria and frustration get in the way. Please, Mr. President, show us your compassion and your love for Americans and our country in the next debate. People need to learn who you are as a person. We’re praying for our President and our Country’s future!

From Raelene:

Kamala’s laughter and smirking have us a great insight on how she really feels about our most serious issues as a country. I’m proud of how Pence stayed so respectful to everyone and didn’t find the serious matters funny as if they were a joke.

From Gina (excerpt):

The last question tells you all you need to know. A young girl asks about the fighting and Partisanship. Pence gives a story about Ginsberg and Scalia and there friendship. Harris tells the Charlottesville lie and bashes the President...

From Kathy:

I watched it till I couldn’t stand Kamala any more...She gives me that slimy feeling that politicians give off. They don’t really care about you and try to tell you everything you want to hear only to do nothing they said over the next 47 years they are in office.

From Patrice:

Mr. Pence. He can play poker.

From Gregory (excerpt):

He ate her lunch, dinner and tomorrow's breakfast, very gracefully and spectacularly...PENCE 2024.

From TD:

I don’t think it changed any minds. If you want higher taxes, murdered babies, infringements on the Constitution, then by all means vote Biden/Harris. If you want the government out of your business, vote Trump/Pence ticket. Federal government was not created to run your life but for your safety and security.

From Alissa:

Kamala is absolutely terrifying. Period.

From Mary (excerpt):

I am so thankful that Vice President Pence loves Jesus and is bold about it...He presented the facts clear and precise. Did not put up with any lying from Harris. I was greatly encouraged. God bless America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

From Kimberly:

VP Pence rocked it! Though I Iove my President, I hope he took notes. Please tell him to keep quiet and let Biden talk.. He [Biden] will hang himself.

From Chris:

OMGosh, my wife told me it really does no good to yell at the TV. She's right, of course.

And finally, Rhonda makes my point:

Trump needs to do the second debate no matter what (virtual or in person). He needs to tell the American people what his plans are for the next 4 years. Tell us –- we want to hear it with compassion & love for our country!!! He WILL win hands down if he goes that route!!!

Joe Biden is running on a platform that boils down mostly to “Just like Trump, only without Trump!” He’s going to bring back manufacturing jobs, put America first, and all the other things he never did in 47 years in Washington that Trump got elected by promising to do (and doing, to great success.) Joe calls this plagiarized platform “Build Back Better.”

So would you be really shocked to learn that even the phrase “Build Back Better” was apparently plagiarized from another conservative political leader who, like Trump, got elected by promising to do the exact opposite of what his processor did?

There has never in history been a better A-B comparison of Democrat to Republican ideas than the back-to-back records of Obama/Biden and Trump/Pence. We went from the weakest recovery since the Depression to the best economy and lowest unemployment in history…from ISIS growing across the Middle East, bringing murder, slavery and turmoil in its wake, to ISIS crushed and a string of peace deals between Israel and Arab States…from targeting the domestic fuel industry for extinction to America becoming an exporter of energy, undermining the power of Russia and OPEC…from suing impoverished nuns to force them to pay for contraceptives to defending religious freedom rights…and on and on.

A similar comparison can be drawn between blue states that people are fleeing from and the red states they’re fleeing to. In California, the “Golden State” that used to represent the American dream, the more power the leftwing Democrats get, the further back in time it regresses. San Francisco already regressed to the Middle Ages, with wealthy lords living in walled castles while the peasants huddle in whatever shelter they can find, surrounded by filth. Now, much of the state is back to caveman days, huddling in the dark, afraid to leave their dens for fear of dangerous marauders, disease and FIRE!! Fire bad!!

And they not only keep voting for more of this, they think the entire nation needs to be run like California. Are they clinically insane?

Trump could easily make the case that if you want America to be strong, free and prosperous, it's easy: just look at what Obama/Biden did and do the exact opposite.

Felony Charges Handed Down

October 8, 2020

A grand jury in St. Louis has handed down felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who brandished weapons to make protesters move on who were trespassing on their property and threatening their home, their lives and their dog.

They’re charged with unlawful use of a weapon (even though they were obviously acting in self-defense, Missouri has a Castle Doctrine law that protects that right, and the firearms were apparently unloaded and one wasn’t functional) and tampering with evidence (even though it was apparently the DA’s office that tampered with the evidence.) The protesters who threatened them were not charged with anything.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt already filed a motion to intervene in the case and block the prosecution, and Gov. Mike Parson said that if they’re convicted of a crime, he’ll pardon them. But both Schmitt and Parson are up for reelection. If they’re replaced by Democrats like those in the St. Louis D.A.’s office who think that Constitutional rights apply only to protesters, rioters and trespassers, the McCloskey’s could be looking at serious legal liability for nothing but exercising their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

Mark this down as just the latest of the many, many, many reasons why I say the 2020 election could determine not only the future of America, but whether you still retain your Constitutional rights at all.