A Democratic PAC wanted to promote the idea that voting by mail is trustworthy. So they hired “Seinfeld” star Wayne Knight to revive his role as the villainous, lazy, incompetent, scheming, dishonest postal worker “Newman” to deliver that message while eating cookies out of a package he opens illegally. “NEWMAN!!”


On the first day of early voting, Georgia saw such big crowds that there were technical problems and waits in line of up to six hours.

This story mentions that there were big crowds in an area that supports Trump heavily, but most of these long lines it covers were in heavily Democratic DeKalb County. Unless those are Democratic Trump voters (a possibility), that tells us two things: (1) Democrats can’t run anything efficiently, and (2) there is a heavy anti-Trump vote (I’m not going to call it a pro-Biden vote because…well, you know.)

So to everyone who wants to see Trump reelected, take this as a warning that you need to vote and take every like-minded person to the polls with you. Bring along a book, an iPad and a beach chair if you have to, but get in line and vote!


Philadelphia politicians voted to remove a statue of Christopher Columbus because he’s too politically incorrect to deserve to be honored. But when Columbus Day rolled around, they all took a paid day off work.

A New Reason To Hate Nike

October 14, 2020

If you’re looking for a new reason to hate Nike, try this: the ultra-woke sporting apparel giant just severed relations with Frank’s Sports Shop, which has been in The Bronx since the big star of the Yankees was Babe Ruth. After five decades, Nike sent a terse email saying the venerable family-owned store “no longer aligns with our distribution policy…This notice reflects a definitive final decision by the company.”

Moe Stein, the 92-year-old owner of Frank’s, said, “This is plain chutzpah. Let me tell you about Nike. We knew them when they had nothing. How do you like that? They’re putting down the Bronx. The Bronx! It’s not an elite place to them.”

Well, certainly not as elite as Beijing, which seems to be the place Nike is most concerned with these days. But it’s pretty obvious that neither Nike nor the sports leagues they’re in partnership with care much about Americans and their opinions these days, and the feeling is increasingly mutual. Sunday, the Lakers won the Finals over the Miami Heat, and a record low 5.6 million people tuned in. Last year’s game six, between the Warriors and the Raptors, drew 18.34 million viewers.

Liberal outlets like Yahoo Sports are trying to blame many other factors besides all the racial and political messages for the ratings collapse, like the coronavirus forcing multiple sports into competition. For instance, Sunday’s NBA game was opposite an NFL game that drew over 11 million viewers. But by comparison, in 1998, 36.9 million Americans watched the Bulls-Jazz game six alone.

Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban also tried to deflect the claim that sports fans are sick of in-your-face racial grievance politics, disrespect to America and kowtowing to BLM and China. His view on China: they’re “a customer” and they’re “not the only country with human rights violations.” To his credit, I haven’t seen anyone in basketball spin anything that fast since the Harlem Globetrotters’ Curly Neal spun a basketball on his index finger.

We’re one day closer to Election Day --- now just three weeks out --- and most voters are still wearing blindfolds, clueless on a variety of issues. To a large extent, it’s because information is being hidden from them.

As reported yesterday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t even answer questions about what they plan to do in office, notably whether they’ll pack the Supreme Court –- a prospect that used to horrify even the most diehard Democrats. Attorney General Barr has told us not to expect U.S. Attorney John Durham’s report before the election is over, and it seems voters won’t even see an interim report. My patience has certainly worn thin. Lawmakers, even some Republicans, are dragging out the search for evidence that implicates Biden and his cohorts in potentially criminal behavior.

Voters tend to make their choices based on economic issues and other things that directly affect them, so why are the results of these investigations important now? Because if Trump loses, those same people will be right back in place, ending the investigations and cementing their power in a variety of ways. Voters deserve to know if their candidates are criminals. Heck, some in the middle who are currently leaning left might even care.

As we’ve reported, social media also play a huge role in hiding information. The Tweet Police at Twitter are blocking tweets that provide evidence of ongoing voter fraud with mail-in ballots. They even “play doctor,” critiquing and blocking President Trump’s tweets about coronavirus, comments that might be pretty darned informative considering what he’s personally been through. The mainstream media enforce the Democrat narrative as well, in part by hiding violence infecting those “peaceful protests” in leftist-run cities.

These are just a few examples. Their strategy is to HIDE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION.

Speaking of hiding, we have an update on what I reported yesterday, about CIA Director Gina Haspel working to protect her agency from oversight at all costs. She received a letter last Wednesday from Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, ordering her to comply with a number of oversight requests regarding “Crossfire Hurricane” that they’d sent her in July. (July!) But she’s blown it off.

An excerpt from their letter to Haspel reads, “The American people have a right to know the full extent of official action taken by federal officials during the 2016 campaign, the presidential transition, and into the Trump administration...Unfortunately, many of the puzzle pieces remain hidden, and some of the information rests within your agency.”

Haspel was given until October 9 to comply with their requests. It’s now October 13. As reported earlier in THE FEDERALIST, Haspel is personally setting up the roadblocks. To protect her position, she’s pulling for Biden to win and all the Old Guard to resume their places in The Swamp.

As then-CIA Director John Brennan’s hand-picked station chief in London, Haspel was in the perfect spot to know what was going on with former MI-6 agent Christopher Steele and whatever was being choreographed across-the-pond to create the phony “Trump/Russia” narrative. But she’s still hiding it.

Ironically, Haspel said this during her confirmation hearing for CIA director in 2018: “As both a career intelligence officer and as an American citizen, I am a strong believer in the importance of oversight [and accountability]...I will uphold the Agency’s obligations to Congress and ensure that oversight works on behalf of the American people.”

What a hoot. The President should order her to respond fully to all inquiries immediately or else collect her things and be escorted out of the building. And how long does it take to prepare a subpoena?

So, why is all this important right now? Haven’t most people already decided which candidate to vote for? Yes, they have. In fact, many have voted already, as the DNC has been pushing them to VOTE EARLY! (The old saying “vote early and vote often” might not be much of a joke this year.) But Biden’s support is not what you’d call enthusiastic; many might swing away if they knew more: his rapidly deteriorating mental condition, his repeated and demonstrable lies, the radical leftists pulling his strings, his disrespect for voters, and, yes, his scandals, including alleged criminal conduct. The Democrat leadership knows that the sooner voters cast their ballots, the less likely they are to be operating on any of this information when they do.

Another investigation that hasn’t seen resolution before the election (and absolutely will end if the Democrats get back in power) is that of the DNC “hacks” that were supposedly done by the Russians. This was the start of the whole @#$% “Russia Russia Russia!” obsession we were subjected to for four years. Incredibly, some Biden supporters STILL believe that Trump was and is an agent of Vladimir Putin, and their votes will reflect that lie.

It would come as a surprise to most voters that there isn’t even any evidence that Russia hacked the DNC. You and I now know this was a story concocted by Hillary Clinton, apparently with help from one of her foreign policy advisers, to distract from her own email scandal. Recall that the cybersecurity company that DNC/Hillary law firm Perkins Coie hired to examine its servers and that launched the hacking allegation against Russia in 2016 was a firm called CrowdStrike, which is no little mom-and-pop.

CrowdStrike never transferred custody of the servers to the FBI but gave them reports, which were later cited by both the FBI and the special counsel. As RealClear Investigations writes, “During that fateful July 2019 phone call that would later trigger impeachment proceedings, Trump asked Ukraine’s [president] to scrutinize CrowdStrike’s role in the DNC server breach, suggesting that the company may have been involved in hiding the real perpetrators.” And why shouldn’t the President suspect them? After all, IT WAS HILLARY WHO HIRED THEM.

If you've been following the details, here’s the latest on CrowdStrike. By the way, the reason CrowdStrike is in the news today is that according to recent financial disclosure filings, Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have just invested up to $1 million in CrowdStrike Holdings.

Just a few weeks before the election, transparency should be the most important consideration of all. I’ve said numerous times that voters should, if they can, wait till Election Day to vote (in person) so they have as much information as possible. But this time, it seems that even those who wait till the last day to vote will lack information they should have. Why would anyone want to vote for a candidate who deliberately keeps them in the dark?

One thing Trump supporters love about him is that he respects them enough to tell them honestly what he wants to do, and then he actually does it. But in Washington, among all the politicians and bureaucrats, it seems he is just about alone in that. I’m talking about the bureaucracy and both political parties, which reflexively play everything close to the vest.

The Democrats have always run to the right of who they really are, but this time, they’re counting on voters hating Trump so much that they won’t care even if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t bother to answer questions about what they plan to do. Their evasion is downright cringe-inducing and, in effect, gives us our answer.

When asked directly by a reporter if voters didn’t deserve to know if he wanted to pack the Supreme Court, Biden actually said flat-out, “NO, THEY DON’T.” I’m sure many Democrats don’t even know what “packing the Court” is, and his media buddies will give him a pass, so he thinks he can get away with treating voters this way. How little regard his campaign has for the voters.

See, Democrats DO believe in walls, the kind that protect them from scrutiny. They’re still very much the party of the smoke-filled room --- or at least the modern smoke-free equivalent of that room --- with its secret deals and power brokers. Exhibit A: the placement of Kamala Harris on the ticket, which had nothing to do with the wishes of most Democrats, who had understandably rejected her early on. Reportedly, Bernie Sanders is calling the shots behind the scenes, as Hillary used to.

But Biden and the Democrats aren’t the only ones lacking in transparency. Some Republicans, even those who yammer incessantly about transparency, have been taking for freaking ever to reveal evidence about the intel community’s “meddling” in the 2016 election that President Trump has now FULLY DECLASSIFIED WITHOUT REDACTIONS. Some still tease us on FOX News with that cat-that-ate-the-canary grin and a cryptic, “Stay tuned.” Well, we can’t stay tuned much longer, as the election (the voting part, anyway) will be over in just a few weeks, and voters, especially those in the middle who might not have paid attention as diligently as we have, deserve to know what Biden and other Democrats did or did not do –- BEFORE casting their ballots.

For example, guess who is reportedly on Biden’s “shortlist” for attorney general if he is President? SALLY YATES. It sure would be nice to know what involvement both Biden and Yates had in the Russia hoax –- including the Michael Flynn case –- before Election Day.

I'm aware that the Senate Intel and Judiciary Committees are not involved in criminal prosecution, but for crying out loud, some of them have the security clearance to have seen every last classified document --- at least the ones the FBI and CIA have turned over so far; I’ll get to that in a minute --- and they should now be able to speak freely and openly about all of it. Just spill it. Don’t drag it out another week or even another day.

Sen. Lindsay Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, had set up a hearing for former FBI official Andrew McCabe, but McCabe dropped out; we’ve discussed his flimsy excuses. Sen. Graham said on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES that he’s still “trying to get him to come in voluntarily.” Why didn’t he just subpoena the guy? Now the committee will be tied up with the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings and McCabe gets to skate for who knows how long?

Who cares about “voluntarily” at this point? This has gone on too long. Senators, for crying out loud, get tough.

Sen. Graham disappointed on Sunday when he said this of Obama’s condoning of Hillary’s plot to smear Trump: “Now, is that a crime? I doubt it. Is it a crime to try to smear your opponent? Probably not. But what Obama did is one the saddest chapters in the history of the presidency. He knew that his party’s nominee was out to try to link President Trump to Russia unfairly, and without evidence, and he didn’t do a damn thing about it.”

Wow, that mealymouthed criticism is just not strong enough, Sen. Graham. What Obama and his team did was far worse than that. With no evidence at all, President Obama --- and apparently Biden as well --- were at the very least complicit in the misuse of the FBI and a special counsel, using the full force of the American government to target the President-elect of the United States. That is much more serious than simply “smearing your opponent.” It is criminal. Americans need to see that it is criminal.

At least Graham outlined some possible crimes, noting that’s where U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation comes in. All right, but at this point, we've got to see the wheels turning at the Department of Justice, and so far there is nothing to see. Voters deserve transparency here, too. It’s Lady Justice who’s supposed to be wearing a blindfold, not the voters!

Devin Nunes appeared with Bartiromo on October 4 to talk about “smoking guns” and “information [that] needs to be made available to the American public.” Indeed. “And from what I understand,” he said, “there’s even more underlying evidence that backs up what Director Ratcliffe put out.” He noted that it’s been difficult to get to the bottom of this because of “corrupt officials.”

But now, another week has passed. CIA Director Gina Haspel is reportedly still holding on with her fingernails to documents unflattering to the CIA. AG Barr has said not to look for Durham’s report before the election. (Two words, Mr. Barr: INTERIM REPORT.) Ric Grenell, former acting Director of National Intelligence, was interviewed by Maria this Sunday, saying, “Somebody needs to go to jail, and be prosecuted first, obviously, and this is a slam-dunk...This can never happen again. We cannot allow our government to weaponize information, to hold it back.”

Recall that, ironically, Grenell was shut down by Twitter last Thursday for his tweet with pictures showing ballot fraud. Twitter is getting more adept all the time at withholding information.

This is what I mean about the importance of transparency, of ripping off the blindfold. Holding information back, in the context of an election, is just as bad as weaponizing it.

NBA Ratings Fall

October 10, 2020

One of the weaknesses of the bullying tactics of the left is that they believed that if they seized control of pop culture, sports, entertainment and the news media, they could tell all Americans what to do, say and think, and we would have no choice but to go along with it. They forgot that all those industries are, at bottom, capitalistic, and in such systems, the customers are always right, even if we’re not left. They depend on us to support their lavish lifestyles. When we get sick of being told what racists we are or listening to people insult America, our religious and political beliefs, and our intelligence, we can simply stop patronizing them and find something else to do with our time. As millions of us have.

That message might finally be starting to sink in. With movie revenues tanking and TV ratings plummeting for “woke” shows, pro sports and liberal cable news channels, some of these arrogant leftist celebrities might be starting to imagine themselves preaching their politics from a cardboard box in an alley instead of a mansion in Beverly Hills.

I mention this as a prelude to telling you that viewership for Game Three of the NBA finals took a plunge to 4.08 million from the record-low 4.5 million who watched Game Two, which itself shattered the record low of 7.41 million who watched Game One. At this rate, if there’s a Game Seven, it will be beaten in the ratings by reruns of “Green Acres” on ME-TV.

And just like magic, suddenly the bosses of the NBA seem to have decided that they made their point, the BLM moment in time was this past summer (emphasis on "past") and while America is, of course, still a horrible racist country, maybe next season there should be more basketball and fewer political messages all over the courts and on the players’ jerseys and in the fans' faces.

That would be a very smart business move. Although they might want to do it now while they can still afford new jerseys. And before all their former fans discover that “Green Acres” was a really funny show, and Arnold the pig never called his fans racists.