Insane "progressives"

May 6, 2021

Must-Read Article: Rob Jenkins at American Thinker notes that Americans are so politically polarized that each side believes the other must be literally insane to believe what they believe.

From Sharon:

Mike please stop blaming the Capitol Hill protest for the Blue Reich...this has been in the works for years and they were pulling it during the Obama and Trump years. And who buys it? Please get real.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Sharon. You and I both have valid points to make. You are correct in saying leftists have been working for years to make happen what we are “suddenly” seeing now. It has literally taken generations to get us here.

It’s not accurate, though, to say I blame those Trump supporters for what the “Blue Reich” is doing, as the left would have been driving the same steamroller regardless. What I do say is that the Capitol Hill protest helped their effort immeasurably.

When the protest got out of hand, it helped put gas in that steamroller. It was a gift to the left.

Social media and mainstream news continue working overtime and even engaging in censorship to maintain that Trump supporters are “domestic terrorists” who believe “The Big Lie” of election fraud. Do a search on Google or Yahoo and see what comes up. So, yes, millions of ill-informed people buy this.

Timed as it was to coincide with the change of administration, it gave Biden’s people all the excuse they needed to amp up the violations of our civil rights. By now you’ve seen my commentaries on the government teaming with Big Tech to censor and even spy on “domestic terrorists.” The FBI is cracking down, too, and we've seen how they operate with their pre-dawn raids. Of course, by “domestic terrorists,” they mean YOU AND ME –- anyone who would don the evil, racist MAGA hat. The Capitol Hill protest greased the wheels for all this.

How I wish we could all get into the Way-Back machine and go back to January 5, to warn the protesters about the future and prevent what was going to happen the following day. An unarmed woman was shot to death. And Trump was blamed and impeached on his way out of office for “inciting” it all. In contrast, a completely peaceful protest by thousands of his supporters would have had the needed effect.

Again, I don’t “blame” the protesters for what the left has done and continues to do, but the ones who let their passion interfere with their thinking made a huge mistake that I can never defend.

Biden Remembers

May 6, 2021

Sunday, President Biden released a statement praising the “courage and skill” of US Special Forces, on the 10th anniversary of their Pakistan raid that killed 9/11 terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.
While it was a bad weekend for Democrats in Texas, it also wasn’t much fun for anti-Trump Republicans. Outspoken Trump critic Sen. Mitt Romney was loudly booed and heckled at the Utah Republican Convention.
Even former Obama economic advisor Steven Rattner, a fan of big spending on “progressive” programs, is getting nervous about the trillions of dollars President Biden wants to shower on massive bills stuffed full of leftist wishlist items.
Speaking of climate hysteria, Biden is using the “climate crisis” (in Liberal Land, the border isn’t a crisis, but the weather is) as justification for massively expensive, economically ruinous and dangerously “transformative” legislation.
If you think it would be a good idea to put a fox in charge of guarding your hen house, then you’re going to be thrilled to hear who the Biden White House has put in charge of advising the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA).
Who doesn’t like a gift? Something given to me by another who spends his or her hard-earned money to provide something I need or maybe something I just want. But if I’m given what’s said to be a gift and then handed a bill to pay for it, is it a gift?
I’ve been warning for a while now about the return of that uniquely Democratic invention “stagflation,” in which prices keep rising even while the economy and wages are stagnant.
The Democrats have been getting poor people to vote for them (and keep themselves poor) for years by claiming that they’re the party of the poor and the working class and the Republicans only represent the wealthy.

Our New Border War

May 2, 2021

President Biden’s failure to address the crisis he’s created on the border in his Congressional Address was just too much of an example of ignoring the incontinent donkey in the room, even for some Democrats.
This week, the Biden Administration quietly ended another Trump policy and will once again allow so-called “sanctuary cities” that won’t cooperate with ICE to apply for a $250 million federal grant program.
A study of 14 Gannett-owned newspapers by six of those papers’ own reporters claims that white males are overwhelmingly better compensated in pay and job security than women or minorities, and there’s a lack of diversity in staffing.
As expected, the ratings for this year’s Oscars were about as low as a community access TV show on feminist pottery.

Our Feel-Good Story

May 1, 2021

Dylan Shakespeare Robinson, 23, a BLM “mostly peaceful protester” who helped set fire to a Minneapolis police station during a mostly peaceful violent riot, has been sentenced to four years in federal prison, two years of supervised release, and repayment of $12 million restitution.

Two Major About-Faces

April 29, 2021

Conservative pundits can always fill a column simply by pointing out the whiplash-inducing change in standards between Trump and Biden.
There’s nothing I love more than the smell of shattered liberal media narratives in the morning, so here are the results of a new Fox News poll that found that 77% of Americans support having to show an ID to vote.

Revised CDC Guidelines

April 29, 2021

The CDC has changed its COVID-19 facemask guidelines, saying it’s no longer necessary for fully-vaccinated people to wear masks in most outdoors situations, such as “when they walk, bike or run alone or with members of their household.”

New House Apportionment

April 28, 2021

The results of the 2020 Census are in, and they could help erase the Democrats’ tiny majority in the House.
The New York Times reportedly obtained leaked audio in which Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said he was shocked when then-Secretary of State John Kerry revealed to him that Israel had attacked Iranian targets in Syria more than 200 times.

Recall Gavin Newsom

April 28, 2021

The drive to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom got enough verified signatures to make it onto the ballot.
Making official the “Biden Administration’s change in direction” of immigration law “enforcement,” the Department of Homeland Security announced that illegal aliens who fail to depart the US will no longer face fines...

This Just In

April 23, 2021

After years of pro-life activists pointing out that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist, and being ignored, mocked and refuted by the left, Planned Parenthood has suddenly realized in the BLM era that their founder Margaret Sanger was a racist and a eugenicist.
Neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays the United States Postal Service from the swift completion of its appointed task to monitor the social media of American citizens.
In a narrow 51-49 vote (Sen. Lisa Murkowski being the only Republican “yay”), controversial Biden nominee Vanita Gupta was confirmed as associate attorney general, the #3 position in the Justice Department.
I like the trend I’ve been seeing recently of companies that were intimidated into kneeling to pressure from the “woke” left suddenly developing spines after the majority of their customers started speaking up in opposition (so keep it up, it’s working!)
If you listen to the mainstream media (which you shouldn’t, by the way), you’d think that “rightwing” websites and news channels are the source of all the “disinformation” in America.

No Censure for Maxine

April 22, 2021

Well, so much for the crazy theory that there are any “moderate” Democrats in the House who would actually choose upholding their oath to defend the Constitution over protecting a fellow party member.
Today is Earth Day, so in preparation for what is sure to be a combined hurricane and tsunami of apocalyptic climate predictions, here is a list of some of the similar doomsday predictions made way back on the first Earth Day in 1970.

Paul Rossi Is Fired

April 22, 2021

Paul Rossi, a math teacher at the private Grace Church High School in New York, has been fired after speaking out publicly against the school’s so-called “anti-racism”/Critical Race Theory policies.
The Democrats seem to understand that when you’re ruling against the will of the people and the interests of your own nation as radically as they are, they won’t have much time to force their agenda through before they get thrown out of power.

The Chauvin Verdict

April 21, 2021

I assume by now that you have heard about the verdict of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd approximately 10,000 times, and that you have had more than your fill of opinions about it.