The World Is Going Insane

March 15, 2021

Just in case you were wondering if the news could get any weirder under Democratic leadership, a former employee of a Panda Express in California is suing, claiming she was ordered to strip to her underwear and hug a partially-clad co-worker as part of a “training seminar.” Sounds like she was training to work for Andrew Cuomo, not Panda Express.

Also, the California Department of Education is about to vote on a proposed new public school ethnic studies curriculum that will reportedly stress “decolonization” of American society, teach kids that the US is filled with racism, oppression and white supremacy, and replace the Christian God (white supremacy) with kids chanting to the Aztec god of human sacrifice.

Let me point out the one thing common to both of these insane stories: “California.” That’s the state the Democrats in DC think that all of America needs to be like.

Two more people have shown how difficult it is for anyone in show business to voice a non-leftist opinion. Actress Stacey Dash made news by publicly renouncing her support of President Trump, saying she’d had a change of heart after the violence in the Capitol in January.
Add New York Democrat Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand to the list of powerful people calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign.

Last night, President Biden finally gave his first prime time address, on the first anniversary of the WHO declaring COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. The top takeaway is that he said all Americans would be eligible to receive the vaccine by May 1st. Here’s video.

And here’s a full transcript.

I think it’s safe to say that he cleared the low bar set for him. He read a scripted speech that was heavy on emotion with no obvious mistakes (and of course, no questions.) But if your standard for a Presidential address is that he look you in the eye and tell you the truth, then he tripped over the first hurdle.

He talked a lot about truth, and how Americans are owed the truth. But this was his third sentence: “A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked.” That’s a blatant lie.

One year ago today was March 12, 2020. The virus was the lead story on all newscasts. The lead headline of the New York Times was “US to Suspend Most Travel from Europe as World Scrambles to Fight Pandemic.” That very night, President Trump held his own televised address, informing Americans of the latest travel ban and other steps being taken to fight the virus. He’d already cut off travel from China back on January 31st, a move Biden condemned at the time as xenophobic.

Biden also seemed to imply that he inherited a chaotic vaccine program with no distribution plan, but because of his efforts, “we’re actually on track to reach this goal of 100 million shots in arms on my 60th day in office.” In fact, the week he was sworn into office, an average of 983,000 people a day were already receiving vaccines developed in record time thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program. On three of those days, over a million shots were given. That put us on track for 100 million shots by the end of March, Biden or no Biden.

There’s also plenty of backlash over Biden generously telling us what we’ll be allowed to do after getting vaccinated, like having small family barbecues by the 4th of July, but still no large gatherings.

As many Republicans pointed out, once someone is vaccinated (or has already had COVID and recovered), and we’ve long since passed herd immunity, why do they have to keep living in a cave for the rest of their lives?

In a related story, once again, Texas ignores Biden’s nannyism, as the Rangers announce that they’ll return to 100% stadium capacity for opening day on April 5th, with all attendees required to wear a facemask.

This week, the House passed on party lines the Senate’s version of the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, and President Biden signed it.

The Senate has confirmed Merrick Garland as Attorney General by 70-30 (GOP leader Mitch McConnell was among 20 Republicans voting to confirm) and Martha Fudge as Secretary of HUD by 66-34.

I generally think that unless there are serious reasons to reject a nominee (like that Xavier Becerra is a vicious leftist partisan with zero qualifications for running Health and Human Services), then Presidents should be allowed to pick the people they want for their team. Elections have consequences, and this is one of them, as unhappy as it might be.

However, in these cases, the Republican confirmation votes are drawing heavy criticism.

Garland was so evasive and acted so clueless when asked about major issues he’ll be dealing with that he was either lying under oath or he hasn’t looked at a newscast in 20 years. Neither bodes well for his job. His refusal to say whether he would kill the Durham investigation or prevent its findings from being made public virtually insures that the only plotters of a genuine coup against the legitimately-elected government in the past five years will get off scot-free.

As for Fudge, as Matt Margolis recounts at the link, she carries more baggage than American Airlines. She has a long history of being a radical race-baiter, viciously insulting Republicans, and spouting insane racial conspiracy theories. And she got the votes of 16 Republicans.

Again, while I generally think Presidents should be allowed to pick their teams, both of these nominations could have been confirmed 51-50. It wouldn’t have prevented them from taking office, but at least it wouldn’t have given Americans the impression that these are acceptable, bipartisan, mainstream choices when they are anything but.

Monday, jury selection began in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd, and it’s a job that’s about as popular as being sheriff of Dodge City.

The EO Pen Strikes Again

March 12, 2021

In a little-reported executive order, President Biden, having already issued an order championing transgenderism in the military, ordered that the taxpayers will now pay for “medically necessary” gender transition drugs and surgery for military members and veterans.

It was bad enough when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was accused of covering up the true number (about 11,000) of COVID deaths in nursing homes that he'd forced to take in coronavirus patients. But here’s a new wrinkle: Fox News reports that the state has a similar directive barring group homes for those with developmental disabilities from requiring COVID tests for admission and readmission. According to state records, 6900 residents of those homes got the virus, and 552 died.

All this is in addition to two…no, three…no, four…no, five…wait: SIX sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Cuomo.

Cuomo is denying any wrongdoing and dismissed these as minor incidents. He said, “There is a spectrum of allegations. There’s capital crimes, there’s physical violence, right? Down to more minor allegations…There’s allegations and there’s allegations.” He explained, “No one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable. Obviously, there are people who said after the fact they felt uncomfortable.”

I’m sure that sounds perfectly reasonable to him, but I can’t help imagining how the media would eviscerate any “clueless, Neanderthal” Republican who said it.


March 11, 2021

If the phrase, “Get woke, go broke,” is true, then the Disney Corp, which had revenues of over $65 billion last year, is risking an awful lot just to virtue signal its leftist intolerance.

Voters' Remorse

March 11, 2021

Sometimes, I get up, look at the news, and there are so many similar stories, it’s almost as if the news had a theme that day. Wednesday’s theme appears to be a predictable one: voters’ remorse.

Border Crisis

March 11, 2021

The head of the Department of Homeland Security put out an urgent request for staffers to volunteer to help deal with the escalating crisis of an overwhelming number of migrants at our Southern border.
You can always tell how destructive a piece of Democrat legislation will be by how benign a title they give it. For instance, the bill to legalize vote fraud is named the “For The People Act.”

"Blue Anon"

March 10, 2021

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) seem to think that all Republicans believe in wild false conspiracy theories...

Red States Fight Back

March 10, 2021

I’m glad to see that red states are taking a page from the liberal playbook and using federal lawsuits to block President Biden’s executive orders...

"Who Is Really President?

March 10, 2021

The big question in Washington these days isn’t really “When will the invisible army of imaginary insurrectionists attack” but “Who is really President?”

Brad Steiger at has an excellent piece about how liberal media outlets are cheering on censorship and mocking those who protest it, apparently not realizing that they are feeding a beast that will eventually turn on them.

It touches on the removal of the six Dr. Seuss books with allegedly offensive art that I tried to warn them about at a level they could understand on my TV show, by reading Laura Ainsworth’s “How the Left Stole Reading” as a bedtime story.

(By the way, for all those asking in the comments, here’s the printed version of the original):

I see that the defenders of cancel culture are trying to make the specious argument that the Dr. Seuss estate and the publishers are simply reacting to public opinion by pulling these six titles, and that’s not censorship, it’s just capitalism. No, capitalism would be if the books had gone out of print because nobody was buying them. In fact, they were yanked off the market because the copyright owners were terrified by an accusation of racism, something that’s being used to censor, deplatform and silence things and people all around us, both past and present. That’s more akin to how the Salem witch trials worked than how capitalism works.

If you doubt that this is only the start of the left’s efforts to destroy yet another staple of Western civilization, consider that Universal's Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando announced that it’s reevaluating its Dr. Seuss-based attraction, Seuss Landing.

It has a Mulberry Street sign and a section based on “If I Ran the Zoo” that apparently may be scrubbed, even though they don’t contain any of the allegedly offensive images from the books. And how long will more famous titles survive, once the racism cleansers have tasted their target’s fear? Did you know there have already been claims that “The Cat in the Hat” is racist because the character was allegedly inspired by a black lady the author knew? Who even knew that? Is it true? If it were, is that in any way racist? And does it even matter, as long as it gives someone a chance to scream, “I’m offended, make it disappear!”?

Again, if you think we’re just overreacting, no sooner were the Seuss books pulled than a New York Times writer started declaring that Pepe Le Pew cartoons perpetuate rape culture. What can I say except, “This stinks”? Also, I might pick up some Looney Tunes DVDs while I can, and maybe a few extras to resell later on at highly-inflated collectors’ prices.

While President Biden is pushing the Senate to pass House Bill 1, the “For The People Act” (aka, the “Legalize Vote Fraud to Cement a Permanent Democrat Majority Act”), he grew impatient and signed an executive order to “increase voter access.”

New York Crisis

March 9, 2021

The number of women making sexual harassment claims against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now up to five, and fellow Democrat and State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says enough is enough, and it’s time for Cuomo to resign.

Bad News Democrats

March 8, 2021

Despite your best efforts to tar, silence, cancel and destroy him, former President Trump is simply NOT going away. His new Save America super PAC is up and running, and he’s been endorsing a number of Republicans through it. 

He also just issued a scathing statement blasting President Biden for causing a new wave of illegal immigration on our Southern border with his “disastrous” policies. He’s bringing criminals and COVID-positive migrants into the US while blocking federal authorities from deporting criminal aliens who were already arrested.

But before Democrats launch a counter-attack on Trump, they should know that he’s hardly alone in recognizing what an absolute disaster Biden’s reversal of all of Trump’s border security measures has been. Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar warned that we are weeks if not days away from a full-blown crisis on the Texas border.

An Arizona sheriff warns that Biden’s halt to finishing the remaining gaps in the border wall has created wide open spaces for drug cartels. He said five or six groups a day are now coming through and blames it on politics. He told Fox News, "This administration owns this decision. And what it’s doing is, is forcing us back to 2019, when we had the largest, what I call, crime scene in the country to include the largest humanitarian situation going on."

Even the Washington Post admits that the White House is rushing to accommodate a surge of migrants, “with few signs of plans to contain it.” Maybe that’s because causing a new surge of migrants who will be accommodated but not contained IS the Biden immigration plan.

The New York Post reminds us of precisely what those successful Trump border policies were and how Biden has created this mess by ripping them up.

There’s also an Associated Press story being widely reprinted, with the misleading headline, “In Biden’s Early Days, Signs of Trump-Era Problems at Border.”

No, those aren’t “Trump-era problems.” Those are Obama-era problems that Trump inherited and fixed (remember that Arizona sheriff who said it was like 2019.) It would be more accurate to say, “Signs of Obama-era Problems that Biden has Stupidly Brought Back.”

Latest Outrage

March 8, 2021

Our latest outrageous story of someone being canceled for warning about cancel culture canceling people comes from Shelby County, Tennessee, of all places. I’d have hoped school officials there had more sense than they do in places like San Francisco, but they disappointed me by suspending high school principal Barton Thorne for saying something “triggering” to students. Here are his shocking words:

"I want you to understand the problem that's going to face you and your generation if there is no longer a marketplace, a free exchange of ideas." He went on to give them a completely accurate and unbiased history of attempts to suppress free thought, such as McCarthyism, and warned them that while nothing he was saying was controversial now, if someone came into power who didn’t like it, they could use today’s same “cancel culture” rationale to silence him for voicing these inoffensive truths.

He didn’t realize that there already was a group of people in power who would punish him for telling students inoffensive truths. He’s now suing the school district. At the link, Glenn Beck has more of what he said (everyone in America should hear his words, by the way) and an interview with his attorney.

More on March 4

March 8, 2021

March 4th passed with no hordes of wild-eyed, armed Trump supporters attempting to take over Washington.

Voter Fraud Update

March 6, 2021

As expected, the House voted 220-210 to pass HR1, the astoundingly misnamed “For The People Act,” a massive voting “reform” bill that could more accurately be called the “Cementing a Democrat Majority Forever By Legalizing Vote Fraud” Act.

Stimulus Checks

March 5, 2021

When voters in Georgia were about to decide in a runoff whether or not to leave the Senate in the hands of the GOP, then President-elect Biden promised that if they elected the two Democrats, “those $2000 (COVID relief) checks will go out the door.” (Sounds like bribery for votes to me, but I assume the authorities will overlook that.)

Well, the voters elected two far-left Democrats, and here’s what they’ve got to show for it.

In the latest version of the bill in the Senate, the $2000 checks have shrunk to $1400 (unless you’re a federal worker, then you get one every week), and income eligibility has shrunk from $100,000 a family to $80,000, which means 8 million fewer Americans will get aid than got it under Trump.

To quote punk rock icon Johnny Rotten, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

As expected, the House voted 220-210 to pass HR1, the astoundingly misnamed “For The People Act,” a massive voting “reform” bill that could more accurately be called the “Cementing a Democrat Majority Forever By Legalizing Vote Fraud” Act.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott fired back at President Biden for calling his lifting of the state’s facemask mandate “neanderthal thinking.”

Biden's Choices

March 5, 2021

President Biden’s OMB pick Neera Tanden was forced to withdraw her nomination due to bipartisan Senate opposition, and now, another high profile appointment might be in trouble.
Here’s some hopeful evidence that not even having the House, the White House and a 50-50 Senate can get the Democrats everything they want...

RIP Vernon Jordan

March 4, 2021

Civil rights leader and powerful Washington attorney and political adviser Vernon Jordan died in his sleep Monday at 85.
Monday, the GOP-led Georgia state House passed a massive election reform bill to restore trust in the state’s elections after the 2020 election rules changes.
Maybe now that he’s out of office, the socialist children who run the New York Times opinion section think it’s finally safe to admit the truth about President Trump.

According to the Biden Administration, there’s no “crisis” at the border just because their rollback of Trump’s successful border security policies has sparked a massive influx of illegal immigration, including thousands of unaccompanied minors.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted this is not a “crisis,” it’s just a “challenge.” He said, "We are challenged at the border. The men and women of the Department of Homeland Security are meeting that challenge."

I think some people are intellectually challenged and definitely truth challenged. They live in their own little world where the climate is a “crisis,” and the fact that some people make more money than others is a “crisis,” but mass illegal immigration that brings in crime, drugs and disease and undermines the jobs and wages of Americans? That’s not a “crisis!” It’s just a fly in the ointment!

Deployed In Washington

March 4, 2021

As thousands of National Guard troops remain deployed in Washington, DC, on Democrat orders for no apparent reason, they are starting to complain about their treatment.

Wikipedia competitor

March 3, 2021

As if Wikipedia weren’t already something of an easy joke when you need a wisecrack about unreliable sources, lately, the online user-curated encyclopedia has joined Twitter, Facebook and other Internet giants in becoming rabidly partisan and insufferably leftist. Finding an objective sentence about a Republican figure such as Donald Trump is nearly as difficult as finding a real fact-checker.

That’s why one of Wikipedia’s founders, Larry Sanger, is fed up with his creation. Sanders told Fox News that “the days of Wikipedia’s robust commitment to neutrality are long gone…Wikipedia’s ideological and religious bias is real and troubling, particularly in a resource that continues to be treated by many as an unbiased reference work.” For example, he notes that the entries on communism and socialism run about 28,000 words, yet never find space to mention the manmade famines, slave labor, genocides and other atrocities that killed tens of millions of people. And there’s no critique of communism or socialism from a conservative or libertarian viewpoint.

To help end Wikipedia’s stranglehold on information (or “information”), Sanders announced that he’s working on a new project to compete with it. “Encyclosphere” will be a free, decentralized, leaderless network that ties all the world’s encyclopedias together, so nobody can control the information on it or restrict access to it.

This is a massive, longterm project (see details at the link) that won’t be available for a while, but it’s worth it. Like MeWe challenging Google, Gab and Parler challenging Twitter and DuckDuckGo taking on Google, the best response to the leftist takeover of the Internet is for conservatives to take our money and our data elsewhere.

Texas Independence Day

March 3, 2021

Today is March 2, Texas Independence Day. On this day in 1836, even as Santa Anna’s Army was laying siege to the Alamo, Texans convened at Washington-On-The-Brazos and defiantly declared their independence from Mexico, choosing David Burnet as provisional President and Sam Houston as commander-in-chief of all armed forces. Just six weeks later, shouting, “Remember the Alamo!,” Houston’s army surprised Santa Anna’s troops at San Jacinto, capturing him and forcing him to recognize Texas’ independence and withdraw.

These days, the Alamo is once again under siege, by historically revisionist “historians” who are trying to paint it as an “insignificant” battle or even a symbol of “white supremacy,” like every other great or heroic person or event in American history. They are small people lobbing spitballs at giants. Bryan Preston at PJ Media has that story and asks if “woke history” will cancel the Alamo.

While many Texans these days are not what they used to be (“Beto” O’Rourke actually got close to being elected Senator, in a land where Sam Houston, Davy Crockett, William B. Travis and James Bowie once strode), I have high hopes that enough of that Lone Star spirit still reigns that Texans will never allow the woke leftists to make them forget the Alamo and what it really stood for.

On a related subject, we’re starting to see a little of that rebellious spirit rise against the cancel culture tyrants, the same spirit that prompted Davy Crockett, after losing his Congressional race in Tennessee, to say, “You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas!”

The University of Texas was considering changing its revered school song, “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You,” after getting complaints that it’s racist. There’s nothing racist in the lyrics, but the title was inspired by a quote from Gen. Robert E. Lee and it was once performed at minstrel shows. On those tenuous grounds, some students were demanding that it be replaced.

Well, in Texas, you don’t diss the Alamo and you don’t ban “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You.” The eyes of a lot of wealthy college donors were upon the woke school administrators, and they’re getting a flood of angry letters letting them know that if they dare remove that song, the flow of money will be shut off faster than Joe Biden can shut off an oil pipeline.

As one former UT law alum and now retired judge put it bluntly, "UT needs rich donors who love ‘The Eyes of Texas’ more than they need one crop of irresponsible and uninformed students or faculty who won't do what they are paid to do."

Hallelujah! Let’s hope this rebellion against anti-historical “cancel culture” lights a fire under every rational American and inspires them to stand up to the radical left and say “No more!” the same way the Alamo inspired Texans on this day in 1836 to stand up to Santa Anna and kick him back to Mexico.

Must-Read Article

By Mike Huckabee

Will COVID-19 be pretty much gone before the Democrats’ can even pass their COVID-19 “relief” bill?

One reason they’re having so much trouble passing that bill is that by some estimates, only about 9% of it is directly tied to COVID-19. To make that point, Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gozer offered an amendment (rejected, naturally) to take all the non-COVID funds away from pork projects, foreign aid, blue state bailouts and Democrat interest groups and direct them to Americans who actually need help after being harmed by the lockdowns. It was enough to give everyone a relief check for $10,000.

And while it was reported that the bill passed the House on party lines, it should be mentioned that two Democrats, Reps. Jared Golden of Maine and Kurt Schrader of Oregon, opposed it. Golden called it nearly $2 trillion of poorly targeted, unnecessary, wasteful and unprecedented deficit spending that buries the urgent needs of struggling Americans.

It’s good to know there are still some Democrats around who can recognize those things as negatives.

Happy Birthday to the late, beloved children’s writer, Dr. Seuss! Actually, his birthday was Tuesday, March 2, which in 1998 was dubbed in his honor “Read Across America Day.”

Get Woker, Go Broker

March 3, 2021

On Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, the hosts, presenters and winners seemed to spend much of their time remarking on the lack of diversity in the nominations.
In “Stick a Fork In Him” news, a third alleged sexual harassment victim has spoken out against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Gone But Not Forgotten

March 3, 2021

After being hit with a furious backlash, the World Economic Forum quietly took down its Twitter posts claiming that the coronavirus lockdowns were “quietly improving” cities.
Last week, the House narrowly passed the so-called “Equality Act.” It’s a typical “progressive” bill in that it has an innocuous name that nobody could argue with hiding its toxic contents.
Last week, the House passed the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief/stimulus bill with no Republicans supporting it and two Democrats opposing it.

Durham Resigns

March 1, 2021

This weekend, it was announced that John Durham had abruptly announced his resignation from the US Attorney’s office.

What We Didn't Hear

February 27, 2021

President Biden and Vice President Harris just marked 50 million COVID-19 vaccinations in their first month in office.

Here are the words conspicuously missing from their comments:

“Thank you, former President Trump, for your unprecedented Operation Warp Speed program that developed multiple vaccines in record time. We sincerely apologize for mocking you and saying it wasn’t possible. Also for obviously falsely suggesting that you had no plan in place to distribute the vaccine when we took office, because nobody could have possibly started from scratch and vaccinated 50 million people in one month. You’d have to be an idiot to believe that.

Oh, and speaking of idiots, sorry for calling you xenophobic for shutting off travel from China so early in the pandemic.”

John Edwards was right; he was just a few years early. As Matt Vespa at points out, now there really are “two Americas,” except one of them is solidly located in Fantasyland.

Biden Strikes

February 27, 2021

After just over one month in office, President Biden ordered his first military strike early Friday, an F-15 assault on an Iranian-backed militia in Syria.