California tightens up

July 14, 2020

Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom once again ordered the closure of many businesses in the state (including worship services) due to an “alarming” rise in COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus cases.

However, just as with fellow leftist Bill DeBlasio in New York City, the one exception to bans on any large gatherings is BLM protests, which are still perfectly fine, even though the spike in cases has correlated to them much more than to business reopenings. Also to proximity to the US-Mexico border, which Newsom has been trying to erase.

In announcing his latest mass closings, Newsom scolded Californians, saying, “The data suggests not everyone is acting with common sense.” For once, I agree with him. Just look at who they elected Governor.

Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield at took a deeper look at some of the giant US corporations that are showering Black Lives Matter with millions of dollars, frantically virtue-signaling about America’s shameful legacy of slavery and backing efforts to silence conservative voices on social media. He asks why so many of these uber-woke corporations are making their profits off of actual slavery – not slavery from the 1860s that over 360,000 Union soldiers died to end, but current-day, 21st century forced labor in China.

Some of the corporations cited include Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, GM, LL Bean, Gap, Volkswagen, and that paragon of ostentatious wokeness, Nike. Here’s what Greenfield writes about Nike, citing a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute:

“A factory making shoes for Nike was ‘equipped with watchtowers, barbed-wire fences, and police guard boxes.’ Nike Shox were discovered being made in another factory by slave laborers shipped far from home to produce shoes for the sportswear giant. Too far for them to run away.

‘We can walk around, but we can’t go back,’ one worker said.

The same company that holds up Colin Kaepernick, a millionaire anti-American activist, as an icon of social justice, also profits from an alleged slave labor facility that moved to be closer to ‘the region’s cotton fields’. The millionaire victims of imaginary racism that Nike wants us to care about are on their billboards while modern-day slaves still toil in the cotton fields because their lives don’t matter.”

If you’re wondering why this is suddenly coming out, it’s not sudden; you just weren't told about it until now. The bipartisan Congressional-Executive Commission on China, whose members range from Sen. Marco Rubio to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, released a report on forced labor in China back in March. It inspired a proposed bill called the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act that names Nike and a number of other large US corporations as being suspected of profiting from forced labor. It’s also prompted sanctions on some Chinese officials, for which China just retaliated with some vague “sanctions” on Rubio, Ted Cruz, and other US critics of its unconscionable policies.

At least that’s getting a little media attention. But why have the media buried this story for so long while they hyperventilate over America’s long-banished era of slavery from the century-before-last? Greenfield believes it’s because it makes their big pockets advertisers look bad. I would add that there is also a tangled web of profits and ownership connecting news outlets (and sports franchises) to big media companies, Chinese investors, and reliance on both Chinese labor and the Chinese market. To put it bluntly, they’ve sold their souls to China.

It’s ironic that they vilify America while covering for China, where any criticism of that nation’s government, history, and culture would be ruthlessly and violently suppressed. These corporate honchos should savor the American freedom of speech that allows them to attack their own nation because if control of it ever fell into the hands of the people they’re covering for, that freedom would quickly become a thing of the past (Don’t believe me? Look at Hong Kong.) They would soon find themselves even less free to express a dissenting opinion than a conservative on Twitter.

Friday, President Trump announced that he is commuting the three-year prison sentence of his former campaign adviser Roger Stone, which was set to begin in a few days. Trump is being vilified by Democrats and the media for making this move, but he probably figured he gets vilified by them for eating breakfast in the morning, so who cares? They’re already rushing to the cameras to declare him the “most corrupt President in history” for pardoning someone caught up in an illegal coup attempt, easily the worst political scandal in US history, which was hatched under the President they admire most, Barack Obama.

Trump’s spokespeople say Stone is 67 and his health would be at risk in prison. Besides, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the decision to commute was "in light of the egregious facts and circumstances surrounding his unfair prosecution, arrest, and trial," that the charges were the "product of recklessness borne of frustration and malice," and he could not get a fair trial in ultra-Democratic DC.

The charges against him, such as false statements and obstructing the Mueller investigation, all stem from the probe itself, which we now know was based on political animus, fraudulent “evidence,” illegally-obtained FISA warrants and no underlying crimes. It was also discovered that the forewoman of Stone’s jury hid the fact that she was virulently anti-Trump and had been posting nasty comments online about him and Stone during the trial, but the judge ruled that that somehow didn’t taint the verdict one whit. Stone continues to maintain his innocence and was already appealing his conviction.

I’m sure we’ll hear caterwauling from now until November about how outrageous it is that a 67-year-old Trump adviser isn’t doing hard time in the big house for process crimes, and from the same people who are letting rioters and looters out in 24 hours, giving sanctuary to Mexican drug gangsters and freeing thousands of actual criminals lest they contract a virus in prison. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “Cry me a river.”

I spent much of last week drawing comparisons between the violent unrest and strict “cancel culture” going on in our country with the swift transformation of such places as Hong Kong, all to show how quickly that same socialist takeover and loss of freedom can happen here. We know exactly what the Democrat Party will do, step by step, to cement its control if it (shudder) wins in November, as we (and it) can see that Biden is a diminished human being who would be a mere figurehead with no principles of his own, a puppet of the left. That, obviously, is the plan.

Our freedom is something many of us took for granted in the past –- even on the Fourth Of July –- but we can’t do that now. If we do, there might be no more Fourths of July to celebrate, certainly not by waving an American flag around! Since last week, I’ve seen other pieces that reflect the same thinking.

Here’s one from a writer named Xiao Li, an American whose father came to this country two decades ago after the death of Mao but had grown up in China under Mao’s Cultural Revolution. When the writer was 18, his father took him on a trip to China to show him something of his youth, of which he’d spoken to his son very little before then.

Xiao tells of meeting a number of amiable older men, one by one, from his father’s past and hearing from his father after each meeting what each of these men had actually done to him under Mao. Memories fade, I suppose, and these men, many years after performing their duties as ruthless revolutionaries, had forgotten some awful things they’d done to him. Some of these men were his own family members. Xiao says, “Some of my father’s tormenters were blood relatives, who were especially keen to display their revolutionary credentials through violence, a situation that was sadly not uncommon. As Xiao explains, you can’t have a revolution without dissolving “the bonds of organic trust” between children and their parents or students and their teachers.

I’m reminded of what so many American parents are saying now about trying to have political discussions with their own kids. As soon as the parents introduce some unsanctioned point, the discussions unravel, with their kids yelling at them, calling them racists and white supremacists (!) and hurling demands at them straight out of WHITE FRAGILITY, such as “Do the work!” One hallmark of revolutionary thinking is that the family must be destroyed in favor of the State and that independent thinkers within the family must be exposed and shamed. We are seeing this now.

Xiao does reference another article that tries to differentiate the Chinese Cultural Revolution from the radical leftists’ quest for power currently going on in America. I’ll link to it here in case you’d like to read it. The author is right in saying there are some nuances of difference, but if you’re like me you will find no comfort in these. It’s like saying Alaskan grizzly bears will tear you apart and eat you alive but this one is more like one of those Canadian grizzly bears that might be satisfied with ripping your arms and legs off, so don’t be too concerned.

As Xiao puts it, “No historical analogy is ever perfect, and to seek exactitude over verisimilitude is to miss the point. In other words, as the saying goes, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Xiao’s father and many of his contemporaries who lived through the era of Mao “can’t put their finger on the why,” but in America they are sensing something in the air that reminds them of the events of their youth in China.

One commonality Xiao sees is the fact that the young Chinese revolutionaries, the Red Guard, tended to come from privileged backgrounds; they were young and well-educated like the current American activists. In China, he says, “the young students saw their chance to to achieve revolutionary greatness...seeking to root out imaginary class enemies from within.”

In the next step, the movement’s slogans and way of thinking worked their way down to “non-elite institutions and popular discourse.” We see this in America every day in the news media, on TV shows and in magazines. In other words, it’s not just on campus anymore. We also we see “the blatant denial of reality, the constant gaslighting which almost seems designed to ferret out people with any sanity left.” We must refuse to be ferreted.

Xiao’s article is a must-read as a follow-up to my commentary of last week. Also, my writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth has been busy tackling a different aspect of the current dark revolutionary spirit: the curious radicalism of white leftist women trying so desperately to make up for their “privilege” and the shame of not being born “of color.”

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The article Laura cited in her commentary had a link to a piece from last year by Peggy Noonan, which draws a comparison with the Chinese Cultural Revolution as powerful as any made by Xiao Li in his piece about his father. Noonan describes the “struggle sessions” implemented by Mao to humiliate people in various ways to get them to confess to social “crimes.” This is similar to the shaming that is done on college campuses in 2020. And today, we also have the internet, which makes this sort of psychological pressure much more pervasive in students' lives.

I’ve mentioned a few things we can do to fight the onslaught, but here is a great article I’ve found since: “Five Ways to Conquer The Cancel Culture,” by radio talk show host Dr. Michael Brown. Yes, he says, we can face this down and beat it, and we can take our cues from the Bible. If we stand strong and handle this attack on our values with assurance, the “cancel culture” will devour its own. We can see this already happening.

You also can’t go wrong with anything written by the brilliant Shelby Steele, whose book WHITE GUILT, though it came out in 2007, is a wonderful antidote for the toxic identity politics being practiced by leftists today. If anyone in your family is having to read WHITE FRAGILITY for school –- and, sadly, it seems every student is –- do what you can to make WHITE GUILT companion reading.

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The latest proof that statue-smashing vandals are not attacking symbols of racism but just trying to destroy all Western culture and history:

In Boston, someone set fire to a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Peter Parish. The pastor, Father John Curran spoke for many of us when he said, "I was shocked. (There's) disappointment, sadness. The image of Our Lady is so important for us and our faith. It's such a contradiction to her love. Mary would never desecrate anyone, never hurt anyone, only offer them the peace and love of Jesus. I think that's where it really hits us in our hearts."

Meanwhile, in Denmark, the beloved statue of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale heroine, the Little Mermaid, was defaced with graffiti reading, “Racist fish.” That would be idiotic enough by itself (she wasn’t even a whitefish), but this comes amid news that Disney is planning a live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” starring African-American singer/actress, Halle Bailey.

The Hans Christian Anderson story these people should be most afraid of is “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” That’s the one where everyone is too terrified to say what they’re really thinking about the Emperor who’s strutting around like he’s better than everyone else until one child innocently speaks the truth (“The Emperor is naked”), and he finally gets the backlash of ridicule and rejection that he richly deserves. Sound like anyone you know?


Do you ever get the idea that some of the people in our country just don’t like it? Even some elected officials who want to govern the country, like MN Congresswoman Ilhan Omar openly says we need to dismantle the very structures of America, including our economic system. I find that a bit strange coming from someone who escaped the absolute squalor of Somalia where the annual per capita income is $225 and came to America where she lives large and even somehow got elected to Congress. Is her goal to make us like her home country? I sure hope not! I’m starting to think that some loud voices in our world want to get rid of America once and for all. And they’ve observed that it doesn’t work to do it from the outside. An attack like Pearl Harbor or 9-11 only unifies the country and gives us the resolve to fight back. So suppose I wanted to destroy America? What would be the best way to do it?

I’d first replace the education system top to bottom. Instead of giving students the tools to think, reason, and analyze based on hard facts, I’d give them a system in which everyone thinks alike. Deviating from “group-think” would be strictly forbidden, and would result in a person being ostracized, scorned, and prohibited from even being employed. I’d erase all substance and symbols of history. Instead of ensuring that students actually read and understood the documents of our origin, like the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I’d focus instead on pop culture and fill history books with Lady Gaga, the Kardashians, and Beyonce. I’d demonize George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin by never allowing students to see what these men actually said or did. I’d find any flaw in them and make that the only thing kids learned.

I’d never simply teach that the country had some ugly chapters of slavery and racism, as did virtually every nation. I’d pretend that those things still exist now, despite the obvious fact that a black person was twice elected President by defeating white candidates which meant that a large number of white people voted for the black candidate. I’d ignore that black people have held virtually every cabinet agency at one time or another, served at the top of our military, advanced in business to become millionaires and billionaires, led the world in several scientific and medical innovations.

I would seek to undo a system of economic capitalism which rewarded work and innovation. I wouldn’t demand equality of opportunity, but equality of outcome, which would mean that there wouldn’t be an incentive to study all night for an “A” since everyone would get the same grade anyway. And why take the risk of starting a business based on a better idea to do or create something if working from early to late still netted you the same pay as the person who came late, left early, and never created anything? I’d just give everyone a trophy. No one would ever lose.

I’d get rid of law enforcement. Cops get in the way of us doing what we want, taking what belongs to others, and having civil order. If there is anarchy and chaos and people are terrified to live and work where they live, it’ll be easier for me to convince people that the problem is not LACK of law enforcement, but the presence of law enforcement. I’d use words that sound good to cover my real intentions. I’d say equality when I really mean favoritism; I’d say tolerance when I really mean intolerance; I’d say diversity when I really mean uniformity; and I’d say women’s health when I really mean doing a very unnatural surgical procedure to kill a baby and do real damage to a woman’s physical and mental health. I’d marginalize religion and brand its adherents as fanatics, bigots, hate-mongers, and racists because belief in moral absolutes like love, forgiveness, charity, sacrifice, and service are a real threat to controlling people and making them follow what they are told.

I’d never attack America with a bomb, bullets, or battleships. I’d just lie about her history and origins, destroy every symbol of its legacy both good and bad, indoctrinate instead of educate so as to have uniformity of thought, and I’d take away all ownership of private property and personal capital and give everyone the exact same thing so as to destroy the incentives that made people like me who grew up poor to work really hard to live better and with that to give better.

But I don’t want to destroy America. I love America. And it’s why I won’t let her get destroyed without a fight.