This might be the most important article you’ll read all week.

The Democrats, news media, social media, Big Tech and other allies of the left have been far too successful in clamping down on free speech by conservatives. By accusing people who question their views and narratives of spreading “misinformation,” “disinformation,” “hate speech” or whatever other negative buzzwords they can apply to non-leftist views, they’ve succeeded in censoring anyone who questions shady election procedures; discusses the origin or medical treatments for COVID or any problems with the vaccines or mask mandates; or criticizes BLM, Antifa, Critical Race Theory or schools that push any of it. Next, they’re going to make it verboten to question apocalyptic climate change claims.

And who is behind much of this push to destroy free speech and silence any voices that dissent from leftist orthodoxy? Investigative journalist Daniel Greenfield has been digging into the background and organization of one of the leftwing cable channels’ favorite pompous talking heads, British leftist Imran Ahmed of the far-too-influential “Center for Countering Digital Hate.” And how legit is that? As Greenfield puts it, if you liked the dubious Brit material in the Steele Dossier, "you'll love the Center for Countering Digital Hate."

This is the group whose claims about rightwing “hate speech” and “disinformation” are cited by Senate Democrats and Big Tech in their endless quest to criminalize conservative speech. Read what Greenfield has unearthed about the sleazy background and secretive funding, staff and even address of this organization that’s being granted more power over Americans’ speech than the First Amendment. Learn how their next mission, one they’re already succeeding at, is to get Big Tech to censor any skepticism of the movement to confiscate and redistribute the world’s wealth in the name of “climate change.”

And speaking of climate change, see if you don’t feel a sudden chill at reading this quote from Ahmed:

“We can’t suppress anyone’s opinion or their ability to express their opinion, but what we can do is create costs for their speech."

In short, make Americans so afraid of what it might cost them to speak their minds that they censor themselves. Imposing “costs” on speech is by definition the antithesis of free speech.

Read it all, and then demand to know why American media outlets and social media companies are handing over power over our speech to this shady, censorious propagandist? Americans fought a Revolution so that we could express our thoughts freely without fear of retribution from a pompous tyrant with a British accent. Why are we allowing one to take that fundamental right away from us now?

Veterans Day

November 11, 2021

Today is Veterans Day, and with so much going on in the news, it would be tragic for it to be overshadowed or overlooked. Today is about something far more important than politics. It’s about the men and women who make it possible for us even to enjoy the freedom of having elections and the Constitutional right to protest and seek redress when we think our government isn’t doing right by us.

Memorial Day in May is to honor veterans who gave their lives in defense of America. But Veterans Day is to honor all veterans, living or dead, past and present.

It began as Armistice Day, declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1919, to commemorate the end of World War I. In 1945, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks of Birmingham, Alabama, began a personal crusade to expand Armistice Day into a state holiday honoring all veterans. In 1953, an Emporia, Kansas, shoe store owner named Al King launched a campaign to make it a national holiday. Just one year later, in 1954, he succeeded. It helped that the President was a retired army general from Kansas named Dwight Eisenhower.

Not only is today Veterans Day, but yesterday was the 246th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. It commemorates the day in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress established the Continental Marines to serve in the war against Great Britain. After the Revolutionary War ended, the Marines were disestablished for a time until President John Adams reestablished the Marines as we know the Corps now, on July 11, 1789. But November 10th, 1775, is still considered the birth of the US Marines.

So if you see someone in uniform, this is a great day to say “Thank you” for protecting America’s freedom. Then again, any day is a great day to do that.

Ever since day one of President Biden taking office, a debate has been raging over whether his Administration is malicious or just almost supernaturally incompetent. Nobody wants to believe that a President (or more likely, his staffers who are really pulling the strings) would deliberately inflict so much damage on America. But could anyone possibly be dumb enough to think that throwing open the borders or shutting down the domestic fuel industry or pulling troops out of Afghanistan BEFORE evacuating our people, etc. etc. etc., could be anything other than disastrous?

Then, just as you’ve almost convinced yourself that they couldn't really hate America, they’re just really terrible at their jobs, they give you more evidence that it’s the former. Meet Cornell University law professor Saule Omarova, Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the most powerful and important regulator of banks, financial institutions and the US dollar.

She brings to the job such a long history of hostility to the banking industry and the established system that keeps our economy stable that it’s sort of like appointing Lex Luthor to oversee Superman. Her longtime dream is to kill the private banking industry and create a “National Investment Authority,” an independent government agency that would “centralize and nationalize strategic spending,” replacing the free market economy with a controlled economy, like that of China.

She’s praised the old Soviet Union for not having a “gender pay gap,” and she also recently told a conference that her NIA would direct capital toward “green” energy companies and away from the oil, gas and coal industries, because “we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

This is the type of idiotic blather that George Orwell called so absurd that only an intellectual could believe it. FYI: some European nations tried replacing reliable energy sources with insufficient and unstable alternative sources, and they ended up freezing in the winter and dying of heat stroke in the summer. And it could happen again, because leftists never learn from their mistakes, since their disasters are always someone else’s fault.

These are the type of grandiose, revolutionary pipe dreams that hothouse academics have been pushing for years, except the only places they actually work are in theory and in faculty lounges. Previous Administrations were smart enough to keep them there, but Biden actually wants to put one of these bubble-dwelling revolutionaries in charge of our money and our energy supply. That’s why it’s hard to believe anyone could have America’s best interests at heart and do that out of simple stupidity.

Omarova’s ideas are so out there, and would clearly be catastrophic to America’s economy and the free market, that even some Democrats on the Senate Banking Committee, including Sens. Jon Tester, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Warner, are reportedly reluctant to confirm her. Surely, Biden can find someone better to deal with America’s money and energy interests. If not, try throwing a dart at the Dallas phone book.

Trump request is denied

November 10, 2021

Not surprisingly, a federal judge denied an executive privilege request by former President Trump to block the House’s January 6th Committee from having access to White House records. They claim to want to see if Trump helped plan the January 6th “insurrection,” and they’ll be able to get the records Friday, but Trump’s lawyers plan to appeal. Details are here:

Trump accuses the Committee, which is so stacked against him that Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented move of refusing to accept the Republicans chosen by the House Minority Leader to be on it, of wanting to see White House records and notes of private, classified conversations with advisers to go on a fishing expedition for anything they can leak to smear him.

He called on the Biden White House to defend executive privilege, but they refused. Some legal experts say that's a very short-sighted decision. We’ve already learned that “Contradict Trump” is their prime directive, and any resultant damages don’t matter, whether they’re from opening the border, shutting down oil production or undermining the Presidential right to executive privilege that I imagine Biden will be heavily relying upon himself in the near future.

Incidentally, to show you the politics-uber-alles attitude of this Administration, White House counsel Dana Remus argued that the documents requested by the committee could "shed light on events within the White House on and about January 6 and bear on the Select Committee's need to understand the facts underlying the most serious attack on the operations of the Federal government since the Civil War."

Really? FYI to the White House counsel: Here’s some info on the actual bombing of the Senate in 1983 by leftwing radicals known as the “Armed Resistance Unit,” who also plotted to kill Henry Kissinger:

And here’s the media-suppressed story of the Bernie Bro who nearly murdered Rep. Steve Scalise in a shooting spree at a Congressional softball practice, where he’d hoped to kill enough Republicans to alter the balance of power in the House. He had a record of violent anti-Republican and anti-Trump media posts, including on a Facebook page called “Trump Is Not My President.”

Both of those things sound like more serious attacks on “the operation of the federal government” than January 6th. And like the Civil War itself, they were launched by Democrats.

That’s what investigative reporter John Solomon told FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on this week’s “Sunday Morning Futures.”

In fact, if you saw our reports last week about new developments in the Special Counsel investigation, Bartiromo’s interviews with both Solomon and former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe will serve as a great summary and follow-up. (And if you didn’t see them, these interviews will help catch you up.) Here’s the link to that episode; Bartiromo’s coverage of the Durham probe starts about 17 minutes in.

Solomon, who told Maria the Danchenko indictment shows the Trump-Russia investigation was built on “lie upon lie upon lie,” has a new report at JUST THE NEWS in which he shifts to Durham’s look at top FBI officials.

According to Solomon, Durham has two “buckets” of evidence he’s assembling, one implicating the Clinton campaign and the other involving top intel personnel and their willingness to mislead with falsified evidence in their pursuit of Trump. He told Bartiromo that “many other [intel] people are being examined at this moment.”

“There’s no doubt there’s activity inside the grand jury right now,” he said, “aimed at looking at top level officials at the FBI.” Red flags were raised on the Steele “dossier” as early as August of 2016 but were obviously set aside. A month later, the CIA tied it to the Clinton campaign, but sent their report on this to...Peter Strzok. The FBI even had a spreadsheet indicating all the dossier’s impossible or uncorroborated claims.

Solomon says the latest criminal indictment, that of Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source Igor Danchenko --- alleged to have made false statements five times to the FBI --- is just as much an indictment of the FBI as it is of him. The FBI should have seen the serious flaws in the “dossier” even though Danchenko didn’t tell them about getting the material from Clinton ally Charles Dolan.

Incidentally, Dolan wasn’t Danchenko’s only named sub-source. One of the others, “Sub-source #4,” Alexey Sergeyevich Dundich, claims Danchenko “framed” him as a sub-source “to add credibility to his low-quality work.”

“My impression is that Mr. Danchenko fabricated the information published in the Dossier to make quick money,” he declared. “It is apparent to me that the Dossier is a deliberate fraud and a collection of idle rumors.”

But if the “dossier” was so obviously bogus, why didn’t then-FBI Director James Comey, deputy Director Andrew McCabe and lead “Crossfire Hurricane” investigator Peter Strzok dismiss it as such? They clearly knew it was a hoax. As retired FBI intelligence chief Kevin Brock says, “The fact pattern that John Durham is methodically establishing shows what James Comey and Andrew McCabe likely knew from Day One, that the Steele ‘dossier’ was politically-driven nonsense at the behest of the Clinton campaign. “And yet they knowingly ran with its false information to obtain legal process against an American citizen. They defrauded not just a federal court, they defrauded the FBI and the American people.”

He went on to say that this has destroyed trust in the FBI. “As Comey cashes his royalty checks from a book and a movie, where do everyday, working FBI agents go to get the Bureau’s reputation back? The damage done by Comey, McCabe and others to the trust that Americans have traditionally placed in the FBI is incalculable.”

Indeed, as the depth of this deceit becomes increasingly evident, there will no doubt be calls to dismantle the FBI and completely start over. I would say the person most qualified –- and motivated –- to restructure the intel bureaucracy might be none other than Mike Flynn. Now THAT would be justice.

I would also add that, in exploiting this fakery after Trump became President, it was THEY at the Justice Department –- as opposed to Trump supporters –- who were involved in a coup, ultimately engineered by Hillary Clinton and her allies. I hope this is where Durham is headed.

One defense the FBI will likely try, to defend itself against charges of corruption, is that this happened because of incompetent people at the top, but that doesn’t wash. As Solomon points out, one FBI official, Kevin Clinesmith, has already admitted doctoring a piece of evidence that was used to get the Carter Page warrant. And these people are highly skilled at protecting themselves legally. Recall that Comey even gave up his security clearance so he wouldn’t be able to testify about classified matters. Not so incompetent when it comes to covering his backside.

Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes has known about the Clinton connection for years now. “We already knew the Steele ‘dossier’ was orchestrated and funded by the Democrats, and now we know that a Democrat operative, who’d been a registered Russian agent and was closely linked to Kremlin officials, served as a direct source for the dossier’s fabrications, he told JUST THE NEWS in a reference to Charles Dolan. “As I’ve said for years, the only people who colluded with Russians were the Democrats.”

As for Peter Strzok, he went on MSNBC Thursday and actually denied to Rachel Maddow that there was ever an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, which is a blatant lie. (I assume he’d justify this statement by saying Carter Page was no longer with the Trump campaign when they got the warrant against him; this is a dodge that is easily dismantled.) He said that what “certain far-right commentators” are saying about that is “nonsense.”

Solomon just smiled and shook his head at this, saying that Strzok’s own original statement that started the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation was that they were “looking at whether individuals associated with the Trump campaign were coordinating or conspiring with Russia.” The Trump campaign was mentioned a dozen times in the first FISA application, submitted in October of 2016 at the height of the campaign.

“He was lying the other night,” Solomon said. “There’s no other way to say it politely.”

Sara Carter, in an appearance this weekend on Steve Hilton’s FOX NEWS show THE NEXT REVOLUTION, brought up a couple of interesting facts we didn’t know about Fiona Hill, a star witness in Trump Impeachment #1. Not only did she introduce Igor Danchenko to Christopher Steele, but she also introduced Clinton crony Charles Dolan to Danchenko. All of these connections appear to center around the solidly anti-Trump “think-tank” the Brookings Institution, headed by big-time Clinton ally Strobe Talbott. Also, Hill was working closely at the time with H. R. McMaster, the person who replaced Michael Flynn as Trump’s new national security adviser after the FBI set Flynn up and destroyed his career. It seems that practically every day, there’s another puzzle piece or two to put in place.

On Thursday, Special Counsel John Durham made news by issuing his third indictment in his Trump-Russia Hoax investigation, that of Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source, Igor Danchenko. (The first two were FBI document-falsifier Kevin Clinesmith and Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann.) He’s charged with five counts of making false statements to the FBI. It was also revealed that Danchenko’s source for the more fantastic tales in the anti-Trump “dossier” was Charles Dolan, who could hardly be more closely tied with the Clintons. Dolan’s attorney, apparently seeing the writing on the wall, just came out and said that, yes, his client is the source referred to in the Danchenko indictment.

So, once again, the lies and corruption can be traced back to the Clintons.

On Friday, legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy weighed in for the NEW YORK POST on the significance of Durham’s moves, saying they indicate he “has his sights set on the Clinton campaign.” McCarthy literally wrote the book on the Russia Hoax; it’s called “BALL OF COLLUSION: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency” and is highly recommended reading in light of these new indictments.

Danchenko, as we reported yesterday, worked for five years at the Brookings Institution, a Washington “think-tank” with close ties to the Clintons. McCarthy reports that Brookings’ former president Strobe Talbott is an F.O.B. (“friend of Bill”) dating back to their college days, and he also worked in Hillary’s State Department.

It was at Brookings that Danchenko met Fiona Hill, a witness in Trump Impeachment #1 and the person who introduced Danchenko to Christopher Steele a decade ago.

In fact, it was Strobe Talbott who showed her the “dossier.” Hill testified she thought at the time that it was “a rabbit hole.” She saw in 2016 that Steele was “obviously out there soliciting information” and that she saw him as a target for Russia, for whom this was “a great opportunity to...present him with information that he’s looking for that can be couched in some truth and some disinformation.”

But now it's clear: it wasn’t Russia that supplied him with disinformation. IT WAS THE CLINTON POLITICAL MACHINE.

Hill even stated that “I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to have been hired to do this.”

If I were George Stephanolpouos –- hard to imagine, I know, but go with me –- having just done an interview trying to rehabilitate the image of Steele and his fake “dossier,” I would be feeling really stupid right now.

Interestingly, Strobe Talbott is the brother-in-law of Cody Shearer, who wrote his own “dossier” about Trump and Russia in 2016. The phony dossiers were apparently just flying around Washington DC that summer.

Danchenko defended his work at Brookings to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, saying that a review of his file would show “a lot of groundbreaking research and analysis.” Really? It doesn’t seem that his standards for verifying research are very high, considering the “research” (lies and gossip) he passed along to Steele only breaks new ground for salaciousness.

According to Durham’s indictment, Danchenko made up a story that the president of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce –- not identified in the indictment, but his name is Sergey Millian –- told him that Trump had been involved in a “conspiracy of cooperation” with Vladimir Putin’s government. Millian has denied being a source for the “dossier,” which he called “fake news created by sick minds.”

If only it could have been dismissed in the beginning as exactly that.

As McCarthy reports, Danchenko is also alleged to have concealed the fact that one of his sources for the “dossier” is longtime Clinton crony Charles (“Chuck”) Dolan (“PR Executive - 1” in the indictment).

For a deeper dive into the details of the indictment and the fabrications of Dolan and Danchenko, here’s a very clear account.

The FBI used the “dossier” in October 2016 to get a FISA court order to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page. But they didn’t attempt to verify the information in it by talking to Danchenko until January of 2017. By then, they had already gotten a 90-day extension on their Carter Page warrant.

According to McCarthy, “It appears that Durham theorizes that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a political attack manufactured by the Clinton campaign.” Ya think? We’ve waited five years for this --- the REAL narrative --- to come out in any official way.

It’s been so obvious for so long. Steele was paid to create the “dossier” by Glenn Simpson of opposition research company Fusion GPS, which was hired by the law firm Perkins Coie, which was run by attorneys Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, whose clients were the Hillary campaign and the DNC. There it is. And now we know that Dolan supplied the lies and Danchenko was used as the intermediary.

By the way, it turns out that even Fiona Hill, who seemed so concerned in 2016-2017 about Russian disinformation, does not now believe the Russians stole the 2016 election for Trump. “The voters who had swung the ballot for Donald Trump in critical counties in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were swayed by consideration of their own personal, family and communal circumstances, not by the fake internet personas derived by Russian intelligence services.”

So very true. Now, somebody tell that to MSNBC.

Gregg Jarrett of FOX NEWS has a must-read commentary on the Clinton machine and their outrageously phony scheme that is appropriately scathing.

Finally, now that Dolan has been identified and his political connections made clear, it’s helpful to get in our time machine and go back to October of last year, when Jarrett –- in another must-read –- outlined other evidence, declassified by then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and presumably now in the hands of the special counsel, that the plot to tar Trump with false allegations of “colluding” with Russia came, ultimately, from…

...Hillary Clinton herself. As Jarrett said, “Her malevolence knows no bounds.”

Igor Danchenko, the Russian national living in the Washington DC area who was allegedly Christopher Steele’s primary sub-source for the fictional “dossier” –- in reality, opposition research funded by Hillary’s presidential campaign –- has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham, who is looking into the origins of the Trump-Russia “collusion” scandal, otherwise known as the Trump-Russia HOAX or, as we like to call it, “My Big Fat Russia Conspiracy Theory.”

The Special Counsel seems to be very gradually and methodically connecting all the dots leading back to Hillary and her 2016 presidential campaign. As law professor Jonathan Turley said Thursday, “Danchenko’s arrest is a seismic development and confirmed Durham is far from done with his investigation.”

Danchenko has been charged with five counts of making false statements. According to Turley, he had told the FBI that Steele asked him to look for compromising material on Trump and also said the dossier was “unsubstantiated” (that part’s true). Danchenko had his own source for crazy dossier stories, and he’s listed anonymously in Durham’s indictment as “PR – Executive -1,” now confirmed to be a man named Charles Dolan, described by Turley as “a close Clinton adviser who had held high positions within the Democrat Party and prior Clinton campaigns.”

In fact, Dolan’s attorney, Ralph Martin, has come out and said Dolan is the PR executive. And it appears that Dolan had the very kind of contacts within the Russian government that Trump and his campaign were falsely accused of having. Joel B. Polack at BREITBART has more details from the indictment.

Dolan apparently gifted Danchenko with an autobiography of Hillary Clinton, with the handwritten inscription, “To my good friend [Igor]. a great Democrat.” Dolan definitely fits the description; he has served “as chairman of a national Democratic political organization” and “state chairman of former President Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns,” as well as “adviser to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.” He had also been appointed by President Bill Clinton to two four-year terms with an advisory commission at the State Department. During the 2016 Hillary campaign, he actively campaigned and participated in calls and events on behalf of Hillary Clinton.”

Turley thinks Danchenko is the sort of participant that prosecutors think they can “flip” to give information on the key players who used him in this effort. These might range from Steele himself to Clinton counsel Marc Elias to Clinton campaign officials.

Samuel Chamberlain at the NEW YORK POST calls Charles H. Dolan, Jr., “an elusive ally” of the Clintons. The charging document accuses Danchenko of intentionally misleading the FBI when he told them he hadn’t spoken to Dolan about any material in the Trump-Russia file.

The evidence shows he had, though. In August of 2016, Danchenko emailed Dolan to say he was working on “a project against Trump” and to ask him for “any thought, rumor or allegation” (!) about Paul Manafort, who had recently resigned as Trump’s campaign chairman. Dolan emailed him back to dish some dirt that he said he got from former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski over a drink. That email appears almost verbatim in the Steele dossier.

But the indictment says that Dolan told the FBI that the “drink with a GOP friend” was made up, and that all he gave to Danchenko was gleaned from news reports.

Adam Goldman and Charlie Savage reported on the Danchenko indictment for THE NEW YORK TIMES.

The dossier was intended to show that then-candidate Donald Trump was “colluding” with the Russian government for help in getting himself elected President. Nothing of consequence in Steele’s series of memos has ever been verified, but that didn’t stop Trump’s enemies from issuing hysterical made-up media reports in service to the hoax, some of which persist to this day.

Also, it was because of the Steele dossier that a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant was granted in October 2016 for the FBI to spy on Trump campaign adviser and American citizen Carter Page. Through him, they were able to spy on the entire campaign and even go ‘back in time’ to look at previous communications. And the fabricated contents, which included a salacious story involving Russian prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton (we all know the one; it likely came from Dolan), were printed by BUZZFEED just days before Trump’s inauguration.

Though primary source Danchenko is Russian by birth, he resides in the Washington DC area and the material he related was thirdhand at best. The FBI knew after they interviewed him that his “information” was not necessarily true, but they went with it anyway, after Hillary’s attorney’s pressured them from every side.

According to the NYT, a “Justice” Department inspector general report from 2019 sharply criticized the FBI “for continuing to cite material from the dossier after the Bureau interviewed Mr. Danchenko without alerting judges that some of what he had said had cast doubt on the contents of the dossier.”

Danchenko was also interviewed by the NYT, and said that he had been tasked only with providing “raw” information to Steele. He apparently has been investigated to see if he’s a Russian agent, but he denies that strongly.

As the NYT reports –- they must be trying to get ahead of this story –- “Mr. Steele’s business intelligence firm was a subcontractor to another research firm, Fusion GPS, which in turn had been hired by the Perkins Coie law firm, which was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Mr. Danchenko said he was not aware of who Steele’s client was at the time and considered himself a “nonpartisan analyst and researcher.”

But Danchenko worked for the extremely anti-Trump “think-tank” the Brookings Institution from 2005 to 2010. Last February, Durham used a subpoena to retrieve from there his old personnel files and related documents. If you have time, it’s interesting to see what the NYT reporters wrote about that back in April.

TOWNHALL also reported Danchenoko's indictment.

Finally, recall that the person who apparently introduced Danchenko to Steele was...(drum roll, please)...“Trump impeachment star” Fiona Hill. REDSTATE reported this back in January. But they assumed this story would go away; they weren’t counting on Durham piecing it all together.

AOC knows why

November 6, 2021

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows why Democrats were wiped out for the first time in years in Virginia: they just weren’t left-wing enough.

AOC said if only the candidates hadn’t moderated their stances so much, they would have energized the “progressive” base and won.

As usual with her statements, there are multiple layers of “flat wrong” in there. First of all, you can’t win an election just by turning out “progressives.” A July 2020 Gallup poll found that only 26% of Americans self-identify as “liberal.” Pew found that even among Democrats, only 47% describe themselves as “liberal” or “very liberal.” The majority say they’re either “moderate” or “conservative.” I know that math isn’t the strong point of socialists, but neither 26% nor 47% of half the population is a majority.

Also, Virginia’s new Attorney General-Elect Jason Miyares pointed out to that before the election, the House of Delegates was 55-45 Democrat, and they passed every piece of “progressive” nonsense that came in front of them, from “social justice” to the Green New Deal to gun control to unfettered abortion. Surely, that must’ve “energized” “progressives.” All 100 seats were up for reelection, and when the votes were counted, the House of Delegates had flipped Republican by 52-48.

So here’s the truth: it wasn’t that Democrats didn’t run far enough to the left. It’s that they governed far to the left, the people got a bellyful of that, and they turned out in droves to kick them out of office.

This is what comes from living in an impenetrable ideological bubble. You think your ideas are wildly popular, just because all the people you talk to like them.

Incidentally, if your brain is hurting from trying to analyze AOC’s explanation of the Virginia election, you may need a crate of Excedrin after hearing her explanation of why there’s inflation and why the cure is for the government to spend another $5 trillion at bare minimum.

Winsome Sears is a name we’ll be hearing a lot more in the coming days and years, now that she’s won the 2021 race for Lt. Governor in Virginia and shown herself to be the most refreshing spokesperson in America on the issue of race. Leftists, better sit down: she did it by saying we need to think a lot LESS about race. You folks at CNN and MSNBC who talk compulsively in terms of “dog whistles” (which only you hear) and “code” (which only you recognize) will probably not have her as a guest very often, as she will good-naturedly wipe the floor with you every time.

Sears is black and makes it clear she “identifies” as black, having immigrated legally to the U.S. from Jamaica at age 6, in 1963 when the Civil Rights Movement was still raging. But today, she clearly sees the damage caused by the relentless emphasis on race. “We’re framing too many issues in terms of race and it just continues to divide us,” she told FOX NEWS’ Martha MacCallum on Wednesday. “And, unfortunately, politicians are using it as a tool because of the things that have happened to us historically to advance, I would think, their nefarious purposes.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, I am black,” she said in her speech to introduce Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin early Wednesday. “And I have been black all my life, but that’s not what this is about.” Yes, she's the first black woman to win statewide office in Virginia, but that’s not the way she wants to think of this achievement. “I didn’t run to make history,” she said. “I just wanted to make it better than I found it. And with your help, I’m going to do that.”

Stop looking at race, she says, and start looking at people. “I didn’t do anything special to get here except stay in school and study,” she told MacCallum. She's right; that’s the best advice any young person could get. Success is just being in America and taking advantage of the opportunities here.

One way she did that was to join the U.S. Marine Corps. “When I joined the Marine Corps, I was still a Jamaican,” she said. (She was 19 then and became a U.S. citizen one year later.) “But this country had done so much for me I was willing to die for tis country.”

Later, when she wanted to attend college but had three children under age 5, she was just determined, even putting one of her kids on the back of her bicycle with her to get to class, and she earned a masters degree in organizational leadership from Regent University. Before she got into politics, winning a term from 2002 to 2004 in Virginia’s House of Delegates --- the first black Republican woman and first naturalized citizen to do so, and the first Republican to win a majority-black district since 1865 --- she was the director of a Salvation Army homeless shelter. She also led a men’s prison ministry.

After leaving politics, she became the owner of an appliance and plumbing repair store in Virginia –- having learned electronics in the Marines –- and also served as vice president of the Virginia Board of Education. Her run for lieutenant governor this year marks her return to politics after almost two decades.

“America allowed me to come and do for myself and my family,” she said. “No one can say to me I don’t know what it is to be poor. You’re looking at the American Dream.”

“We’re always going to have problems,” she said. “I understand that. I’m not saying we’re perfect. But you can see those people at the border right now trying to get in. They’re dying to get in because they know if they can put a foot on American soil, the trajectory of their lives will change just as it did for my father.”

She noted that times have changed since her father arrived here with $1.75 in his pocket. “There are some who want to divide us and we must not let that happen,” she said in her speech. “They would like us to believe that we are back in 1963 when my father came.” But we’re not. “I’m living proof,” she said.

On “FOX & Friends” early Wednesday morning, before her win was official, she showed herself to be a good spokesperson for those of faith as well, calling her projected win “a God thing.” She said she had little money, a ragtag staff, and was outspent and “outgunned, if you will.” And yet it happened.

Speaking of guns, we linked yesterday to a picture of Sears looking every bit the Marine, confidently carrying her AR-15 at a target range last April. If you missed it, here it is.

Gun-control activists in Virginia have been trying since 2019 to put in place new restrictions on “assault” weapons, but the win by this strong 2nd Amendment advocate does not reflect positively on their chances.

During her campaign, she advocated for increasing pay for teachers and law enforcement, cutting taxes and expanding veteran care centers. And even though she de-emphasizes race in our political dialogue, she also said she’d push for the creation of a Black Virginians Advisory Cabinet for the governor and for a “once-in-a generation investment” in historically black colleges and universities.

Here are a few more details about this rising star, from her campaign website.

One of the best profiles we’ve found of her was written by Eleanor Vaughn for AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, in September, as the campaign was in full swing.

Here’s another good one, which mentions that Sears actually is dismayed by the dismantling of Confederate statues. “The curious thing,” she said, “is that I have spoken to enough black people, and what they’re telling me is they wanted the statues up, so that they could talk to their children about who this person was, what they did, what they didn’t do.” (See, it’s as Trump said: there ARE “fine people” on both sides of the statues argument.)

Incidentally, the Squad completely ignored the win by THIS black female. Surprised?

At this writing, Sean Hannity’s Wednesday TV interview of Sears had not yet been posted, but I hope you'll check it out. Her words to Democrats not telling her how to vote because she’s black are magnificent.

Sears definitely has a sassy side. Here she is in a tweet spoofing Kamala Harris shortly she and Joe Biden were elected. And yes, “based” is a compliment, and it fits. It means to have some swagger, to not care much what others think.

This one is a hoot as well.

No, Sears is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, but perhaps someday we’ll be considering the repeal of that one qualification for President. Hey, she wasn’t born here, but she got here as fast as she could. Congratulations, Winsome Sears.

I’m not sure why people who want to be economists go to an expensive school and spend years studying something that’s really pretty simple. If there is a bunch of something, the price goes down because there’s so much of it, the seller needs to unload it. If there’s not much of something, the price goes up because the buyer has a hard time getting it and will pay more just to be able to obtain the things he or she needs or wants. And another rule is this—most people in government, especially the ones who have only been in government and never been in business or signed the front of the paycheck, just aren’t real smart about the economy works. And that’s why when they tell you they are going to fix it, you should know they are about to really screw it up. And recently, that’s just what they have done. What I’m about to tell you isn’t so much about Democrats or Republicans or the left or the right. It’s about the right and the wrong, and we’ve got some folks really getting it wrong when it comes to how much it’s going to cost YOU to put gas in your car, heat your home this winter and put groceries on your table and clothes on your family.

For about a year, the government has been paying people not to work. The idea was that Covid and the government-mandated shutdown cost a lot of people their jobs. Now keep in mind that not a single GOVERNMENT employee missed a paycheck. Even if they didn’t have to show up for work, no one got laid off from the government. And they felt bad that they were getting paid for doing nothing and figured they ought to pay others for doing nothing as well. It made sense when government ordered businesses to close and workers really did get laid off. But when the economy starting to coming back, the employees didn’t. Some realized that with government benefits, there are no taxes or take-outs, and some people made as much or even more money not working than working, so they got used to getting up at the crack of noon and watching Netflix all day. Even though there are “Help Wanted” signs on every street in America, people stayed home. And the government’s brilliant idea to fix that? Keep paying them for not working. I learned something from raising kids and training dogs: If you want a behavior to continue, reward it; if you want a behavior to stop, consequence it. If you punish people for working by taking out chunks of their check in taxes and social security obligations but reward others with tax free income for doing nothing, more and more people will take the doing nothing option. And remember that when there is a lot of stuff, it costs less, but when there is a lot of need but little supply it costs more? There’s a huge need for workers, but small supply, so labor costs more. And that makes everything else cost more. And because Joe Biden turned off our pipelines and punishes our home-grown energy industries and transportation industries because he thinks “climate change” matters more than feeding your family, your gasoline costs much more, groceries are up between 10-20%, and shelves are empty in our stores. You have to work really hard to be that dumb about turning a great economy into one where politicians brag about how money they are borrowing from your grandkids while no one can afford bacon and eggs or the gas to get to work.

When the politicians tell you they want to fix the economy, you better vote for some different politicians. The best way to FIX the economy is to get the politicians out of it, pay people to actually work instead of sitting home, and let farmers farm, let builders build, and let YOU decide whose business ought to be supported based on what you decide to buy and how much you’re willing to pay for it. See, you don’t need a PhD in economics to understand that. Just some common sense and a government that gets the heck out of your way!

Was it just fake news?

November 3, 2021

You’ve heard all the caterwauling from the left over a Southwest Airlines pilot allegedly saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon” (the euphemism for a strong diss of President Biden), over a plane’s intercom. The outrage mob is shaking their flaming torches at Southwest’s executives. Their groveling apology isn’t enough! This pilot must be identified, fired, pilloried, shamed and barred from ever working again for committing the unpardonable thought crime of expressing an opinion that intolerant leftists disagree with (and according to polling, a majority of regular Americans wholeheartedly endorse.)

Well, there might be a problem: it’s possible nobody ever actually said that. And the “journalist” who claimed to be on the plane and to have heard it claimed it happened on October 29th, which turns out to be 18 days after the alleged audio of it was posted on social media.

So it’s possible that the left is acting like their hair is on fire over a complete hoax, which would make “Southwest Brandon-gate” the latest version of “Russian Collusion”-gate.

Incidentally, I’d like to highlight the very telling comment in that linked story from a triggered leftist on Twitter: “This pilot is encouraging violence against flight attendants with this statement.”

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer notes how they’re trying to equate all conservative speech with violence. But I’d like to ask another question: if simply hearing the pilot say “Let’s Go, Brandon” would spark someone to commit violence against a flight attendant, who, exactly, would be committing that violence? Surely not conservatives. And how would mindless violence from leftists who go into a rage and attack innocent people just because they heard a differing political viewpoint be the fault of the pilot?

Seriously, is there any point at all at which these people become responsible for their own behavior?

A good day for Republicans

November 3, 2021

Tuesday was a good day for Republicans, America, parents and the Atlanta Braves. It was a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day for Democrats, President Biden, arrogant educrats, pushers of racist Critical Race Theory, leftist celebrities, Major League Baseball virtue signalers, and the anchors of MSNBC, whose on-air meltdowns attracted so many gleeful conservative viewers that it probably gave them their first ratings boost since Trump left office. Jonah Goldberg tweeted that it was “pretty wild” seeing them try to claim that all these Virginia voters who voted for Biden by ten points a year ago are now “idiots, racists and/or dupes.” I look forward to the inevitable YouTube compilation videos.

At this writing, Terry McAuliffe has finally conceded to Republican Glenn Youngkin in the Virginia Governor’s race (guess Marc Elias won’t have to “find” a truckload of “mail-in ballots”) in a state that Biden won by 10 points last year. In an even bigger shocker that nobody saw coming, New Jersey Republican Jack Ciatarrelli is one-tenth of a point ahead of incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil “I’ll hit you with the vaccine mandates after I’m reelected” Murphy, whom the polls had leading by 11 points. Of course, that race could change as the count continues, or if someone pops open a car trunk, rolls a body aside and pulls out a few ballot boxes.

But while those races are still nailbiters, there was good news up and down ballots at all levels and across the nation. It’s such good news that political analyst Larry Sabato ruefully described it as a “blood bath” for Democrats.

For instance, Virginia will now have its first black female Lieutenant Governor in Marine veteran Winsome Sears (a Republican), who’s also the first black woman ever to be elected statewide in Virginia – although she says this isn’t about race, it’s about the American Dream. You have to read about her victory speech and see her photo at the link. I think you’ll fall in love.

The state will also have its first Hispanic Attorney General in Jason Miyares, who is Cuban-American and also a Republican. So if it’s true, as Democrats claimed, that the Republicans were running solely to promote racism, then they must be as bad at white supremacy as the Democrats are at everything else.

Ben Shapiro had the best tweet on that: “Condolences to VA on becoming radically racist again, according to the electing a black female lieutenant governor and a Cuban-American attorney general, rejecting racial essentialism in schools, and replacing a Dem governor who wore an actual KKK outfit.”

Republicans also retained Ohio’s 15th Congressional District seat, when Trump-endorsed Mike Carey defeated Biden-endorsed Allison Russo in a landslide. But the Democrats retained the heavily-blue 11th District seat, so this won’t change the balance in Congress.

In another shocker, the media retracted its victory calls for three entrenched Democrat Assembly members in New Jersey after deciding it was too close to call between them and their underfunded challengers: an EMT, a Realtor and a truck driver. And by “underfunded,” I mean truck driver Edward Durr may unseat the state Senate president with a campaign that cost him less than $200.

One of the lowest-level races produced one of the most satisfying results. In Braintree, Massachusetts, Matthew Lynch was forced to resign from his job as a school teacher after what he calls a “digital lynch mob” posted photos of him at the Capitol on January 6th and smeared him as a domestic terrorist. It even resulted in a visit from the FBI. Tuesday, the military veteran and former teacher was elected to the Braintree school board.

The anti-Biden/Democrat overreach/CRT groundswell is good news for all America because of the potential chilling effect it could put on the “progressives’” mad march to try to shove through “fundamentally transformative” legislation with a tiny House majority and a tie Senate. Even former Obama adviser David Axelrod admitted that seeing such a massive grassroots rejection of the leftist agenda, including in blue states, could be making Democrats who are up for reelection 2022 in swing districts rethink their votes on Biden’s big government spending bill.

Some of the victories in Tuesday’s elections weren’t wins for Republicans, since there are so few of them in certain places, but at least wins for sanity. For instance, in Minneapolis, 57% of voters rejected an Ilhan Omar-backed move to dismantle the police department and replace it with a vague “Public Safety Department” that would be under the control of the same mayor and city council responsible for the precipitous decline in public safety. George Soros’ laughably-named “Open Policy Center” (should be called “Open Borders and Jails Center”) pumped $650,000 into pushing that measure, and I can’t think of anyone whose money I’d rather see wasted.

All the votes have yet to be counted in Seattle, but more moderate, pro-business and pro-police candidates have what appear to be massive, insurmountable leads over far-left, “defund the police” candidates. They include Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell, who at this writing has a 30-point lead over “progressive” council president Lorena Gonzalez. So cutting the police and allowing your city to be burned and looted, crime to skyrocket, and Antifa radicals to take over a large piece of the city while you describe that as a “summer of love” wasn’t popular with voters? Who could’ve predicted that?

And in Buffalo, New York, Democrat Mayor Byron Brown lost to AOC-backed socialist India Walton in the Democratic primary, but he refused to give in and waged a successful write-in campaign. With 97% of precincts reporting, 41% of the vote was for Walton while 59% were write-in votes. Brown declared victory, but the write-in votes still have to be checked to make sure they’re for him (Who else? Trump?) But of course, Walton is still refusing to concede. As a good socialist, she assumes his write-in votes belong to her.

By the way, have you noticed that when Republicans question an election, it’s an assault on democracy; but when Democrats refuse to accept an election result, they’re protecting the right of every voter to have a voice?

It’s good to see Democrats finally getting “woke” to how the far left has hijacked their primary process, and starting to fight back. These often Soros-backed candidates target safe blue districts and run stealth campaigns in primaries in which most voters assume the incumbent is a shoo-in, so they don’t bother to vote. This is how cities end up with DA’s who refuse to prosecute criminals, and it’s how we got AOC in Congress (even though he could’ve run and won, the incumbent refused to challenge her for “the good of the party,” but it doesn’t seem to have done his party or America much good, has it?)

I’m a Republican, but if we have to have some Democrats in office, let’s at least get back to electing reasonable ones, not America-hating, socialist nutjobs.

Climate hypocrisy

November 3, 2021

While real problems in America continue to snowball, and fuel costs are skyrocketing as winter approaches, President Biden and many of his Administration’s top officials are in Glasgow, Scotland, working on fixing the weather. They’re attending COP26, the big climate change summit. How big? So big that 30,000 elites flew in, mostly on private jets. Of course, that included John Kerry, who arrived on a jet that emits more CO2 in an hour than the average American generates in six weeks.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos arrived on his own Gulfstream jet, straight from fellow “green” billionaire Bill Gates’ birthday party, for which guests were flown by helicopter to the party on a massive super yacht.

At the event, these government and industry elites got to hear Britain’s Prince Charles tell them that they had to launch a “vast military-style campaign to marshal the strength of the global private sector,” using the “trillions at its disposal, far beyond global GDP,” to create a “fundamental economic transition” to green power. Pretty grandiose talk for someone who’s 72 and never held a real job.

Maybe they could start by setting an example and holding these meetings via Zoom. Oh wait: all of the rest of us already spent the past year setting that example for them, but it didn’t seem to do any good.

To bring all this talk of remaking the world to control the weather back down to Earth, here’s Richard Fernandez at PJ Media reminding us of what all this rhetoric will really mean: sky-high gas and heating fuel costs, widespread energy shortages, and trillions of dollars spent on green energy boondoggles that are not capable of meeting the world’s needs, so a lot of people will be freezing in the dark. It’s like that old joke (“What did socialists use before candles?” “Electricity”) written on a global scale.

Well, they might not be able to create a viable source for clean energy, but at least there is no limit to the creativity greens have when it comes to spending other people's money and inventing excuses for when their policies fail. Fernandez writes of one of the more recent: if wind turbines can’t meet energy demands, it’s not because the wind can’t blow hard and often enough to replace oil. No, it’s because climate change is causing “global stilling.”

Well, maybe that’s one problem the giant collection of blowhards in Glasgow could actually fix.

Paul Sperry has a tremendous new update on the investigation into the 2016 Clinton-initiated Alfa Bank hoax. For all the details, you can go to his article at REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS at the link, but we’ll summarize and comment at length here.

Sperry’s sources who have been briefed on special counsel John Durham’s ongoing investigation say the scheme was much broader than previously known and involved “multiple U.S. agencies.” Newly declassified documents suggest the same thing. Seriously, is anyone surprised by this?

Hillary’s campaign, led by then-Perkins Coie attorneys Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, worked to convince Obama’s State Department (formerly run by Hillary), FBI/Justice (“Justice”) Department and even CIA to look into the hoax, and kept the pressure on even after Trump was inaugurated in 2017. The Clinton machine just kept pushing and pushing from a variety of angles. “The deception was wide-ranging,” Sperry’s briefed source told him.

(NOTE: We generally are wary of anonymous sources, but Sperry has been consistently right, and sources concerning an ongoing investigation have to remain anonymous. We have never been steered wrong by Paul Sperry.)

Durham’s “speaking indictment” of Sussmann deals with his prodding of the FBI to investigate the false Trump Tower/Alfa Bank “pinging” story and implies a great deal about how that was set up. Durham has emails that show the Clinton campaign knew that this story was a “red herring” but fed it to the FBI anyway as “a very useful narrative.” One of the researchers said “we’d have to expose every trick we have in our bag to make even a very weak association...We cannot technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny.” But that didn’t stop them from doing it.

What’s new is that after Sussmann approached the FBI with their fake story in September of 2016, as detailed in the “speaking indictment,” the campaign then approached the State Department with the same story, this time from “dossier” imagineer Christopher Steele. Two days later (by now we’re in mid-October), his contact sent the information to the FBI’s top Eurasia/Russia counterintel official, Stephen Laycock. Laycock sent it to...(drum roll, please)...Peter Strzok, plus another supervisor.

At this point, the FBI acted on the flimsy rumors, interviewing tech vendors who worked for the Trump Organization and actually obtaining warrants to search the Trump Tower servers. It was days after this tip that Strzok used the “dossier” to get the warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Clinton foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan, who is Biden’s national security adviser now, was apparently in charge of the narrative, and he released a written statement about the Trump/Alfa Bank story. SLATE reported it, after being pressured by Hillary-funded Fusion GPS to do so. Then Hillary tweeted Sullivan’s statement on October 31, just days before the election. Her lead line was totally made up: “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russia-based bank.”

After Donald Trump shocked the pants off them all in November by winning the election, the Clinton people doubled down on their hoax. (Really, after all that effort, why let a good hoax go to waste? It’s not as if they were going to accept the results of the election.) It was in mid-November that they went back to the State Department, where Bruce Ohr, wife of Fusion GPS researcher Nellie Orh, was a top official. Ohr gave the FBI two thumb drives he had received from Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson and quoted his (Clinton) sources as saying the Trump/Alfa Bank story was real.

As Paul Sperry reports, the FBI finally closed their case after finding no basis for the claim, but THEN...Sussmann, again without revealing his Clinton ties, took it to the CIA, to John Brennan’s general counsel. (This is like a Tale from the Crypt –- the thing that wouldn’t die. And now we know why Durham also accuses Sussmann of misleading “Agency -2,” the CIA.) Then the CIA schlepped it to another FBI liaison, who appears to have been...(drum roll, please)...Peter Strzok. Yes, again.

In a new court document filed this past week, Durham revealed that he now has over 80,000 pages of documents in response to grand jury subpoenas issued to more than 15 targets and witnesses, including the computer contractors he enlisted from Georgia Tech. Sperry’s sources tell him that some of these witnesses have been granted immunity and are cooperating.

The CIA isn’t supposed to be involved in domestic political issues at all --- that must be why they passed the story back to the FBI to do the dirty work and damage Trump. As Jonathan Turley said, “One would expect a CIA official to express reluctance in an investigation that would have largely a domestic focus. But as with the FBI, the Clinton campaign found eager officials to move on any such allegation.”

Jake Sullivan kept at it, too. In February of 2017, he teamed with Glenn Simpson and Daniel Jones, an FBI agent-turned Democrat-operative whose name no doubt will become increasingly familiar, to breathe new life into the story. Sullivan is under scrutiny for lying to Congress about his role in this. Jones reached out to his former FBI colleagues, who, unbelievably, re-opened the Trump-Alfa Bank case even though they had originally found nothing to them.

They went BACK to the building that housed the Trump server in question, Examination showed the “pings” between Tower and Alfa Bank to be nothing but...spam marketing emails.

This was all an investigation about nothing. So, of course, the FBI and the media immediately announced that there was nothing to the Trump-Alfa Bank story and apologized profusely to President Trump for their mistake. Haha, I'm kidding.

Strzok has tried to distance himself from the Trump-Alfa Bank story and complained in LAWFARE that Durham is conducting “a partisan witch hunt on behalf of Trump.” To that I’d sat that Trump deserves vindication, and Durham’s hunt seems to be turning up quite a few actual witches.


Jonathan Turley wrote on his website back in September about the “journalist” who wrote the first media piece about the (fake) Trump Tower-Alfa Bank connection, Franklin Foer. Durham’s “speaking indictment” tells how Fusion GPS pressured him to publish it. “The Investigative Firm’s Employee’s email stated ‘time to hurry’ suggesting that Reporter -2 should hurry to publish an article regarding the Russian Bank -1 allegations. In response, Reporter – 2 emailed to the Investigative Firm Employee a draft article regarding the Russian Bank -1 allegations, along with the cover message: Here’s the first 2500 words.”

It’s clear that In the end, Foer took his chances with a flimsy story because he didn’t want to see Trump elected. Remember this next time you see any other anti-Trump or anti-conservative hit piece in the mainstream media. They’ve lost whatever credibility they might have ever had.

There still isn’t a finished, written version of Biden’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” social spending bill, but here’s an article about what’s supposedly now in it and what failed to survive Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.

You’ll notice that the biggest portion, $555 billion, is for “clean energy and climate investments,” which critics say means destroying the domestic fossil fuel industry, rewarding well-connected green companies and creating slush funds to support unemployed radical environmental activists. There’s also $90 billion for “Equity and other investments,” an awfully vague leftist buzzword description for something that’s going to cost $90 billion.

(If you’d like a better idea of what “Equity” really means, the Vermont Department of Health gave us a perfect illustration with their use of “equity” in distributing COVID vaccines. It means unconstitutional prioritizing of medical treatment based on people’s skin color):

There’s another $130 billion to prop up Obamacare, and another $100 billion to “improve our immigration system.” Considering that after nine months of Joe Biden, we barely have an immigration system left, I shudder to think how that will be spent.

But I'm sure they'll find ways, considering this Administration is already talking about giving up to $450,000 per person in “reparations” to illegal immigrants who were separated from their families under the Trump Administration. Again, these are people who CAME HERE ILLEGALLY. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton called it “insanity” and compared it to paying a burglar for the psychological trauma he endured when he broke into your home.

With that kind of “thinking,” I’m sure the Biden White House will have no problem coming up with creative ways to blow 100 billion tax dollars on “immigration reforms” that will make illegal immigration even more attractive and encourage a lot more of it.

As bad as the Biden $1.75 trillion spending bill is, it could have been worse, and many Democrats are furious at Sens. Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema for preventing that. Matt Vespa at explains why all their usual tactics of media and activist harassment and insults didn’t faze either of them.

Plot twist in Virginia

October 30, 2021

I always urge Republicans not to pay too much attention to polls. The only poll that matters is the one taken on Election Day (or if Democrats have their way, Election Month, plus the week after.) But the campaign of Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe must be looking at the polls and finding them scarier than any Halloween haunted house. Particularly a new Fox News poll that finds support for McAuliffe has cratered since he started siding with leftist school boards over parents. The shocking new poll shows Republican Glenn Youngkin now in the lead by one point among registered voters and by eight points (53% to 45%) among likely voters.

To illustrate how big a turn-around this is, just two weeks ago, McAuliffe was leading by 5 points among likely voters, by 11 points among registered voters, and by 10 points among likely voter parents, who now prefer Youngkin by 14 points!

As always, I’ll remind Republicans not to let good polls make you complacent. If you’re in Virginia, you need to get out and volunteer, campaign, vote and take your family and friends with you. You’ve got a lot of Democrat money, machinery, media and malfeasance to overcome. Thanks to the DC suburbs that are enriched by federal spending, a Republican hasn’t won statewide office in Virginia since 2009, but maybe the usual awful effects of blue rule are finally reaching critical mass.

(Incidentally, former President Trump clarified that his recent statement about election fraud possibly discouraging Republicans to vote “was in no way meant to imply that I would tell them not to vote,” and that “regardless of anything or anyone, we must get out the Republican and SANE VOTE!” The caps are his. You heard the Donald, get out and vote!)

Meanwhile, someone is obviously taking these bad poll numbers for McAuliffe seriously, and that’s his own campaign, which at this point can reasonably be described as “snake bit.” The candidate has committed one gaffe after another, from alienating parents to storming out of TV interviews. Lately, he’s been aligning himself with professional sore loser Stacey Abrams, and he recently seemed to endorse her widely-debunked claim (i.e., “Big Lie”) that the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race was stolen from her.

Now, word has come that McAuliffe’s campaign has hired a name all too familiar to readers of this newsletter, Democrat super lawyer Marc Elias of the notorious Perkins Coie law firm, famous for their roles in ginning up the false “Russian dossier” claims about Trump and suing to change state voting laws in 2020 to help elect Biden.

Law professor Jonathan Turley called the Elias hiring “an astonishing move” and suggested it might mean McAuliffe is planning to break his vow not to challenge the election results if he loses. This prompted Fox News reporter Tyler O’Neil to email McAuliffe spokesperson Christina Freundlich for a response.

Her response was to forward the email to colleagues with the question, “Can we try to kill this?” Which we know because she mistakenly included O’Neil in the list of email recipients.

As of this writing, the campaign had yet to respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Not even accidentally.

Now, that’s what I call a snake-bit campaign. But to look on the bright side, if McAuliffe and his team are this disorganized and incompetent, voters are lucky they’re finding out now instead of after the election, like Biden voters are.

Let me explain something to Democrats in Washington: when the states act as laboratories for new ideas, you’re supposed to take only the successful experiments to adopt as national policies, not the failed ones. Yet California’s AB-5 law that’s killing the gig economy and worsening the supply chain crisis appears in a national version in Biden’s $3.5 trillion spendapaloosa bill.

And now, after leftwing district attorneys did away with cash bail and started letting criminals go free – which has contributed to a huge spike in crime in blue cities – President Biden announced that he plans to take that national, too, and ban setting cash bail for violent criminals.

This is tucked into his new 42-page National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, which has to be the most obvious attempt at distraction from what’s really going on since magicians discovered scantily-clad female assistants. Heaven knows, America has no pressing problems that need to be addressed, so it’s time for Biden and his cohorts to focus like a laser beam on “gender equity.”

By the way, part of the connection made between “criminal justice reform” (i.e., legalizing crime and letting criminals run amok) and “gender equity” is that violent crime against trans people is up. Yes, but that’s mostly because, thanks to these Bozos, violent crime against everyone is up. Murder is up 30% (35% in large cities), in the wake of leftist politicians releasing criminals while defunding the police. It’s the biggest annual increase in murders in 30 years.

Of course, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who is the living embodiment of this insane crime-superspreader policy, is now blaming the rise in violent crime on the police. Rep. Dan Crenshaw summed up her lunacy perfectly in one tweet:

If you express any doubts that the 2020 election was the most honest, fair, perfect election in history, you get accused of spreading “disinformation” and promoting a “Big Lie.” We all know there’s no such thing as election fraud and it’s practically treasonous to say there is, unless you’re talking about how the Russians cheated Hillary out of the Presidency in 2016, or how Stacey Abrams is the real Governor of Georgia, or…well, basically, any race that the Democrats lost.

But the strategy of demonizing skeptics while moving heaven and earth to keep anyone from looking at the evidence doesn’t seem to be winning over everyone. A new Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 35% of registered voters think the Trump/Biden election results should be overturned. That includes 58% of Republicans and 14% of Democrats.

Still, I suspect there’s an aspect of this that has nothing to do with whether people believe the 2020 vote was rigged. I believe a lot of people just think that, honest or not, electing Biden was a big mistake and we need a do-over, stat. That’s supported by a Rasmussen survey from August that found that if the election were held today, Trump would win.

It also found that 9% of Democrats regretted their vote for Biden, and things haven’t exactly been looking up since August. The story about the new Politico poll states that “only” 14% of Democrat voters want to overturn the 2020 election, but what does it say about how well Biden is doing his job that 14% of his voters want to overturn an election that their candidate won?

In a world full of fake news, we on the HUCKABEE team are dismayed on the very rare occasions when we hear we might possibly have trafficked in it, however inadvertently. But then our dismay fades away when we find out we really were on the right track after all. This is one of those occasions.

A reader named Dobbin C. wrote to say, “Governor, you are really disappointing me. You continue to promulgate the fake news about the testing on beagles. You cannot in good conscience criticize the other side by sensationalizing fake news when you are doing it, too.”

Dobbin likely read the “fact”-check by POLITIFACT that rated the claim that Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) was funding certain cruel beagle studies “mostly false.” Guess it’s time to fact-check the “fact”-checkers again.

First, let’s go back to what we actually said: that it had been “reported” that while Dr. Fauci was running the NIAID, it gave $400,000 to fund the cruel experiments involving beagles and sandflies, and that some people were very upset about it. Here’s the quote from the morning newsletter for October 27: “Dr. Anthony Fauci is facing bipartisan fury and the hashtag @ArrestFauci is trending after it was reported that under his leadership, the NIH gave $400,000 in funding for medical experiments in which beagle puppies endured months of horrific, torturous treatment, then were killed.”

This is true. We did not engage in “sensationalizing” this story. We did not accuse Dr. Fauci of personally signing off on these experiments, as many probably did, nor did we even imply it. We didn’t even claim that the NIAID had funded these experiments, only that reports of it were making people mad. What we said was true.

Here is the story we linked to from FOX NEWS. They handled the story correctly as well, referring to “allegations” against the doctor and the Institute.

I do like that they also included this link to another Fauci story, though.

We linked to a list of other cruel animal studies that to our knowledge the “fact”-checkers have not addressed, and also to a related and correct story about PETA calling on Dr. Fauci to resign. This is true; they have. Again, we never accused Dr. Fauci or the NIAID of funding these studies.

Now, let’s look at what POLITIFACT said to refute the story. They reported that NIAID said it “did not fund one of the studies.” (“ONE OF” the studies?) Apparently that study was the one from the photograph that has been widely circulated, the one from Tunisia of the two anesthetized beagles with their heads enclosed so sandflies could eat them. (I’ms so sorry even to have to talk about something this disturbing, but that’s what it was.) However, there were two other studies –- one of which also involved the cutting of the dogs’ vocal cords and euthanizing them at the end –- that they say they DID fund. So we would say that POLITIFACT is really splitting hairs here.

According to POLITIFACT, “the NIAID said all animals used in NIH-funded research are protected by laws, regulations and policies that were followed in these studies.”

POLITIFACT goes on to quote some of the more sensationalized tweets about Dr. Fauci, terrible names he was called, etc. Again, we did not engage in any of that. They mention inaccuracies in “some reports and social media postings.” That wouldn’t be us, either.

While we were looking into this, we found something very interesting about dogs used in American medical research and are including it to provide some interesting historical perspective on the cruel beagle studies currently in the news. American tax dollars have apparently been funding extremely cruel experiments on dogs, particularly beagles, for a very long time. Researchers find that the beagle is a breed particularly suited to experimentation because of "its size and long life."

There's even such a thing as the "Beagle Data Congress," where in 2010, researchers discussed their “Beagle Dog Experiments” researching the effects of atomic radiation. An earlier project called "the Argonne Beagle Dog Experiments" was carried out on 5,000 very unlucky beagles from 1952 to 1991 and supported by grants from the Atomic Energy Commission. There were 15 "unique" (and uniquely horrifying) studies that involved blasting beagles with radiation and documenting the effects.

For example, 295 beagles were subjected to "continuous external co-60 gamma-ray exposure continued until death." Another study was called "Leukemogenesis: duration-of-life gamma irradiation of young adult beagles." And 298 beagles were given "gamma ray exposure during pregnancy," to learn the effects of radiation on the developing puppies. Good grief.

Poor Snoopy.

Here's more information on the Argonne National Laboratory. If you thought this place was in France, you were wrong. It's in Argonne, Illinois. It’s an American lab with, as far as we can tell, American funding.

So when the NIAID says the dogs in their experiments are “protected by laws, regulations and policies that were followed in these studies,” what does that even mean? That it’s “policy” to cut dogs’ vocal cords when their cries of pain are too loud? Because that’s what they did. It’s time for their “policies” to change.

Anyway, we stand by everything we’ve had to say on this, and we actually appreciate the letter from Dobbin, misguided as it was, as it gave us an opportunity to clarify and update the actual story: Yes, the AIAID has had to admit that it does fund cruel research studies on dogs, just not the one in the picture.

Election Day for the Virginia gubernatorial race, and for other down-ballot votes as well, is this coming Tuesday, November 2, and the stakes could hardly be higher –- or the choice clearer. Earlier in the week, our commentary on the lurking presence in Virginia of DNC lawyer/activist and infamous election manipulator Marc Elias drew quite a bit of reader response.

You know, it’s impossible for me to respond to every letter --- even though they’re all read --- but now and then it’s instructive to respond to a particular letter for a particular reason. That’s the case with the following letter from Carol, because of one thing she said about the election that really stood out and makes a timely response critical before Election Day. Read her letter and see if you can pick out the part I mean. Then I’ll explain what the very important issue is.

From Carol (with slight editing):

I am in Georgia. Wherever Stacey Abrams goes, the laws are broken. This is what she advocated and got done in Georgia for the 2020 election. She is in Virginia now and the [requirement for the] last four digits of [a voter’s] Social Security number has been deleted even though it is the law there.

This is how it is done and how the election was stolen in 2020, and unless it is stopped, 2022 and 2024 will go the way of 2020. They only win by changing the laws to suit their outcome. Many understand this and will not vote because they say and believe it is rigged. Even the Supreme Court are cowards in taking up the suits that would have proven that.

...Keep America sick and mail-in ballots will again be the next way votes are stolen and elections rigged.

From the Gov:

Thank you for writing, Carol. Yes, we discussed some of the recent changes to the voting laws in Virginia --- also the fact that it’s illegal for the government to ignore laws it doesn’t want to enforce. Marc Elias and Stacey Abrams make quite a team, don’t they?

Another good point is that as long as state and county officials can use COVID-19 as an excuse for mass mail-in voting, cheating will be easy and largely undetectable. And their hope is that we’ll get so used to the convenience of just mailing in our ballots, most people will prefer that whether COVID is still a major concern or not. But we need to do what the French did in 1975 after seeing the fraud caused by mail-in voting: scrap it except on a limited basis, by request when people have a legitimate reason for not being able to get to the polls. That will not happen in battleground states until they’re run by people who don’t want to keep their thumb on the election scales. Those people must be voted out.

That brings me to the part of the letter that has to be addressed. Did you guess it? “MANY...WILL NOT VOTE BECAUSE THEY...BELIEVE THE VOTE IS RIGGED.”

If enough Republicans stay home to make the margin of victory, say, 300 votes instead of 30,000, how much easier have we made it for Democrats to cheat? Cheaters love close races; it’s much harder to see big statistical anomalies and much easier to “find” the relatively small number of votes they need. It’s clear this is what happened in Georgia’s last senatorial election; fed-up Republicans stayed home and let their opponents just take it. We blew our chance to temper the Biden administration with a Republican-led Senate just because some Republicans sat on their hands.

Conversely, it might seem impossible to stop cheaters, but one way to do it is to turn out in such large numbers that they can’t make up the difference with fake votes. It has to be a blowout.

Anyone thinking of sitting out this or any other Election Day had better realize: you are doing exactly what the opposition wants you to. They want you to give up, to resign yourself to the fate they are choosing for you. Don’t do it. Instead, do the opposite of what they want.

It’s kind of a catch: in order to fix the cheating, we have to win in spite of the cheating! I know that seems overwhelming, but if conservative turnout is high enough, it will happen. (I would think that this time, all the justifiably angry parents in Virginia could really make the difference.) Once we’re in, then we work state-by-state to reform the system. Yes, Democrats will fight us every step of the way, so, as I said in speaking of Marc Elias, our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers. And they have to be everywhere.

But polls show conclusively that most Americans want accurate and honest elections. As Jason Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project, said, “Voters want it to be easy to vote, but also hard to cheat.” It has become ridiculously easy to vote, and easy to cheat, too. Half the country has lost faith in our elections. If that half of the country stays home on Election Day, the other half wins by default.

As Mollie Hemingway says in RIGGED, “The left’s path to future victory requires it to cow its opposition into silence...A growing number of Americans are outraged by the way the left seizes and deploys power. They are sick of the lies, manipulation, and distortion that a corrupt ruling class spins on a regular basis. Those courageous citizens, not the decaying establishment, will determine the fate of the nation.”

Carol, I want to thank you for writing, because you reminded me, however inadvertently, of something I'd really wanted to mention before Tuesday’s election. Virginians, no matter how you feel about what the left has done to corrupt the system, it is critical that you turn out and vote! Get everyone you know to the polls. Start the red wave.

I’ll close with some good news from John Solomon on the election reform front. In the wake of the Maricopa County audit report –- which was quite bad despite the media’s sugar-coat –- the demand for 2020 forensic audits in all 50 states is gaining support, now up to 38 states, with 150 state legislators signing an open letter to that effect. (Note: I think they’d have more participation if they didn’t call for decertifications as well; the emphasis needs to be on forensic analysis and reform of the system for future elections.) Here’s an excerpt:

“In addition to Arizona, sworn affidavits have accumulated from many states detailing rampant corruption and mismanagement in the election process...We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections...We call on each state to decertify its electors where it has been shown the elections were certified prematurely and inaccurately.”

In fact, a problematic audit report in Wisconsin has prompted the state senate to launch its own investigation of the 2020 election in that state.

Who thinks Nancy Pelosi’s “9/11-style commission” to investigate what happened on Capitol Hill last January 6 is actually there to fact-find? Me, neither. But I’ll tell you who's doing some first-rate investigation and reporting on the security breach at the Capitol building, and it’s not congressional Democrats or this administration’s Department of “Justice.”

It’s REVOLVER NEWS. But what they seem to be uncovering does not fit with the narrative Democrats want to maintain. In fact, it’s what they want to hide.

An Arizona man named Ray Epps, a Marine sergeant allegedly involved in the group the Oath Keepers, clearly was acting as a provocateur the evening before the rally. According to the REVOLVER report, “...Epps was insistent that everyone stay focused on a common mission: storming the Capitol. On multiple livestreams, Epps moves from group to group throughout the plaza barging in and insisting everyone ‘stay focused’ on ‘what we’re here for’ --- which he would then explain meant going inside the U.S. Capitol building. When asked to give a reason for his crazy plot, Epps would continually fall back on his catch-all rationale: ‘It’s about the Constitution.’” People in a couple of the groups he gave his little pep talk to even suggested that he might be “a Fed.”

You’d think that if the FBI were rounding up suspects to hold them for many months without bail, essentially as political prisoners, one person very close to the top of their list, if not THE top, would be this guy. But no. They had him on their “most wanted” list for a while, but when REVOLVER NEWS came out with their first big story, he was dropped off the list.

Not only did the FBI do that, but the day after REVOLVER ran another story on Stuart Rhodes, also of the Oath Keepers, they scrubbed Epps’ face from their database. Rhodes, like Epps, remains unindicted to this day, while others who might have just walked into the Capitol Building to take a selfie are languishing in solitary, some reportedly unable even to talk with their attorneys.

The videos of Epps, seen pretty widely on Twitter, show him talking with Trump supporters the evening of January 5, repeatedly encouraging them to enter the Capitol Building the day of the rally. He’s saying in a voice that cuts through the background noise, “I don’t even like to say it because I’ll be arrested. I’ll say it. We need to go into the Capitol.”

And now, the irony is that Epps seems to be one of relatively few people identified as having been involved in the security breach who WEREN’T arrested. But also unindicted are people who worked with him the day of the rally to, in the words of the REVOLVER team, “carry out a breach of the police barricades that induced a subsequent flood of unsuspecting MAGA protesters to unwittingly trespass on Capitol restricted grounds and place themselves in legal jeopardy.”

To give a little perspective, Epps was not even arrested, while another Oath Keeper, a Green Beret veteran named Jeremy Brown, is even now behind bars, bail denied until trial, simply for standing 100 feet too close to the Capitol steps. It hardly seems possible that the government isn’t protecting Epps.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie asked Attorney General Merrick Garland about Epps’ activities during Garland’s recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, playing some of the video for him of Epps talking up the idea of going inside the Capitol. Unfortunately, it was played on a very small screen that Rep, Massie was holding, but the audio of Epps telling people they need to go inside the Capitol the next day is unmistakable.

Massie informed Garland that the same person who was doing this the night before the rally was actually directing people to the Capitol during the rally. Then he asked Garland if he –- after “one of the most sweeping investigations in history,” as Garland had called it –- had seen this video. Garland avoided the question with the old “we don’t comment on pending investigations” dodge. His deflection did have an extra dash of creativity, though, with Garland also saying it’s one of the “norms” of the Justice Department not to comment on “particular scenes or particular individuals.”

“I was hoping today to give you an opportunity to put to rest the concerns that people have that there were federal agents or assets of the federal government present on January 5 and January 6,” Massie said to Garland. “Can you tell us without talking about particular videos how many agents or assets of the government were present on January 6? Whether they agitated to go into the Capitol? And if any of them did?”

Garland would not address this at all. “I’m not going to violate this norm of the rule of law,” he said. “I’m not going to comment on investigation that’s ongoing.”

If Garland had wanted to allay Republicans’ concerns that the feds might have actively encouraged Trump supporters to breach the Capitol building, this would have been the perfect time to do it, with a denial. On the other hand, if Epps and others actually were working undercover as agents to make sure the “insurrection” happened, the excuse Garland cited would be a very convenient “norm” indeed.

For when you have time, REVOLVER NEWS has put together an amazing piece of investigative journalism. It’s quite long and detailed, but highly recommended. (If it’s too exhaustive, at least skip down to the conclusion.) I’ll just tell you that Ray Epps is not the only one who played an extremely active role in the breach but was mysteriously never arrested. To cite another striking example, another Marine veteran, still unidentified but called “MaroonPB,” was going around using the same “It’s about the Constitution” line as Epps did. He also removed barricades and entered Senate offices during the breach itself, armed with bear mace. No arrest for him. Not even an identification, though he is maskless and beautifully photographed, in such a way that shows off his distinctive knuckle tattoos.

The team at REVOLVER NEWS say they're just getting started. Look at everything they’ve uncovered so far, and it suggests the FBI has a way of actually becoming the thing it purportedly hates. In this case, it might even have caused, or helped cause, the Trump “insurrection” narrative needed so desperately by leftists to prime Trump for impeachment #2 and tar his supporters as "domestic terrorists." (Note: that does NOT excuse the Trump supporters who got swept into it and caused incalculable damage to the conservative cause.) We know the FBI helped fake the Russia Hoax; who knows what else they might have faked?

Reading Mollie Hemingway’s new book RIGGED, about the 2020 election and the factors that tweaked the outcome, one might start to wonder what the Hillary/DNC attorney and activist Marc Elias is doing these days –- besides dodging subpoenas, of course. But if a process server from the special counsel’s office is having difficulty finding him, I know where he is, and his army of attorneys.

They’re in Virginia, for the razor-close gubernatorial race! The Elias Law Group, the new firm he started to elect “progressive” Democrats after leaving Perkins Coie, filed suit on Friday on behalf of the state Democrat Party against the U.S. Postal Service, citing delays in processing and delivering election-related materials. Over the pasts few months, the Virginia General Assembly has also repealed voter ID, allowed 45 days of “no-excuse” absentee voting, and set up automatic voter registration as part of getting a driver’s license.

The election will be over in a week –- not necessarily the counting, though. An Emerson College poll taken a few days ago shows candidates Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat and huge Clinton crony, and Glenn Youngkin, the Republican and businessman, tied at 48 percent among very likely voters. (Accuracy plus-or-minus 3.2 percent.)

Youngkin held a big rally in Suffolk on Monday evening that was attended by Republicans, independents and even apparently some Democrats who, according to FOX NEWS’ Sara Carter, are "here as a referendum of what they say is a dangerous leftist agenda that is not only growing here in Virginia, but across America.”

McAuliffe let a little too much of that agenda slip recently when he said parents shouldn’t be telling teachers what they should teach their kids. Oops. He could still win, though, even now; the clueless Democrat faithful do support their jackasses.

But the election is seen by many conservatives as the start of a “red wave” of parents fighting for kids, a national referendum on Critical Race Theory, the teaching of which has, sadly, put Loudoun and Fairfax Counties on the map in recent weeks. One dad interviewed by Carter on the HANNITY TV show said, “It’s everywhere right now. But Virginia is somewhere where we can do something about it, right now. People are charged up; all eyes are on us...We don’t want it in Suffolk, we don’t want it in Virginia, nobody else wants it in the rest of the country. We want our country back, our state, and our city.”

Carter heard one refrain over and over: We want the government out of our kids’ education! We want to be in charge. We don’t want to be called “domestic terrorists.” We’re tired of mandates. Let us talk to our school boards. We want a voice!

Former President Obama is campaigning with McAuliffe, and he might be making it worse for the candidate. He brought up that old saw, voter suppression, saying Republicans are trying to keep some people from having their voices heard. The only ones whose voices we don’t want heard are the fraudsters. We conservatives are tired of having our own voices silenced.

And who else would be on the podium with McAuliffe but Stacey Abrams, who never conceded her failed run for governor of Georgia and still maintains that voter suppression kept her from winning that race. As if voter ID and signature verification kept anyone from voting who wanted to. It’s fraud that suppresses the vote of honest people, and that’s the message that needs to be communicated far and wide.

When McAuliffe brought Abrams to the stage, he said, “She would be the governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election. That’s what happened to Stacey Abrams. They took the votes away.”

Which brings us back to Marc Elias and the discussion of just whose votes get taken away. The great Margot Cleveland has a new piece in THE FEDERALIST in which she accuses Democrats in Virginia of “working to make elections sloppy again” as we go into 2022.

In this election that’s essentially neck-and-neck, Cleveland says “the more important trend for Americans to consider...lies not in the tight election, nor even in the party affiliation of the eventual victor, but on efforts by local election officials to violate state law to profit their preferred candidate.”

There’s a lawsuit in Fairfax County right now, filed by a REAL voter integrity group called the Virginia Institute for Public Policy (VIPP) against the country registrar and three members of the local elections board, over allowing unauthenticated mail-in ballots in violation of state law. A provision is supposed to be in place requiring the last four digits of a voter’s Social Security number, but apparently it’s not being followed.

According to the state constitution, officials aren’t supposed to just suspend a law they don’t like. The Anti-Suspension Clause provides that “all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights, and ought not be exercised.” If the state legislature requires the last four digits of one’s Social Security number to verify a ballot, then so be it.

As of October 14, this suspension of law had affected at least 339 ballots, according to the filing. Now, 339 ballots might not sound like a lot, but when you’ve got two candidates in a dead heat, it can mean everything. And unauthenticated mail-in ballots should not be deciding this or any other race.

The VIPP has already prevailed in one similar lawsuit, stopping the Virginia State Board of Elections from counting ballots that arrived without a legible postmark as many as three days after the polls closed on Election Day. But even though they won, Cleveland says, the fact that they have to file suits like this at all tells us something very important:


Virginia, she says, is a perfect case study. But I would add that in 2020, Maricopa County was another one, as we saw how Elias and his vast army of lawyers, marching into Arizona in a way that would make Kim Jong-Un swell with pride, got rules changed to make it easier to cheat. No matter what lip service they give to election integrity, counting “every vote,” stopping voter suppression and protecting “our democracy,” they could not actually care less about any of that, as long as they win. Their actions tell it: They’d suppress your vote in a heartbeat if it meant more leftists in office. The top Democrat attorneys like Marc Elias are showing them how it’s done.

In the movie THE RIGHT STUFF, as the U.S. is competing with Russia to be first in space, our lead scientist (who is German) quips, “Our Germans are better than their Germans.” We have to think similarly in fighting the left. Our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers.

Tragedy and comedy

October 26, 2021

I’m confused. I need someone from the Democratic Party to explain to me whether questioning the results of an election is treasonous or heroic. Because they can’t seem to make up their minds.

We’ve all heard the caterwauling over anyone who even wants to take a look at the ballots from 2020. They’re crazy conspiracy theorists peddling a “Big Lie!” There’s no such thing as election fraud! Questioning election results is an assault on democracy and an attempt to overthrow the government by insurrection!

Yet in just the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen Hillary Clinton claim that Stacey Abrams really won the 2018 Governor’s race in Georgia (spoiler alert: she did not.) Hillary, of course, also declared Trump an illegitimate President, and was so convinced that Russia helped him steal the 2016 election that her campaign spent a lot of money manufacturing fake evidence to prove it. Seen any Democrats denouncing Hillary for her multiple endorsements of insurrection? Or calling out Abrams for assaulting Democracy? Far from it: she’s considered a big star in leftist circles.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe campaigned with Abrams and repeated her “Big Lie” that she “would be the Governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election…They took the votes away.”

This is horse apples. The voter rolls were purged of inactive voters, but all anyone had to do was show up at the polls and produce an ID and they could get a ballot. Abrams lost by about 55,000 votes. Even the liberal Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigated and found "no evidence…of systematic malfeasance – or of enough tainted votes to force a runoff election."

Listen to enough of this highly selective outrage and it becomes clear that to Democrats, “democracy” means “We win,” and questioning the honesty of an election is “insurrection” only if it’s an election Democrats won. It reminds me of Mel Brooks’ definitions of tragedy and comedy: “’Tragedy’ is if I get a paper cut on my finger. ‘Comedy’ is if you fall into a manhole and die.”

Former President Barack Obama has an irritating tendency to appear aloof and disdainful of anyone who holds different views from his, as if they are, of course, wrong, and it’s painful for him to have to tolerate their wrongness. But seldom has his timing in expressing that disdain been worse than during his recent campaign appearance for Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s flailing campaign for Governor in Virginia.

Saturday, Obama backed McAuliffe’s criticism of parents upset at leftist school boards by suggesting their anger is unjustified and not “serious problems that affect serious people.” He sniffed, “We don’t have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings.”

That “fake outrage” to which he referred wasn’t just parents' outrage over Critical Race Theory, porn, trans propaganda and socialism being forced onto their kids. It was also about news that the Loudoun County School Board knew about and covered up two brutal rapes of young teenage girls in girls’ bathrooms by a “biological male” in a skirt (or as that used to be known, “a male.”) School officials reportedly moved him to another school after the first rape, where he raped another girl. Other sexual assaults in school also went unreported. Yet the school officials allowed the father of the first victim to be smeared as a “domestic terrorist” for getting justifiably furious at a school board meeting.

Barely had Obama’s haughty and dismissive comments hit the news than word came on Monday that the “biological male” had been found guilty on two rape counts against the first victim. The judge delayed sentencing until after the second case is adjudicated.

As you might imagine, the blowback against Obama’s highhanded comments was swift and fierce. One Loudoun County father called it “the most tone-deaf statement I have ever heard.” The director of education reform at BEST (Building Education for Students Together) said Obama was either being clueless or misleading the crowd, and that forcing politics down kids’ throats isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a parents’ issue.

I’ll toss in my two cents by doing what leftists hate the most: applying their own standards and tactics to themselves. How DARE Obama deny those parents’ truth by seeking to invalidate the genuineness of their outrage? He needs to check his privilege as a rich and famous person whose daughters never set foot in a public school and who have armed Secret Service protection (but if other women carry guns for personal protection from “biological males” invading their private spaces, he wants to take their guns away.) He must apologize immediately and then be canceled anyway!

What’s especially galling about this is that as the de facto leader of the Democratic Party (technically, it’s Joe Biden, but come on, man), Obama heads up an organization built entirely on a mountain of fake outrage. Think about it: what successful policies do the Democrats have to run on? Their brilliant handling of the border, Afghanistan, the economy, COVID, crime, China, energy, etc. etc. etc.? No, putting them in charge for only nine months has already proven that everything they touch becomes a dumpster fire. The only thing they have left to run on is, “You can’t vote for those other guys! Sure, they actually know how to run things, but they’re racist/sexist/trans-homo-whateverphobic!”

It’s a big load of organic manure, but it works with some people. There’s a certain segment of the populace that will overlook all the existential threats brought about by Democratic rule if you scare them enough with stories about how the bad orange man and his followers want to call them by their unpreferred pronouns or make them use the bathroom that actually matches their own plumbing. But as the ugly reality of Democratic “governance” becomes more and more intolerable, more people are seeing through that phony scare tactic and the audience for it is shrinking.

For instance, Biden just hit a new low of 43% approval in Five Thirty Eight’s average of all polls.

And a poll of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire, the first primary voting state, found that only 37% say they’d vote for Biden if the 2024 primary were held today.

For once, the outrage is real, it’s justified, and it’s aimed at the Democrats, where it belongs.

Reeder: Too many obituaries

October 26, 2021

I’m sad to have to report the deaths of four popular show business figures over the past week. We extend our condolences to all their families.

Actor James Michael Tyler, best known as Central Perk coffee shop owner Gunther on “Friends,” died Sunday in Los Angeles at 59 of prostate cancer that spread to his bones.

He was working as an actual barista when he was hired as an extra on “Friends” because he knew how to work an espresso machine. It took two years and 33 episodes before he got a name and his first line. The show’s creators liked him so much, they gave him his own story line about his unrequited love for Rachel and remembered him as “a genuinely kind, sweet man.”

He appeared on the “Friends” reunion in May, but only by Zoom because he didn’t want to “bring a downer” on the show. He devoted his last days to promoting prostate cancer exams. He said his goals were to reach his 59th birthday, which he did, and to at least save one life.

Comic actor Peter Scolari has died at 66 after a two-year battle with leukemia.

Scolari first came to fame on the short-lived ABC sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” where he and Tom Hanks played two guys who had to dress as women to keep their apartment, back when we were still allowed to laugh at that. It was originally conceived as a male “Laverne & Shirley,” but not literally. The creators made the mistake of comparing it to a Billy Wilder comedy during the pitch to ABC. Asked to name one of those, they said “Some Like It Hot.” So ABC bought it only on condition that it be retooled to include men in drag. In the second season, they moved away from that and got back to the original premise.

The sitcom allowed for lots of ad-libbing by Scolari and Hanks, who had great comic chemistry. But while Hanks went on to become a superstar, Scolari remained a working actor, constantly appearing in various TV and stage shows. He was nominated for an Emmy three times for “Newhart” and won for a guest role on “Girls.” He and Hanks remained lifelong friends. They reunited on Broadway in 2013 in the play “Lucky Guy,” and Scolari appeared in the Hanks-directed movie, “That Thing You Do.”

Composer/lyricist/playwright Leslie Bricusse died last week at 90. He wrote or co-wrote a number of hit songs that have become standards, many with his partner, singer/actor Anthony Newley, back in the days when Broadway scores birthed pop hits.

Some of his songs include “Gonna Build a Mountain,” “Once in a Lifetime” and “What Kind of Fool Am I?” (the 1963 Grammy-winning Song of the Year) from the Broadway show, “Stop the World, I Want To Get Off;” “Who Can I Turn To,” “On a Wonderful Day Like Today” and “Feeling Good” (recently made ubiquitous by the “American Idol” crowd) from “Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd;” “My Kind of Girl;” “Can You Read My Mind” from “Superman;” “Pure Imagination” and “The Candy Man” from “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory;” “When I Look In Your Eyes” and Best Song Oscar winner “Talk to the Animals” from “Dr. Doolittle;” “If I Ruled the World” from the musical “Pickwick;” and “Le Jazz Hot” from “Victor/Victoria.” And in the era when people actually looked forward to the next James Bond movie, he co-wrote with John Barry the themes from “You Only Live Twice” and “Goldfinger.”

If you’d like to learn more, Mark Steyn’s latest “Song of the Week” podcast is about “Goldfinger.”

And finally (I hope, for a long time), Jay Black, lead singer of Jay & The Americans, has died at 82 of complications from pneumonia. The group opened for the Beatles on their first US tour and scored 21 chart hits in the '60s, including “Come A Little Bit Closer,” “Only In America,” “Cara Mia” and hit covers of the Drifters’ “This Magic Moment” and the Ronettes’ “Walkin’ In The Rain.” Trivia: Black’s real name was David Blatt, but he changed it to Jay Black when he took over from the band’s original lead singer, Jay Traynor.

Thoughts on the unvaccinated

October 26, 2021

Many people are risking their careers by refusing to obey COVID vaccine mandates. For this, they’re being mocked, shunned and vilified (the Prime Minister of New Zealand is even bragging about how she’s used vaccine documents to create a two-tiered society that relegates the unvaccinated to second-class citizen status.)

So why are so many people saying no? Are they really all just ignorant, anti-science rubes, as some in the media or the Administration depict them? If so, how does that square with the fact that people with Ph.D.’s are among the most vaccine hesitant, or with all the health care workers who are refusing the jab (PR tip: if you want people to take something, don’t call it “the JAB.”)

The Epoch Times did something that few if any media outlets have done: they actually asked health care professionals why they are risking their careers to defy vaccine mandates.The full article is for paid subscribers only, but here’s the gist of what they said:

Some are pro-life and have religious objections to the use of fetal cells in developing the vaccines. Others said they’ve personally seen many serious negative reactions and don’t believe they’re being honestly reported. One registered nurse in Oncology/Hematology says they’re seeing an increase in hospitalizations and referrals for clotting and bleeding disorders. Some say they don’t want to risk vaccine side effects to avoid a disease with a 99% survival rate for those not in high risk categories, and for which we now have safe alternative treatments.

Some said the vaccines are “leaky” and that the majority of COVID patients they’re seeing are vaccinated. They don’t believe the vaccines are working and think they’re fueling the creation of new variants. One said this vaccine technology has never been deployed successfully and there’s no data on the longterm effects. They say the vaccines are still undergoing their first year of study, and their safety and effectiveness aren’t yet proven. They’re in touch with other health care workers and say they aren’t seeing the “surges” that the public is being told are happening. Some health care workers say they already have natural immunity from COVID exposure.

And finally, as the aforementioned registered nurse put it, “This is America! I have every right to make an educated decision regarding my health care. No matter what you are told, what I do has no direct effect on you.”

There’s more at the link for subscribers, but that’s the reasoning, from the mouths of health care workers. Please note that I’m vaccinated myself, and I’m not endorsing their views. You can disagree with them, say their concerns are unfounded or overblown, or argue that the risks of the disease outweigh those of the vaccines. But please stop saying that everyone who resists vaccine mandates is ignorant of science and medicine, because this shows that a lot of highly-trained health care professionals obviously beg to differ.

On the subject of woke tyranny, we make a lot of references around here to George Orwell’s novel “1984” because…well, we’re all living in it now. Orwell nailed the details, he was just off with the date by nearly 40 years.

This latest example of life imitating Orwell’s totalitarian dystopia comes courtesy of Twitter, which suspended the account of PJ Media commentator Matt Margolis. His thought crime: he responded to the Biden White House appointing Rachel Levine as the “first-ever female four-star admiral” of the U.S. Public Health Services (USPHS) Commissioned Corps” by writing, “Rachel Levine is a man.”

Twitter refused to reinstate his account until he deletes the three tweets that violated their terms of service by stating that 100% scientifically accurate fact. Just like the Ministry of Truth in “1984” that rewrites the past to constantly redefine what’s true, whereas the Ministry of Love tortures you until you accept the new truth. The linked article is for paid subscribers only, but I want to quote Margolis’ response:

“Did I attack Rachel Levine? Nope. I didn’t promote violence against him either. I simply stated a fact: He is a male. He is no less a biological male than I am, I don’t care if his preferred pronouns are she/her or xe/xir or beep/bop/boop. I will not deny this biological fact out of fear of being labeled a bigot. I don’t care if you are a man who feels like a woman. You’re still a man, down to your DNA. Biology doesn’t care about your feelings or your preferred pronouns, and neither do I.

I’ve appealed my suspension. Of course. The appeal will most certainly be denied, and then I’ll have to make my decision about what to do.

P.S. Rachel Levine is a man.”

As “1984’s” oppressed protagonist Winston Smith put it, “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.” Not only do you no longer have that freedom on Twitter, but if you say that two plus two make four in a math class, you’ll be accused of white supremacy.

Following George Stephanopoulos’ laughable attempt last weekend to resuscitate Christopher Steele, multiple investigative reporters came out last week to further discredit Steele’s work and to analyze what Special Counsel John Durham revealed in his “speaking indictment” of Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann.

The Sephanopoulos/Steele interview aired by ABC "News" was actually part of an hour-long “documentary” produced for HULU called “OUT OF THE SHADOWS: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier.” I’ll just tell you right now, we have not been able to bring ourselves to watch. I know my slogan is, “We read the news so you don’t have to,” but neither I nor my staff can stand the idea of sitting through it. Life is too short, and there is too much real, serious investigation to keep up with.

So we should thank California Rep. Devin Nunes, who headed the House Intelligence Committee during their investigation of “Crossfire Hurricane,” for making himself watch the whole blasted thing, which he calls “entirely fiction.” For “ABC News to put out something like that is just bizarre,” he said, quipping that ABC should move their headquarters to Fantasyland at its parent company’s Walt Disney World.

Nunes suspects the media don’t really still believe what Steele said about Trump is true, but that “there’s something more nefarious going on.” He said he has “no idea, you know, what’s behind this –- the timing, the release of this. That anybody would be defending Steele or those this point is an absolute joke.”

He has confidence that Durham is doing “a real investigation,” but he’s concerned that it might not continue, “because we know DOJ is completely politicized.”

So, will Durham be able to continue looking into the FBI’s investigation (“investigation”) of the Clinton Foundation? During AG Merrick Garland’s cringeworthy testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday, he avoided saying. As part of his larger investigation of the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane,” Durham has been looking into whether donors to the Clinton Foundation got special treatment from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Garland was asked specifically if Durham would continue free of political influence, but he skirted that question. He did say that because budgetary provisions are public, we “would know if he weren’t continuing his work.” Hey, thanks, Mr. Attorney General!

John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS followed up in detail after the ABC interview, saying that Steele’s main source and even his friends undercut his claims of “professionalism.” Steele’s work was anything but.

Of course, we already knew that the FBI had had to terminate him as a “confidential human source” because he had leaked to the media. Some professionalism.

What’s especially interesting about this latest news from Solomon is that it sheds light on how much information came to Durham from the lawsuit filed against Steele by Alfa Bank, the financial institution wrongly implicated in that story of computer servers "pinging" between their offices and Trump Tower. (Alfa Bank prevailed in that lawsuit.) Steele’s own legal team gave statements in a London courtroom stressing that the dossier was not verified, that much of its information was not corroborated and that he suffered from “strong anti-Trump biases.”

“It is raw intelligence,” they said last year. “It is the basis for further investigation by the recipients. So to put the bar too high in terms of establishing accuracy at that stage would be quite wrong in principle.”

“We can say,” they also stated, “the critical consideration is that his confidential human intelligence was not factual evidence to be used in a personal or public report or in court or anything like that...It was raw intelligence to be passed on as part of a much bigger intelligence picture.”

Someone should have told that to then-CIA Director John Brennan, back when he was insisting the dossier be included in the intelligence agencies’ assessment of Trump’s so-called “Russia” connections. One wonders why he treated such an easily discredited piece of fiction as if it were the Dead Sea Scrolls.

And as for the “much bigger intelligence picture,” we know that, despite what Brennan has tried to claim, the dossier was the cornerstone for “Crossfire Hurricane.” The FBI would not have gotten the warrant to spy on Carter Page without it; in fact, they had been turned down for a similar warrant before.

Solomon’s commentary includes links to the pdf’s of relevant testimony from the Alfa Bank case. He’s got footnotes from our own intelligence community discrediting the dossier (Brennan obviously wasn’t listening). He’s even got pdf’s of the FBI’s notes from their interview with Steele’s primary sub-source, who called it “bar talk and gossip.”

Judicial Watch unearthed still more documents that undercut Steele. JW President Tom Fitton told JUST THE NEWS he was dismayed that ABC News would be lending credibility to the dossier now. “I was disappointed that ABC...gave him, you know, more time to spread this disinformation,” Fitton said. “...He’s been, in my view, thoroughly debunked by official and unofficial investigations, documents you’ve uncovered, we’ve uncovered, the IG has uncovered.”

Bruce Ohr at the Justice Department –- wife of Nellie Ohr who did research for Fusion GPS –- warned that it was unverified raw intelligence and that Steele seemed “desperate” to defeat Trump.

Even former National Security Council expert Fiona Hill –- remember her from Trump’s impeachment? –- who is the person who introduced Steele to his sub-source (thanks, Fiona!), dismissed the dossier as a “rabbit hole,” likely Russian disinformation mixed in with other information that might or night not have been true.

Solomon links to a pdf of a recently declassified FBI re-interview with Steele himself, along with business partner Christopher Burrows, acknowledging his anti-Trump bias in the fall of 2017. The FBI had to know good and well what they were dealing with.

Solomon links to much more –- he characterizes this as an “avalanche” –- that shows Steele and his work for exactly what they were. And yet when Steele sat down with Stephanopoulos, he admitted only that the dossier was not “100 percent” and defended it. It’s shameful that ABC “News” did this horrid piece of “journalism.”

As for Michael Sussmann, he’s not looking too impressive, either. Durham has filed an opposition to his motion for a bill of particulars, arguing that his 27-page “speaking indictment” more than adequately informs him of the charges he faces.

TechnoFog has deciphered Durham’s reply and thinks subpoenas will be going to the DNC, the Hillary Campaign/Hillary for America, Georgia Tech University and the team of cyber experts working on the Alfa Bank hoax, Fusion GPS, and “numerous companies” involved with “Tech Executive – 1,” identified as Rodney Jaffe.

This and much more leads him to think the perpetrators in the Alfa Bank hoax will be charged and that the investigation is much more expansive. He brings up CrowdStrike as well –- referencing, in fact, the article at REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS by Aaron Mate that we brought you a few days ago. A close look at CrowdStrike would “strike” at the heart of what the DNC was up to with the Russia Hoax.

For more on this, here’s a colorful piece from John Solomon.

James Bond or Austin Powers? Inside the cloak and dagger caper to spread Russia collusion tale

You are involved

October 25, 2021

We don’t elect kings to lead us. We are not a monarchy, and in fact we are not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. A true democracy is rule by simple majority and every one votes on every issue. A Constitutional Republic is where we democratically elect representatives who serve on our behalf to make laws that are in line with our framing document, the Constitution. Each citizen has one vote and each individual is considered equal to every other citizen. We are considered individuals with personal liberty and personal responsibility. But our form of government has been under attack by those who want to replace it with an entirely different kind of government. A Marxist, socialist government would trade our being individuals to our being a part of a collective in which the government is to be served by its people rather than its people being served by the government. Instead of us having equal opportunity that is up to us to create prosperity, a Marxist approach diminishes the individual in deference to the state. We only matter as we bring value to the government. If we actually keep moving in that direction, it will be the end of our storied nation that empowered people from all nations, languages, religions, and economic circumstances to live freely and self-determine our future. Those who have worked hard and prospered will be penalized by the state and will have their property and their wealth confiscated. It will be redistributed to those who chose not to work, learn a valuable trade, get an education, or act as responsible stewards of their resources. And when you unfairly tear down the top and artificially raise up the bottom, the result is across the board mediocrity. It’s the equivalent of A students having points shaved off their grades and given to F students so that everyone in the class gets a C, whether one studied hard or partied hard. The incentive to work hard is destroyed, and the motivation to rise up and do better is marginalized. At that point, we become like so many nations before us who tried socialism only to see it destroy an economy, jobs, the value of capital, and creativity. Even art and architecture become bland and lifeless. Surely Americans don’t want that and will rise up against it! When I hear the left tell us that we have 10 years before climate change will turn us into greasy spots on the pavement, I want to scream to forget about climate change—we won’t last 10 years under socialism with inflationary high prices, empty shelves, lack of labor, and meaningless elections, and the only people left with a high standard of living will be those in the ruling class of government. Look around—we are rapidly becoming that. And the tone-deaf princes of power running our government have the audacity to insult us by saying that the problems of high prices for gas and groceries are only problems of the high class. It seems that the academics and people in the high perches of politics and power think you struggling to heat your home, fuel your car, put food on your table or clothes on your kids’ backs are nothing but symbols of wealth. Just when you think politicians can’t get dumber, one of them says “Hold my beer, and watch this!”

You may think you don’t want to be involved in politics, but friend, you ARE involved. You can sit back and let it happen or you stand up and take the power away from the people who hate America, but not caring really is no longer an option. If you like the direction our country is going, you don’t have to do anything but nothing. But some of us won’t give up on America without a fight. And I hope you are one of us!

Remember Andrew McCabe

October 23, 2021

Longtime readers of this newsletter will no doubt remember the name “Andrew McCabe” and have the same reaction to it that Dracula has to garlic. McCabe was the former #2 man to James Comey at the FBI (Comey's Renfield, to keep up our Dracula metaphor), who was up to his eyeballs in the schemes to exonerate Hillary and frame Trump and his people.

McCabe was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions after FBI inspector general Michael Horowitz found he had lied repeatedly to investigators about his leaks to the media (or to use the official whitewash term, he “lacked candor.” If you or I had lacked candor in speaking to FBI investigators, we’d go to prison.) As a result, he also lost some benefits and got a smaller pension than he otherwise would have. Boo-hoo.

Some might think he should have been grateful not to be dragged directly to jail, but those folks don’t understand the massive sense of entitlement hard-wired into the swamp critters of DC. McCabe not only continued posing as a legitimate commentator on liberal news channels, he also sued to get all those things he was so justly denied when he was fired.

As Byron York at the Washington Examiner reports, the Biden Administration has just settled the suit by agreeing to all his demands. McCabe will not only get $200,000 of our money in back pay for the marvelous job he did at the FBI, but we also get to pay his lawyers’ $539,000 bill. And his official record will be expunged of anything about his firing (for CAUSE.) (Note that this is the same Administration that wants to dishonorably discharge military members and strip them of all benefits just for refusing a COVID vaccine shot.)

We may not be able to prevent this Administration from showering money on someone who should have been given nothing at federal expense but an orange jumpsuit and expunging his record, but as York notes, we can make sure that what he did is not expunged from the public memory. So click the link to read all the details before the Deep State stuffs it down the memory hole.

Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland was grilled by the House Judiciary Committee. Here’s a pretty dispassionate recounting of who said what.

And here are a few more conservative-oriented assessments:

The major points we learned from this are that Garland denies ever referring to angry parents at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists” (to be a stickler for accuracy, that’s just how someone else described it, based on the way he proposes treating them.) He claimed only to have learned from the media about that letter from the National School Board Association that was the alleged catalyst for him calling for federal action against parents.

If so, then he’s not very well-connected at the White House, since they apparently knew about it before it was even sent.

I noticed something interesting about the questions: Republicans focused on current issues and things Garland might do in the future, like the school board memo and parental rights, Garland’s potential conflict of interest with his son-in-law making millions selling Critical Race Theory materials to schools (he insists there is no conflict of interest, so that’s that), and whether there will be an investigation of Hunter Biden’s art sales.

Democrats’ questions were mostly attempts to keep past issues on life support, like whether Trump will be indicted for paying hush money to Stormy Daniels (Google it.) One actually complained that the DOJ was going too easy on Trump supporters arrested back on January 6th. You know, those people who were held for months, some in solitary, or under abusive conditions such as delayed medical care, before they were even charged. If that’s “going easy,” what do you call letting people go free after they loot cities, attack police and try to burn down a federal courthouse with people inside it?

And if the January 6th arrestees are ever charged with anything, what will it be? One thing we learned yesterday is that it probably won’t be “insurrection.”

Worried about the economy

October 23, 2021

A new Fox News poll finds an overwhelming percentage of Americans are worried about the economy, and the negative ratings for President Biden’s handling of it are rising even among Democrats (an 11% drop in approval in just one month.) Almost nine in 10 voters are worried about inflation, and a staggering 84% say rising gas prices are a problem for their families.

And no wonder: as of today, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas according to Triple A is just under $3.38. In California, land of liberal “governance,” it’s $4.53. And in the remote small town of Gorda, California, a gallon of regular unleaded is $7.59 and premium is nearly $8.50.

If you’re hoping for relief soon, dream on. The Biden Administration has backtracked and decided not to challenge a court ruling blocking the Willow Project, an oil and gas drilling project in Alaska that would have generated 100,000 barrels of oil a day and created 2,000 construction jobs and 300 permanent jobs and which had already passed an extensive review for environmental impact.

President Biden admitted that gas prices are up and said they likely won’t go down until 2022. I’d say 2024 is more like it, when we can get a President back into office who hasn’t declared war on our domestic fossil fuel industry that was thriving as recently as last year.

Just as a reminder of how your vote has consequences: In February of 2020, when Trump was still in office, one of my writers snapped a photo of the sign at his local gas station in suburban Dallas as he filled up his tank. A gallon of regular was $1.89.

And Biden told you he wasn’t going to tax the poor and middle class!

Latest poll news

October 23, 2021

Politico obtained the results of a private poll conducted by the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC, which is warning Democrats of serious problems ahead in 2022. That poll showed that 53% of Americans think the economy has gotten worse (only 30% think it’s improved), 56% rank inflation as the most pressing economic issue, and Biden’s approval rating is only 41%, which is dragging all Democrats down.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll found that 62% of Americans lay a lot or some blame for rising inflation on President Biden’s policies.

Biden has now sunk so low in so many polls that for the first time, Real Clear Politics’ average of all polls shows a majority disapproving of the job he’s doing, by 52,3% to 43.2% approval.

Most stunning of all, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of likely voters finds that 58% believe Biden is not mentally or physically up to the job of President, and 53% believe someone else is making his decisions for him.

Caveat: I always warn readers not to pay attention to polls, especially those taken well in advance of elections. It’s good to see polls going your way, but if we’re going to save America, we have to volunteer, work, donate and vote as if they’re not.

Fighting back works

October 22, 2021

The good news is that Congressional Democrats have caved before the tsunami of outrage over their plans to have the IRS track every financial transaction or bank balance over $600 and have raised the limit to $10,000. The bad news is that they’re still trying to have the IRS track every transaction or bank balance over $10,000.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, “Today’s new proposal reflects the Administration’s strong belief that we should zero in on those at the top of the income scale who don’t pay the taxes they owe, while protecting American workers by setting the bank account threshold at $10,000 and providing an exemption for wage earners like teachers and firefighters.”

Republicans pointed out that this would still intrude on the privacy of every small business owner and many individuals who might have balances or transactions over $10,000, for everything from depositing daily restaurant earnings to saving for a car to making a down payment on a house.

We’ve heard this “It'll only trap rich crooks” claim before, when law enforcement was given civil asset forfeiture powers. It wasn’t long before they were happily abusing that power to seize cash, houses and other assets from innocent Americans who were lucky if they could ever get their rightful property back. Here are just 10 particularly egregious examples out of many:

Do you really think that if the IRS gets this snooping power, that agency or the politicians overseeing it won’t abuse it?

Besides, if the real target is very rich tax evaders, why is the threshold set at $10,000? People in that tax bracket spend that much on a watch or a designer gown to wear to a gala with AOC. Would they really risk audits and jail time over what they would consider sofa cushion change? $10,000 may sound like big bucks to you, but it’s nothing to the people the Democrats claim are the target. Setting it that low means you are the target.

Thursday, President Biden took questions in a CNN “townhall.”

I use the quotation marks because CNN always seems to find a “town” that’s at least 90% Democrats. In this case, of the 12 people allowed to ask questions, only two were Republicans, and the first one didn’t get to speak until 20 minutes before it ended. Even one of the questioners identified as an “Independent” attacked Republicans and “rogue moderates” and asked why Biden didn’t just force through the Democrat agenda. Sounds like that person is an “Independent” like “Democratic socialists” are “Democrats.”

The biggest news points to come out of the evening were:

* Biden admitted he didn’t have the votes to pass his $3.5 trillion spending bill if it retained his hike in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.

* He said he was considering doing away with the Senate filibuster to pass the Democrats “voting rights” (i.e., “legalize vote fraud”) bill, but not for all bills, because that would lose him three votes for his $3.5 trillion spending bill. (Note: I don’t think “doing away with the filibuster” works that way. You’d think that someone who spent 370 years in the Senate would know that.)

* He said he was considering sending in the National Guard to ease the supply chain crisis. I guess that’s easier than reversing the liberal policies that are causing it, like the AB-5 law in California that banned independent contractor truckers. A national version of that is in his $3.5 trillion bill, if you want to know how serious he really is about fixing the supply chain crisis.

By the way, over 100 House Republicans signed a letter explaining why Biden’s $3.5 trillion porkulus bill would be a death blow to the supply chain.

* He said the US would defend Taiwan if China attacked it. China seemed really intimidated by that threat.

And why should they be, since they now seem to be outstripping us in military weapons development?

* And the quote that made the biggest news: Biden doubled down on threatening police officers and other emergency workers and first responders, saying that if they refuse to comply with his COVID vaccine mandate, they should stay home or be fired (the fact that this received “thunderous applause” from the audience should tell you the kind of audiences CNN assembles for these dog-and-pony shows.) He then ridiculed the very idea of Americans having the freedom of autonomy over their own bodies, mocking them by saying, “I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID. Come on.” (Still unanswered: the question of how unvaccinated people endanger vaccinated people if the vaccines work.) This also overlooks the fact that many of those people worked through the pandemic at great personal risk, and were likely already exposed to and recovered from COVID so they have natural immunity.

I have a feeling that Biden dismissing cops and first responders and mocking freedom will be a recurring theme in many 2022 campaign ads.

I couldn’t help wondering what people might be thinking who actually voted for Biden because he was sold to them as a moderate centrist who would return compromise and respect for other people’s views to the White House. Also, he hailed first responders as the heroes of the pandemic, vowed not to impose a government vaccine mandate, and even expressed reluctance himself to take any vaccine that was rushed to market under Donald Trump. Now, those first responder bums' lives can just be ruined if they’re skeptical of vaccines he sowed distrust in, and they resist the mandate he promised never to impose.

I’m leaving out the biggest news of the night: he got through it without dissolving into gibberish or wandering off stage. But it might have been better if he’d done either one of those things rather than say what he did about first responders. He might want to consider that if he plans to brutally enforce a vaccine mandate, it might be good not to alienate the police. The Democrats have done enough of that already by defunding police departments and legalizing crime.

For more on that, check out this story about how an iconic Target store is the latest to close in San Francisco because the same people come back every day and rob them blind, and the liberal leaders who refuse to make them pay any consequences for theft are denying that’s the real reason. This account comes directly from some fed-up cops speaking anonymously, so you can imagine how much loyalty they still have to liberal Democrats.

Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit has a good op-ed on police pushback against vaccine mandates, and how forcing officers to quit will result in them becoming private security so the wealthy will be safe while poor and minority neighborhoods will suffer (thanks again, Democrats!) One silver lining: the Democrats seem to want to impose a police state, but that’s going to be hard if the police are so furious they’d rather quit than obey Democrat policies.

Finally, it wasn’t as if the Biden Townhall didn’t have a healthy scoop of false claims and incoherence, which Nick Arama at chronicled:

One thing that’s been clear since Hillary’s Perkins Coie attorney Michael Sussmann was indicted by Special Counsel John Durham for lying to the FBI is that he is a pivotal character in the Russia Hoax. From Durham’s “speaking indictment” it’s easy to see that this man surely must be the Mother Lode of information about the whole scheme and virtually everyone involved, whether in the “Justice” Department and FBI, the media, the DNC, the Hillary campaign (same thing), or, with partner-in-slime Marc Elias, the fabricators of the “dossier.”

Yes, “fabricators.” George Stephanopoulos’s transparent and laughable attempts to redeem Christopher Steele via TV interview fell flat, as there’s still no verification of that stupid, mistake-riddled dossier.

Anyway, Aaron Mate at REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS has a great piece on Sussmann and then-legal partner Marc Elias (who again made a name for himself in 2020 by dismantling election security measures in battleground states nationwide). Mate outlines how these two Democrat operatives were central to the Russia Hoax. “The emerging picture,” he says, “shows Sussmann and his Perkins Coie colleague Marc Elias, the chief counsel for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, proceeding on parallel, coordinated tracks to solicit and spread disinformation tying Donald Trump to the Kremlin.”

Sussmann was indicted for concealing the fact that he was working on behalf of Hillary’s campaign when he went to the FBI in September 2016 with a fake story about computer servers at Trump Tower “pinging” with those at Alfa Bank, a financial institution allegedly linked to Vladimir Putin, suggesting “collusion.” Fortunately, Alfa Bank sued Christopher Steele and others involved in this fabrication, and court documents apparently provided Durham’s investigators with a lot of pertinent details.

What we like about Mate’s piece is its look at the activities of Hillary’s “dynamic duo,” Sussman and Elias, as they fulfilled their mission to get the “Russia” narrative going. It’s also got some interesting details on Sussmann and CrowdStrike, the tech company that ended up with the DNC servers after the DNC claimed in April 2016 that their emails had been hacked. It was Sussmann who immediately hired CrowdStrike. And it was CrowdStrike who quickly made the claim –- still unproven –- that Russia had hacked the DNC servers to obtain the emails that were made public by WikiLeaks.

In moves that “smell” coordinated, just days before Sussmann hired CrowdStrike and pressed them to implicate the Kremlin, Elias retained opposition research company Fusion GPS to, as Mate puts it, “dig up dirt on Trump and the Kremlin.” CrowdStrike alleged the Russia “hack” and Christopher Steele produced his first “dossier” report within six days of each other. Mate’s report is the first we’ve seen of this part of the timeline.

In later congressional testimony, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson called the overlap of the two lawyers’ activities “an extraordinary coincidence.”

But together, these two Democrat Party lawyers played a central role in defining the fake Trump-Russia narrative. In Mate’s words, their “odd relationship” with the FBI gave them “unprecedented influence over a high-stakes national security scandal that upended U.S. politics and ensnared their political opponents.” We’ve all heard plenty about Marc Elias, Fusion GPS and the “dossier,” so for now let’s focus on the emerging story of Sussmann’s involvement with CrowdStrike.

When another Perkins Coie colleague, Graham Wilson, told Sussmann in April 2016 that a DNC server had been breached, Sussmann immediately called CrowdStrike. (He later testified to the House Intel Committee that CrowdStrike had been hired on his “recommendation.”) And here’s something dodgy: CrowdStrike’s contract to examine the DNC servers was NOT with the DNC but with Sussmann and Perkins Coie. The contract states: “CrowdStrike shall cooperate with Firm in protecting the Parties’ communications and work product from disclosure under the attorney-client privilege, work product doctrine or other applicable privileges or protections.”

Pretty slick, huh? But Elias/Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS had the same arrangement, to protect THEIR communications, too. And apparently, both attorneys hid the fact that it was the DNC and Hillary’s campaign who were footing the bill for the Russia Hoax. Everybody in this whole scheme was set up to have privileged communications!

Still, though I’m not a lawyer, I seem to recall that such privilege is not applicable if it’s a cover for breaking the law.

Apparently, it was Sussmann who controlled what the FBI was allowed to see. It was reported by THE NEW YORK TIMES that within a day, CrowdStrike “confirmed that the intrusion had originated in Russia.” In June 2016, Sussmann and DNC executives met with the FBI and encouraged the Bureau to go public with the “Russia” story and even say specifically that it was espionage. Sussmann pushed hard for this but offered the FBI no evidence in the form of forensic images or an unredacted report from CrowdStrike.

So the FBI wasn’t ready to proclaim this, but that didn’t stop the DNC from going public on its own. Sussmann and CrowdStrike CEO Shawn Henry were named as sources for a story that ran in the WASHINGTON POST.

Much later, after his testimony before the House Intel Committee was finally declassified in May 2020, we learned that Shawn Henry had no actual indication that the DNC servers had even been hacked, let alone by Russia. “There’s circumstantial evidence,” he said, “but no evidence that they were actually infiltrated.” U.S. intel officials were using weasel-words such as “likely” and “appears to” in their own documents –- including Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report –- to cover up the lack of proof.

On big question is why the FBI would rely on CrowdStrike’s word on the “hacking” of the DNC servers. The FBI has said the DNC denied them access to the servers, while the DNC said the equivalent of, “Well, they never asked.” When Sussmann and Shawn Henry testified before the House Intel Committee in December 2017, they said the FBI “did not try” to conduct an independent investigation. Sussmann testified that he said he offered access to “everything CrowdStrike was developing,” but to his knowledge they never sought access. It’s hard to know what is true, especially since Sussmann has been INDICTED FOR LYING. Another tip-off: he’s a lawyer for the DNC.

But former FBI Director James Comey testified that the FBI had made “multiple requests at different levels” to access the servers and had been denied. Gosh, it’s hard to know what to believe when known liars are contradicting each other.

James Trainor, who was then assistant director for the FBI Cyber Division, told the Senate Intel Committee that Sussmann had “scrubbed” the CrowdStrike report before it was given to the FBI, resulting in a “stripped-down version” that was “not optimal.” So the FBI was left with no investigation of its own, only CrowdStrike’s report that Sussmann had finessed and redacted. CrowdStrike’s original, unredacted report remains unreleased to this day.

So, no one has seen evidence of a Russia “hack.” But someone got the DNC emails to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange still won’t say, but he has said it wasn’t Russia or any state. There’s no indication –- so far –- that Durham is looking into that. CrowdStrike told REAL CLEAR INVESTIGATIONS that the special counsel hasn’t been in touch.

But maybe he'll find out from Michael Sussmann.

I know that most Americans don’t care to read about the problems of nations on the other side of the world. But I urge you to read this story from the Epoch Times about the ongoing genocide of Christians in Nigeria (70,000 so far) at the hands of Muslim extremists.

It’s shocking that so many American media outlets trumpet their belief that “black lives matter,” yet give no coverage to the genocide of black Christians in Nigeria. But Lara Logan of Fox Nation has produced a documentary on it called “21st Century Terrorism Revealed.”

One thing it reveals is that if you think, “It’s a terrible tragedy, but it has nothing to do with us,” you couldn’t be more wrong. Bad American policy under Obama had a direct impact on causing this genocide. Obama and John Kerry worked to undermine the Christian President of Nigeria because he passed a ban on gay marriage, and helped elect a Muslim President who’s turning a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians – and who also kept the ban on gay marriage.

Nor is the danger likely to stay isolated to Nigeria. As Nina Shea of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom told the Epoch Times, this is “not simply a human rights and humanitarian crisis of genocidal proportions, it is also an American security concern. Today, Mahanga is a terrorist base camp; tomorrow, half of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous and economically prosperous country, could be one. The U.S. government must recognize the gains being made by Islamist extremists in this region under the approving eye of its President - an apologist President who continues to generously aid their efforts. Nigeria is rapidly becoming a global catastrophe.”

It may be too much to hope that the same President who just handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban and left our people behind will do anything about saving Christians in Nigeria or preventing that nation from becoming a new haven for global terrorism. But if enough Americans learn what’s going on and how it could come back to bite us, maybe our next President will.

Reeder: RIP Betty Lynn

October 21, 2021

I’m sad to report that on Saturday, actress Betty Lynn died at 95. She passed away peacefully in her sleep. Beloved as Barney Fife’s girlfriend Thelma Lou on “The Andy Griffith Show,” her death leaves Ron Howard as the last surviving major cast member of that classic show.

While she was most famous as Thelma Lou, she had a long acting career, stretching from movie roles as a teenager alongside such stars as Bette Davis and Maureen O’Hara to many TV roles (do you remember her as Andy Griffith’s secretary in the first season of “Matlock”?)

TV writer/blogger Mark Evanier was very close to Betty, having grown up next door to her. He wrote, “You never met a sweeter, kinder human being than Betty Lynn.” She was like an aunt to him, so his blog has many posts about her life and his memories of her. This is a great example from his childhood of just how nice and caring she was:

Here’s his link to what he thinks is the best obituary, put out by the Andy Griffith Museum in his hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina:

She loved Mayberry fans and was known for attending fan fests and conventions. Fans would line up around the block for a photo and autograph, and she often remembered their names and asked about their family members by name, even if she’d only met them once, years before. Her love of Mayberry and what it stood for led her to retire to the closest thing to the TV town, Mt. Airy, where she became a beloved local celebrity and appeared regularly at the Andy Griffith Museum to greet fans and pose for photos.

I know you depend on me to tell you things that most obituaries won’t mention. So here's one from Mark Evanier: “She was deeply religious and apart from acting, the only profession she had ever contemplated was to become a nun.”

Also, Don Knotts left the show after five seasons, and so did she, since she believed Thelma Lou and Barney belonged together. But Knotts returned for a later episode about a reunion dance where Barney is distraught when Thelma Lou arrives with her new husband. Betty was so upset at the writers when she saw the script that she said the only way she could get through it was by telling herself that Thelma Lou was only pretending that a platonic male friend was her husband to save face. Personally, I tell myself that, too, when I watch it.

Fortunately, that misstep was rectified in the 1986 made-for-TV movie “Return to Mayberry,” where Barney and Thelma Lou finally got married. As God intended!

Rest in peace to a fine actress and a wonderful lady who will continue winning new generations of fans far into the future, especially with so many of us looking at the sorry state of the modern world and wishing we could “return to Mayberry.”

Here’s something the White House was so eager for you to see, they released it with great media fanfare on...late Friday afternoon.

Ah, we’re just having a little fun with sarcasm. As everyone who’s not an idiot knows, late in the day on Friday is when the government dumps documents it hopes will receive minimal media attention and stay under the radar. This time, it darned near worked, too; we’d like to thank Glenn Beck for calling attention to this report, dated October 14: A ROADMAP TO BUILD A CLIMATE-RESILIENT ECONOMY --- U.S. Climate-Related Financial Risk, Executive Order #14030.

Never mind all the climate-related predictions that have not come to pass. This report assumes the absolute worst, blaming climate change for all extreme weather such as wildfires and hurricanes, in a way that allows it to say that one out of every three Americans has been affected by the “climate crisis.” Our ability to deal with the financial fallout from this “climate crisis” is lacking, the report warns: “In short, the current suite of data, tools, disclosures and mitigation strategies fail to help investors, policymakers and the public understand and make decisions grounded in the economic realities of the climate crisis.” So, hooray, the government is here to fix that. This is our lucky day.

Biden’s Executive Order #14030, signed May 20, 2021, calls for the federal government to lead financial institutions by example by “appropriately prioritizing Federal investments.” And it’s far- reaching; “This report lays out a roadmap for measuring, disclosing, managing, and mitigating climate-related financial risk across the economy, including to the Federal Government, while also catalyzing public and private investment to seize the opportunity of a net-zero, clean energy future.”

This will require radical change and control---I mean nurturing guidance, but without this, we would really miss out. As the report says, “By sustaining the status quo, we not only face the mounting repercussions of climate change, but also...of missing out on on an historic chance for job creation, shared prosperity, and a more resilient future. THE UNITED STATES MUST INTEGRATE CLIMATE RISKS THROUGHOUT ALL RELEVANT ASPECTS OF THE ECONOMY AND FINANCIAL SYSTEM. [Emphasis mine.] And, in doing so, it must meet the moral and economic imperative to rectify decades of disproportionate environmental damage imposed on historically disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

This “broader economic strategy...leverages the full talent and creativity of all Americans by elevating equity [NOTE: “equity” means an engineered equality of outcome; see Critical Theory] as a top priority in all decision-making, and restores the United States’ relationship with key allies internationally, finding common ground to meet the global goals of the Paris Accord.”

Recall that newly-inaugurated President Biden rejoined the Paris Accord his first day in office. It’s described in this government press release at the time as “an unprecedented framework for global action.” And that’s exactly what it is.

Criticism of this new "roadmap" is bound to be interpreted as “climate skepticism,” which is now verboten on YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. So, wasn’t that timed well?

Glenn Beck warned in March that this was coming, as banks were starting to implement “environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores” on their own. These were an outgrowth of the Paris Accords –- which Trump had wisely pulled out of before Biden brought us back in –- and simultaneous meetings of the world’s largest financial institutions. The World Bank and the U.N. brought together 230 banks and insurance companies to outline what became known as “The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI),” which drafts a methodology for, as Beck put it, “to bend the private sector to the will of the government by using banks as a pressure or a choke point.” We went hunting and found their “Principles of Responsible Banking.”

Consistent with these, Article 2.1(c) of the Paris Accords states: “This Agreement...aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, in the context of sustainable development AND EFFORTS TO ERADICATE POVERTY [emphasis mine], including by making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse emissions and climate-resilient development.”

This is the way government gets to follow all the money---I mean, “finance flows.” (I would add that this is very much in the spirit of the recent call for U.S. banks to report every transaction over $600.) It might also determine whether a bank will loan money to you and what you have to do in order to get it. This is, well, serfdom.

The one thing that was lacking till now was full U.S. government support, which is what the "roadmap" released on Friday apparently gave. It essentially means that financial incentives will be used to make the public conform to whatever the government deems of value in controlling and dealing with climate change. They argue that this will make us more competitive with nations such as China –- which makes no sense, as China won’t be bound by any of this. (And why should they, when they already HAVE total government control?)

The "roadmap" mentions French legislation called “France’s Energy Transition Law” that uses the principle of “comply or explain.” In France, every bank and every company needs to provide a full accounting to the government “disclosing all of their ESG measures.” Beck cites the most recent report from Coca-Cola in Europe that runs to 98 pages of “explanation” to justify their license to do business. But you don’t have to read 98 pages; note the two paragraphs titled “Global Relevance” on the PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment) website at the link and see that “comply or explain” is indeed a real thing.

The White House is directing Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to begin a similar initiative under the Financial Stability Oversight Council, using the justification that climate change is a national security threat. Knowing Janet Yellen, we’re sure she can’t wait to implement this.

We haven’t read the entire report yet, only the introductory parts, but according to Beck it will require Americans’ compliance in order to, say, continue having insurance or maintain a savings account. It does this under the auspices of protecting Americans’ savings and pensions.

Obviously, all businesses having contracts with the federal government will be particularly vulnerable to this control.

They're even “addressing climate risk in the VA lending programs.” That’s the amazing thing about “climate risk” –- it affects everything! VA lending is mentioned in the glowing press briefing from Friday, at the link.

Essentially, the government is using the perceived "climate crisis" as a pretext to run everything, to take control of what was left of the free market and everything we do or own. It’s not a crazy conspiracy theory –- it’s there in the report, and we really don’t even have to read between the lines very much to see how this works. By bringing the report out very quietly late on a Friday, they obviously were trying to keep any discussion of it as low-key as possible. Let’s see what we can do to foil that plan.

The death of Colin Powell

October 20, 2021

One of the most depressing aspects of modern politics is the way that people see the death of a fellow human being not as a time to set politics aside and show respect but as an opportunity to score cheap political points. This ranges from the sewer scum level of Twitter trolls gleefully celebrating a political opponents’ death to sanctimonious attempts to utilize the deceased as a weapon to attack others.

There’s been a lot of the latter around the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell. Probably the slimiest, not surprisingly, came from CNN’s Chris Cilizza, who used Powell’s death to smear the entire Republican Party. He wrote an article called “The Colin Powell Republican No Longer Exists.” But if the point is that Powell was a moderate who rejected “extremism,” then I could just as easily write an article called “The Colin Powell Democrat No Longer Exists.”

Powell obviously had his personal reasons for starting to vote for Democrats (which he did with Obama, long before Trump entered politics.) I can disagree with that decision without attacking him or millions of others, but that’s beyond some people.

Naturally, there was also sniping back and forth over the big topic of the day, since Powell was fully vaccinated but it was initially reported that he’d died of complications from COVID-19. Everyone was trying to score points over that, pro- or anti-vaccination. In fact, his vaccination status was irrelevant. Powell was 84 and suffered from several conditions that make people more vulnerable to COVID even if they are vaccinated, including a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. A study found that 55% of sufferers fail to fully respond to vaccination because of their limited ability to produce antibodies.

There are many tributes to Gen. Powell online and there are many criticisms. You don’t need me to point them out to you. But I will link to this column by Kurt Schichter, who is also a military veteran. While not a Powell fan, he recognizes his accomplishments, balances his praise and criticism, and does a good job of explaining why Powell might have moved from Republican to Democrat, and why it had to do with his own personal viewpoint and larger changes in government and the culture rather than tens of millions of Republicans being horrible people.


I’m disappointed that former President Trump used the occasion of General Powell’s death to air grievances he had with General Powell. There are times, when it’s best not to say anything than to say something that is harsh, especially when the target of the comments is deceased. Even if you’re a former President.

More video from the January 6th Capitol protest has been released, and as with the first video that the government tried to suppress, it doesn’t exactly support the claim that this was a violent insurrection. The new video appears to show someone opening a door, people walking inside, and police standing aside and letting them come in. If they were “forcing their way in,” they don’t appear to be aware of it.

If the House Democrats are having trouble finding actual footage of violent rioters attacking police, I know where they can get some. Unfortunately, it wasn’t taken in the Capitol on January 6th.

In a related story, former President Trump is suing the Congressional committee “investigating” the January 6th Capitol riot to block them from obtaining White House records that he says are protected by executive privilege.

The Democrats claim that those records might prove that Trump was talking to aids about planning a violent insurrection, which is ridiculous on the face of it. It’s more likely just a fishing expedition to try to find anything to accuse Trump of. Trump asked Biden to respect his executive privilege and refuse to comply, but of course, Biden said no because “TRUUUUUUMP!!!!”

This led some legal scholars to warn the Biden White House that they’re making a serious mistake. There isn’t likely to be anything in those records that will show Trump plotting an insurrection, but the fact that Biden failed to stand up for executive privilege could set a precedent that makes it harder to assert for future Presidents, as well as for himself if Republicans win Congress in 2022 and start launching investigations into the Biden White House.

But then, planning ahead and thinking about longterm consequences aren’t proving to be this Administration’s strong suits.

Democrats keep pointing to polls showing that a majority of Americans support their $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill. But the same polls show that most Americans don’t actually know what’s in it. We’ve tried to correct that here by pointing to several stories that detail some of the horrors within, like this:

But today, let’s take a look at two very specific things that would directly affect most of you if that monstrosity passes. For instance, it would greatly expand the size, powers and reach of the IRS. Democrats claim that’s just to make the rich and corporations pay their “fair share,” so why does it allow them to snoop into every bank account with at least $600 in it?

And here’s something they haven’t told you: The IRS is most likely to audit people who have income that isn’t reported or that doesn’t match what’s in their bank accounts. The people that most closely describes are the working poor, such as handymen, bartenders and wait staff. According to journalist Saager Enjeti of the “Breaking Points” podcast, under this bill, the IRS would be THREE TIMES more likely to audit someone making less than $25,000 than someone in the top 1% of earners.

As the linked article points out, it’s not just the threat of audits that should worry you but also the intrusive nature of IRS snooping, allowing the government to see every purchase and donation, and potentially use that information to try to categorize and intimidate you into behaving the way they want you to (Think that’s hyperbole? Do you not want to get vaccinated? How’s that working out?)

Also hidden in the dense verbiage of that giant bill are various measures to vastly enrich and empower the labor unions that make up one of the Democrats’ biggest support groups. This is inspired by California’s disastrous AB-5 law that just about killed the gig/freelance/contract worker economy.

That doesn’t just harm people who prefer working freelance, from Uber drivers to people who work at home via the Internet. Derek Hunter at has a column about how tragically unqualified Pete Buttigieg is to be Transportation Secretary, and at one of the few times that job is vital, during the supply chain crisis.

In it, he makes the point that Biden’s order to unload cargo 24/7 at the L.A. port is pointless because there aren’t enough truckers to take it anywhere, because AB-5 outlawed independent contractors, which were most of the state’s truckers.

In short, one of the big reasons why we’re facing potential empty store shelves is the idiotic leftwing law passed by California that the Democrats want to take nationwide via their $3.5 trillion socialist utopia wish list bill.

Will “free government-paid day care” really seem all that attractive when you don’t need day care anymore because your job was eliminated?


October 20, 2021

The literary world in Spain is in chaos and feminists are up in arms after acclaimed female thriller novelist Carmen Mota won a prestigious book award – and the three men who secretly write under that pseudonym came up and accepted it!

They had created an entire backstory for her, done interviews as her, and “her” works had even been included in selections of feminist writings.

It’s interesting that they’re being greeted with such anger and accused of being frauds and scammers. I thought that if a man identified as a woman, that made him (sorry, her) a woman. Obviously, these three guys are extremely good at identifying as a woman. And if their books are good enough to win awards, what difference does it make who wrote them? In fact, if we can be anything we "identify" as, then doesn't that negate the entire concept of identity politics?

Recently, we’ve seen controversies in the US in which authors had contracts cancelled because they weren’t the same ethnicity as their main character, as if the job of novelist (which requires using your imagination to see life through other people’s eyes) can only be performed by someone exactly like the book's protagonist. Returning a book because you find out the author isn’t exactly who you thought is like when people loved Milli Vanilli’s album until they found out the guys on the cover didn’t really sing on it, then they demanded refunds. Did the music in the grooves somehow change for the worse? And are these award-winning books now bad just because they were written by three men instead of one woman?

Next thing you know, someone will be telling me that Mark Twain wasn’t Samuel Clemons’ real name!

The New York Post reports that the Biden Administration has been secretly flying illegal immigrants, mostly children and teens but not all, from the Texas border to suburban New York under cover of darkness to settle them across the region. A Post analysis of online flight-tracking data indicates that about 2,000 illegal border crossers have been flown to an airport outside White Plains on 21 flights since August 8th.

When they land, usually between midnight and 4 a.m., they’re reportedly put on charter buses and taken to various locations from the Bronx to Connecticut.

The news was met with outrage from Republicans and some local residents, but the White House claims it’s nothing new: "It is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly unified with a parent or a vetted sponsor." That sidesteps the issue that it’s also their legal responsibility to enforce border security to prevent us having to deal with a tsunami of unaccompanied children, but here we are.

Witnesses say they’ve seen adult males get off those flights, and a spokeswoman for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, "If the Biden Administration is so confident that their open-border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy? Why is the Biden Administration refusing to share even the most basic information about illegal alien resettlement in communities throughout our state and the entire country? Washington, DC, sets immigration policies that do not affect them, and states — that lack information about migrant resettlement and do not have the authority to change federal immigration policy — are expected to bear the brunt of Biden’s reckless open-borders agenda."

I can’t help wondering how gullible they think we are to say there’s nothing sneaky going on when they just got caught doing it in secret after midnight. It reminds me of comic Flip Wilson’s advice: “Midnight is a good time to be sneakin’. If anyone sees you, they’re sneakin’, too.”

The Post editors also have some choice things to say about why these flights are being conducted in secret: because having open borders and waving in illegal immigrants might be popular with “progressives,” but not with most Americans. So Biden’s people have to make sure most Americans never hear about it. Consider this article to be the sound of a blowing whistle.

AOC challenger emerges

October 19, 2021

It may seem like an impossible dream, but AOC has a challenger in New York’s 14th House District who might actually have a chance to boot the media’s favorite socialist fashionista out of Congress.

Like AOC, this person is Hispanic and even a former bartender – but that’s where the similarities end. Desi Cuellar’s parents fled Cuba to escape the socialism that AOC is so enamored with. He knows what it’s like to be poor, work hard and even be homeless, but he refuses to blame America for his early struggles or play victim. He even joined the National Guard because, he says, he “wanted to do more for my country.”

Cuellar said, “I am proof that opportunity exists for anyone in this country, that America is worth fighting for, that our values and our constitutional rights set us apart from the rest of the world. But my opponent AOC is doing everything she can to undo what countless Americans have died to preserve.”

He says, “As a New Yorker, I’m sick and tired of seeing AOC use our city as a launching pad for her socialist agenda.” He’s made a hard-hitting ad that can be seen at the link above. I wish him all the luck in the world.

It might seem like an insurmountable task, since AOC got 71% of the vote in 2020. But note that the 14th District has a population of nearly 700,000, and AOC’s total vote was less than 153,000. There are a lot of people there who didn’t bother to vote. Let’s hope Cuellar can inspire them to go to the polls and remind them that they elect someone to Congress to represent their beliefs and interests, not those of Bernie Sanders, Karl Marx or Fidel Castro.

While driving on I-30 towards Dallas over the weekend, one of my staffers saw a rather startling billboard that said, “TRUMP LOST --- NO MORE ‘AUDITS.’” It featured a glum-looking picture of the former President in massive side profile, unattractively hunched over, looking down in disappointment and disgust.

It was one of those brightly-lit, changing billboards, and there wasn’t enough time to read the tiny lettering that showed who had sponsored it. Of course, the first thought when seeing something like this would be that some leftist group had paid for it, maybe some organization with deep pockets filled to overflowing with Soros or Zuckerberg money. Well, it's not a leftist group per se, though I can see how leftists might certainly support it strategically and donate money, and perhaps they have.

It was sponsored by Republicans. Or, more accurately, “Republicans.”

The small print said “PAID FOR BY REPUBLICANS FOR VOTING RIGHTS, A PROJECT OF DEFENDING DEMOCRACY TOGETHER,” and then gave the photo credit. The billboard first appeared in Times Square, and it’s gigantic.

It’s part of a campaign that will run in all states where Trump is encouraging vote audits. (We haven’t heard anything about anyone calling for an audit in New York, so the huge billboard in Times Square was apparently just to kick off the campaign with a big promotional splash.)

As reported by BUSINESS INSIDER, as of this weekend there were 36 “Trump Lost” billboards across 9 states. There’s a map at the Republicans For Voting Rights website.

“Republicans For Voting Rights is launching a quarter-million dollar billboard campaign across the country to call on state lawmakers to reject frivolous audits of the 2020 election.,” they say on their website. They list Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Florida, Texas and Virginia in addition to the one in Times Square. In Texas, the one near Dallas is shown, along with other billboards in Austin, Houston and San Antonio. Florida has five of them.

It’s interesting to see that they’re so opposed to audits in states that Trump easily won. The purpose of targeted audits in red states is obviously not to change the electoral outcome in those states, but to identify and address problems in major metropolitan areas such as Houston. Why would real Republicans be against that?

There’s a place on that same page to join the organization, with the headline, “Don’t sit quietly and surrender one of America’s great political parties.” I assume they mean surrender to Republicans who...want transparent elections and more confidence in the system?

On their home page, the group says, “The evidence is clear: Republicans need to reject these fraudits.” Then there are rows of testimonials from members. Here are a few samples:

“They [pro-Trump Republicans] are morally bankrupt on just about any democracy issue. Anything that made this country what it is, they’re doing everything they can to destroy it.” --- Alfred, in Ohio

“Do I stay in the party and fight against Trumpism, or do I just completely go independent? I don’t know, it’s been tough.” --- Lisa, in Ohio

“The Republican Party was founded by a guy named Abe Lincoln --- a guy who wouldn’t want the Proud Boys.” --- Migdalia, in Florida

“The election was secure. The election was safe. The election was honest. Donald Trump is a sore loser.” --- Nitin, in New York

“Anything that the government can do to encourage people to get out and vote is the best possible way.” --- Judy, in Texas

“Another reason why I left the Republican Party is the restriction on voting rights.” --- Julie, in Texas.

“Liz Cheney didn’t really change her beliefs. Everybody else changed theirs.” --- Anna, in Georgia

“If there is any chance of the Republican Party surviving this, it’s going to be because of Cheney and [Illinois Rep. Adam] Kinzinger and people like them.” --- Kim, in Florida

“The Republican Party of Donald Trump is destroying our democratic institutions by telling the Big Lie that the election was rigged.” --- Gary, in Rhode Island.

I could go on with these, but you get the idea. Speaking of Rep. Kinzinger, he’s in the news right now, and he might be sorry that he thought he could trust and work with Democrats.

To Gary in Rhode Island (and, really, all the people on this website expressing similar views), I would suggest picking up a copy of the new book RIGGED, written not by a Proud Boy but by the extremely reasoned Mollie Hemingway of THE FEDERALIST. Her book, which is just out, details all the ways in which the election was hijacked, not just at the ballot box but in the media, by Big Tech, and in the manipulation of a public health crisis to change the rules for voting. We’ll have more on this soon; her book has just arrived.

The people who've joined this group have bought the line that checking the honesty and accuracy of our voting systems is somehow suppressing the vote. Have you heard of even one actual case in which the vote of a qualified voter was suppressed in any way? Me, neither. And would you want that to be happening in our system? No. On the other hand, have you heard of many thousands of ballots being mailed en masse to outdated addresses and collected willy-nilly by partisan vote harvesters and unsupervised drop-boxes with no demonstrable chain of custody? Of course, many cases of this. Are you concerned by the post-election lack of transparency? Yes. Do these problems need to be assessed and reformed so we don’t have to deal with them next time? Absolutely. Every fraudulent vote suppresses someone’s REAL vote.

The director of this ostensibly Republican group is Amanda Carpenter, a political commentator for CNN and the author of “GASLIGHTING AMERICA: Why We Love It When Trump Lies To Us.”

The chairman and founding director of Defending Democracy Together is Bill Kristol; he’s also chairman of the board for the Republican Accountability Project. He is about as much of a conservative Republican as I am a leftist Democrat. He describes President Biden as a "moderate." To give an idea of where his head is, here’s an article he wrote for his publication THE BULWARK this summer.

The great Kurt Schlichter has Kristol's number, along with that of every other pseudo-Republican who actually thinks the way to "save" the GOP from conservatives is to vote Democrat.

“We believe that Republicans in federal, state, and local government should protect the right to vote, protect our election systems from partisan or foreign interference, and help build trust in our democracy,” they say on their site. Funny, I thought that was the very purpose of conducting these audits. Do these people just not get that, or is something else really going on?

As a conservative, I never thought I’d be able to say “Thank Heaven for judges,” but we’ve actually seen a few recently who’ve stepped up to save the Constitution and take a stand for the justice, freedom and rationality that went out the window when Democrats took over the other two branches of government.

For instance, US District Judge Royce Lamberth ordered the director of the D.C. Department of Corrections and the warden of the D.C. Jail held in contempt for violating the civil rights of a January 6th Capitol riot defendant.

The defendant, Proud Boys member Christopher Worrell, broke his wrist in May, was recommended for surgery in June, but still hasn’t received it, nor has the jail complied with the judge’s order to turn over his medical notes. The judge said, “It’s clear to me the civil rights of the defendant were violated by the D.C. Department of Corrections. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6 defendant or not.” I assume he’s just being judicious. I think we know the answer to that one.

If he were a leftist protester who’d attacked cops and set fire to a federal building, he probably would have long ago been released without charges. Just like if he were part of the two protests that took place this week in Washington in which leftists invaded and occupied federal buildings where officials were trying to conduct government business and were treated as if they were merely unexpected house guests and not “INSURRECTIONISTS!” Instapundit has that story, along with a meme that sums up the Democrats’ two-tiered “justice” system perfectly.

And in a semi-victory, Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr., who was slapped with six charges and jailed for nine days for calling on top brass to take accountability for the disastrous Afghanistan pullout, was sentenced Friday. The prosecutors were pressing the judge to throw the book at him, but Scheller pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts and, in a surprise ruling, the judge sentenced him to receive a letter of reprimand and forfeit $5000 for one month’s pay.

I think he was treated abominably, but there are military rules against publicly badmouthing your superior officers, no matter how much they deserve it, so you could argue that this was a reasonable level of punishment.

Now, since I’m not in the military, I’ll say it on his behalf: When are the top brass going to take accountability for the disastrous pullout of Afghanistan? And let’s make it clear up front: a letter of reprimand and a month’s salary will NOT do. When will they resign or face charges?

Great news for those of you who want to take your kids trick or treating or attend a Halloween carnival at your kids school! Dr. Fauci said it will be okay to have Halloween this year. I really hate to bust his bubble, but I honestly don’t need Dr. Fauci’s permission to have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for that matter, going to church or a football game. When this whole pandemic started and President Trump was doing daily press conferences and answering hours of questions, I thought Dr. Fauci was an expert and we ought to listen to him. But as time moved on, I noticed that he changed his mind about as often as a baby changes a diaper and pretty much for being filled with the same stuff. Remember he adamantly told us NOT to wear a mask. It would be useless to protect us against the virus, and in fact would be dangerous for anyone but medical people to use a mask because we’d be touching the mask and our faces and it would be bad to wear a mask. A few months later, the same Dr. Fauci told us we had to wear a mask—and later even said we ought to wear 2 or even 3 masks. He told us if we shut everything down for 2 weeks, we’d flatten the curve. We’re going on 2 years and we’ve flattened the economy and destroyed a lot of small businesses. He told us it wouldn’t be safe to go to church if there were more than 10 people. A church with less than 10 people is probably a dead church anyway. But while church or a small mom and pop store was too dangerous to keep open because if we went there we would DIE, it was fine to go to Walmart or a big supermarket and be wall-to-wall with thousands of strangers. We’d be okay there. Fauci said sporting events in open air stadiums were too dangerous, but he never said that Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots where people crowded together to burn government buildings and police cars was a problem. He told us not to even think about having Thanksgiving with our families last year. Early on, he told us to wash all the vegetables, fruits, and canned goods coming into our homes. By summer, he said, “never mind—you can’t catch Covid by touching stuff.

The more this thing has gone on, the more I think Fauci enjoys being on TV and telling people what to do and if he changes what the “science says” then he gets to go on TV again and tell us that the science has changed. I wonder if he wants to really control the very real threat of Covid, or if he wants to control US? And if we are supposed to FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, but the science seems to keep changing and zig-zagging all over the landscape, how do you follow it? And if science is so unsure that it changes every few weeks, what does that say about the so-called science of climate change? When I was in college, we were told of a coming ice age in 10 years; 10 years later, we were told the ozone layer was disappearing and we were going to get toasted in 10 years; 10 years after that, global warming was going to melt all the glaciers and we’d be drowned by flooding in 10 years; 10 years later, it’s just climate change brought on by flatulence of cows, having cars, and flying in planes. If science is that uncertain, following it seems like following a 5 year old around in a toy store.

You would think that after one of his rabid followers nearly murdered Rep. Steve Scalise at a charity baseball game, that Sen. Bernie Sanders would have learned not to try to gin up harassment of his political opponents. These are, after all, the same leftists who are trying to blame the January 6th Capitol violence on former President Trump because he made a speech in which he called for peaceful protest.

Yet Sanders refused to sign a letter from fellow Senators condemning the nasty harassment of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for not supporting the left’s $3.5 trillion spending orgy bill unless the letter also contained language criticizing her for not voting the way he wants (mighty big of you there, Bernie.) And now, he’s written an op-ed aimed at West Virginia voters, urging them to put pressure on their Senator, Joe Manchin, to force him to support it.

It was the typical Sanders class envy/socialist blather, claiming this spending (which he wanted to be $6 trillion) would help the working families of West Virginia. (It would somehow do that by putting the energy industries they depend on to feed their families out of business while vastly expanding government, raising taxes, boosting inflation and enriching Democrat cronies such as unions and the “green energy” industry – but I digress.) Sanders also said polls show “overwhelming support” for this bill, which means nothing unless they were taken in West Virginia, which Manchin represents (that’s how a republic works, Bernie.) And he didn’t mention that those polls also show most people don’t know what’s in it. Here’s what’s really in it, if you’re interested:

Leftists are apparently so used to people caving in immediately every time they scream, “I’m triggered!” that Sanders and others of his ilk really believe these harassment tactics will work. So far, they only seem to be making Sinema and Manchin furious and less likely to compromise with people who are trying to bully them into submission, as you can see from Manchin’s blistering response to Sanders at the link above.

In one short, magnificent paragraph, Manchin skinned Sanders alive as an out-of-stater trying to tell West Virginians what’s good for them without knowing anything about them (to be fair, that’s what “Democratic” socialists do to everybody), gave him lessons in both economics and Senate math, doubled down on his opposition to “reckless expansion of government programs,” and finished with this haymaker: “No op-ed from a self-declared Independent socialist is going to change that.”

Nice touch, reminding West Virginians, who voted for Trump over Biden by 2-1, that Sanders isn’t even a Democrat, he’s an out-and-out socialist.

I doubt that the overaged spoiled brats of the left will learn from this that their public tantrums are not going to force Sens. Manchin and Sinema to buy them a big bag of candy. They’ll probably keep doing it. And while that’s childish and reprehensible, if it makes the two Senators even more resolute about saying no, for once, the left’s utter inability to learn from their mistakes could work out to America’s benefit.

Whenever anyone questioned the endless lockdowns to try to stop the spread of a virus that was going to spread anyway (because that’s what airborne viruses do), they were always hammered by the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) as reckless lunatics who didn’t care if people DIED!!

They had a good, power-expanding crisis going, and they didn’t want to consider any inconvenient questions, like, “Is this providing benefits that outweigh the many negatives, from economic devastation to kids losing precious school time to the physical and mental health strain from being stuck in isolation with no job?”

At long last, people are starting to wake up to the tragic costs of COVID prevention hysteria. We’ve seen it in the high rates of depression, lower school test scores and alarming increases in suicides during the pandemic lockdown. Johns Hopkins researchers found that during the first six months of 2020, suicides among black Maryland residents increased by 94%. Suicides among military members jumped by 15% (and what will President Biden’s threat of a dishonorable discharge for the unvaccinated do to that number?)

And now, the CDC reports that there were nearly 97,000 deaths by drug overdose last year, a 37% increase from the previous, non-pandemic year.

These are tragic reminders that public health decisions aren’t a simple black-and-white choice between “good” and “bad.” Those who were so certain that theirs was the only right way to handle the pandemic assailed anyone who questioned them as dumb and uncaring. The truth is, we just weren’t suffering from tunnel vision, and we know that radical actions result in radical consequences, not all of them positive or even predictable. This is what happens when a sledge hammer is the only tool in your pickup truck.

Related: Law Professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit wrote an op-ed arguing that the American public becoming fed up and refusing to comply with more draconian edicts from (mostly) Democrat politicians is healthy.

This may be a case where the combined wisdom of the masses is not only greater than their elitist leaders, it may also finally force them to back down, because when enough people simply refuse to go along with their orders, they can’t arrest everybody. He makes an excellent analogy of marijuana, which is now legal in many states – except it actually isn’t. It’s still illegal under federal law. But when enough people decided to ignore that and treat it as legal, there was no way for the feds to stop them.

For instance, what if the Chicago Police union refused to comply with the mayor's vaccine mandate and threatened to leave the city with 50% fewer cops on the street? Considering what happens in Chicago even with a full contingent of cops, that would seem more dangerous than dropping the vaccine mandate. And what do you know? The union is threatening to do just that.

And what if every business in New York or Los Angeles simply refused to demand that customers show their medical records or be denied service – or if we all committed civil disobedience by taking our kids trick-or-treating or celebrating Christmas together? There wouldn’t be a whole lot that the politicians, or even the omnipotent Dr. Fauci, could do about it.

I have a feeling that day may be coming soon, but the people who love having so much power won’t give it up easily. They’ll try to intimidate everyone by making examples of some. They won’t arrest criminals, drug addicts or illegal border crossers, but I suspect they’d gladly arrest people who refuse to wear a mask or get vaccinated. After all, those people are dangerous!

Worst mayor ever

October 18, 2021

With just three “counting-the-seconds” months left in his term, New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio is making every second count in his effort to make history as the worst mayor of all time. Having presided over the complete destruction of the clean, safe, booming city that he inherited, he’s finishing out his term doing demolition detail work, like scrapping the schools’ talented and gifted program (I guess he figures no Democrat voters will ever come out of that) and now, likely removing a statue of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson from the City Council chamber where it’s stood for 187 years.

This is backed by the Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus because Jefferson was a slave owner (another thing Trump correctly predicted would happen if we let Civil War monuments be torn down.) DeBlasio tried to pass the buck for the decision to a design commission he appointed, and hedged to reporters about how Jefferson’s legacy was “complicated.”

Yes, everyone’s is, except people who never do anything right (looking at you, Bill.) Only one perfect person ever walked the Earth, and leftists won’t let His statute appear on public grounds, either.

It's true that Jefferson owned slaves; but it was his words from the Declaration of Indepence ("We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness") that were the foundation of the abolitionist movement. Unfortunately, New York's current political leaders don’t have the time, brains or inclination to consider history in any broader context than a Twitter tweet.

Personally, I’m amazed that the statue of Jefferson didn’t come to life and demand to be removed from the New York City Council chamber.