Many conservatives were upset over the weekend at news that President Trump had signed the massive spending bill that he’d threatened to veto. But there’s more to the story.

Trump reportedly signed it because he didn’t want any more delays in getting needed support to Americans still suffering from the endless COVID-19 (Chinese) virus shutdowns. But in doing so, he invoked the little-known Impoundment Control Act of 1974. That gives him the power to “redline” provisions of the bill, such as the countless examples of wasteful spending and giveaways to other countries, and force Congress to reconsider and remove them.

There’s no requirement for them to act, and if they don’t act within 45 days, the bill will go through. But it gives the public up to 45 days to let their Congress members know what they think of this porkulus maximus and hold their feet to the fire.

There’s more information and Trump’s full statement here.

Cornell University announced that all returning Caucasian students are required to get a flu vaccination. But black, indigenous and other students of color may forego flu shots because they may have concerns “based on historical injustices and current events.” They may have feelings of “distrust or powerlessness” due to “acts of violence against Black people by law enforcement.” Or people of color might feel it “suspect or exploitative” due to BIPOC bodies having “been mistreated, and used by people in power, sometimes for profit or medical gain.”

So, having bent over backward to come up with PC justifications for not giving flu shots to students of color, the university administrators should be asked this question: “Why do you want students of color to get the flu, you institutional racists?” We all know that when the rate of flu cases rises higher among minority students than whites, it will be ascribed to racism anyway, so why not get a jump on it and just accuse Cornell of racism now? After all, if I said that a college was giving flu shots to white students but not non-white students, wouldn’t you assume that was a story out of the 1940s?

This is your brain on political correctness. The only vaccination against that is to not send your kids to a school like Cornell.

The downtown Nashville bombing on Christmas morning remains largely a mystery, with law enforcement telling us nothing –- at least at this writing Sunday night –- about the motive of the late Anthony Quinn Warner, who reportedly perished in the enormous blast. Neighbors have said the motorhome that blew up was the same one that had been parked at Warner’s home since around 2007 –- Google Earth shows this as well –- and human remains were found at the scene that authorities now say have been identified as his.

THE EPOCH TIMES has been updating regularly on the bombing itself, with this one in particular standing out for its harrowing accounts from the local first responders. These are the heroes who went door-to-door to get people evacuated before the explosion ripped through the area.

"This is going to tie us together forever, for the rest of my life,” said Officer James Wells to reporters at a news conference. “Christmas will never be the same again.” (Again, this is a feeling shared by many crew- and band members on my TBN show, which is produced in Hendersonville, just outside Nashville.)

Most of what little we know about the apparent bomber came not from law enforcement but from individuals talking with reporters. A Nashville realtor told the AP that the 63-year-old Warner had been working for him as a computer consultant but had said he would be retiring this month.

It seems that when Warner said he wouldn’t be coming back to work, he meant it.

Before the bomber had been identified, Douglas Korneski, special agent in charge of the FBI’s Memphis Field Office, said, “It’s just going to take us some time. Our investigative team is turning over every stone” to find out who did this and why.

And, yes, we soon knew the “who” but were told nothing about the “why.” Or, come to think of it, the “how” --- how does one person pull off something like this, and what sort of explosive device did he use? (Obviously, his RV had a full gas tank.)

The nearby AT&T building, which included an AT&T central office, possibly had been targeted. The resulting infrastructure damage affected police emergency services in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama; Nashville’s COVID-19 community hotline; and various hospital services.

A more recent report from THE EPOCH TIMES offers more information. But we still get nothing about the “why.”

According to this story, the FBI assigned 250 agents to the investigation, just to figure out the “who.” If they’ve learned anything about the “why,” they’re not saying. Neighbors, though, have described Warner as a “techie,” quiet and nice. And if Warner did intend to blow up some buildings along with himself, he went to great lengths to keep others safe, as a recorded message warning them to evacuate played for about 30 minutes, followed by a 15-minute countdown before the RV exploded. (Witnesses said the voice sounded computerized and female.) All this was initiated by what are thought to have been recorded gunshots, perhaps to wake people up so they’d hear the recording.

Either the bomber didn’t want to take others’ lives, or he wanted to leave that impression.

Witnesses also said that at some point, Petula Clarks’ song “Downtown” was heard coming from the vehicle. Who knows? The bomber’s favorite song that he wanted to hear before he died? A bit of black humor? We likely will never know.

If the target was the AT&T building, it reportedly didn’t receive much structural damage. The vulnerabilities of the communications infrastructure are another matter. Still, most services were back up by sometime Sunday.

According to a FOX NEWS report, “authorities” said they’re still pursuing leads but that there was “no indication” that any other people were involved.

Now, here’s where it gets murky –- on the issue of motive –- and right now we wish we could trust our dear, dear FBI a lot more than we do. One of the guiding principles for Team Huckabee is that if something doesn’t make sense, there’s a piece of missing information. And this scenario, by itself, makes little sense.

Here’s just one online comment we found that surely speaks for many: “Why do I feel like there are pieces to this puzzle missing? What person makes his RV a mobile bomb, drives it to a downtown street where it’s mostly deserted because everyone is home for Christmas, then warns anyone else to get the hell out of the area because it’s going to blow up...what was his point? Where was his suicide note, letter or internet manifesto? Doesn’t make much sense. Most nut jobs would either try to kill as many people as possible or at least want the World to know his reasons...I’m calling this story (bleep).”

And, more to the point, another comment: “Whatever the FBI says is a lie.”

The FBI swiftly identified the bomber –- they got a DNA match about as fast as they do on “CSI Miami” –- and said he appears to have acted alone. Case closed! But when there are huge, gaping holes in what we know, inquiring minds start filling those holes. And since the FBI/DOJ bureaucracy has shown itself to be deeply unworthy of our trust at the highest levels, some will naturally gravitate to conspiracy theories that in some ways make more sense and are easier to believe than the story offered for popular consumption.

For example, it’s easy to believe suicide in this time of emotional distance and financial devastation (though Warner seems to have been a loner anyway, with a job). But for him to create this level of destruction, it’s easier to believe that others “helped.” So was it suicide at all? It’s easier to believe that he was used as a pawn to blow up a particular target than that he was a nut who drove all the way downtown to blow himself up but then worked to keep others from being blown up, too. It’s easier to believe he was–-well, I could go on; you get the idea. There’s even speculation connecting this event to the building closest to where the vehicle was parked, which reportedly was a data storage center that contained data from voting machines used November 3. I’m NOT saying that ANY of this is true, but it’s all worth considering on our way to finding the truth.

My point in “going there”: It’s a shame that when something like this happens, we can’t believe the FBI anymore. When they quickly say this was a lone wolf, the reaction naturally is, “SURE it was.” And this is the FBI’s own fault.

We start seeing justifiably cynical commentaries like this one, from Roger L. Simon (written before Warner was determined to have died in the blast).

Apparently, FBI agents told witnesses they were exploring a tip about Warner being paranoid about so-called “5G” technology being used to spy on Americans. (Spying? What a crazy, far-fetched idea, we say sarcastically.) Simon smells an FBI cover-up to create a distraction from whatever the actual motive was.

So, Warner was paranoid about “5G.” And the Benghazi attack was started by a video.

The media's most transparent lie about President Trump

By Mike Huckabee

Of all the many lies the media have told about President Trump, probably the most transparent is the claim that he has “no accomplishments.” In fact, he has accomplished more in four years than many Presidents did in eight. For proof, try Googling “Trump accomplishments.” You get back multiple articles listing his accomplishments, and pointedly, many don’t appear on the other lists. There are literally too many for any one article to include them all!

For instance, here’s one article alone that lists 125 amazing Trump accomplishments

One of many reasons why it is vital for Republicans to win the Georgia runoffs and retain control of the Senate is that Democrats have made it frighteningly clear that if they own both the White House and Congress, they will immediately begin reversing the Trump policies that led to all these accomplishments. They either don’t understand or don’t care that his commonsense policies have had wide-ranging positive effects that will quickly unravel.

For instance, they will open the borders in the name of “compassion,” without regard for how border security reduces illegal immigration, which eliminates lowball competition for low-skill jobs...which leads to more jobs and rising wages for American workers...which helped Trump accomplish record low unemployment and the biggest wage increases in years for all demographics, including blacks, Hispanics and people without college degrees.

Democrats can’t wait to put the US back into the Paris Climate Accords that Trump pulled out of because they would cripple the US economy while having a negligible effect on the environment. Because Trump favored fracking, the US now has abundant clean natural gas that led to a greater reduction in CO2 emissions than in any nation that remained in the Paris deal. He also made the US energy independent, got gas below $2 a gallon, and by freeing the US from OPEC and Europe from dependence on Russian oil, he eliminated the leverage those forces had over the West. Democrats can’t wait to reverse all those accomplishments by rejoining the Paris Accords. What are cheap gas, a booming economy and freedom from tyrants compared to virtue signaling to your green pals about how you killed fracking?

If Democrats take the Senate, Joe Biden has already vowed to “cooperate” with China and reverse the Trump tax cuts. Since Democrats think all tax cuts only benefit the “rich,” they don’t comprehend that the Trump cut actually helped virtually all taxpayers and freed up business capital for hiring and expansion. They also think putting American workers first is “selfish.” Between Trump’s tax cuts spurring jobs and wages, and his tough trade deals bringing businesses and manufacturing jobs back to America, he accomplished putting an extra $6,000 a year into the pockets of the average American family. That will disappear fast if Democrats regain the Senate, hike taxes and start exporting our jobs again.

When Trump put the sanctions squeeze on Iran and finally kept America’s promise to move our Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, the self-appointed “experts” who would again guide foreign policy under Biden claimed it would cause a wave of violence that could never be contained. Instead, having crushed ISIS (whose caliphate spread to the size of Pennsylvania under Obama) and neutralized Iran’s threats to its neighbors, Trump presided over the historic accomplishment of multiple peace agreements between Israel and Arab nations such as Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The Democrats can’t wait to reinstate Obama’s Iran nuclear deal that shipped planeloads of cash to the Mullahs and reverse Trump’s Middle East policies. Who cares what they accomplished?

If you care that Trump accomplished record low unemployment, rising wages, energy independence, peace in the Middle East and putting Americans first in trade deals, there’s only way to keep Democrats from careening in the opposite direction: put a GOP Senate in charge of the brakes.

If you want to support President Trump and Georgia Republicans, please consider my end of year plea.

Huck PAC, my political organization, helped elect 400 Republican candidates in 2020 by investing over $2.4 million directly into their campaigns.

We are a grassroots team of over 100,000 conservatives. Men and women committed to pro-life policies, lower taxes, less spending and a secure border. 

Join us with a donation in the amount you can afford.  Whether it is $5 or $50, we will invest it wisely in the fight to stop the Democrats.

A Very Merry Update

December 29, 2020

A Very Merry Update! I hope you read the wonderful story I share every Christmas from Sheila in Oklahoma, who related how she was facing cancer in 1999 and God sent her a sign through her Christmas tree lights that she would get through it. If you haven’t read it, you’ll find it here, and I hope you will read it.

I hadn’t heard from her since she sent me that story in 2011, and I have always hoped that she was still healthy. Well, I’m delighted to report that after it ran this year, she contacted me with this update:

“…I am so thankful that you have continued to share my miracles. The lymphoma relapsed in 2001 and I underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant and have been cancer-free since. I am a 25-year cancer survivor and I thank God for every day.”

That’s great news, Sheila. I also thank God for your continued good health, and thank you for sharing that inspiring story that has meant so much to me and my readers and listeners over the years.

Since the FBI can’t be counted on to tell us anything we can trust, we’ve been trying to piece together some facts about the Nashville Christmas bombing from other accounts. What we find is disturbing.

According to a neighbor of apparent suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner, he said a few days before Christmas that the world was “never going to forget me.

On December 21, Rick Laude saw Warner standing by his mailbox and pulled his car over to ask him how his elderly mother was doing.

"Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?” Laude asked casually.

“Oh, yes,” Warner said with a smile, according to the neighbor. “I’m going to be famous. Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Laude, a commercial truck driver, didn’t think anything about this at the time, assuming Warner just meant “something good” would happen to him on Christmas. He said he was “speechless” later on when he heard the news that Warner was suspected in the downtown bombing.

Warner apparently hadn’t raised any red flags with anyone in law enforcement or even in his own neighborhood. David Rauch, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said Monday that they “hope to get an answer. Sometimes, it’s just not possible. The best way to find a motive is to talk to the individual. We will not be able to do that in this case.”

No kidding. This is why law enforcement typically tries to take suspects alive whenever possible. Short of holding a séance, in cases where the suspect is dead they have to deduce a motive from clues they find. “It does appear that the intent was more destruction than death,” Rauch said, “but, again, that’s all still speculation at this point as we continue in our investigation with all our partners.”

According to a report in NEWSMAX, Rauch said Warner’s mother is cooperating with investigators.

Dan Bongino interviewed blast investigator Joey Jones on Monday’s HANNITY show, asking him if it’s possible to reconstruct the scene before the blast, determine the point of origin and find out what the explosive was. Jones said that, yes, you do a “post-blast analysis,” starting at the center of the explosion and working your way out, following the blast radius and also the fragmentation radius, meaning the path of the shrapnel that is farther than the blast itself. Look for any part that might have a serial number. “The idea that they [bombs] just char and disintegrate everything is actually completely untrue,” he said.

"If there were any type of sophisticated components used, I guarantee they’ve already found pieces of them and started to put this puzzle back together,” he said, noting investigators’ years of experience and past cases. “But mostly, a lot of it’s kind of common sense. You look for these pieces and parts, if you can find one electronic component and understand the infrastructure of how he set it off, look at the purchase history, regionally, and...clue in really quickly.”

Regarding the type of explosive used, there are “a few theories circling around,” perhaps black powder or pyrotechnic, he said, or an explosive combination such as ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, “that went to full deflagration but not detonation.” This apparently would account for the lack of a blast crater at the site and less structural damage than there might have been. It was "a really hot, hot explosion,” he said. “The fireball was fast.”

Jones observed that, unfortunately, the technology involved is so simple that the basic circuitry that kids might learn in a high school class to turn on a light bulb can be adapted to set off a bomb. A couple of components are a little more sophisticated, he said, but the bulk explosive and the initiation board are “pretty easy.”

"What we rely on,” he said, “is the amazing work of our federal and state and local law enforcement to prevent these things from happening and respond when they do. We saw it work in Nashville, some amazing police work that did just that.”

Well...they didn’t prevent the bomb from happening. Local first responders performed unbelievably courageous work under unimaginable pressure and surely saved lives, but their job came after the bomb was set to go. Nothing about the bomb itself was prevented and now, this far into the investigation, nothing has been explained. As FOX NEWS reported, “Officials have not provided insight into why Warner selected this particular location for the bombing.”

The operative word here is “provided.”

The report goes on to say that “a source close to the investigation” told THE DAILY MAIL that Warner was said to be “heavily” into “5G” conspiracy theories, believing the networks were actually killing people. According to this source, “The unofficial motive thus far is the suspect believed 5G was the source of all deaths in the region and he’d be hailed a hero. We are waiting on the digital footprint [his online history] that should finally provide us with some answers.”

Reportedly, investigators from the Tennessee Highway patrol recovered parts of the exploded RV and were able to retrieve the vehicle ID number, which was traced back to Warner. DNA was another way they say they matched him. FBI agent Doug Korneski maintains that they’ve seen no evidence anyone else was involved.

Of course, we can’t climb into the mind of a disturbed person to understand what compels him to do things that don’t make sense to us. We look to “experts” in psychology to do this, to the extent they can. But what this man did is so bizarre that it almost defies explanation. (We covered some of the big questions in yesterday’s commentary.) And now a witness says Warner was expecting to be famous. If that’s the case, why didn’t he make more of a public statement with some kind of manifesto, perhaps on the danger of “5G” if that’s what he was so concerned about? If he wanted to be famous, it’s logical to think we would have learned his motive right away. He would have left a warning about it. Otherwise, he’s just some guy who blew himself up for no apparent reason.

In California, where aborting babies is considered a sacred right, the California Supreme Court declined to halt the murder prosecution of a woman whose baby was stillborn because she used meth while pregnant.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued against the prosecution, claiming it could discourage pregnant women with addiction issues from seeking healthcare and spark “additional and unnecessary scrutiny by law enforcement on every miscarriage and stillbirth.” (Becerra is Biden’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services. He’s also so radically pro-abortion that he charged multifple felonies against the undercover reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood’s brutal practices with no regard for how it might discourage the press from exposing the truth about powerful organizations.)

However, a spokesman for the Kings County D.A.’s office said this is “not a case about abortion nor women’s reproductive rights,” it’s “about a person who did specific acts that resulted in the death of a viable fetus.”

News flash to California officials: Abortion is “doing specific acts that result in the death of a viable fetus.” Some also call it "murder."

In a related story, a California judge not only awarded Planned Parenthood $2 million in damages for having their practices exposed, he added $13.5 million in legal fees.

The pro-life undercover reporters who did nothing more than what “60 Minutes” has done for decades (only they did it to a darling and big funder of Democrat politicians) expressed confidence that once the case is out of the hands of a California judge, it will be overturned and they won’t have to pay Planned Parenthood a cent. Let us pray.