To listen to the White House media cheerleaders like NBC, you’d think that President Biden’s poll numbers show he’s as popular as Michael Jordan handing out free money. But Liz Peek at Fox News took a deep dive into the details of those polls, and they tell a slightly different story. I might describe it as a story about a lot of policies that Americans hate and a President who isn’t getting the blame for them that he deserves because the media are desperately covering for him.

How much longer can they keep plastering over reality, especially with the obvious disastrous consequences of Biden’s policies, such as the situation on the border? Hard to say, but it appears some cracks are already forming: 67% of respondents in one poll are dissatisfied with the way things are going, and Biden’s ratings on honesty and leadership are falling while the number who think he’s dividing the country has jumped.

The good news: I think the day is fast approaching when all Americans can come together to agree on at least one thing: Joe Biden is really dividing the country.

The news that Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the “trained Marxist” co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has been spending millions of dollars on multiple homes in overwhelmingly white upscale neighborhoods...
Ed Driscoll at Instapundit collected a series of tweets to show how unserious the Democrats have become about quelling their violent rhetoric.
The Media Research Center released a study comparing media coverage of Presidents Trump and Biden, and it appears that when I called them Democratic press agents and Biden’s neutered lapdogs, I might have been understating it.
It’s the weekend, and after a week as nerve-wracking as this one, why not relax by catching up with the Babylon Bee’s hilarious take on recent news?
Several Congressional Democrats in the Hispanic Caucus are lobbying the FCC to block the sale of a Spanish-language radio station in Miami because they believe the new owner will switch it from a liberal to a conservative format.
On Thursday, we examined the dangers of court packing (“Democrats have gone full-on dictator mode”), with a warning that now just one Democrat senator --- Joe Manchin --- might stand between sanity and the complete politicization of the Supreme Court.

Friday, President Biden was set to perform a milestone for all Presidents: his first greeting of a foreign leader at the White House. But when Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga arrived at the front door, Biden was nowhere to be found (insert your own "Nobody's home" joke.) Suga was greeted rather awkwardly by Vice President Kamala Harris, who then gave him a tour of the place. Her performance did not get good reviews.

Meanwhile, the big question on everyone’s lips (except the media) was “Where is President Biden?”

Biden did eventually show up for a meeting and press briefing with Suga, but there was never any explanation for why he left an important ally waiting at the door – particularly an ally from a nation where protocol and courtesy are considered extremely important. As several conservative commentators pointed out, if Trump had done that, he would have been subjected to a media feeding frenzy on everything from how he was a blundering embarrassment on the world stage to questions about his health. For Biden, crickets.

By one of those stunning coincidences that just keep happening on the unbiased social media site Twitter, right after James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a series of bombshell undercover videos showing a CNN employee admitting that they’re a Democrat propaganda organ, Twitter permanently suspended O’Keefe’s accounts for, like, totally unrelated reasons.

With President Biden wreaking havoc by reversing all of Trump’s pro-American executive orders, Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa (Huck PAC-endorsed and newly elected by the way) has introduced a bill to make five of Trump’s executive orders permanent, to protect American businesses from ruinous regulations.

I appreciate the sentiment, but it’s a little too late. The time to have codified pro-American executive orders into permanent legislation was during the first two years of Trump’s term when Republicans held the White House and both Houses of Congress. Instead, we had never-Trump Republicans blocking issues they had claimed for years to support, because Trump was proposing them. They frittered away their opportunity, and now, Biden is erasing Trump’s legacy, just as Trump erased Obama’s

Let’s all hope that Republicans take power again (very soon), and that they will have learned their lesson, knock off the in-fighting, come together and permanently erase the legacy of leftist lunacy that Biden is leaving.

I mentioned yesterday that Coca-Cola, realizing its anti-election integrity law virtue-signaling had poked the bear and ticked off millions of Coke drinkers, is suddenly making conciliatory noises about the importance of giving a respectful hearing to all sides of an issue (which would be nice for all corporations to have as a default position, rather than having to be forced into it.)
Despite all the attempts to silence, shame and censor anyone who questions the results of the 2020 election, a new Rasmussen survey finds that a majority of voters – 51% - believe it’s likely that the election was affected by cheating...

Fedex Shooting Updates

April 18, 2021

The FBI has named the person who (allegedly) killed eight people and wounded others in a shooting at a FedEx facility in Cincinnati before killing himself.
In the wake of George Floyd’s death, the superintendent of the Webster Groves school district in Missouri engaged in some of the currently-popular virtue-signaling and white guilt-mongering by writing a blog post claiming that the school district contributes to inequitable systems which clearly disadvantage black students and practice white privilege.

A Two-Tier Justice System

April 16, 2021

Across America, protests and riots are rocking our cities due to fury over two police killings of suspects.
The NCAA just took the side of trans rights over women’s rights, announcing that they “unequivocally” support transgender athletes, meaning letting biological males who “identify” as females compete in women’s sports.
I’m sure that when I predicted during the election that if Democrats took full power by even one vote, they’d soon be trying to force through bills to completely remake America and cement their power forever, some people thought I was being paranoid or overstating the case to fire up the GOP voting base.
It’s no wonder some Democrats are so desperate to expand and pack the Supreme Court, legalize vote fraud, and cram through massively “transformative” (socialist) legislation on a party line vote while they can.

Highways are racist!

April 14, 2021

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg spins the Big Wheel of Random Oppression to determine the latest thing that's racist, and it clicks to a stop on…highways!

Woke Capitalism

April 14, 2021

Recently, there was a Zoom meeting of 90 top corporate CEOs and other executives to discuss withholding political donations and other measures their companies would take to fight “this spreading of the disease of voter restrictions.”
Last week, we reported that Black Lives Matter co-founder and proud “trained Marxist” Patrisse Khan-Cullors purchased a $1.4 million home in Topanga Canyon, California, an extremely upscale area near Malibu with a black population of less than 2%.
By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the tragic and disturbing police video of the shooting death of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old black man detained in a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb on Sunday.

Hunter Biden

April 13, 2021

Hunter Biden not only got a lucrative book deal (one of the favorite piggy banks that big media use to line the pockets of their chosen politicians), but he’s been enjoying fawning interviews from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel...
With the election of Joe Biden and the Democrats, the leftist social media CEOs of Silicon Valley are no longer even bothering to pretend that they obey the federal law that requires them to act as a neutral platform, not a biased publisher.
President Biden claimed he wanted to be a unifier, but he not only doesn’t care about winning Republican support for his initiatives, he doesn’t even seem to like or respect half the US population or the nation that…elected him.

A "Public Health" crisis!

April 12, 2021

Having learned how many Americans will give up their rights in the name of “public health,” the Biden Administration has started declaring all the traditional Democrat issues as “public health” crises.
The people who attended President Trump’s January 6 rally, some of whom got out of hand and entered the Capitol Building –- and a few of whom got WAY out of hand and confronted Capitol Hill police –- have been labeled “domestic terrorists.”


April 12, 2021

I’m often amused, but never amazed at how easily offended the left is about just about everything. They are quite good at taking every issue and turning it into a reason for yelling a primal scream of RACISM!
Liberal blogger Kevin Drum points out that while we keep hearing about the epidemic racism in America, hate crimes against blacks have actually been falling steadily since Obama took office and are now half what they were in 2005.

When President Trump and his staff moved into the White House in 2017, they claimed that they found a number of derogatory notes hidden inside the drawers, cabinets and other places, saying things like “You will fail” and “You’re not going to make it.” When Trump staffers complained about this, assuming they were left by outgoing Obama staffers, Susan Rice (now a high-ranking Biden official) accused them of telling a “bald-faced lie.”

Now, comedian Dave Chappelle has revealed that there were indeed dirty anti-Trump notes hidden in the White House, but they were written by liberal celebrities, not Obama staffers. It was during one of Obama’s star-studded goodbye parties. Chappelle wouldn’t say who left the notes, but said he saw them doing it.

So chalk up one more Trump-era “bald-faced lie” that turns out to be the truth.

Jack Hanna

April 10, 2021

The children of animal expert and beloved TV personality “Jungle” Jack Hanna announced that he has been diagnosed with dementia, now believed to be Alzheimer’s disease.
There’s a very disturbing report from Radio Free Asia that communist Chinese officials are detaining Christians in windowless “transformation facilities” with no ventilation or time allowed outdoors, and brainwashing them to renounce their faith.

Joe Biden's Gun Control

April 10, 2021

As expected, on Thursday, President Biden announced his executive orders on gun control, and as usual, the people pushing these laws proved that they have no idea what they’re talking about.
Of the letters we received in response to our commentary on "Crossfire Hurricane" being proven a total fraud, this is one we especially wanted to answer, to put the FBI's unconscionable political spying into historical perspective. They've done it before.

Gaetz denies allegations

April 8, 2021

Updates on the New York Times’ story about sexual misconduct allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz, which he denies and says are part of a blackmail attempt...

New CDC Guidelines

April 8, 2021

For the past year, operating on the advice of the unquestionable scientific experts at the CDC, most of us have been constantly swabbing our hands and every surface of our homes and workplaces with industrial-strength sanitizer to kill the COVID-19 virus.
This outrageous incident where police barged in and interrupted a Good Friday service in a church because of COVID rules happened in the UK, so it could be taken as yet another lesson on why it’s so important to protect our First Amendment (also why it was a great thing that our Founders fought a revolution to separate from Britain, which also gives us the blessed freedom not to have to listen to anything the royal family members say, hint-hint.)

TheNewNeo blog makes some great points about the egregious lies being told by the Democrats about Georgia’s new election integrity laws and how so many big corporations are caving to the false leftist narrative to support it. As she notes, when Biden himself referred to “what they’re doing in Georgia and 40 other states,” he was admitting that more than 4/5ths of America’s states think we need stricter laws to insure an honest and trustworthy vote.

She makes the case that all of this nonsense about showing an ID to vote suppressing black turnout is just propaganda and cover for the real plan: to do away with the Senate filibuster and ram through an unconstitutional federal takeover of elections that legalizes vote fraud over the objections of 4/5ths of the states (and even black Americans, about 70% of whom support voter ID laws), to try to cement their one-party power.

This is why, no matter how many times the lies they’re telling about Georgia are exposed and debunked, they just keep repeating them. The goal isn’t really to change Georgia. It’s to distract you with Georgia while they change America.

MLB retreats to Colorado

April 7, 2021

Major League Baseball did its virtue-signaling by pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta (costing that Democrat stronghold $100 million in tourist revenue) and will reportedly announce today that it will be played in Denver, Colorado.
I was watching a news program last night and was disturbed to see that in interviews with people on the street, they were repeating the false claim from President Biden, the media and other Democrat activists that the Georgia voting laws were “Jim Crow on steroids.” They’re not even Jim Crow on blood thinners.
Since California, America’s petri dish of insane ideas, passed a law allowing male prison inmates to declare themselves “transgender” and request transfer to women’s prisons, 261 of them have and none have been denied. What could possibly go wrong?

Looking at Nullification

April 6, 2021

Any liberals reading this to find out what the other side is saying probably won’t be interested in this article, because it’s a factual, informative piece about US history and the Constitution, two things today’s left hates like Dracula hates garlic.